Wednesday, January 22, 2014

RM800 million fiasco in the making

Updated 25 Jan 2014:

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p.s. Kudos to MP Kota Belud for engaging the MARAH chief. 

Original Posting, 22 Jan 2013:

Hello, calling MP Kota Belud on 999 ... Abdul Rahman Dahlan is usually very quick to respond to queries on the social media, so when Dave Avran's tweets were left unanswered for more than 48 hours, I am left wondering if the Minister is a-OK.  
All well, YB?  
If all is good, please consider responding to MARAH. I am a believer that NGOs like this one - apolitical and without Soros' funding - are hard to find and can help the Government do a lot. 
Btw, I would also like to know: What is the Government doing about the fact (as reported by Bernama, quoting your goodself) that 99 per cent of calls made to 999 were prank calls
Shouldn't we be urgently taking a look again at the whole system before it becomes a RM800 million fiasco? 

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  1. Datuk,

    An update on the MERS999 issue. YB Abdul Rahman Dahlan has replied my tweets today, thanks to this blog post and we will be exploring ways to work together on crime awareness and safety issues.

    Thank you for highlighting the issue.