Friday, July 04, 2008

Ah, so Najib didn't?

4/7 PI P.Balasubramaniam retracted that DPM introduced Razak Baginda to Altantuya Shaariibuu and that DPM had a sexual relationship with her/STAR

Ok, what now? If you had swallowed every word Bala wrote in his SD earlier, how do you digest his retraction?
(And don't tell me someone threatened to blow up his wife and babies, ok?).


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Anonymous said...

aiyo, now cannot trust bala at all or maybe he got something out of this decision!!!

he he he

zamri bandar sunway semenyih

Anonymous said...

Obviously if you are threatened to be blown to pieces with C4, then who wouldn't retract it.

Anonymous said...

Ok..ok...can someone own up and admit writing this whole episode as a sick joke, testing our sense of humor, sense of drama...hahaha


Regg said...

everyone is suspecting the same... even frens across the straits. this's gonna get more interesting. Can win oscar's best storyline.

c4 dangled b4 Bala. Go figure!

yk said...

what the hell?

what's going on here?

sean-the-man said...

Reminds me of how some American soldiers went to war in Iraq swearing to defeat the terrorists, but ended up condemning democracy and the Western 'satan' instead - on camera with armed men wearing tea towels on their heads standing behind them.

Anonymous said...

O WTF!!! What is this??!!!

flabbergasted - NOYawns

Anonymous said...

well....some times shit happened. Why not we together built a time machine, travel to future, to see what happened next?

this shit is happening too fast and too frequent.


Anonymous said...

blow them with C3..+1?

Or your mean...blow j** before the "real action"?


Anonymous said...

So the next withdrawal will come from Saiful lah. You withdraw, I withdraw, so everybody goes away happy. Except those of us who have been buggered for 22 years by Mamakthir and the past 5 years by Sleepy Head.


Anonymous said...

Sembahyang hajat tolak bala.
bacalah suarah taubah wahai muslimin.(sura 9, surah ni tiada bismillah pada permulaannya)

tengku said...

That one also who was Bloody fool person...... Selfish and hypocrit person.... ' Anwar u made me more richer now TQ' Said Balasubramaniam.....

Concerned Citizen said...

What the hell is going on?
Its all too confusing.
Honsetly, I am fed up with the whole issues between these politicians,
when will Malaysia, its future and its progress come under scanner for these politicians.
Some one needs to run the country.

Can we just have new leaders!
Enough of Badawi, Najib and Anwar!
I want to see new leadership arise from both BN and PR.
Please Keep countries interests in focus.. Enuff of mud slinging and power grabbing.

Fight your battles off the country's stage..

Please some courageous personality rise up to lead thi country for its good.

AhSeng said...

hello bro.
i think you should read this

another stunning revelation...
This PI does not only stinks now but his SD reeks putrid smell from miles away.
The reliability of the PI is now hanging by a thread.

VanDerVijk said...

Soalan nak tanya sikit.
Dalam BM, "Statutory Declaration" bermaksud:
A: Perakuan bersumpah
B: Penipuan bersumpah
C: Mari kita sumpah seranah yg buat perakuan itu.
D: Mampus la pening kepala aku macam ni

Pilih satu.

wisdomthinker said...

Hello rocky,

I seen your interview in the AWANI. Why you hardly speak? Looks cute. Haha. No offense.

Now it seems that Bala has retracted few of this statement in his SD. What a reliable source. HUH!

Najib is going to be happy about this. Now people will be focusing bavk to Anwar's case, the so do mee.

Anonymous said...

more importantly rocky,

who had forced bala to make the first statutory declaration? What kind of pressure had he suffered in order to make the untrue Stautory declaration in the first place?

Anwar Ibrahim is using a heinous tactic i may say. Just to divert attention to his sodomy polcie report!

is this a trait of a leader????

by disgusted citizen

rams609 said...





Bogeyman said...


Nobody seems to be telling the truth these days. It goes all the way to the top.

Our economy is in a mess and the people are fumming with the recent price hike.

That's what we get with a bunch of clowns running our country.

Anonymous said...

I presume that was from an sms flash from Star? I read the online piece. Am unclear how the retraction was done another PC? or a supplementary SD?

Until I sight the actual retraction, that he retracted is hearsay... :-)

Anonymous said...

i read the SD... must says that its not well prepared.

i suppose its a bit wierd that razak baginda would want to share such details about Najib having sex and the anal thingy..why would he sharing those things with this unknown Bala... according to him, to convince Bala so that Bala would continue working for him.. i don't buy it.

The other striking flaw is the fact that all Razak talking points to Bala, is conviniently reiterated by Aminah (Altantuya)in the next chanced meeting between Bala and Aminah...the intro in Singapore, the dinner in Paris..etc. I would imagine that if Najib had an affair with Altantuya, they must have met and ate countless of times. How come its important for both Razak and Aminah to talk about a particular dinner in Paris.. Answer: Because PKR has been saying they have pictures and all of a dinner before this, even putting the Tian Chua fella in trouble for the super imposed pics. So i suppose, both Razak and Altantuya has to provide the collaborative evidence that the dinner did take place in their conversation with convinient

I'm no BN fan...but Anwar and PKR must do better than this....


Anonymous said...

Behind every problem in this country is an Indian fella. VK Lingham, Nalla Karupan, Samy and his HINDRAF debacle. And not the least, our two Indian operators trying to bring up the Bursa system yesterday.

And the Indians are griping that they are marginalized. They can thank their own people for that.


Anonymous said...

Behind every problem in this country is an Indian fella. VK Lingham, Nalla Karupan, Samy and his HINDRAF debacle. And not the least, our two Indian operators trying to bring up the Bursa system yesterday.

And the Indians are griping that they are marginalized. They can thank their own people for that.


Anonymous said...

I presume that was from an sms flash from Star? I read the online piece. Am unclear how the retraction was done another PC? or a supplementary SD?

Until I sight the actual retraction, that he retracted is hearsay... :-)


Anonymous said...

Now Bala is going to blame Anwar for all the fuss......


still said...

What else should you be told? You have got to be objective. This nation has no innocence for it to buy any cheap game. What's important is that it was stated, not retracted. The retraction which was done hurriedly and he refused to talk to journalists makes it more important and utterly irresistable.

Anonymous said...

Blow up the wife and baby ?

Or hit the snake ?

Who's the two headed snake now ?

God please help Malaysia.

The serpeant emerged.

"Malaysian not chinese malaysian"

non-chalant child said...

1. Mr DPM, it is known that even a cabinet minister can’t see you unless he/she goes through appointment, time and phone calls. Why is it so easy for unknown dropout to have a meeting with you at your private residence?

2. If he was “traumatized” (he he), does that mean every traumatized Malaysian has an easy access to your home and time? I’m traumatized, can I come now?

3. Why did he chose you? Why not the PM? Ahmad Zahidi, the Religion Minister? Zaid Ibrahim, the Law Minister? Karpal Singh, the senior lawyer? Ustadh Hadi Awang, the Politician and PAS Leader? TG Nik Azziz? The Selangor Mufti? The Perlis Mufti? The ACA? The Police? His Parents? His Fiancee? UMNO Youth? Foreign Embassies? Why did he chose you alone? And why is it so easy for him to meet you even in your highly guarded private home where you rest after work while evn MPs can’t meet you there?

4. You denied seeing, meeting him on Monday. You said he has only met your officer for scholarship purposes (though he has one and left it). What happened to that statement? Why did you buckle?

5. The boy said he was sodomised one day before he lodged the police report, (Thursday), but you met him earlier and you said he came to complain of sodomy. This means he went to Anwar after meeting you to be sodomised again. You met him when Anwar was in the Holy City of Medina with Dr Aziza performing Umrah, when they came back on Wed. afternoon, the boy said he was sodomised on Thursday. But the boy has been meeting you before. Don’t you think you have sold out your very self?

6. You “told” the boy that it was “up to him”, in case he wanted to file a police report about the sodomy charge. (He he). But Mr DPM you know that sodomy is criminal even if it is out of consent. So how can you fail to order him to seek redress in a court of justice in relation to a crime? Is that’s how you want to lead the nation?


goeeyglobs said...

Hi everyone,

RPK's blog is accessible. Use the old blog address.

Anonymous said...

If we can establish who has contacted Bala in between yesterday and this morning, we will have a good sense of what and who is behind.

samar said...

It is the retraction that's makes it more appealing honestly after all that has been recorded yesterday. Clap! Clap! Now, we know what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

RPK is back.


Anonymous said...


For you to find out.


mahyuddin said...

Apa sebenarnya ni? Si Bala biar betul? Senang2 dia buat SD, tiba2 dia tarik balik 2 kenyataan drpd semua kenyataan dalam SD tu iaitu DPM yang memperkenalkan Altantuya kepada Razak Baginda dan DPM pernah 'bersama' Altantuya..Tak kisah lah tu.. Siapa punya kerja ni?.. Boleh sesiapa tolong find apa yang berlaku sebenarnya?

Anonymous said...

WTF. I think this has become a case of who can give give the best offer. What a snake.


Kamal XYZ said...


He could have been desperately paid out a large sum of money to retract the statement about Najib.

Simple as that.

Anonymous said...


you are quick on this.

bala.. bala.. jangan bawak 'bala' pada negara sudahlah.

i wonder how trustworthy is statutory declaration now.

he admitted he was forced to sign the police statement in jail, now he said he was forced to sign yesterday's SD. Hmm, who is actually behind this conspiracy???

anwar's strategy backfires? or kebenaran muncul jua akhirnya

enlightened said...

possibilities - threatened by someone powerful? all planned by Anwar because that's just his style? scared? guilt? cold feet? him realized that he's just a pawn of Anwar and that might not end very pretty for him? conscience? nay for the last

Anonymous said...


Malaysia has become "liar" country. This was because all SDs are liars. RPK is a liar, Bala is a liar, ANWAR IS THE KING OF LIARS.

Anonymous said...

not babies.. but B.A.B.I.


hypocrite said...

dear rocky, for someone who encouraged his readers to boycott the msm on tuesday, you sure have been using lots of the star's stories for your postings. (even on a tuesday). apa ni? you don't walk your talk!!!

Barathi said...

Very Shameful of the PI.Who can't even give a proper Declaration.He claim he's was ex-policeman.Anyway wouldn't know what actually happen after that.As said, he might be teh next c4 victim.Anwar should gave him protection after the declaration yesterday.Where no one could communicate with him.
Anyway i take his first declaration as the real one.Najib trying to full people now.....

Francis said...

What's important is the remarks made yesterday not his retraction. There is a battle for perception and this makes Najib, IGP and AG lose out. If he said yesterday that you only need to spend 3 days in jail for you to collapse and accept all conditions put before you, then you don't need any retraction to make it juicier. He has also stated that he was fearful for his life and family and he was asked why he made it and the answers recorded. That's all needed. This will simply lead to further questions which can't be brushed aside at any cost however much one is cheap and stupid.

Anonymous said...

interesting twist. i dont believe it at the 1st place


biskuttawar said...

Anwar credibility is going down the drain faster then i thought...

No place for "liers" in Malaysia....

eddy said...

Ayoyo Bala, you think Statutory Declarations are play, play stuff ka. Betullah kata orang yang Brother Anwar ini is trying like crazy to divert attention from the sodomy report made against him by Saiful Bukhary.

Brother Anwar so how? Just declarelah to us the suffering Rakyat on were you were and with whom on the 26th of June 2008.

tak berani ka? Kecutka?
PM in Waiting kena berani kerana benar ma, tak boleh takut/gabra kerana salah.

biskuttawar said...

Anwar credibility going down the drain faster then i tought...

No place for

Kok Ben said...

Just when you thought it doesn't go more dramatic... ;)

hamdan said...

Salam Bro.

Wayang kulit dulu saya belajar satera Tingkatan 6 atara sebab kemunculannya dikayakan kerana para petani tak tahu apa nak buat setelah penat bekerja di siang hari...

La nie...wayang kulit juga dibuat untuk divertkan kesusahan dan kecaman rakyat kpd paklah anak beranak disebabkan kelamahn pentadbiran.

Watak utama..anwar, saiful dan si bala nie...

SD Watch said...

Flip-flop disease

If the PM flip-flops, you can laugh it off as the senility of an old man who can't run this country to save his life but if you flip-flop on a SD that implicates someone of murder or being an accessory to murder, that's a serious charge you can never, ever change. What was this sub-human Bala thinking? I am of the strong opinion that this man is a looney, perhaps badly deranged after the "waterboarding" he got from police. Bala simply cannot be trusted now. As far as I am concerned, his SD is as good as those banana leaf money the Japs used in WW2. If there is anywhere Bala should go now, it's the looney bin in Tanjung Rambutan, followed by the bunch of monkeys that played him yesterday.

commissioner said...

The man claimed he was forced? By who? Who has power and force? What did he say? That he was jailed by the ones who have power to cow him. Now who forced him? I think it is getting interesting that a Commission of Enquiry is all that's needed to clear the mess and definately the King will do that. Just watch this space. In order to clear the name of Malaysia, the King will do it since the ones who are involved are the IGP, AG and DPM. How do you expect them to sell their lives, power trappings and even lives at this stage? No way. Good. This will bring the King into the play bcoz he will take over and a Commission will be set up soon.

Dajal Suci said...







alvin lee said...

ha!ha!ha! what a joke?

Itu macham pun boleh, Malaysia habis-lah.

Anonymous said...

Ok people, let's have a do-over. Where is that reset button? It's getting crazier and we are now the laughing stock for the entire world.


attila said...

HAIYO!!! Enough already lah!!

THis Bala fella like an LP record. First play one side, then turn over play another side. Err, that's what started all this.

Malaysians seem to have a butt fixation, Anwar's sodomy lah, Altantuya's anal intercourse fetish lah. Talk about sodomites and dynamite.

I blame it all on the failure of the Education Ministry in not teaching sex education properly in schools.

There's been too much smoke shrouding Anwar over decades (waay before 1998) about his alleged AC/DC-ness.

Now is the time for all good gays to come to the aid of the nation, and tell us what you KNOW!! No need gossiping about finger-tickling handshakes, sugar daddies and home massages etc.

bzz said...


Can I say Najib offer more compare to Anwar?

Anonymous said...

aiyoo, like this also can, make the fool out of us? Great show Bala

osama bin laden said...

I, Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal a Malaysian Citizen of full age and residing at [deleted] do solemly and sincerely declare as follows :-

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declaration Act 1960.

SUBCRIBED and solemnly )

declared by the abovenamed )

Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal ]

this day of 2008 )

Before me,


Commissioner for Oath

Kuala Lumpur

That's all which is needed. Not what he will say later. And the videos, interviews and questions he has answered and was recorded which are still wet. There was an agreement between 6 men led by one Senior to pin down another, then apart from the Senior, the rest went out at night and had a meeting with the to be accused. When the 6 and the Senior met at night, he simply looked at their eyes and remarked: "This is a conspiracy cooked at night." It became a proverb. End of the story.

Anonymous said...


RedBag said...

...and now our Mr. Bala is retracting the whole SD that he made july 1 and replace it with another one...
this is getting more and more silly and 'jucier'.
Mr.Bala, what ever that you do, your creadibility is now down in the drain.
And you expect people to believe the second SD?

confused chick said...

Asked why he signed the police statement if it did not contain details that implicate Najib, he said he did so under duress.

“If you have experience in the cell, you will definitely sign the statement. I wanted to go out, I have three children.

“For no reason they put me in the lock up Why was I arrested when they can just call me in to take a statement from me,”
he said.

His lawyer, Americk Singh Sidhu, told reporters that the reason why Balasubramaniam made the statutory declaration two days ago was because the prosecution has wrapped up their case against Abdul Razak without raising his revelations.

Balasubramaniam who was the first prosecution witness in the trial, was not asked about Altantuya’s connection with Najib when the hearings began in June last year.

“He was waiting for prosecution to ask but they never did so that’s the reason why he’s surprised and that’s why he came up with the statutory declaration.

“This press conference is to bring into light the available evidence and to tell the police and prosecution that Balasubramaniam is at their disposal at anytime,”
Americk said.

jojo51 said...

A lie when frequently repeated finally becomes the truth to the originator. Similarly, when we continually cry conspiracy then we become victim of fantasy. We even start to mistrust our own shadow. Tree stumps are seen as foes. Friends are viewed with suspicions. The authority seen as devil with intent to terminate someone's life. Police is corrupted, AG untruthful, election commission very biased, judiciary tainted, doctors accused of doctoring medical examination, civil service inefficient, army conspiring with the police, bipartisan press, etc..etc.

Whom can we believe? Off course those who made the statutory declarations. RPK & Bala. REMEMBER WHAT BALA SAID IN COURT. HE ADMITTED NOT MAKING NOTES. My God! He is damn good. He can remember and recall small details. I wonder what he will remember next. With $$$$ its so easy.

lupo said...

Is Hamidah really wrong to say what she said?? Look how how DSAI is surrounded by them during his pc...just wondering


Akar umbi UMNO Damansara Utama said...


This is getting out of hand. I don't really care any more, because it seems like everyone and anyone can and will abuse the process.

The sad fact is the same people who believe wholly in Bala yesterday will now not believe him anymore simply because he gave a statement that does not support their political beliefs.

DSAI will ramp up his conspiracy claims even more.

I can almost guarantee that half of your readers would comment that Bala was threatened/offered money.

In the end, we all lose focus on the current reality of rising inflation and worldwide depression.


Chow Kit Cowboy said...

He got an order from his "superior officer"?

Would it be perjury?

Perhaps they located his "weak point"?

Correct? Correct? Correct?

oZe33 said...

Authorities should take legal action against these kind of people that misusing Statutory Declaration. If government didn't act now, more useless people will throw false accusation thru SD just to make "cheap publicity". I just feel want to PUKE on these kind of people face.

zaferyz said...

what else can we expect. when he say in his SD that razak told him that altantuya was a good and convincing liar and then when on to say that she tell him she know najib and razak said to him najib tell him she was susceptible for anal sex and she tell him that she and razak was married in korea and then razak told him that and that she tell him this...bla bla bla
i guess he lost track of who tell who of what. no wonder police ignore what he said.

melayuangkat said...

Assalamualaikum Saudara Rocky,

Salam Rejab 1429,dan di hari Jumaat yang mulia ini, Syukur Alhamdulillah kita masih diizinkan Allah swt menjejaki awal Rejab tahun 1429 ini.

Semgoa hidup kita semua sentiasa dalam KeampunanNYA serta sentiasa terus dilimpahi Kesejahteraan dan Rahmat Allah swt.

Saudara Rocky,

Kami rakyat jelata ini bertambah Pening saban hari tak tentu mana dengan Laporan Polis, sampaikan boss nombor satu Polis pun kena lapur dan AG, kemudia SD pulak, satu lagi SD, kemudian tarik baliklah. Apa dia orang ingat ini main sorong papan tarik papan ke?

Belit atas Belit.

Kita ikut saja saranan Mufti Perlis, suruh saja mereka mereka ini semua Bersumpah dengan Al Quran. Siapa menipu dilaknat Allah. ( Waliyazubillah). Supaya rakyat tahu kebenaran dengan segara dan keadaan kembali tenang.

Benar kata Pak Lah, fitnah bermaharajalela. Lagi cepat kes ini selesai lagi baik untuk kami rakyat jelata dan negara.

get good advice said...

The damage has been done. It only damages the regime further. Who is advising these people?

Anonymous said...

he shouldnt have mentioned he has 3 kids ... they were probably kidnapped and held over a pot of acid

either that or this is part of the plan by DSAI to add more dramatic effects


Anonymous said...

FLIP-FLOP virus??

zali lampai

Kok Ben said...

By the way... is it legal to retract an SD?

and Why can't Bala go hide in Turks Embassy when he was threatened at the first place... ;)

rocky said...

whats wrong with his lawyers.

come on la guys get your act together!!! Buat malu saja.Credibility also gone.

Better go to DPM house to seek some advise la. Our DPM so free to meet anyone more so if your ass is sore which it should be after this retraction.

accer said...


See what happen when you have a flip-flop leader? Berjangkit kat rakyat. Ask anyone about this matter and they will say they are so sick of the whole political situation. Sampai nak muntah darah!

My only hope is that GOD will help us soon. Insyallah.

Abafahim said...

who will have the last laugh then?

Anonymous said...

it seems like we all are watching a action movie.

as usual, there are good and bad guys.

GOD be there to clean it up.

Whether you like or not, you are part of the movie.

What role are you acting? You might in fact could be the main actor if you want to.

M'sia movie

Anonymous said...

Cakap belit-belit ..

- Local Whitesnake

Dr.Doctor said...

what is going on la? this is a bad time to be a malaysian in a foreign land....esp in Singapore where they wait for blow out of proportion our every f%%% up.....sigh....

child's play said...

He was forced lest his family and himself were to be C4-ed. Ha ha ha ha ha! No child's play here.

The Watcher said...

Ooooo mak oooi! peningnya!

I think all these f*cknuts from both sides of the divide should get back to the task of governing and stop all this sandiwara now.

Abafahim said...

lawak tamil paling sadis

Anonymous said...

Ayam atau telur, yang mana dulu, api kereta ke kereta api, kalau jumpa ular, apa mahu buat, samy dulu ke ular dulu...

Ayoyoyoyo...sudah tukar ka.. kluangman

damage done beyond repair said...

Najib, Musa Hassan and Patail are in charge of the entire defence security and justice system of the nation and they are fighting for life. You expect them to lie down? Don’t create jokes here bcoz this nation knows what’s going on. It has caused the necessary damage to Najib and co.

Blog reader and monitor said...

I would like to see whether those bloggers, who have use yesterday's Bala Statutory Declaration to broadcast the damaging sexual allegation, will equally broadcast this retraction on the same tune. Otherwise we will have the start grading/judging the credibility of these so-called bloggers who supposedly champion freedom of expression.

I totally despise action of words that damage first and queitly ignore any subsequent rebuttal. This is not wise in any religion or noble believe. A person who subscribe, we would like to make INFORMED DECISION that is after all information are laid out, irrespective positives or negatives. So far there are many claim to champion of press freedom, let us evaluate and start classifying them.

Perhaps should start a Bloggers Transparency and Accountability Index.

Let me list some of those bloggers (randomly listed and not in any order of weightings) and evaluate ourselves.

Lim Kit Siang

Marverick SM


Elizabeth Wong

pls help to monitor

Anonymous said...

This is even better biz than being a PI.


kopub said...

Apa dah jadi ni Bala? Kau mengarut apa ni? Kejap cakap ya, kejap cakap tak. Macam takda nilai je SD tu. apa orang upahan Anwar merepek ni?

iswanloke said...

The damage is done - it has been planted inside people mind and we're busy talking about the issues now

temenggong said...

Relax. Only para 25.1-2 was withdrawn out of 55 paras.

The remaining 54 paras, including 25.3-4, 28 and 52 remains.


Anonymous said...

What does the PI mean by "under duress"? Was he coerced or coxed into making the statutory declaration? By whom? What was his motive?

If someone were to digest the SD wholeheartedly, the retraction smacks of a conspiracy, but on whose part?

DSAI had a lot to gain from this but he could very well be the loser in this political chess game of his which will turn out to be a 'checkmate' on all concerned citizens of this country.

The Brand New Heavy

Anonymous said...

The DPM is an angel and nice person. Can anyone tell me what is the "visiting hours" for traumatised victims at Sri Satria ( the Official residence of the DPM aka Dr Pakar Perubatan Sodo

tehsinmukhtar said...

of course someone threatened to blow up his wife and kids, you
Najib lover you!!!! heh heh!

Anonymous said...

looks like this PI Bala is playing a fool with SD. Shouldnt he be charged? Can i make a SD and then retract without hvng to bear any consequences?

PLaying with sand ah?

Ok, ok! Just how much RM has changed hands over these 2 days to? Someone surely laughing all the way to the bank.


Time for others to come clean and who knows you will be the next in line to reap a handsome reward from none other than abc4 man


no shocked at all said...

I love this. I swear, I love this. What makes it Hollyood stuff is that he has simply removed the Najib related parts. That's all.

Jagadish said...

(And don't tell me someone threatened to blow up his wife and babies, ok?). Bro rocky..lately you really seem to amaze me with your drivel..either your acting prowess is getting good or you are getting senile..A six year old can tell you what changed the whole scenario from yesterday .


Anonymous said...

Oh dear,
what happen to our leader, our peoples... what culture is this. Gaduh, gaduh, balas, balas, ugut, ugut....! What will happen to the rakyaat? Seramnya!!!!!

Sedih Rayaat Biasa.

Anonymous said...

Either the man has been frightened out of his wits to make the retraction or he was another plant in PKR in the first place so that he can make the SD and then retract it to embarass Anwar and PKR. That would also explain why he surfaced only now when the battle for power is reaching its zenith.

Head Spinning

Bala said...

Let us try to establish a few veritable facts:

1]In Malaysia, it is already a CERTAINTY that a Foreign Woman by the name of Altantuya Shaaribu has been found to have been blown to pieces by high explosives.

The C4 can be easily determined if they had bothered to test the remnants immediately.

2] 2 UTK man and ARB are being charged for the murder.

And why not any other of the 24 million other Malaysians?

3] so ALL it needs to be done is for the Public Prosecutor to ask the RIGHT questions to just ONE person ie. ARB.

Deep inside this ARB will defintiely want to tell the truth, just ask the right questions.

Ah said...

The Malaysian Insider has it. The man was threatened. And to make it worse. He has only removed the Najib part. Hoy…this makes it juicier.

“He told friends yesterday that he had come under severe pressure after releasing the statutory declaration.”

Anonymous said...

Taken to police station at 4 30pm and suddenly a new lawyer and a new SD appear. 24 hour before that he talked about 7? days in lockup and what it could do to you.

Wonder who was behind the first SD? Maybe, in future when you see a snake and as fast as you could.


Anonymous said...

Look at his body language at the DSAI pc, and the one today... and you tell us, Mr Bru if what you are making is fair comment?
You can call me Al.

OmniAtlas said...

Someone threatened to blow up his wife and babies.

Anonymous said...

Reead Nat's post:

Obviously he was threatened to withdraw the SD. I don't swallow every word of his SD but some, and I believe Najis ought to be investigated over the SD (to be fair). As higher hands see fit that the DPM should not be investigated, so higher hands work quick - to make Bala withdraw the SD.


al-Bujuri said...

is he threatened or is he afraid that all his made up story will go against him? or maybe Anwar wants to change the story first and maybe drag some other person?

babazahra' said...

I would rather watched Sivaji The Boss one hundred and sixty five times than reading Malaysian political soap opera. Pffttt!

Mr. Smith said...

And don't tell me someone threatened to blow up his wife and babies, ok.

Then what else could it be? Come on rocky, this is Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Update 1pm: Something in Malaysiakini you may have missed:

“Balasubramaniam’s lawyer has told Malaysiakini that Balasubramaniam was contacted by the police soon after his press conference yesterday. He last saw his client after dropping him off at the Brickfields police station at 4.45pm.”

Contacted by the police directly after PC? Last seen being handed over to the cops? Retraction first thing next day?………………………


nick m said...

The damage is already done. The retraction/2nd SD has no credibility. Most if not all will believe that the only duress which took place was the one that made P. Balasubramaniam to recant his first statement. The only question now is the additional evidence Anwar says he will reveal (may he has that photo) and what Pak Lah will do ... zzzzzzzz....

Mr. Smith said...

But the damage is done and nothing is going to change regarding Najib's credibility(if he still has any).

Public perception on this retraction gives more credibility to Bala's SD.

Francis said...

Well, Malaysiakini has the bombashell apart from the Malaysian Insider:

“Balasubramaniam’s lawyer has told Malaysiakini that Balasubramaniam was contacted by the police soon after his press conference yesterday. He last saw his client after dropping him off at the Brickfields police station at 4.45pm.”

Do you like it? I said before there are no stupid people here man. It is out of hand and only the truth will help all.

Anonymous said...

Did any of you think Anwar fcuking care about us the rakyat .? No , all he care is to be US asslicker .

Do any of the politicians care about us no.

We r in hell hole anyway .

F*(&* Anwar


Anonymous said...

Something must be fishing in the PI's retraction.Either he is bribed or coered.Maybe,there is a compromise between Najib or Anwar with regard to their cases.

ex-anon said...

Atau mungkin 'tawaran' yang Anwar janjikan kepadanya tak dapat lagi, tak cukup atau tidak berbaloi? Hehe...

Anonymous said...

I guess if we have digested the SD then the only way to purge it out of the system is to do a reverse pump - i.e. insert force at the rear end and reverse the ingestion process back out thru the mouth!


Anonymous said...

So... Whodunit?

Anonymous said...

The nation's moral integrity is at stake. In fact, justice is DEAD. Wear black on sunday to mourn the loss of our judiciary and security system.
Pandora's box is empty.

Chow Kit Cowboy said...

Reading the latest SD by Balasubramaniam, I think he left out the following :

"At no time whatsoever was I ever a Private Investigator.

At no time whatsoever was I ever employed by Abdul Razak Baginda. In fact I don't even know who he is.

At no time whatsoever have I heard the word Mongolia, Mongolians, Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan. I only know Shah Rukh Khan.

My previous SD is not valid because I was high on toddy and I didn't know what I was doing if I was doing anything at all. Besides, I didn't pay the RM 4 fee, so there."

SD man said...

You see when they called him yesterday to BrickFields Police Station, they simply gave him an altimatum or face C4. But they were stupid, very stupid in simply ordering him to remove the Najib parts alone. You see, the SD is made of 55 parts, removing 5 parts and retaining 50 doesn't help you bcoz if you read, they are all intertwined. In other words, more damage has been done rather than help.

Today he refused to talk to journalists unlike when he was free yesterday talking to anyone. He is under duress now and not before. Again, he didn't remove Najib's officers led by Safri from the blame and this needs to be answered and it hurts Najib. What's wrong with these buffoons?

fening kefala ana said...


perangai dia ni dah macam keling da.....

ni baru betul filim kollywood.

Anonymous said...

I missed the good all days when all u read is all about us THE RAKYAT... no these politicians ass*(&^ who dont care about us .

Malaysian Newspapers becoming like some gay porn magazine now .


Justin Choo said...

This is going to top the list above the Korean drama serials!

Anonymous said...

Can you U-TURN a SD?

Will he come up with another SD naming how he is threathened for the first SD?

Tis the season of SDs, "Sodomees" & "It's a complete fabrication"; what next for this e4ntertaining episode of Malaysian Politics???

One just can't wait for the news nowadays.


- Anarchy

Satria Asia said...

Mau komen pun takut. I feel we are living on a cliff's edge, about to topple over into an abyss.

Anonymous said...

the restaurant in paris got cctv camera or not ah.. ? can anybody ask baginda if he still has yang berhormat dato najib's sms or not ah..? all this no no means ah so yes najib did not after all.

Yellow Rose of Texas

apanama said...

I think it's time we increased the FEES for making a Statutory Declaration!

Every Tom, Harry and far toooooo many DICK-heads are declaring their 1/2 sen worth.

These morons just move like robots after absorbing the sodomite's Moronic Verses.

When they get home TRUTH hits them hard on the head & heart.

Then they wriggle the whole night and pee in their pants in the morning.

Go drink paraquat la Bala.

political soapbox said...


Anwar (outisde umno) was being trapped into the liwat case.

Najib (inside Umno) was being trapped into Antatulya case.

And they were made to fight each other.

Both Najib and Anwar publically don't want to mention Dollah and KJ behind these.

So, bolggers, by now you should know who will benefit from all these.

To those Umno people who are going to vote for Umno President starting this month, if you don't kick Dollah and KJ out, we, the rakyat will do it before Dec 08.

Nubaily Munzir said...

in Malaysia nowadays..

nothing is impossible..

Shiock said...

Pls get the guys to check the CCTV in the diamond exhibition in Singapore and surely the recording are there to prove it.

Someone is holding Bala's past unhealthy records and will expose him if he did not retract the SD. The SD are recorded under voluntary declaration and please dont claims that it is under "duress". Don treat this as the kids playground...

Too much politics after the PRU and who are really focusing to govern the states??? The rakyat have suffered enough due to all those price increases.

Anonymous said...

Don't know how to absord all this. Too confusing. We Malaysians are looking more and more like clowns to the rest of the world. Can we just get over all this and get on with managing the things that matter e.g. the ever rising inflation, poor transport system etc.

Henrie O

Anonymous said...





mangchikla said...

Since afer the PC, he was having perpetual n severe constipation right until the retraction. Amazingly it went away right after that. (Other than that, he got paid better or "A4"ed to kingdom come, I suppose)

rocky said...

why didn't his lawyer accompany his client to the police station? Or he was told not to? The Msian police should have insisted the lawyer sit in with the client.Now they get whacked?

rakyat biasa said...

As far as I am concern, Anwar and Najib are already history. But, we the rakyat want to know whether the IGP, AG and our judicial system are reliable and can be trusted. I have no faith in the police, AG and our judges. Lingam gate, UTK officers use explosive to kill a woman (the question in people's mind - have they done this before?), and the way the altantuya case was handled by the AG raised many questions. If tomorrow, for some reason I want to sue a vvip for something which I have the right to sue him, do I get a fair trial? Will justice prevail for me - a rakyat biasa. At this point, I doubt that I will receive a fair treatment.
For the sake of the rakyat, the King must do something to restore the public confident in our police, AG and judiciary. (well, we can't expect a sleeping PM who has absolute confident in the police, AG and our judges to do anything about it, right?)

BlueMoon said...

On Bala's retraction, the malay says: "Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya".

As I wrote if my previous posting and wish to stress here. Any SD which implicates or degrades anyone belongs to thrash bins. A lawyer who stood as a witness to this type of SD is not fit to become a lawyer. He or she should stop practicing.

Anonymous said...

from the beginning i somehow felt that this macha cannot be trusted la!!!

I mean cmon...proton car blue color (can remember so damn detail but no plate number) and assistant go slep around with Aminah and girlfriends.... and mother of all ...anal!!

Shit man this macha cannot be trusted...Najib didnt even need to threaten him with C4, just bucket of todi enuff la....

Robert Smith- The Cure

Anonymous said...


- Dicko

Crankshaft said...

I'm slowly beginning to understand politics.

It's not about the truth. It's about impressions. People vote and support based on what they think of you.

lovemalaysia said...

Bala's eyes tells a million that he and his family is in danger. Bala is now scared out of his shit being threaten are seeing the goons police deaprtment.

If Bala is investigated by Interpol, FBI or CIA I think he reaction would not be like this....

If there is God should us the truth please!!!!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you know that your good friend Najib is as guilty as hell but you go out on a limb to save him with your spinning. Don't worry. You will be richly rewarded IF the skunk eventually sits on the PM's chair. Right now your godfather the mamak is already rewarding you with his attention. Who do you think has more fire power to make the PI do his will - Anwar or Najib who as DPM has the police and other Umno thugs under him? Come on, Rocky, don't take us for fools. The PI was either threatened or bribed to let Najib off the hook. I don't care if Anwar is a "rear admiral". That is his business. But I do care if a man suspected of being a murderer aspires to lead the country.


mr lobak lobak said...

one word.. MALAYSIA BOLEH!

ok..that's two words.. said...

I still think Bala's original SD is truthful because of the details he goes into ~ diamond exhibition in S'pore, for instance, is something that is easily verifiable with a bit of investigation. If he was lying in the first place, he would have put down info that is vague and impossible to prove. Someone should dig more into this "diamond exhibition", contact the organizers, get the dates, ask about VVIPs who were present, get photos of the event, guests, etc.

Blog reader & monitor said...

When Bala restract the SD, people now question whether it was done WILLINGLY or FORCED?

Did these people ask the same question when Bala made the first SD where Anwar use it to the fullest?

Wise people are rare species:))

The said...

/// Behind every problem in this country is an Indian fella. VK Lingham, Nalla Karupan, Samy and his HINDRAF debacle. And not the least, our two Indian operators trying to bring up the Bursa system yesterday.

And the Indians are griping that they are marginalized. They can thank their own people for that. ///

RaZ, you forgot the biggest culprit of all - The Diabolical Mamak.

romerz said...

Powerful forces at work here.

Either someone must have gotten to him or the power brokers have reached an agreement.

IMHO this SD has nothing to do with DSAI but rather an internal power struggle within UMNO.

jue said...

pilih satu jawapan saja.

1) bala terima usd500k komisyen on behalf of the late al.

2) bala enjoy being grab from behind

macam-macam boleh ....

smelly rose said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!! who's laffing all the way to the bank now??? MR BALA. terror lah u! why chicken out?? DPM called you eh? now so scared. WTF!!

Anonymous said...

I think Anwar knew this is coming! Yesterday at the news conference, he joking said "I bet tonight Tan Sri Musa with visit Najib and he'll says, ..matter will be solved … be cool”.

OK what's next?


Anonymous said...

So, don't C4 the snake first.

berita dari laut said...

Hello, Hello Rakyat!!!!!

This PM-in-waiting tak boleh pakai.

Cakap putar belit
Sembunyi kat Turkey Embassy kononnya keselamatan tergugat
Minta pertolongan Amerika
Buat SD yang bukan-bukan

Tolonglah, tukarlah skrip.

Macam mana dengan SD oleh Raja Petra? Boleh pakai? No wonder website tak lau lagi, Sudar lari kah?

Anonymous said...

Ini semua macam lawak la... Lu pikir la sendiri. SD in Malaysia tak de value. hahaha


calvin said...

this is memang sum1 threaten. or else he wouldn't make a sudden change of mind. probably somebody from the defence ministry ugut nak bomb keluarga dia. hmm i wonder who's the leader....

Anonymous said...

macam biasalah.....sendiri mau ingat....

"Kalau jumpa Bala dan ular di hutan, bunuh yang mana dulu?"

Saya a/l Tidak Percaya

Anonymous said...

your blog probably a hit now. RPK website has been blocked for 2 days already. RPK may be resting in K'munting.


juraganz said...

Yep! I'm sure people will think someone had threatened to blow his family. And that is probably what Anwar want the rakyat think! What a nice conspiracy and such a DRAMA QUEEN Anwar!

Anonymous said...

attila said...

"HAIYO!!! Enough already lah!!

I blame it all on the failure of the Education Ministry in not teaching sex education properly in schools."..

I AGREE WITH YOU ATTILA. However, originally there was the module for safe sex education long time ago, but I guess it was changed when Anwar was the Minister of Education... I am not sure, I just guess.

Why said...

So Bala was threatened by his 'named invisible hands' ?

The same 'invisible hands' that seemingly attacked DSAI then & now ?

Syabas to all Peacemakers

Anonymous said...

The SD's are not worth the paper they are printed on, better use as toilet paper...

The Truth Is Out There

Anonymous said...

Yo guys 'n gals, it really doesn't matter what Bala says now.
Occam's razor (a scientific truism) says in effect: "Keep it simple, stupid!"
Having many friends in the senior govt. service, the 1st. S.D. by Bala. is what all of them know and whispered about (open secret) in the Corridors of Be-eNd Power. Dear RPK and DSAI are right that there is much more..., you - rocky bro aren't gonna to tell, right?
It may be that Baldo-Najis doesn't understand the mummurings behind his back, but 'what is hidden will always come to light'.
The Public Service in general can't stand the idea of Los-mah in control; just ask the Mindef and EduMin. staff - whisk's off Boldo @ 4p.m. sharp, and screams at any 'betina' within 5 m. of her Barang! There is no way in hell they want this rotten pair of perverts as the P.M or P.Mistress.
Bala & family should have asked for refuge/asylum from PR govts. yesterday and disappear for a while. Simple tactics-la...
Such is the intimidation of a failed Police State. We are rapidly regressing into Orwell's 1984; but some of us are so chicken-shit to worry about today -when if nothing is done now, there will be no tomorrow!
Go twiddle with your rm2.70/l petrol and hyperinflation with stagflation worries and soon our Malaysia will be Mugabe-Zimbbawe. Take a stand now or forever hold your peace and rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

Yo guys 'n gals, it really doesn't matter what Bala says now.
Occam's razor (a scientific truism) says in effect: "Keep it simple, stupid!"
Having many friends in the senior govt. service, the 1st. S.D. by Bala. is what all of them know and whispered about (open secret) in the Corridors of Be-eNd Power. Dear RPK and DSAI are right that there is much more..., you - rocky bro aren't gonna to tell, right?
It may be that Baldo-Najis doesn't understand the mummurings behind his back, but 'what is hidden will always come to light'.
The Public Service in general can't stand the idea of Los-mah in control; just ask the Mindef and EduMin. staff - whisk's off Boldo @ 4p.m. sharp, and screams at any 'betina' within 5 m. of her Barang! There is no way in hell they want this rotten pair of perverts as the P.M or P.Mistress.
Bala & family should have asked for refuge/asylum from PR govts. yesterday and disappear for a while. Simple tactics-la...
Such is the intimidation of a failed Police State. We are rapidly regressing into Orwell's 1984; but some of us are so chicken-shit to worry about today -when if nothing is done now, there will be no tomorrow!
Go twiddle with your rm2.70/l petrol and hyperinflation with stagflation worries and soon our Malaysia will be Mugabe-Zimbbawe. Take a stand now or forever hold your peace and rest in peace!

Jimmy Bong said...

And the winner for the Best Supporting Actor goes to....... drum-roll PLEASE...!!! Errr, by the way, is this Oscar or Bollywood?

Zealot said...


Mazlinda, the wife to razak baginda said this, “My husband is innocent. My husband is a good man. He supported me and protected me. Why are you writing all these stories about him. He is not out to become the PRIME MINISTER. Why are they doing this to him?”

there must be some truth in the bala's SD knowing that najib did lie about meeting the novice 'gay boy'.

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with some comments saying that this episode is getting outta hand. Its time for Majlis Raja-Raja and Agong to put a final stop to this rediculous tirade.

Btw what is AAB doing? Doozing off in the office? AAB is the no.1 or is he not?

Someone mention that malaysiakini reports:....bala's lawyer dropped him at brickfield police station at 4.45 yesterday, i,e after his pc with DSAI.

Going by what happened in 1998 and mysteries serround the altantuya murder trial....l am more incline to believe bala has been turned over between 4.45 pm yesterday and this morning.

Mean while, lets go out to get some soft drinks while we wake for our No.1 man man to wake up and hear if he has any comment on the matter.


Mahyudin said...

Dengar cerita, SD tu nilainya RM4. Betul ke? Patut la Bala boleh buat. Lepas tu tarik balik. Lepas tu buat pulak yang baru..Murah rupanya...

Anonymous said...

LATEST: Police will investigate BOTH stat decs, even though yesterday's has been restracted

Anonymous said...

Bala was called to Brickfields Police Station. Only Bala knows what happened there (which he not going to say to anybody). Then he made the amendments. Got the big picture ... Wali Kota

Anonymous said...

COuld it be that DSAI's ppl were involved in Altantuya's murder?

Just to frame najib back in 2006?

just speculating...



Anonymous said...

Our Agung MUST step in now to solve all this FIASCO, NAME-CALLING, ADMISSIONS, a real LAUGHING STOCK to the whole democratic world. Sack the whole lot of them and bring on fresh elections.. I say! Bring in the FBI to solve the ALtantuya case without prejudice, justice must be done and seen to be done!


melayutara said...

may good protect our country from political extrimist...


Anonymous said...


bukam saja pemimpin tak pandai, rakyat nya pun lebih kurang jugak bodoh nya.

Since Najib is so powerful, and he is in collusion with Musa and Gani as well, why only ask Bala to retract 2 paragraphs. Retract everything laaa... While he's at it, retract the charges against azilah, Sirul and Razak too.

Then no more case what??


sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Malaysia in the last 25 odd years have been thru many dubious legal cases and its a well known factor in the legal community that the police and judicary will tilt when the Executive gives an order ie PM, DPM and Ministers.

When the Police have been accused many a times of biasness, corrupt and blantant disregard for the rule of law, how can one expect the public trust.

Well, time will reveal, what truly occured to the poor lady, no matter what the circumstance were, NO ONE SHOULD BE BLOWN AWAY WITH C4.

Question is, why are the military inteligence report kept away from the public.

Anonymous said...

oooiii Raz,
Stop being such racist bastard. Its your Malay leaders claming to be good mualims doing these ass fucking bussiness causing huge problems. Now no one cares about the country and people under their rule.
Don blame Indians as scape gote.If the game is palyed by rules..fair and just to ..there won be SDs and with drawals..
Didn't ur pea brain think why would any one not sue some one for defamation for telling lies using SD. Why should the police/judiciry meant to protect people be used to benefit those in power?

Use ur ass hole to think about the happenings in the country controlled by MALAYS....Don try to find the skin clour to escape thruth..bloody ass fucker race!!!

Soul searcher

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the retraction, DPM is guilty as indicated, there is too much contradiction in what he says. His refusal to sue by saying leave it to the police and AG just goes to show he is guilty. DPM is worst than a cobra, if I have three bullets, I will shoot him three times and take my chances with Balalalala!!!
The honesty now is for this Razak Baginda to come out clean and save his own neck, maybe he is frighten that C4 will be used on him and his family next. It will be the greatest day in Malaysian history to see DPM going to jail for the killing of Altantuya, till then the Judiciary cannot be trusted to be fair and impartial. The whole lot including the two police, AG, Dotty should be hung from their balls till they are dead. Sorry we have to hang Dotty from her nuts.
If you believe the DPM is framed, I have a twin tower to sell to you for just a dollar.

Yeebody said...

To me,
1. SD from Bala is true.
2. Retraction from Bala is also true.
Why 1 followed by 2 is everyones' guesses. Bala is the material person that carries the burden. Nobody has the right to condemn him.
For me I salute you Bala. Do whatever is good for you and family. Retracting does not mean that you are a coward. You have a limit that nobody can share. People can "understand" you... but when comes to reality, these people that "understand" you will cabut lari. Not many will be by your side to absorb your pain.
Do whatever is best for you & family.

Anonymous said...

My SD is 4GB tau. Can store banyak file. Heheheheh I bought brand Apacer. The previous SD was only 512MB brand Kingston.

Now 4GB SD tak mahal selling around RM60 bux...why Bala's SD cost only RM4 ? mana mau beli? Berapa Gig ? Can anyone tell me?

Anonymous said...


We know you know everybody knows.
Such dramas.
No wonder this country does not move forward.
We have such people as our leaders.
Isn't it about time WE (citizens) do something to revamp the bloody retards.
Who wants to be ruled by retards.
PM, DPM, KJ and all the dogs of them are just the same.
They should be ashame that this has to come out from a 20 year old like me.
They make a mess and the younger generations have to suffer and clean their mess.
What kinda country is this?

rocky said...

he was forced on the 1st SD? betulkah? who in PR can force him? how did they force? They use the police?

come on la. yes you were forced, was it for the 1st or 2nd SD?

There is very little trust in the msian authorities right now.

rocky original

Desperado said...


desiderata said...

This guy who is a PI wants a piece of DPM's pie
So if you arsed him to retract SD he won't aRsEk WHY
just gift him a few megaBUCKS from PETronas or CIMBRoBank
And PI will shoot down the star from the sky
"with emission from my private orifice -- HIeye, aye, aye"

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro,

You know what the next SD is?

This boy approach this girl and asked her what he can offer her. Since they are very near a mee stall so they decided to have mee instead. Before reaching the stall, the boy asks the girl. Do you want Mee Soup, Mee Bandung, Mee campur Rojak or just me.
On hearing this, the girl left the boy and scooted away. But since this boy is hungry, he proceeded to the stall. And when asked what mee he wants - he said sodo mee.

Anti B Ontot

kengkong said...

I think he definitely was threatened la...what with the political climate these days - they can do anything just to save their sorry asses!!

Anonymous said...

Need anymore SD to back up your claim/accusation anyone? I'm available! But you must be rich and powerful bcos there's a hefty price tag to it. Just prepare the SD the way you want it and I will sign it. They say I'm poker-faced and a seasoned witness in giving evidence in court(sounds like politicians). I've never made and never thought of making any SD before,even when the prosecutor failed to ask me questions on the facts I knew of. Never heard of such act before. But what the heck, since I can make some bucks, why not? This is going to be my new profession. Sure get rich quick.


Datuk Naim Mohamad said...

No wonder the stock market glitched.
Balasubramaniam was not listed in Malaysia. He was on the United States market first before we Malaysians took over. It was a dawn raid. Now United States 0 and Malaysia 0. Malaysia Boleh.

Anonymous said...

hi rocky,
am having problem with malaysia today website.
is it just me or there's something wrong?


MC Gay Gay said...

Oh My GOD!!!

If ever anyone has threatened this man, he might as well withrdraw the whole SD! Why just certain clause?

Moreover, why Anwar was so eager to make a press conference and became the spokeman for this SD? Let Bala speak for himself la... or maybe his lawyer. Sibuk ja Anwar. Elok la jawab kes liwat ko.

Then when the wartawan asked him why he went to that CONDOMinium, so suddently became angry... rileks la anwar... why takut2, gabra2 one? Kesian Wan Azizah.

Blah la anwar.

Elly Yusof said... i see TWO snakes, hehehe!

Asil said...

Reading this post is like reading MSM...

ang wah said...

I am watching live of the Press Conference by PKR on the retraction of Bala SD.

The 3 stooges (Sivarasa, Americk, Manjit singh ) answering questions feild by journalists are not convincing at all. No wonder Anwsr is not at the PC?

Why is Anwar not at the PC for such a serioua retraction? He sounds like a hero when Bala made the 1st SD.

Credibility of Anwar is going downhill by the seconds now.

FelixDT said...


it's true that most people vote because of impression because they cloudn't be bother to checks their facts right or wrong.
They assume what they heard from other ppl, if it satisfy their mind and logic is true.
that's why the for a conspiracy to penetrate into some of our minds are as simple as drinking water.

rams609 said...






Anonymous said...

No, no, no if one day Bala's body were to be blown apart by C4, everybody will point the finger at Najib, maybe this time, Najib promised scholarship to his children and children's children down the generations. Education is expensive eh, if you don't get the government's help.

Bola s/o Bala

Anonymous said...

Let's make an assumption here, that if Najib really didn't have sex with Altantuya, as was spelt out in the declaration earlier, that he wanted to fabricate the whole thing by adding some hot steamy sex scene in it, I think he should go further by saying that apparently "Najib was hoping for another child, now that he's deputy PM, and since Rosmah is so old, decided to donate some sperm over to Altantuya as a surrogate mother, and when the child was born, Altantuya refused to hand over the child, wanted to expose his shame everywhere, so Najib decided to kill her, as dead woman keeps secret.." . Nice try eh....


lankapo said...

I thougth it was a joke when I read in Utusan, jsut like medical result by HKL,but it turns out to be true..

This drama is going to be far more interesting

Anonymous said...

Some people can be so thick. It is so obvious that even a blind man can see the reason for Bala's retraction of the SD. Before he went to the police he was in a good mood but in the second PC he looks very somber and worried. He even have a different lawyer and did not take any questions at the end. What does that tell you ? If Anwar has to seek sanctuary at a foreign embassy for his safety where does an ordinary person like him going to seek refuge. Please watch and you may learn something. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Blind Man

Anonymous said...

Najib must sue the Bala guy for miilions and made him bankrupt. Rosmah must sue RPK for the same amount too. Or else, people will not believe the husband and wife team.
So, who are we to believe ?
Did Anwar sodomise Saiful?
Did Najib have anal sex with Altantunya?
Was Rosmah at the scene of murder?

Confused M'sian.

Crankshaft said...


You have no idea how easy it is to convince someone especially if he WANTS to believe it.

People can believe in the most bizarre of things.

Oghe Guo Muse said...

But police has already made the announcement that they will investigate both the orginal and amended copies.

WHat conspiracy now?

Anonymous said...

helo abe,biorle deme gitu,ajendela...hmmmm bior pape ase begaye...biorle teman dapat sikit bonus...makan nasi gule la gamok nya...dhoghorian dah bebubunge ke teman? jangan lupe buat lempo dhoghorian ye...

Teman dari parit...raghme bebeno yeh...yang gamoknye tak pueh....ahhh biorle deme thoghoriak..teman nak ke paso jap.Paso burghaso dah meghodum jatoh habih la duit teman melabor.

Kpg Hj Saman Mat Kati,
Kuala Kangsor

HeroTamil said...

Wah!!! So many many assumptions... so many theory!!

I oso got questions lah!!

Why does this Bala's SD come out AFTER anwar's being accused??
Why does this Bala need to go to a POLITICAL INTEREST group PC to make this declaration??

And what's has this got to do with the PROBLEM Anwar's has got himself in to??

To anwar's down rite supporter i would like to ask a simple QUESTION.

Why is this all the hulaballoo from Anwar, just reveal his alibi...and get it over and done with!!


To much soap opera watching lah!!

Anonymous said...

Wah...Bala sudah kena turnover kaa ?


Asil said...

wait for najib to sue Bala for his 1st SD

hammy said...

What is this damn fellow Bala thinking ??? Making a fool of everybody. That man can't even speak for himself yet expecting us to buy his story again? They are bird of same feathers fooling around with our system and insulting people's intelligence.

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