Thursday, January 30, 2014

The people who want a Najib-Mahathir clash

The report based on Dr M's interview with Bernama

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has quashed talk that he was "trying to topple current Prime Minister Najib Razak" but the cynics will tell you not to believe it. With the Kajang bi-election on the cards, it will benefit Pakatan Rakyat and candidate Anwar Ibrahim if the two Umno titans are seen to be clashing. But his "enemies" aren't the only ones who want Najib to be at loggerheads with his ex-boss. 
Within Umno, too, there are sneaky quarters who appear to be working hard to make people (especially Umno members themselves) believe that Dr M will oust Najib and install "one his sons (sic) as the next Prime Minister" (well, according to the report, here, anyway). Najib has to beware of them.  
Dr M is not interested in toppling Najib; on several occasions he'd told us that Najib was still the best man for the job. The only thing that could make Mahathir "try and topple" Najib is if Najib does a Pak Lah on him. What's the possibility of that, you tell me, because the last time I checked, Najib was over at the Tun's home on the eve of the Prophet Muhammad's birthday for a private dinner that lasted three hours.


  1. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Enough time to manoeuvre before 10 Jan 2016?

  2. Anonymous4:49 pm

    It's all Rafizi's bullshit and his application of strategic planning tools in scenario planning and diversion of focus.Basic MBA stuffs.

  3. Anonymous5:05 pm

    It is an excuse which is purely hypothetical. There's no shreds of evidence that there's such a move to topple Najib. So you guys acted or made a decision based on shaky premise?
    You should came up with something logical bro. Can't believe someone highly educated as you could came up with that kind of lame excuse. It is an insult to our intelligent as well. We know you wanted to shield your boss. Even went so far to say you're the one that hatched the plan.

  4. Anonymous6:31 pm

    bro if he is, you think he will say yes? lol

  5. Anonymous8:02 pm

    So lame spin datuk. Mahathir factions are on the war path against najib for many reasons. The pro umno bloggers are pounding najib except you of course(maybe you you didnt received the memo).

  6. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Eh, Latuk, we didn't trust Mamakthir for 22 years, and now you expect us to trust his words now? He singlehandedly killed the judiciary and he could easily kill Najib. Just like the way he killed your friend Badawi.


  7. Hj lokman10:13 am

    The people who want Najib out.

    Tun Daim,Sanusi junid,Mukriz,Zam,Dato Yaakop,Kadir Jasin and many more.

    Apa you maseh tidor ke.

    Najib problem with Rosmah.
    Rosmah problem with moni moni mony and Sami sami.

  8. Anonymous8:34 pm

    "the last time I checked, Najib was over at the Tun's home on the eve.."

    But did you check whether Najib was listening to Tun or not?

  9. Anonymous2:54 am

    You think not letting baldy into the MT will go unpunished? Dream on, Jibster!

    PS: "The pro umno bloggers are pounding najib except you of course (maybe you didn't receive the memo).

    Different paymaster, bro. Different paymaster.

  10. Anonymous6:54 am

    Well done well said. But is this in support for a change of the federal constitution of Malaysia into an Islamic state?

    Read about the threat you cannot ignore

  11. BN must stay out of Kajang By-election. BN must not toe the line of a convicted abused of power ex-DPM and now he is abusing the democratic process for his greedy lust for power and wealth. Old habits die hard, they say.

    BN's reputation!
    Going by the dismal performance of the current government and by not fielding a candidate in the by-election, whatever reputation (if there is any left) being lost, will be forgotten by GE14. If they want to try-out the new MCA President, I think its too early. Nobody bets on a rookie horse.

  12. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Many of Mahathir's supporters have defected to Najib. Najib's control is getting stronger day by day. However, Najib requires another two three years to ensure at least 90% of UMNO members are behind him. It is the same of Malay supports towards UMNO which will increase slowly from to time. Actually, what Najib is facing is the same like what Mahathir is facing for the first 10 years after he lead UMNO. There are fractions within but diminished as years went on. The only difference is the opposition is stronger this time. As for Anwar, it is too old to become PM at the age of 70 unless the PM is incumbent. There are very minimal MB and ministers above the age of 70. With the exclusion of a few like Mahathir, Nik Aziz and Taib Mahmud, majority will not excel in politics at the age of 70 moreover if Anwar is just starting to hold the position. However, becoming MB of Selangor can still provides him chance (of becoming next PM) but the chance is not that high. Najib, Anwar, Pak Lah, Ku Li are actually from the same team but situations have made them following their own directions. It is not possible that Najib offers Anwar to rejoin UMNO and let him lead Selangor under UMNO-BN. But this could reduce his prestige since he was TPM before. But again, if Anwar think rationally, he is getting older day by day and his charismatic style looks not that strong as before. On next PM, Najib is currently coaching Hishamuddin to succeed him. On MCA, under the new leadership, they require two three years to regain confidence of Chinese. What Chinese want is not to rule the country since they know that Malay is majority. What they want is less economic policy towards bumiputra, that's it. However, bumiputra believe that their economic progress still requires assistance from government. If we see rationally, bumiputra economic progress, at least 70% dependace upon government assistance. Generally, bumiputra will not succed in the open free market since their international connections are weak. Najib government should not pose any perception of hate from rakyat. Showing excessive richness by ministers is one of them. Media especially internet should be controlled.