Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Psy or Pang Sai, which one you like?

Report in Malaysiakini:
No prizes for guessing who's behind the desperate campaign
Beaten to a pulp by MCA's Psy-war. Lim Guan Eng, the Penang Chief Minister and DAP sec-gen, was fuming when he heard that Psy was coming to Penang to perform at bitter rivals MCA-BN's Chinese New Year concert! 

Even close aides didn't expect him to throw tantrums and asked those who plan to attend the concert on Feb 11 to wear red (in support of DAP), yellow (in support of Bersih) and green (for the environment and against Lynas). Pathetic but also understandable. Guan Eng had thought that Tony Pua's video ala Psy's Gangnam Style, the one that makes fun of BN and reportedly cost a bit of money to make, was a gem. Now that Psy himself is coming to Penang, that video would be as good as his week-old pang sai! 

Why didn't someone in DAP think of inviting Psy himself to come here? Niamah foo lat! 

Still smarting, Guan Eng has since done the slightly smarter thing, ie let the party's machais or lackeys/cybertroopers put pressure on Psy via the Facebook not to come to Malaysia for the pop star would only be allowing himself to be a political tool of the BN. Teruk, puak2 ni but that's what cybertroopers are paid to do. 

Latest damage control: Guan Eng lauds the BN for bringing Psy as this would bring in tourists, all the way from Thailand and Indonesia.  

Ah, macam tu lah, Lim, don't be so sour grapes one ...

But wait, he has repeated his call for people to wear red, yellow and green to Psy's concert. Guan Eng does not realize that he's losing a lot of points here. He even gets a rare ticking off in the Malaysian Insider. Read Jansen Chia's  Psy and the Politics of Colour.


  1. Anonymous11:28 am

    Jom kita pakai baju color RAINBOW or gambar ASHTRAY or gambar MS Excel CEC fiasco or tampal plaster kat dahi.

  2. Anonymous11:29 am

    Wah wah wah, duly Rocky bukan main kuat condemn Malaysianinsider sekarang publish pula letter from reader of Malaysiaininsider. Itulah Rocky, that ada kredibiliti dan prinsip langsung, cuma pandai puja wang dan posisi aje..

  3. Anonymous11:31 am

    I like the Gangnam UBAH video especially Rosmah. It's great!

  4. Anonymous11:49 am

    The hot topic among Malaysians regardless of race, age and gender throughout the country second day in running is still Psy and his global hit “Oppa Gangnam Style”, especially the reported cost of RM3 million to bring the South Korean superstar to Penang to ensure a turnout crowd of 60,000 people for the Chinese New Year Open House of the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    Let all Malaysians have a great day and enjoy themselves with Psy and “Oppa Gangnam Style” in Penang on the second day of Chinese New Year on Feb. 11.

    In fact, why only aim at 60,000 people and not go for 100,000 people or even 250,000 people from Penang, all over Malaysia and the neighbouring countries to make the sensational event with Psy really historic and memorable?

    It will be really historic if Psy’s premier appearance in Malaysia can also inspire Malaysians to emulate South Korea to pull the country from its bootstraps to undertake a genuine national transformation in governance, politics, economics, education and nation-building to enable Malaysia to take a quantum leap in all aspects of national life in the second Merdeka of Malaysia.

    Let Psy’s visit to Malaysia mark the beginning of a national debate and soul-searching as to how South Korea, from a country poorer and more backward than Malaysia more than 50 years ago when we achieved Merdeka, succeeded in catapulting itself into an economic power-house which is now much wealthier than Malaysia, with a per capita income two to three times higher than Malaysia, and more advanced than Malaysia in all fields of human endeavour.

    The following 18-year series of Transparency International (TI) Corruption Perception Index (CPI) provides key to this answer:

    Transparency International Corruption Perception Index



    South Korea































































































    [From 1995 to 2011, the scale from 10(very clean) to 0(highly corrupt) was used, which is now replaced to a scale 0 – 100 from 2012]

    The 18-year annual TI CPI series 1995-2012 show:

    For the first 11 years from 1995-2005, Malaysia was ahead of South Korea in being perceived as more clean and less corrupt than South Korea, even reaching a difference of 18 rankings in 1999, representing a difference in score of 1.30.

    South Korea beat Malaysia in 2006, with 42nd ranking as compared to Malaysia’s 44th ranking, and after a draw in 2007 with both ranked in 43rd placing with 5.1 score, South Korea has never looked back in getting better ranking and score in the five years from 2008 – 2012, even beating Malaysia with a return difference of 18 places in 2011.

    Malaysia’s TI CPI ranking and score in the past four years (2009 – 2012), which are the years under the premiership of Datuk Seri Najib Razak, are the worst in the past 18 years; while South Korea’s ranking and score for the past four years are among the country’s best in the series.

    The lesson is clear. In the past 18 years, and particularly in the past four years, South Korea’s governance in transparency and accountability have been successful in restoring public trust by turning back the tide of corruption while the reverse is the case in Malaysia.

    This is one lesson Malaysia must learn from South Korea. Are Malaysians prepared to do so?

    1. Anonymous1:54 pm

      If you want to know why S Korea is so far ahead now, just look at their people, their working ethics and their attitude. Then compare it to Malaysians and see the difference? Its basically just the people problem i would say.

  5. Anonymous12:00 pm

    carburetor dung - jilat jilat

  6. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Rocky, don't spin until upside down la, also don't be so sour grapes, now Rocky can go 'Pan Sai' liow !!

  7. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Rocky,how do you know it is LGE'who instructed his macai to ask PSY not to come? You,another blogger head!
    But come to think of it,is it not political that BN invited PSY to come(and spending away govt money)during this time GE is nearing?
    If PSY really is supportive of BN or Najib,then PSY should perform free of charge to show his sincerity.What say you,RockyBlue?

  8. Anonymous12:17 pm

    I think Guang Eng is really a stupid fella. Due to his hatred of UMNO and in his haste to win Christian votes, DAP has alienated the peace loving and moderate Buddhist Chinese. To some extent, other religion too. These evangelist Christians in DAP are in-fact courting animosity & bloodshed amongst us Malaysian.

    We use to have PAS treading on religion to garner votes which caused disunity & hate among Malay Muslims. Imagine the hatred between different races & religion (Muslims and Christianity), DAP is trying to sow.


  9. Wave3312:27 pm

    Latuk Locky,

    Your quote: "Lim Guan Eng, the Penang Chief Minister and DAP sec-gen, was fuming when he heard that Psy was coming to Penang to perform at bitter rivals MCA-BN's Chinese New Year concert!"
    >> Do you have prove? Don't accuse and create a issue on it. LGE is a good sport asking people to attend with colours and enjoy the concert.

    DAP has always encourage Rakyat to go to Gerakan free makan and MCA free concert and UMNO's giving away BR1M. Jansen Chia only reconfirm what we have always been encourage to do so, it is Rakyat money.

    Latuk Locky, bila ada kenduri at your house, please jemputlah, asalkan tak kutip cover charge, mesti sampai. Okay Latuk?

    The biggest jemputan is from Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohd Hasan's son wedding. Rakyat please do not forget what you makan free already become shit now.

    I disagree with Facebook calling PSY not to come, it is being fanatical with sense. We want celebrities to come to Malaysia, to experience the kind of regime we have here and the religious extremist, racist leadership that has been UNTOUCHABLE. What better way to spread the news thru celebrities.

    Latuk Locky, you are no match compare with the celebrities to spread the news. I am sure when PSY is here, he would be shown the Gangnam Style parody, Ubah Rocket Style. PSY will certainly spread the news about Ubah Rocket Style. This is very few parody base on politics. Egypt regime was brought down by Facebook. Regime in Malaysia could suffer from Ubah Rocket Style. Those Facebook fans, just did not see the oppotunity given.

    Jansen Chia also has limited and narrow perspective, Yellow and Green is not on 709, 428, 25th Nov 2012 nor on KL112. It is a everyday issue. We shall wear the colour EVERYDAY!

    Latuk Locky, UMNO wear blue everyday now till 13th GE. What colour are you going to wear, Latuk?

  10. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Well said Jansen Chia!


  11. booyah1:02 pm

    Dap always right maa....

    locky, u asyik spinnnn.. kalah malaysia'spineverything'kini

  12. aloya1:36 pm

    barua Dapster detected!!!

  13. Rocky pang sai, lau sai....keep using half truth newspapers to compose this post.
    Why don't he read Malaysiakini news and compare.
    Why don't he tell all Lim Kit Siang encourage all to attend and have a good time.

  14. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Cant wait to see PSY doing the Oppa Gangnam Style on stage together with the DAP leaders doing the Ubah Rocket Style..Maybe Rosmah and Najib can be guest performers doin the riding horse dance..sure tokong..


  15. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Where is monsterball with his chochok sana chochok sini comment? Still sleeping ahpek?

    Still waiting for Wong Tack to pour kerosene on his head and burn himself as this monsterball suggested. Please include Porntip in your list too.

  16. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Wave333:The biggest jemputan is from Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Mohd Hasan's son wedding. Rakyat please do not forget what you makan free already become shit now.

    ---what a bodoh dumby comment by this melayu

  17. I LOVE PSY & I LOVE BN!!!

  18. Mazlan5:20 pm

    I can't believe we are debating this?
    I think the whole Gangnam thing is old now and it's his only bloody song!!!!

    If anyone thinks that watching or listening to PSy will suddenly make people vote BN must be out of their freaking minds...
    I'm sure like me there are as many people who are sick of that bloody song as those who wanna hear it.
    If some company or sponsor is stupid enough to spend 3 million for an artist to show up in Penang with only one hit record then good luck to them.

    Bring back Led Zep or the Rolling Stones - then you're talking.

  19. Anonymous5:41 pm


    Pay gangnam's YouTube have been watched close to a billion times you know. What are you talking? Malaysians will pay a lot of money to watch him do he gangnam live. The foreigners too. So what if it costs someone RM3 million to bring Psy for the gong xi party thrown by MCA and BN. Good and thank you. I choose Psy, hands down. Why settle for cheap fake or pirated gangnam DAP style that Tony Pua got someone to do?

    Did I say cheap? The Ubah DAP style video cost the DAP rm1.3 million to make! Haha. Songlap DAP style!!

  20. maryam6:16 pm

    sick and tired of these DAP racist assholes.
    i'm taking the liberty to call them racist because they are.
    they accused BN of being racist because of the race-based alliance.
    Sorry to tell you or don;t pretend to be blind -- we are race-based. what to do. admit it lah.

    Look at you Pakatan -- you want the chinese to support DAP, PKR Malays basically, also Indians, can-lah and then the very Malay Muslims.

    You tell the chinese that the DAP represents them best. MCA too submissive.

    and sorry-lah but most chinese sing to the DAP tune because most chinese are racist.

  21. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Anonymous 11:28am said...
    Jom kita pakai baju color RAINBOW or gambar ASHTRAY or gambar MS Excel CEC fiasco or tampal plaster kat dahi.

    I love your comment :)

  22. Anonymous8:30 pm

    Ubah DAP video cost 1.3 million?????

    Tiuyneseng these patrick teoh m***r niamah robbers!!!!

  23. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Just read that monsterball proposed to Wong Tack to burn himself using kerosene oil to attract Najib's attention. Is it true monsterball?

    How about you doing it first. You da hero man, will gangnam for you, hehe

  24. Anonymous9:14 pm

    Bru, I think the wear GREEN is in full support for PAS.. gotta grease big brother ma..


  25. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Wear dark blue will support BN, wear red will support Umno, wear green will support Pas-shit, wear orange will support Bhuddist, wear yellow will support Hindu, wear light blue alamak faded color, sui, no ong.

    So what else DAPsters can wear maa? I think just wear white under-wear lor, sexy wat, ok Tokong?

  26. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Go UBAH video Go. I just love rosmah in the video. Great video...

  27. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Monsterball, you are the man. Your comments are definitely getting all those UMNO cybertrooper goons all worked up. They are working overtime to counter your comments but they do not come close and are no match for u. Good work monsterball...

  28. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Why ask Psy when u can have homegrown siti nurhaliza? Support lah buatan malaysia melayu..Where is perkasa? Why not making noise to support malay artists?

  29. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Yes wear red yellow & green. ABU. ANYTHING BUT UMNO!

  30. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Pang Sai tapi cuci pakai tisu...


  31. Anonymous12:06 am

    Anonymous 1056 said...
    Monsterball, you are the man....they do not come close and are no match for u. Good work monsterball...

    Yeah, quick quick quick monster, go buy kerosene oil fast, show us the way, burn yourself first....u r the man, ball

  32. Mazlan12:40 am

    Anon 541
    my point being is that I can't believe anyone is making a big deal about this.
    Its all a matter of tastes and these concerts have no effect on the vote.
    Give me good old fashioned rock music anyday...

  33. Anonymous7:16 am

    Amazing all this hoo-hah about a portly Korean artiste who may be a "one shot" wonder.

    It makes me wonder if both the BN and PR are running short of ideas on how to energise the electorate.

    Now, if it were Beyonce doing a show in Malaysia (without any censorship), that would be a different matter.

    Or, heck, why not bring in the cast of "Glee"? Or any of the big US acts? Celine Dion, anyone?

  34. Anonymous8:09 am

    the song is already BASI and thats the only song coming out from this fatso shorty. Borinng.... yawn....yawn....

  35. Anonymous8:22 am

    Mazlan , the RM3 mil sponsor is not free lunch. Sure got payback wan..Remember Najib's famous words, LU TOLONG GUA, GUA TOLONG LU!

  36. Anonymous8:36 am

    Latuk, lu punya muhyiddin sudah marah, suruh orang jangan datang pakai merah atau kuning atau hijau.....sheesh, Itu psy video kan ade banyak warna, bukan biru saja ?

  37. That Korean singer is the first Asian to catch the whole world with his rap song...since "Anak" from Philippines...some decades ago.
    It looks like Korea will be the leader in the music industry in the present time.
    No Malaysians should reject the Govt. bringing him for all to enjoy.
    If you recall....Mahathir brought in David Copperfield to entertain himself....and so few came in for the super rich people only.
    The time has changed and Najib trying hard to project he is People PM...which will never be convinced as long as he never admit stealing billions from the People.
    For decades...Malaysians cannot get more than 1.5% dividend from EPF savings....as Mahathir stole billions from us.
    After 12th GE...we see at least 6% per year now.
    Go and imagine...the many Malaysians who are old folks now....cheated by Mahathir on their EPF savings.
    I am one of them.
    Mahathir is heartless and cruel. Do not judge him by his looks. He is really the devil reincarnated.
    Najib dare not touch EPF money...thus we see the real income earned and good dividends distributed.....but he keeps using our oil revenue...the income earned by the billions...and steal as much as he can...without attracting People attentions.
    Both crooks have their own styles...but Mahathir made himself a Dictator and thus...he did everything with no fear....including controlling Royalties.

  38. Anonymous9:25 am

    Rocky, you are the man. Your posts are definitely getting all those DAPster cybertrooper goons all worked up. They are working overtime to counter your posts but they do not come close and are no match for u. Good work Rocky...

  39. Anonymous9:28 am

    Rocky, you are the man. Your posts are definitely getting all those DAPster cybertrooper goons all worked up (especially monsterball). They are working overtime to counter your posts but they do not come close and are no match for u. Good work Rocky...

  40. Anonymous11:16 am

    ABU = Allah Bless UMNO
    ABU = Anwar Balik USA

  41. Anonymous11:18 am

    anon @ 10:46 pm

    a GREATER video


  42. Anonymous11:20 am

    anon @ 11:01 pm

    this is what you call "Beat them at their own game"


  43. Malaysia Cheekopek Association11:50 am

    Better invite those Sexy lacy Getai singers lar... Angela yumyum!!!

  44. Pinang Psycho11:54 am

    For a cool BR1M RM500.00, I'll strip down to my T-back thong!!!

  45. Anonymous12:13 pm

    To hell with Gangnam style.

    Bloody annoying and irritating song and dance.

    God damn politicians pandering to the idiotic K-Pop loving masses.

  46. Anonymous1:55 pm

    For PR, anything BN does is bad. Just going to show how similar they are to Rush Limbaugh.

  47. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Looks like Rocky's BN cybertroopers sympathisers are not only morons but also copycats who like to plagiarise. Well, like they say, imitation is be best form of flattery. Ha ha..

  48. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Which one I like? Definitely the Rosmah video by a mile...UBAH and ABU !

  49. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Give me the real deal Psy over the crooksy bootlegged "pangsai' shittyy version anytime.

    For a shameless political crrok who has not done anything to improve the rakyat's lot over there in Penang, the Guano pig sure talks a lot of cock:

    1. poverty has worsened by a almost a full %: Table 2

    2. income inequality has worsened by almost 2 points:
    Table 3

    while property ownership is beyond the reach of most Penangites save the Singaporeans and Hongkies.

    Reference: http://penanginstitute.org/v3/resources/articles/statistics/316-statistics-june-2012

    To top it off the economy is deeply mired in a sunset industry:



    even as FDI dries up:


    which shows how proactive someone is even as he embarks on more pie in the sky harebrained schemes:


    that is unquestioningly lapped up by an unthinking,racist majority even as this stands out as a sore thumb in the report:

    "PORR, introduced in 2000 and estimated to cost RM1.03 billion, was a two-lane dual carriageway linking Tanjung Tokong and Gurney Drive to Gelugor, cutting through residential areas."

    Why is no one bothered to raise a hue and cry over something virtually same but costing one eighth!

    Oh i forget, they did raise a hue and cry cos 2000 was mooted by a Malay but 2012 by someone of the same kind.

    The very same kind who thinks economic growth and prosperity lie in prostitution, opium and gangsters:


    to go with this one:



    and this one earlier:


    As they say, a third world class mentality will remain a third world class mentality even generations after one has emerged from a tongkang. Enough said

    Warrior 231

  50. Momsterball is the man...the original idea.
    Then one Umno b goon...copy wholesale and says Rocky is the man...with same exact word.
    As for me....Rocky and I are the men at work .....one for the money...the other for the show...and all get ready.......
    65 days to 13th GE...all will cry...some for the end of their good times...some for the new beginning of new Malaysia.

  51. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Rocky, you are the man. Your posts are definitely getting all those DAPster cybertrooper goons all worked up (especially monsterball ~ chauvinistic + racist motherfucker ). They are working overtime to counter your posts but they do not come close and are no match for u.

    (the above is a C&P with some improvement!!... yest!! to suit my anger)

    Those goons are just TAR's college trained racist + ungrateful bastard.

  52. damansaraman11:25 pm

    PSY IS JUST AN ENTERTAINER WHO GIVES NO DAMN SHIT ABOUT MALAYSIAN POLITICS ....and can we start being mature about this?

    There are too many CHILDISH, if not STUPID, statements about this Gangnam Style singer coming and performing in a CNY do in Penang.

    Of all the person, LIM GUAN ENG, the very CM of the state, advises people to dress in Yellow as a symbol of support to Bersih, Red in support of DAP, and Green in support of Lynas (weird that he totally forgot about PAS and PKR colours).

    I knew all along that this guy is not as smart as he claimed to be, but I never expect him to have SUCH A SMALL NARROW MINDED BRAIN!

    Does this LGE character really think that if 1,000,000 people throng Psy show, then BN will win? And should he decided to cancel his performance then PR will win instead?

    Then we have many like-minded Malaysians sending notes to Psy Facebook and Tweeter asking him not to come as BN is a corrupt govt and all. All I have to say is this, do we have to politicize everything? When are we going to grow up?

    BUT when NIK AZIZ was reported saying that PSY SHOULD TUTUP AURAT I just couldn't take it anymore! For his sake, I really hope this is a FITNAH

    My SIFU said this once to me; ITS OK BEING STUPID, JUST DON'T SHOW IT !!!!!

  53. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Damansaraman, i think you are the most stupid of the lot cos u hv a bird brain cum otak lembu.

  54. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Monsterball is the one and only, the original & the best. The rest are all brainless celup especially the one who copy word for word.

  55. Anonymous12:14 am

    anon 11:25 pm

    when stupid people are arrogant too, they can't help showing off their stupidity

    for them it comes naturally

  56. Anonymous1:16 am

    For those enamored with ratings, perception indices etc, here is some food for thought:

    "The AAA rating has entered the vernacular as a synonym for the best: blue chip, No. 1, triple-A.

    During the real-estate meltdown, though, Americans found out the hard way that AAA meant less than widely supposed. Standard & Poor's, Fitch Ratings and Moody's Investors Services assigned much higher ratings to mortgage-backed securities than the investments deserved.

    When the housing market crashed, those securities plunged in value. They turned out to be far more risky than their ratings indicated: Too many of the underlying mortgages had gone to homeowners unable to keep up with their monthly payments. Nearly every American lost money as a result, because pension funds, banks and other companies that had put their funds into these supposedly safe assets instead were left with huge losses that helped to sink the economy"

    Moral of the Story :Don't believe what others say what more if it is a perception based index like the one Transparency International uses. Even money-laundering, rate fixing and now football fixing Singapore:

    "...........but its silence on any action being taken against local suspects risks damaging the reputation of the wealthy, tightly regulated Asian country."

    is better than South Korea.Surprised? Ratings, perception indices etc can be manipulated by using money and bet who stands to gain but nations willing to play dirty to prop up their international stature. And one more thing read about ROK history since Syngman Rhee and Park Chung Hee. You may get an eyeopener as to why being Uncle Sam's blue-eyed boy is a blessing in disguise. Ask Taiwan and Red Dot about that.

    Warrior 231

  57. Anonymous7:23 am

    It didn't take too long for the warrior to surface in all his ersatz fire breathing persona to pummel his favourite bete noire, aka as the "little red dot".

    I surmise that it rankles a great deal that an upstart pipsqueak scores a triple A credit rating, while the cool and puissant maruah haven has to be contented with a lowly(?) A- rating.

    Oh, the humiliation of it!

    I am not too sure about the advantages and disadvantages of being Uncle Sam's "blue eyed boy". I suppose there could be worse fates (after all, what's there not to like about Amazon.com, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Glee and the Jonas Brothers?).

    It's better than being at the beck and call of China and India (and, maybe, Indonesia, come 2030).

    It's no fun when China or India tell us to jump and all we can ask is a meek "how high?"

    So much for the warrior's delusions of grandeur. Which would be laughable, if it were not so oblivious of geopolitical trends.

    But that's another topic for another day.

    So, stay tuned for more red dot-bashing.....

  58. bourne identity7:56 am

    lim guang\ eng is just like that spoiled leader of north.
    Orang Melaka dah baling belacan kat muka engkau.... dan nasib baik ke...nasib tak baik ke....orang2 Penang pulak terima engkau.
    Kena kencing pulak lah orang2 Penang!
    Bila orang2 Penang dah sepak engkau keluar...best you go and hide under your bapak angkat's turban in Kelantan or perhaps be a toy boy for Anwar Al Juburi.
    Lim Guan Eng is just loike that spoiled leader of North Korea.....BRAT..BRAT and a RAT.
    Penang also now can be called Pyongyang as Lim Guan Eng is just a dictator like his dad..and word is that his sister is also going to be appointed fr the coming elections for DAP.
    Tak ada modal lain ke?

  59. damansaraman9:08 am

    Anon 11:38 pm is that your best? Is that the best your brain can think of? hehehehe Pity you

  60. Anonymous12:16 pm

    typical of opposition.....everything that bn does is bad....

  61. Anonymous12:55 pm

    Yeah Warrior, red dot is a failed experiment, all fluff and no real substance

    won the 100m sprint and become cocky and swollen headed

    only to realise that nation building and life itself is actually the triathlon

    habis lah pancit takde lagi tenaga


  62. Anonymous3:18 pm

    It didnt take now anon ex jasper exex Skillgannon 1066 and exexex many other nicks to surface in order to regal us with his picayune comments and pseudo-cognoscenti lies.

    This is the same anon who ran when challenged in the Tony Panamera thread, the threads about AirAsia, Iskandar, Senai and many others.

    This is the same anon who cannot produce a single shred of evidence to rebut the moneylaundering, ratefixing and now balls fixing scandals his SB handlers masters have been running all this while behind a sham facade of financial probity.

    This is the selfsame idiot who cannot even produce an iota of evidence to debunk my claims let alone rationally refute the facts I have outlined.

    It is the same old pondan pig who will repeat ad nauseum and ad infinitum the future purported Big Brother antics of its socalled vaunted Chingkie +Keling motherlands tag team like some pathetic kid trying to create a laughably scary bugaboo.

    It is the shameless self same idiot caught lying between its teeth numerous times for stupidly and pigheadedly insisting that good diplomatic relations are indicative of Singapork's "clean bill of health" but when confronted with evidence of the Switzerland UBS saga, it ran away and hid in its torn cunted mummy's unwashed shithole.

    It is the ultimate Chingkie moron who cannot differentiate between diplomatic and legal/jurisdictional issues.

    It is the selfsame bastard who holds up triple A as some industry standard when smart people know that Triple A is nothing but a laughable creation of charlatans paid off by fraudsters to create 'a feel good and safe factor' of them (fraudster) moneylaundering hideouts like Spork, Switzerland, the Caymans etc. (Oh I see, American and japanese banks have closed shop and their economies have folded ever since the two countries' "humiliating" downgrade...poorah pundek bangsat pukimak choucheebai!

    Folks, have you noticed it just takes a harmless comment like mine above to trigger a rejoinder pronto from the idiot when the idiot is NOT even mentioned!!!! Why, ah? Cos as worldly wise akhirat conscious, honest, hardworking Melayu bermaruah would attest " siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas". Maybe each time I pen a comment like that, Mr Anon cannot take the heat for such is the searing taste, it can do nothing but scream impotent inanities from deep inside its mummy;s arsehole to salve its bruised inferiority complex.

    Note too, NO OTHER commenter bother to respond to my truth laced taunts EXCEPTING this one. Why again, ah? Cos there is more than a semblance of truth in my comments and like all SB pariah dogs, anon has been commanded to respond in whatever stupid way possible in order to earn its SGD0.50 cents worth of pig intestines or pig anus or pig cock to wolf down. Mau cali makan, mah!

    So stay tuned for more inane rejoinders from stumpy cocked motherfucking bastard Tongkanese pig, it cannot help its non-puissant self, helpless as it is by dint of its ethnicty to have inherited from its whore and pimp, an ersatz brain capable only of spouting the most picayune of responses to satisfy an inferior cognoscenti wannabe self.

    Folks, Do stay tuned for the expected rejoinder..I can see it floating in like some tsunami flotsam from beyond the horizon already.

    Warrior 231

  63. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Hohoho. I dint have to wait that long to prove the obvious toilet bowl Spork is and how pond scum the Tongkangnese business people are. Bet the Paks is Indonesia are 6 pence none the 'pleaser' either:

    The discussions show heightening concerns at central banks in Indonesia and Malaysia over Singapore’s market for non-deliverable currency forwards (NDFs), which they say has undermined foreign exchange controls.



    Warrior 231

  64. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Wh, even Chingkie mid-pond scum (belum settle kat bottom lagi) with a mite of integrity left, admits to the manipulation which is not shocking or surprising news anyway, since we know all about the story behind the "success" a long long time ago:

    The latest discoveries of suspected attempts at NDF manipulation have fuelled calls for reform.

    “The price signal it sends out can be very misleading,” said Yip Sau Leung, an associate professor in economics at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

    “It should be properly regulated or shut down, mainly because it is a shallow market with a lot of manipulation and speculation,” he added.

    Now will Mr Anon shitfly take time off from feasting on Harry's shithole to give us his "picayunely" ersatz pseudo-cognoscenti insights with being painfully puissant about the whole pangsai...hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahhahahahhah (ROFL).

    What a shameless, maruahless,bastard douchebag!

    Warrior 231

  65. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Anon 12:55 pm

    Interesting comments you make.

    Alas, Novartis, Shell and ExxonMobil don't think the same way. Nor does Basf, Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney.

    Maybe they have all been conned into investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the "red dot". And not in the cool maruah locale north of the Causeway.

    Just what were they thinking?

  66. Anonymous2:01 am

    Yes, spot on Anon 12.55pm. Singapork is like the mother fucker who ejaculated too early and can never get his limp cock up again for another run. Poor premature ejaculator!!!!

    To get a snapshot of how disillusioned the ordinary Singaporkian is with his lot, I mossied over to read about an ongoing debate there about letting in more FTs (foreign trash) to bulk up the population:


    The comments section was revealing as to the angst dripping off the lives of many Tongkanese there. KM below started the ball rolling with a simple Q that got him/her 482 thumbs up against 24 down:

    “KM • 15 hours ago Report Abuse
    Mr Goh... Before you talk further .. just answer me one simple question.

    There were 67 responses to KM’s comment, too many nice ones in there to cherry pick...but this one below captures the esssence of the Singaporkian myth:

    “Liang • 10 hours ago Report Abuse
    @Super. Agreed. Direct income taxes maybe higher overseas. But so are the welfare given. You create a more egalitarian society. But if u take another view at our CPF. Almost 30+ percent goes into it. CPF rules have made it almost impossible to fully take out your money. Even after you die, the money is pass on to your children in CPF, not cash. Still lock up somewhere. Isn't that a form of taxation? Even the high interest rate given by CPF is a hoax. You have to pay back when you sell your house. The promised interest is just that. A number game played around behind the computer. As long as you cannot withdraw fully, its just a number behind the computer screen to be manipulated. Nice to look at only.”

    It is a myth based on the premise that lying will get you far” an equation which PAP like the DAP/PAS/PR bastards here, will never write out in full as the one below:

    “Lying will get you far but never far enough from Truth to chomp your arse”....hahahahahaha

    Moral of the story: be thankful of what we MALAYSians have given you Tongkanese FTs for life aint a bed of roses as you think it is South of the Tebrau. And just a message for the Tongkanese bitters and haters who love to troll this site for their daily rated wage of SGD 0.50cents/per comment: “ Shut the fuck up, pig for surely your unwashed arse stinks like crazy” seperti pepatah Melayu ‘berkokok megah tapi punggung bergelumang tahi’…..how very apt of my Melayu Bermaruah ancestors.....hahahahaha.

    Good night MALAYSia wherever you are.

    Warrior 231

  67. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Well, at least Singapore can talk about aspiring to a Swiss standard of living.

    Malaysia?? Pfft....

    If you aren't being carjacked, you are being robbed.

    Mebbe that's why the gweilos and the farang MNCs are so comfortable in the little red dot.

    Note how the puissant warrior has stayed well clear of saying just why MNCs continue to invest in Singapore for the longhaul.

    A few of these MNCs were mentioned. Do any of them have substantial investments in Malaysia?

    Let's go down the list one by one and see.

  68. Warrior 231 thinks Malaysia belongs to his ancestors too.
    What a fucking racist he is.
    PAP is PAP!
    Don't lump DAP/PAS/PR with PAP.
    Don't be a first class racist and a nincompoop of the highest order.
    You think you are bloody smart????

  69. Anonymous5:11 pm

    The warrior has gone to town with his comments on Singapore as an alleged money laundering hub and as an alleged manipulator of NDFs.

    It's strange, therefore, that the US Federal Reserve and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have not called time on US and Indian banks operating in Singapore and have asked them to cease operations and pull out of the little red dot.

    A check of the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) website (www.abs.org.sg) shows the the US and Indian banks currently operating in Singapore. They are:

    US: Bank of America (Full Bank), Bank of New York Mellon, Citibank (Full Bank), JP Morgan Chase (Full Bank), Northern Trust Co, State Street Bank & Trust Co and Wells Fargo Bank.

    India: Bank of Baroda, Bank of India (Full Bank), ICICI Bank (QFB), Indian Bank (Full Bank), Indian Overseas Bank (Full Bank), State Bank of India (QFB) and UCO Bank (Full Bank).

    One would think that a hyper-vigilant Fed and RBI (not to mention the US Treasury Secretary and the Indian Finance Minister) would have warned the US banks and Indian banks respectively operating in Singapore to watch their step and curtail their operations in the alleged money laundering hub.

    This has not happened. Far from it. US banks and Indian banks continue to build their presence in Singapore. They use the city-state as a base to service the region, often as regional HQs.

    So much for the big talk about money laundering black lists and the like. In the real world, banks continue to operate and grow in Singapore.

    Indeed, P Chidambaram was in Singapore recently to meet with Singapore officials, including representatives of GIC and Temasek. Why would a by-the-book straight-as-an-arrow no-nonsense Indian Finance Minister even drop by an alleged money laundering hub (and meet with some of it's key officials no less)?

    The warrior is good in spinning theories and yarns, but when push comes to shove and the real world intrudes (or, shall we say, realpolitik), he retreats into mumbo-jumbo buffoonery or adroitly changes the subject or the topic.

    So, let me ask him two straight questions: why are US and Indian banks continuing to operate in Singapore? What is the US Fed and the RBI doing about these money laundering allegations?

  70. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Firstly,mr Monsterball, I have refrained from addressing you, son of a bitch because for 1 simple reason which should be obvious to all: you are MAD, period. So go elsewhere and else body to get your kicks for I have no time for you, MADMAN. Enough said.

    Anon 5.11pm

    This is the 100th or nth rerun of your garbage. Let me ask you a simple question using your OWN MAD logic.

    A. Did any major bank quit Switzerland or UK after the UBS , HSBC tax scandals?
    Answer that arsehole for you don't know what you're gobbing about.

    B has been explained with proof million times which your MAD SELF cannot or purposely dont want to understand.

    Listed as a money laundering jurisdiction is just starters.Being cited in a White Paper is another.



    Read them definitely not for fear of self-embarrassment going by your childish pigheaded rants on this ad nauseum ad infinitum.

    And all scandals start small:


    And given your madness, you cant comprehend with legal enforcement (a government's job) and an illegal act (money laundering=a bank's ilegal activity). In plain simple English, a GOVERNMENT doing little or nothing to take action over thousands of official complaints means, it is a JURISDICTION that PROMOTES ML and is classified as JURISDCITION OF PRIMARY CONCERN as cited in the US State Department List above.

    That Red dot is a master at this game of feeble or no enforcement is well established as attested by the recent football fix and the earlier NDF fix recently:



    Laughable how you drag in the federal reserve and RBI into an essentially enforcement issue, what will be next, the IMF and the World Bank! .

    Anyway don't despair, your long lost brother has finally turned up here, with monster sized balls to boot. In the spirit of CUNT see FUCK shy, why not lick each other's arse clean, throw away that damn shyness and jointly open mummy's cunt to feast on the ticks, lice and worms swarming around the shriveled clit and tattered cunt in there.....aw shucks...what a reunion it will be at Hougang Mental.......hahahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  71. Anonymous7:30 pm


    Read them? Definitely not..................

    Warrior 231