Thursday, January 23, 2014

A national threat: Lynas or Parti Himpunan Hijau

A real threat or main-main? 
In Canada, they have charged protesters for bio-terrorism hoax, which can mean 10 years in jail. Here, the authorities often don't take threats by NGOs like Himpunan Hijau that seriously partly because history has shown that such groups are mere fronts for somebody's burning political ambitions. 
Grinner times: Wong Tack before the defeat
During the last General Election, for example, Himpunan Hijau's spokesman Wong Tack threatened to burn down the Lynas plant himself and then ran for a seat in Parliament on DAP's ticket [he almost won, too, against Liow who is now MCA President, that's how politically beneficial the Lynas issue was]. 
But one wonders sometimes if we are not tempting fate too much. What if these Himpunan Hijau folks really have got their brains fried as OutSyed The Box speculated h e r e and they're mad enough to finally carry out their violent threats? 
Do the authorities wait until someone get hurt before they act against such a threat that promises force and violence, which means it could undermine not just an economic project but also the well-being of the people, perhaps even lives. 


  1. Anonymous2:05 pm

    LYNAS no doubt at all.

  2. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Lynas plant does not pose a threat to the environment. Illegal pig farms which are mostly unaccounted for in Malaysia, are far more dangerous to the environment, especially towards water sources. Stop the drama please.

  3. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Actually Wong Teck was paid huge sum of money by certain Chinese contractor who do not get some of the project there and to sabotage Lynas. Further more this project was brought in by Malay entrepreneur and the feel of racism is there. Fauziah is only yes man and she also received handsome of cash. All Kuantan folks knew about this.


  5. The unregistered Himpunan Hijau is a threat to the country's prosperity. Their cause of concern is bias and politically motivated.

    Nail them down like the Canadians.

  6. Anonymous2:17 am

    Who is the idiot who said Lynas posed no threat to us. Orang macam ini harus makan daging babi sebagai suatu hukuman.

    1. Anonymous6:35 pm

      Org yg memang makan babi kena hukuman meiii???

  7. Anonymous8:31 am

    Kasihan CK tengok pelbagai tohmahan yg dilemparkan kepada 11 Ketua Pemuda Bahagian Pahang ni gara2 sidang media yg mereka lakukan.

    CK bukan lah nak memihak kepada mana2, tapi bagi CK, agak tidak adil jika kita terus menghukum mereka tanpa mendapat penjelasan dari mereka dan tanpa mereka membela diri mereka. Mesti ada sebab tertentu sehingga mereka terpaksa menggunakan saluran media setelah memorandum yang mereka hantar tidak mendapat respon dan maklumbalas daripada Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia Sdr YB Khairy Jamaludin.

    Mengikut sumber daripada salah seorang Ketua Pemuda UMNO Bahagian dikalangan 11 org tersebut, mengikut begitu rasional dan cukup hemah dalam menyelesaikan permasalahan Pemuda UMNO Pahang ini tanpa melibatkan sebarang emosi.

    Mereka cuba berbincang dan pelbagai usaha telah dilakukan agar 11 Ketua Pemuda UMNO Bahagian ini dapat berjumpa dgn KJ demi menyelesaikan permasalahan Pemuda UMNO Pahang ini. Tapi sayangnya, pintu utk berjumpa telah ditutup dan pelbagai halangan oleh pihak pihak yg berkepentingan cuba menggagalkan usaha perbincangan tersebut.

    Susah sangatkah nak berjumpa 11 org Ketua Pemuda UMNO Bahagian ni? Kenapa perlu ada protokol dan birokrasi sedangkan KJ sendiri berkata org muda tak suka protokol dan birokrasi. Adakah semua ini Retorik semata-mata. Cakap tak serupa bikin. Masa nak undi cari kami, bila dah menang begini jadinya.

    Alhamdulillah setelah sedaya upaya berusaha. Pintu utk berjumpa akhirnya. dibuka. Itupun bersyarat. Tak mahu jumpa 11 org Ketua Pemuda, hanya hantar wakil seorang sahaja.

    Maka, 11 Ketua Pemuda Pahang menghantar seorang wakil utk berjumpa KJ selaku Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia.

    Kegembiraan dapat berjumpa KJ utk menyatakan hasrat dan pandangan ini begitu bermakna bagi mereka, tapi alangkah terkejutnya. Rasa terhina dan rasa begitu diperlekehkan, apabila KJ bercakap dgn wakil mereka dengan cara dan sikap endah tak endah sambil mengorek gigi dengan pencungkil gigi. Beginikah sikap seorang Menteri Muda yang boleh dibanggakan? Sombong, angkuh dan bongkak. Sebelum menjadi Menteri dan tak ada apa2 jawatan, begitu baik dan amat menghormati dan kagum dgnnya sbg Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia. Bila dah ada kuasa dan dah menjadi Menteri angkuh dan sombong pula jadinya. Perangai KJ ini sama sahaja masa Zaman Pak Lah menjadi PM. Begini lah sikapnya. Ingat ke dah berubah, ternyata lakonan semata-mata.

    Berbalik pada cerita tadi. Selepas KJ acuh tak acuh sambil mengorek gigi dengan pencungkil gigi, wakil Ketua Pemuda Bahagian tersebut cukup rasa terhina dan diperlekehkan tanpa menunggu masa yg panjang terus menyerahkan Memorandum Bantahan Perlantikan KP Negeri dan terus bersalam dan beredar dgn hati yg cukup terasa.

    14 hari telah berlalu. Tiada satu pun respon dan penjelasan daripada pihak KJ. Kalau KJ anggap perkara ini serius pasti akan panggil semua 11 Ketua Pemuda Pahang ataupun memberikan maklum balas segera. Sayangnya perkara tersebut tak berlaku dan mungkin KJ hanya memandang perkara ini remeh dan acuh tak acuh sahaja.

    Maka 11 Ketua Pemuda Pahang ini berbincang sesama mereka dan akhirnya mereka mendapat kesepakatan utk membuat Sidang Media sebagai jalan penyelesaian utk membuka mata pihak berkenaan.

    Akhirnya apabila Sidang Media mereka lakukan setelah jalan rundingan ditutup rapat, akhirnya mereka pula dituduh sebagai perosak parti sedangkan dalam diri mereka tebal dengan kecintaan yg begitu mendalam dah roh perjuangan yg begitu tinggi pada parti UMNO dalam membela nasib dan kepentingan agama, bangsa dan tanahair.

    Begitulah cerita yg CK boleh korek drp sumber salah seorang wakil drp 11 Ketua Pemuda Pahang tersebut.

    Bagi pendapat CK yg begitu rasional. Sebenarnya Perlantikan Jawatan Ketua Pemuda Negeri Pahang bukanlah isu utama sebenarnya, tetapi Isu yg paling utama adalah cara penyelesaian masalah tersebut diurus dengan sikap angkuh dan sombong tanpa diberi ruang pandangan dan penjelasan. Beginikah sikap seorang Pemimpin Muda yg boleh dibanggakan.

    Belajarlah menerima dan menghormati pandangan orang lain walaupun pandangan tersebut bernilai 20 sen sahaja.

    Sekian. Terima Kasih…

  8. Anonymous9:48 am

    The Lynas plant in Kuantan does not pose a threat, as far as the studies showed. However, the numerous illegal pig farms which are unaccounted for nationwide, are far more dangerous to the environment and the public, especially towards water sources.

  9. Anonymous10:32 am


    What a joking spin.

    Only retards believe such spins.

    Pi tipu orang bodoh jer.

  10. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Oh yes, people are dropping dead by the minute and Wong Tack is also having breathing difficulty.

    Agree with Anon 3.39 pm that Pig farms are causing more problems but these bastards choose to pick on Lynas for obvious reasons.

  11. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Another macai speaking without facts and using just his kepala lutut. Please furnish facts, international research papers and proof saying lynas is posing a grave threat. And who are you to say "Orang macam ini harus makan daging babi sebagai suatu hukuman."


  12. Anonymous6:07 pm


  13. drMpower10:56 pm

    i think their election strategy is that for sensitive seat like the one contested by Liow, just put someone similar race and 'help' him with big, explosive issue. that guy could be just someone, and by doing this they risk nothing. surely that guy isnt expected to win, but with issue like lynas plus lies and non-exist scary stuffs, win isnt impossible

    and for safe seats, then go for jugular. thats why all safe seats most of them win big.

  14. Anonymous5:21 am

    You said:

    Here, the authorities often don't take threats by NGOs like Himpunan Hijau that seriously partly because history has shown that such groups are mere fronts for somebody's burning political ambitions.

    Why not say the same about those buggers in Penang who carried banners/buntings about 'repeat of of May 13'?

    Or you want to stop this 'selective' attack?


    1. Param,

      OMG! You took those buntings/May 13 dudes seriously?! They ARE politicians, my dear Param.

      p.s OMG here is Oh My Gullible, Param

  15. Anonymous9:24 am


    If you don't know, please keep damn quiet. Ask yourself why Australia, U.S and even Japan despite huge demand for rare earth, are not even willing to open up the plants in their own country.

    Of course, to UMNO and to you Khairil, Malaysians health are not important. It's your pocket that lined up with dirty money that is important.

    Not forgetting the fact that Lynas does not have to pay tax for the next 2 decades, created only 300 jobs in Malaysia, leaves a detrimental effect in Malaysia and most profits goes back to Australia!!! Malaysia government and you, Khairil and Rocky the sh*t, are real dumbass


    1. That's easy, EC,

      The Americans manufacture all their stuff, from Nike to GM to Apple, abroad, mainly India, China, Mexico, Southeast Asia. These OEMs make great economic sense - wages in US are too high, the unions too militant, consumer base outside America anyway. So that's why these rare earth plants are in China. Despite that, one was revived recently in the US. So Khairil not only knows something, I think he knows more than you.

  16. Anonymous10:41 am

    any issues. plus imaginative ones pun boleh jadi modal.

  17. Anonymous6:53 am

    And the noisy fire crackers are organic? They do not cause noise pollution and are non toxic?

    Go ask Wong Tack to eat the fire crackers and if he survives, it will prive his point.