Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Anwar finally accepts 13th GE results?

"I remain firm that the premise of national reconciliation lies in all of us accepting the results of the 13th general elections. If you (the Opposition) are seeking national reconciliation as well, you must first accept the results of the general election." - PM Najib Razak to Lim Kit Siang in Parliament, 26 June 2013
Some would call it blatant plagiarism. but I see Anwar Ibrahim's so-called National Consensus idea as a pathetic afterthought; Najib Razak had called for National Reconciliation seven months earlier, immediately after the last general election. The difference between the PM and the PM-wannabe. 
Indiscriminate politicking had inflicted a racial burden on the people and Najib saw the need to address that via dialogues involving all, particularly the rival political parties; hence, his call for reconciliation as soon as the general election ended. His call, however, was rejected by Anwar and Co. Pakatan politicians were more interested in using the post-GE sentiments to create a movement against Najib's administration. When the demonstrations failed to bring the desired results, Anwar makes a complete U-turn and is now championing a national reconciliation. Except he's calling it National Consensus.  
Najib could have done an Anwar and say nope to the Opposition leader but that won't be reconciliatory at all, would it? So he's promised to let his Cabinet discuss Anwar's "idea" and let us know. I think that's very accommodating of Najib. Just don't forget the condition you set yourself, Mr PM: national reconciliation can only begin the moment everyone, especially Pakatan Rakyat, accepts the result of the 13th general election (in May 2013).
So, Anwar and Kit Siang you ready to rehearse your line: 
 "We hereby humbly accept the results of the 13th General Election."  
That - accepting the people's will - should suffice. Better late than never. No need to admit that you guys lied about the Bangladeshi phantom voters and the blackouts, etc because we the Rakyat have known all along. 
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  1. Anonymous1:50 pm

    What la Datuk. You think that with that sentence you constructed will be enough for us to trust Anawr and Kit Siang? Most right-thinking Malaysians who know these two well wnough will never ever believe them.

    I'm almoat 70 now and I've seen Kit Siang pre 1nd post May 13: he has not changed one bit. And the rabble rouser and perpetual liar Anwar Ibrahim hasn't changed his modus operandi since his student day up till now.

    Do you think anything will change? PR have lots of problems to resolve and this latest offer of National Consensus is nothing but a stop gap measure to give it breathing space and put the BN government in a spot.

    Good luck to Zahid Hamidi; he has already lost credibility because people just cannot forget his role in 1997-98. And good luck to Najib too if he buckles.

  2. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Biasalah to Rocky. Itulah namanya KEJUJURAN DAN KEIKHLASAN. Kita patut menyambut kejujuran dan keikhlasannya itu dengan hati terbuka.

  3. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Bro .
    DSN should not entertain these Band of Liars . Sudah kena kencing once too many masih mahu lagi ka ...
    Forget about any talking ... too much already .
    Forget about reconciliation ... too much shit already .
    Unleash the enforcer ... send all of them to Gulag .

  4. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Ahhhhh, Tan Sri, Tan Sri.

    You are so high on the fumes of BN asscrack and cash that you are now losing touch with reality completely.

    Here is the original "national reconciliation" call made immediately after GE 13:


    So he's talking about reconciling a polarised society, capiche? (That was before he was advised that polarising society even further was the way to go to regain lost votes from the Malays.) The "accepting the results of the 13th general election" = NR ploy happened way later.

    Logically, how can it be "blatant plagiarism"?

    Does not compute.

  5. akubukanblogger7:06 pm

    Jujur benarkah pelawaan DSAI?

    Malaysia sudah menyaksikan pelbagai tipu helah muslihat DSAI.