Monday, December 02, 2013

Did the PM snub MTEM?

LATEST, noon 2/12/13: Dr MAHATHIR STEPS DOWN AS PETRONAS ADVISER, week after he was discharged from IJN, The Statesman cites health and a desire to "spend less hours at work" but his decision to quit - as with almost every other decision he has made - will be used by various parties to serve various interests, of course. Selamat Bersara, Tun. 
Get the details at the Mole, h e r e.

Snubbed, and then slammed for practising double standards. It hasn't been a good week for the Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu (MTEM), the so-called Malay lobby group that has been arm-twisting Najib Razak to sack Shamsul Azhar Abas, the CEO of Petronas. 
Nizam: Counting on meeting Najib
First they actually did NOT get to meet the Prime Minister. Mohd Nizam Mahshar, the chief exec of MTEM, had been so sure that Najib Razak would meet them personally, especially since even Tun Mahathir Mohamad had made time for them. And, since this week is the Umno general assembly, surely the PM, who is also Umno president, would want to resolve this Melayu issue before the big meeting ... 
But the PM is a busy man and as much as he might have wanted to, he had to get one of his advisers to stand in and listen to the MTEM guys' whingeing on his behalf. The rep listened, accepted a memorandum for the PM containing pages and pages on why Shamsul should be sacked, and then had to take the rest of the week off to seek therapy, I was told. It was that bad. 
Zamil: Why single out Petronas?
Then, last night, another setback: MTEM's sincerity in championing the Malay cause was questioned. On prime time news too! 
Zamil Ibrahim, the ex-president of alternative political party KITA, told TV3 that he was disturbed by the fact that MTEM had singled out Petronas on the issue of the Bumiputera agenda while other major oil companies that are owned by non-Bumiputeras were spared. What, did these jokers think Shell and the others had done more for the Bumis than Petronas? 
Parting shot, Zamil cautioned Nizam against using MTEM to promote vested interests or some other hidden agenda. I wonder how much Zamil knows? 
Quite a few people say the MTEM vs Petronas issue will be brought up at the Umno general assembly this week. But A lot more people will read the mid-week snub by the PM as a clear message from the Party president as to where he stands on the matter  ...


  1. Anonymous2:12 am

    A Chief Executive got no time?
    Taking a Malay organization for granted?
    Very Bad.


  2. Anonymous7:20 am

    what to do rocky. our PM now is dubbed as BAPA VERNAKULAR and SUAMI MITHALI of the year. after all malays are not the majority now.
    so for MTEM, do please look your self in the mirror.

  3. Anonymous9:12 am

    "Parting shot, Zamil cautioned Nizam against using MTEM to promote vested interests or some other hidden agenda. I wonder how much Zamil knows?"

    It's fairly obvious isn't it?

    Anyone who can answer that one, can answer this one:

    Why would Perkasa, an "NGO" that ostensibly champions the rights of "ordinary Malays", be so vociferous in the defence of car APs, a practice that benefits maybe less than 100 well-connected cronies?

    There are people behind pressure groups, and sometimes their "missions" differ from what the pressure groups sell to the public.

    Hidden agenda?

    Ada lah sikit sikit.

  4. Anonymous9:43 am

    Petronas snubbed the Malays. That's the truth.

  5. I understand the MTEM role in trying to promote bumiputra business group,but the way it is done are rather high handed.
    Surely The CEO has done quite a good job,since Petronas has succeded in provide the economic cushion to Malaysia in terms of our vulnerable position vis a vis world economic profile now.
    Let us be objective,Did Petronas really dont help the Bumiputra company.
    Who are they and why.We public need to know this issue in depth.I have seen a lot of bumiputra company got a lot of project from Petronas or I am sleeping on this issue.
    There a lot of Bumiputra graduate who are involve in Oil and gas,be it withh Peronas or other oil and gas companies.They are living proof of bumi involvement in Oil and gas.
    Why MTEM said on the contrary is the question of fact. Please disclose more information on this.I just met some Petronas officer who claimed that much has been done to help the Bumuputra business community.In fact over and above what is needed.Prove that this is just balony.Don't simply fight sice the wolf is waiting to snatch any one of us.Be careful for goodness sake. This is just my honest opinion.

  6. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Ooh, the racists are getting bolder.

    Dictating terms to a sitting Prime Minister, no less. So much for parliamentary democracy which can, apparently, be ridden over roughshod by the vociferous rabble rousers who are backed by their own shadowy puppet masters.

    I'd love to see these idiots taking on Shell. Or IBM or Microsoft or Citibank or Standard a Chartered Bank.

    Maybe Exxon Mobil was prescient when it decided to pull out of Malaysia.

    Note that it has invested billions of dollars in Singapore, which according to some, is only a one-trick pony with an economy bound for hard times.

    It looks as though Malaysia is the one-trick pony after all, with MTEM, Perkasa and their fellow travellers calling the shots and dictating terms to an elected government.

    It's lucky that some of us have other avenues to invest and deploy our funds in more hospitable, safe and secure locations where the rule of law is a given and not an afterthought.

  7. Anonymous2:38 pm

    i had lost any hope in Najib administration.

    equal to or even worst than pak lah


  8. trifling-jester3:11 pm

    probably lobbyists for their own economic interests. rocky i congratulate you on pointing that out. want to armtwist the PM summore.

  9. Anonymous4:46 pm

    I think what's happening is that it's fashionable to 'push for the Malay agenda'. A lot of people are doing it. Earn brownie points for doing so. Oh well...


  10. Jusf for a note.

    Anybody that have seen the movie " The Pentagon Wars". I am not in the position to comment on the article, but this movie probably will tell the truth and the top level scenario in general.

    Rakyat di dahulukan ?

  11. Anonymous12:57 am

    Didepan jerik Malaysia ini semua harta dan kekayaan dibahagikan kpd segolong Melayu yang tamak
    Dibelakang duit dikutip
    Kerja senang dan lumayan
    Risiko kosong
    Undang2 bisa dilanggarkan sewenang2nya
    Otak tak usah dipakai
    Mulut buka sudah cukup

    Inilah kemampuan segolongan brengsek macam Rocky, Ibrahim Ali dan lain2nya.

  12. Anonymous9:35 am

    Zamil take this is for granted.

    Adakah beliau y ada agenda tersembunyi?

    Make a study dont make a assumption. Someone fight for malay community in a malay glc so what wrong with it??

  13. 300 billion Petronas CAPEX for grab!!4:18 pm

    My agenda is clear and transparent. More Petronas money for me and families and friends as Petronas belongs to the Malays.

    This fact must be reminded as there are many "liberals" and UMNO Presidents sons, brothers, fathers who want to enrich themselves.

    Semua galian Tanah Melayu adalah hak Melayu.

    Apa yang terjadi adalah UMNO dibantu dengan Presiden2 yang bodoh dan "korup" telah memberi hasil Petronas kepada pendatang cina dan india yang salah dan mengkhianati melayu dan UMNO.

    Umpamanya subsidi Petronas 10 billion setahun kepada pengkilang cina. Subsidi diesel dan petrol 20 billion setahun untuk orang Cina dan india. Itu sudah 30 billion duit Petronas setahun! Dari Mahathir Petronas dah bagi lebih 1 trillion subsidi kepada orang Cina!

    Itu tahap kebodohan yang sengaja atau tidak. Tapi hanya sekarang di sedari!

    Sekarang kita diberitahu CAPEX Petronas 300 billion dalam 5 tahun. Bermakna 2 trillion CAPEX Petronas selama ini sape yang kaut? Anak-anak Presiden UMNO PakLah dan Mahathir sudah siapkan vehicle nak kaut 500 billion ini.

    Sepatutnya hanya syarikat2 PNB, Tabung Haji atau EPF dibenarkan buat CAPEX 500 billion Petronas ini supaya dividen lebih tinggi.

    Ini tidak. Hanya anak Presiden UMNO ada syarikat O&G.

    Jadi kita semua mahu CAPEX Petronas bukan MTEM saja.

    Ada macai-macai Mahathir yang timbulkan pasal Shell, IBM atau microsoft tu memang haprak.
    Tak ada kaitan dengan PETRONAS, duit orang Melayu.

  14. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Anon 4:18 pm

    Oh, goody - now the cat is out of the bag!

    "Petronas belongs to the Malays" - wow!

    What next? MAS belongs to the Malays? The EPF belongs to the Malays? Everything that I spy with my little eye belongs to the Malays?

    Let's see which politician will be brave enough to stand up and proclaim this from the rooftops.