Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The "Takashimaso" Incident: Why Anwar owes Tokyo, Anifah and L.Koya an apology

 Updates 22 Jan:
Convict Visa: This blog isn't alone in thinking that Anwar owes the rakyat and Wisma Putra an apology for his latest antics. The link to the story below h e r e.

Original Posting, 21 Jan
So, the real reason why Anwar Ibrahim was not allowed to enter Japan the other day is ... he DID NOT apply for the SPECIAL PERMISSION required of ex-convicts to enter that country. 
The Malay Mail has the story:
So now we all know that it's yet another Anwar's own screw-ups, we can only hope the Opposition leader would do the right thing and apologize to the following:   
1. The Japanese government and people for insulting them. The mere suggestion that Japan could or/and would bow to Wisma Putra's pressure and demands is a major insult to that
sovereign nation and her proud people.
2. YB Anifah Aman and Wisma Putra. Anwar really should stop accusing the Malaysian government for his own shortcomings.
3. Latheefa Koya. For making her issue that statement yesterday, which really does make her look like an idiot. Kesian.

 “The barring of Anwar Ibrahim from entering Japan raises serious questions on the involvement of this government.” - Lateefa Koya


  1. Latheefa Koya does not need any help to look like an idiot. She's doing a fine job all by herself.

    As for the Rear Admiral, what can I say? There are still gullible people buying his bullshit.

  2. Convicts not allowed in3:33 pm

    Lateefa Koyak, Indian woman. Anwar Ibrahim Tamil.
    Anwar is also not able to enter the US as he has an abuse of power conviction. Or UK or any civilise country for that matter ma..

    And here some people want him to be their leader, shameless.

  3. Anonymous3:36 pm

    But again, as always Datuk, the damage has been done. These two are not known for making apologies even when caughtWi with their pants down.

  4. Anonymous3:47 pm

    seriously.. why these ppl - kitsiang, koya and the rest of the stinking bunch - keep licking AI's ass is beyond me.

  5. Loo Bang Sat3:56 pm

    Nampaknya, Tipah Tertipu Lagi!

  6. Anonymous4:08 pm

    A corrupt person is always a corrupt person as long as he did not repent . This Anugerah Tuhan fellow will never repent as far as his lust is concern .
    For all the wrong things , he will continue to blame it to Govt and Umno The skeleton he is carrying on his back is too big to be unnoticeable .
    What a Crook !!

  7. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Jepun tauGAY. Ramai disini pun tauGAY. Mahkamah ikhtiraf tauGAY. Si gayTUA pula ronggeng sana sini masih veryGAY.

    kelate gege'

  8. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Japan gov should quarantin him....than will they know the real issue BEHIND him.

  9. Anonymous5:47 pm


  10. Does anyone ever consider that all these hu ha (not applying for special permit & telling Latheefa Koya to make such statement) are of his own doing?

    He's been out of limelight recently. People just don't care about him anymore. So, he probably try to gain some publicity. Doesn't matter how or cheap can it be. Even a bloody stupid one like the 40k Banglas during 13th GE will do for him. Please stop posting about this guy. I'm tired lah Datuk!

  11. Anonymous9:52 pm

    This Aljuburi has lost his credibility a long time ago when he was alleged to have sodomized Saiful. And yet he is appointed as the leader of PR. PR leaders (LGE, LKS, Karpal, Nil Aziz et al) and supporters must be all dungus to elect this shameful person as their wannabe PM.

    PR will take over Putrajaya in GE 14? It's a pipe dream!

  12. Anonymous8:06 am

    A frustrated woman whose islamic image has tainted ISLAM.

    Both indians have allowed their toxic existence to disrupt the harmonious and peaceful Malaysian life.

    Just send them to their original homeland where rape is the daily flavour.

  13. Anonymous9:39 am

    Datuk, going with that logic, half of the Umno, Mca folks should be barred from entering Japan, and instead masuk jail here...but what can we do, they never seem to be found guilty for all their blatant corruption ( that is in the rare case of the toothless AG or Macc hauling then up).

  14. Anonymous9:54 am

    Very soon, he and his cronies will ask the stupid supporters to sleep on the road at Dataran Merdeka or call for Bersih number 50.2

    His lawyers may even want to sue the Japanese Govt to keep their mouth shut and later withdraw the suit.

    Anyway we have seen this drama all too often and it is getting overly boring for normal thinking people, except his loyal fools.


  15. I quote - "3. Latheefa Koya. For making her issue that statement yesterday, which really does make her look like an idiot. Kesian."

    “The barring of Anwar Ibrahim from entering Japan raises serious questions on the involvement of this government.” - Lateefa Koya

    Bro, since when Lateefa Koya is seen as a smart person? Bagi aku patah i.e loosely translated - Gimme a break...

    Hesmel Faznee Faisal

  16. Anonymous7:24 am

    Orang yang arif pasal aurat tak pakai tudung macam si koyak ni.