Monday, January 27, 2014

Pro-UMNO bloggers rebel against Najib? Wishful thinking by some

“What these bloggers write probably reflects the sentiments of some members in Umno, who are asking Najib to resign ...  These bloggers are hired by the pro-Mahathir camp in Umno who want a strong leader like Mahathir that can shut any dissenters by using the Internal Security Act." - Prof James Chin, Sunway Monash U, Pro-Umno bloggers rebel against PM, FMT, 25 Jan 
The problem with people like James Chin is they hardly venture out of their own small minds. Give them space in a portal like FMT and you get skewed views, half-truths and outright lies passed off as intellectual analysis. I fear for the kids at Monash. 

And I feel for Syed Akbar Ali and the blogger Apanama who were mentioned in the article. They may want to sue but that would be a greater embarrassment for them than for Chin or FMT. Insult to injury.

There is no rebellion, Chin. Yes, Syed Akbar Ali's postings have gone from Najib-friendly before the 13th general election to extremely, sometimes overly, critical of the Prime Minister afterwards. But the DNA of the rest of the "self-proclaimed pro-Umno bloggers" (FMT's words, not mine) remains the same: they are critical but supportive of Najib. Okay, some of have become increasingly critical but they are supportive of Najib. Equally important, they are critical of the increasingly comical Pakatan folks.

Big Dog and the prolific yet anonymous Unspinners have been hitting the Najib Administration harder than usual lately but they don't call the PM sewel in their postings like Syed Akbar Ali does, for instance. As for Apanama, I wonder how the FMT came to the conclusion that he was rebelling against Najib. The reporter should have read my posting The Photograph that spooked Annie and some others (I am guessing that FMT didn't know that Syed Akbar Ali brought down the photograph from his posting after Apanama's protest?)  

I have been asked several times where I stand. Believe it or not, even by some nincompoops working for the PM! When I linked some incriminating stuff about the PM's speech writer on my blog, for example, one of those morons asked me through another: "Is Rocky with the PM or not?" Idiot. 

A big time businessman who had not called me for more than a year because my friends criticised his airline too much called me on New Year's Eve. "What's happening ... your blogger friends are all attacking the PM, except you?" Najib's boys should engage them.

On the eve of Thaipusam, a rebel asked me over drinks: "Bro, why are you still defending Najib? He's going down, bro, for sure he's going down."  Wishful thinking, man. If Umno had wanted to take Najib down, they should and would have done that at the Umno general assembly last year, NOT after returning him as their president UNOPPOSED. 

And if you really, really want to bring him down now, you must have a candidate to replace him. One with compelling attributes. I asked my friend, "Do you have someone llke that?" 
"Muhyiddin as a stop-gap measure," he suggested. 
My response: "Abang Din will not go for it, you and I know that. He's loyal". 
Zahid? My friend said: "NO, not that guy". He did not like Zahid's stand on the Shi'a 
Shafie? Oh, he couldn't even tell us the truth about his second marriage, what can we expect from him? Hisham? Uh-uh. Don't tell me we must look to another son of a former Prime Minister or another ex-PM's son-in-law for our next PM or DPM lah. 

Don't forget, when the pro-Umno bloggers rebelled against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not too long ago, they had a list of potential candidates from the party, They had Najib, they had Muhyiddin, and they had Tengku Razaleigh. They had help from bloggers who non-Umno members, and the pro-Opposition bloggers and politicians.

And, in case anybody forgets, Dr Mahathir was driving the movement hard. The Statesman didn't have to pay us a single sen to do what we did. 

There is no rebellion, but that doesn't mean all is well with Najib's Administration ....

To be cont'd, perhaps


Pasquale said...

I wasn't sure whether I should dump you as a friend that I have known almost all my life, then I realised when Datuk Puteh(my ancestor)and Datuk Lerap (your ancestor) fought the British at Bukit Putus (Bukit Putuih) together, we are stuck as friends!
Anyway like it or not I can't get rid of you Bro...and I like your latest posting please keep it up may be we can go to Cambodia after this!

Anonymous said...

You know how to pinch the infant in the cradle and rock the cradle as well!


Apanama said...

Well put Datuk. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ARE you Sure OR NOT?
The fire is too intense to stop!

Anonymous said...

Najib tidak pernah mengenepikan Tun Mahathir, beri kan contoh bila beliau berbuat demikian?!

Tan Sri SK

Anonymous said...

I'm an old malay lives in kampung ,very backward not like town people. Last election I voted BN cos I like Najib. Now I pity him seems everybody going against him. Before coming to rocky bru I was at malaysia today n there I read rpk said zahid hamidi had meeting with pkr nasution in London bincang unity gomen. Apa ni...?

Anonymous said...

Your last sentence shows your small mind. There's no rebellion but the bus is going over the cliff. So sit tight boys and girls ? Don't forget to fasten your seat belts? When Rocky says "brace, brace" ?

You still don't understand that we have no choice but to rebel. Any orang utan from Sepilok is a better option than your boss.


Anonymous said...

Datuk. DS Najib is taking the bait from ABI on this national consesus thing. Say sthing la...

Anonymous said...

You are always an uncritical green dot, Tan Sri.

That's why we love you and wish you much, much, much prosperity and cheques and oranges. Or direct credit into your account. Whatever works for you.

Anonymous said...

Sebenarnye ini masalah utama pecai pecai PR, mereka tidak pernah mengkritik pemimpin mereka walaupun para pemimpin mereka berbuat salah.
Berlainan dengan bloggers BN kalau pemimpin buat salah terus dikritik dan tegur.
So in their 'small mind' mengkritik itu sama dengan memberontak......

Anonymous said...

Why deny? Everyone from the Prime Minister to the Makcik running the nasi campur stall knows these bloggers are plotting to bring down Najib.

Bagai nak tutup bangkai gajah dengan sehelai daun kelapa!

Anonymous said...

Bro .
You are absolutely right . The sentiment in the kampong and semi urban area are all for DSN . The people are off course angry , but with those Pakatat and Pasrisite for not protecting " Allah " and " kucing kurap " .
The so called ' rebel ' actually comes from the lustfull thinking blogger never far away from concrete jungle and fast food .

Anonymous said...

I could digest everything you wrote,but couldn't stop laughing when u said Dr M, the Statesman!

Man, what a load of horse crap!