Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Why you shouldn't even bother reading Azilah's SD


KL, 17 Dec: Like me, you may not have read Azilah Hadri's statutory declaration and, like me also, you probably know all there is you needed to know about the SD without reading a word of it. Because everyone is talking, writing and commenting about it.
That's how I came to know that in the SD, Azilah has made the explosive (pun intended) claim that he had murdered Altantuya Sharibuu one night 13 years ago on the orders of Najib Razak, who was then the Deputy Prime Minister. 
But that wasn't what the courts heard, though, and the courts, given the evidence and arguments of a long and fair trial, had found Azilah guilty of that cold-blooded killing of the Mongolian (together with Sirul Azhar Omar, who managed to flee to Australia). As RPK pointed out, Azilah is extremely desperate. I'm quoting RPK because he did author an earlier,  fantastic SD on Altantuya's murder, so he must know how the game is played.  RPK is also claiming that PH leaders had met Azilah and that the SD was planned since Feb). 

Between RPK's and Azilah's, there were other statutory declarations. The following are just some of them that I captured on this blog:

By the way, he most graphic SD is still the one written for (not "by", please-lah) PI Bala but I'm not sure if it was the first or the second SD ... you may read my old posting on that but, a word of caution, it remains anal until this day. 


  1. Anonymous9:25 am

    SDs so common that its value is less these days?

  2. Anonymous8:44 am

    If Azilah or those who manipulate the poor man would care to put his statements on affidavit it woul be worth considering. A statutory Declaration in matters such as this is not worth the evidentiary paper it is printed on.

    Gopal Raj Kumar