Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Look who's the butt of jokes now!

Updated: I was wrong, Bersih did issue a statement on the "planned" by-election by Anwar. And a strong statement, too. I attack the press statement at the end of the original posting.
p.s Now to wait for Bersih to hold a rally against these politicians for their "nothing short of betrayal of trust".

Original posting
Kajang by-election HARAM, says PAS
The decision to put Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to contest the Kajang state assembly seat is no laughing matter. It is a sad case of betrayal (of the voters' trust) and corruption (of the electoral system), something you think the Bersih people would have attacked like rabid dogs (which they have not).   
The ordinary people, however, are not amused. And they have started making Anwar pay for his attempt to hoodwink them. By making him the butt of their jokes. 
Like this one by film maker Anwardi Jamil: 

Or this one by the blogger Seademon:

Making fun of Anwar the Economic Adviser for Selangor
There'll be a lot more.

Contrary to some politicians' belief, the Rakyat aren't stupid

Bersih's statement:

Media Statement (28 January 2014)
Bersih 2.0: Elected representatives should not betray the people’s mandate

BERSIH 2.0 finds it wholly unacceptable that a State Assemblyperson has resigned “to benefit” his political party.

Kajang ADUN Lee Chin Cheh’s resignation is nothing short of a betrayal of trust, given that less than eight months ago, the people of Kajang voted him in on the premise that he would remain the state assemblyperson for the next five years. The reason for Lee's resignation on 27 Jan 2014, reported in the media as to "benefit PKR as a whole", reflects poor judgement on the part of the candidate as well as the party he belongs to. It is shocking that PKR consented to Lee's resignation and is fielding its de facto leader Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the by-election. This reeks of dirty politics and should be condemned.

It must be reminded that the first and foremost duty of an elected representative is towards the people in his/her constituency and not to his/her political party. Thus, the only acceptable reason for elected representatives to resign is when he/she is not able to carry out the mandate given to him/her - i.e. to serve the people. Lee's reason for stepping down does not put the people's interest at the forefront.

There is little difference between the actions of Lee and the actions of former DAP Assemblyperson Hee Yit Foong in the 2009 Perak Constitutional Crisis. Both actions are equally deplorable. It is disappointing that PKR, one of the victims of the 2009 Perak Constitutional Crisis, is the key player in this sorry saga.

BERSIH 2.0 is appalled that a by-election would have to be called and public funds would be unnecessarily wasted because of the whims and fancies of a few. No amount of political spinning will hide the fact that on 27.1.2014, the interest of the Kajang people took a backseat.This is a regressive step for democracy because it supports the mistaken notion in Malaysia that elections are about political parties and politicians rather than about the people.

BERSIH 2.0 would like to remind all politicians and their parties that the people's trust should not be up for manipulation. The mandate given to an elected representative by the people is something that should not taken for granted. It is disappointing that in the midst of this political merry-go-round, the people's interest, like many times before, is forgotten.


Issued by:

The Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0 which comprises:

Maria Chin Abdullah, Dr Farouk Musa, Masjaliza Hamzah, New Sin Yew and Farhana Halim


  1. drMpower8:33 pm

    some people they cudnt care what people do. their modus operandi are all the same - buat bodoh, do nothing - and when time passes, they are all scott free

    take the S class thing for example. the guy bought a new S class, no matter how much discount he got (and why he got SPECIAL DISCOUNT then let it be lah for now, thats later) that car is still worth atleast TWO of the new and mint camry he bought jussstttttt a while ago

    people get angry, and say things but that chap did nothing and stay stupid do stupid. and now no more angry people

    what he is doing now? time to drive the merc lahhhhhhhh

    so this kajang satay bontot thing also the same. people say things and this chap will do bodoh. buat bodoh. but he cant do silent bodoh, once in a while he barks because he likes to bark

    but then he does bodoh. stay bodoh. and believe me when time passes, nothing happennnnn

  2. kiasu9:08 pm

    All hell will break loose if it was Umno who did it. But because it was their Pakatan scumbag leader, these Bersih hypocrites choose to say no word.

    Wtf these pakatan, pkr, bersih, turun, naik, abu things....real kangkungs these people...

    Corrupt with Mercedes S300L, CEC DAP election frauds, and now corrupting a By-Election....

    Pakatan are real Kangkung Hypocrites to the core.

  3. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Bersih masih bersih ke? This body has lost its credibility when it allows the opposition to use it as a platform to further its own political agenda. It should change its name to other names but 'Bersih'. KOTOR maybe!

  4. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Not only would we get Sate Bontot, there'd be Sate Telor Omega 2, Sate Sausage Bengkok, and Sate Batang Berjuntai on the menu.

    1. Anonymous11:21 am

      Don't forget kariPAP Mokhtar!

  5. Anonymous1:24 am

    No problem to those who make noise about the PRK. Anuar will sumbat them with money, they will all quiet and support his campaign.

  6. Anonymous4:13 am

    UMNO Bloggers are now in a State of Panic for when Anwar Becomes a Wakil Rakyat, nothing will stop him from moving up to be the Next Prime Minister. With BN in a Helter Skelter over Racial and Religious Issues, Anwar will exploit the Situation to unseat Najib as PM.

  7. Anonymous4:42 am

    From Abraham Lincoln:
    "Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Whether it be true or not, I can say for one that I have no other so great as that of being truly esteemed of my fellow men, by rendering myself worthy of their esteem. How far I shall succeed in gratifying this ambition, is yet to be developed."
    (1832 First Political Announcement)

    "I have borne a laborious, and - in some respects to myself - a painful part in the contest. Through all, I have neither assailed, nor wrestled with any part of the constitution."
    {October 30, 1858 Speech at Springfield)

  8. Anonymous8:48 am

    Before, it was the kangkung joke..now its the satay kajang joke. But nobody is threatening another May 13 for the satay joke, unlike the situation in the kangkung joke. Rather than sitting in 'elegant silence', satay kajang makes firm, albeit unpopular decisions. Thats true leadership.

    sri hartamas

  9. Anonymous9:44 am

    The Bersih jokers are full of shit and their press statement are just deceitful. They have been under the manderum of Anwar and will not go sleep on the road at Dataran Merdeka over this. They speak with forked tongues.

    Anwar is in massive debts and must find the money by hook or by crook to level off and is desperate to put his hands into the cookie jar. This is an open secret.

    But how come DAP and PAS are as quiet as the church mouse and will jump like mad monkeys if BN even thinks of such nonsense?

    The true colours have been shown over and over again by this pathetic liar but the foolish voters still cannot see it????

    I am dumb founded and will now have to believe that the world is square, in line with the stupid voters.


  10. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Make no mistake, he still has his eyes set on the highest throne in Putrajaya. He just changes the route to go there. Destination is still the same, it just the mean has to change. There may be hiccups along the way but he wanted to give it a try.
    If he does become Selangor MB, he would be the head of Selangor state government. As head of government, there'll be a lot of dealings between the state goverment with the federal government and dealings with state governments within the federation. He knows that if he wants the federal government to take him seriously, he needs to hold an office. He needs the office of MB to leverage his position with the federal government.
    By being Selangor head of state, he'll tries his best to get his foot into the doors of Bangunan Perdana Putra. Being the most modern and richest state in Malaysia, the federal government always have to deal with Selangor on myriads of issues; big or small, petty, trivial or unresolved ones. If the federal wanted to solve any of these, they have to sit down face to face with him. There's a lot of issues involving Selangor state which the federal government have been trying to resolve. If they want to make progress, they'll have to deal with him directly. This will pave a way for him to have a meeting with the highest office bearers of Malaysia. He'll then come up with offers together with the concessions for the federal government to ponder. And he will get nearer to what he wanted most.

  11. Anonymous1:40 pm

    A bit of mischievous political maneuver played by PKR in Selangor but then if we compared against the dirty coup d'etat of the Perak State Government by UMNO goons, it's just like comparing between an angel (PKR) and the devil (UMNO)

  12. Mazlan3:13 pm

    As someone who voted for the Pakatan in Selangor - I did so because I was impressed by Tan Sri Khalid's leadership. Straightforward, honest and CEO like and fact he was hos own man.
    This whole move in Kajang is so stupid on a number of levels - the most stupid is that even if he wins Kajang the final say on the post of MB rests in the hands of the Sultan. Azmin was already rejected by the Sultan after GE13, thus how does Anwar expect the Sultan to aprrove someone who actually represents a Penang constituency and has no ties to Selangor.
    This won't make me vote BN but it will make me more selective when I look at candidates the vote for next time round.
    At the end of the day this diminishes Anwar before the voters and actually raises the public sentiment in favour of TS Khalid.

  13. Anonymous4:26 pm

    DS Anwar bukan ke Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh? Jadi, dia mesti hadir dua-dua Dewan la nanti : Dewan Undangan Negeri dan Dewan Rakyat. Macam mana ni? Atau dia akan resign dan satu lagi pilihanraya kecil akan diadakan.

  14. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Haha. Bersih, bersih. Ini lah org kata statement "terpaksa". Ya lah nk menonjolkn kita ni neutral. Netizens dah riuh, end of day baru lah bersih dan ambiga semua nak "tut tut". Alahai bersih.

  15. Anonymous7:11 pm

    WTF happen to Najib? Kenna mampus kah......hahahahaha


  16. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Walaupun begitu dalam pilihanraya nanti mereka tetap akan sokong dan undi Anwar.

  17. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Pkr will fall flat in Kajang .

  18. Can see clearly now9:30 pm

    The most important thing is our heart is at the right place,” Surendran said today(The Star) .yes that is right, your heart is in your ass

  19. Anonymous11:05 pm

    What the hell happenned to Najib and his cabinet?? Opposition did something stupid... bola tanggung?!! Hantam la cukup2.

    Lemah laa.... Thats what you get for paying billions of Ringgit to Consultants... Crap.

    BN cabinet are full of pussies!! Bikin malu je

  20. Anonymous6:15 am

    Anwar Ibrahim has Thrown Down The Gauntlet!

    Is Najib going to walk away with his Tail Between his legs chewing his Kangkung or Accept the Challenge!!

  21. Anonymous10:53 am

    Anwar's aim is still putrajaya. He is not aiming to be MB of selangor. Never.

    Y they created this PRK?? It is because his court case. He is making his check-mate move toward BN and najib. He himself unsure if the court of appeal will be on his side, but whatever the decision will be, he is making the move to ensure he wins.

    If the court going to jail him, he will accuse that BN jail him because he going to win in Kajang. That he hope will create another 1998, and the perception of bad BN will continue and getting worse. Najib suffer.

    If najib gov afraid of this, they will need to assert influence to the judiciary to free anwar. Anwar wins too. And if he win Kajang, that will be double wins for him. Najib suffer.

    What najib need to do is to set PRK after the court make it decision, and make sure anwar is fee. BN have to field a candidate and BN have to win.

    Anwar as PR candidate will sure get the most vote from non-malay. If BN need give anwar a good fight, they need to field a muslim candidate (not necessarily malay), so they will get most malay vote (including from PAS supporters). However, Kajang seat is MCA seat, and chances is they dont have muslim candidate. This will create tension in umno-mca relation. If the candidate is from umno, this will continue to weaken mca, and if the candidate lost, this will further weaken umno and mca.

  22. Anonymous1:15 pm

    BN should sit this one out. There's absolutely nothing to be gained by contesting. With 40% Chinese voters, Kajang is a sure win for PR even if they put a goat as their candidate. I bet the Chinese there are already licking their lips thinking of the goodies that Najib will be sending their way. Let's not give them the satisfaction.
    Instead, maybe let someone like Ustaz Kazim stand there as an independent standing on a pro Islam platform. If he can get a majority of the Malay vote, at least it will be a moral victory and a bloody nose for Bang Non.

  23. IT.Scheiss6:02 am

    BERSIH 2 probably realises that Anwar could well lose the by-election, which would be a slap in the face of PKR and the Pakatan, knowing Anwar's past track record of poor political judgement such as the 16 September, 2008 fiasco and others.

    Such blunders cause people to lose faith in him.

    It already looks like that Kajang state seat will will be contested by more than two contestants.