Thursday, December 26, 2019

One PM, Two Oppositions (The 3 factors pulling this great nation down)

Ah, so this is Christmas ...
I hope you, my Dear Readers, had a merry one.
Me, it was a sederhana one for us. I visited an old buddy at Damansara, who opened his house (and makeshift bar) over (extended) lunch, where I met several other old friends and former little kids who have now grown up into full-fledged adults with their own little girls and boys.
Generally, Hari Natal was a subdued affair. Most everything is, including the manner in which we are ushering in the new year and new decade. The economy is such. As YB Johari Abdul Ghani, the former Minister of Finance ll, said, this beloved country of ours is sinking ...

1. The PM. 2. Flip-flopping. 3. GST. You can read Johari Ghani's diagnosis of this nation's 3 big weaknesses here. AKJ, the PM's communications advisor, has taken exception to the former Minister's analysis. That was to be expected, of course.
But the fact is, this great nation is being pulled down, going under. Many factors are responsible but if you ask me to limit them to three, I'd go with Johari. Our problem is we have ONE Prime Minister (who can't or won't let go) who has to deal with TWO (not one) Oppositions, including his own Pakatan Harapan people, who have opposed his decisions and undermine his position on more occasions than we thought possible. 


  1. Sleepless in Cyberjaya7:27 am

    The true character of AKJ came out. Is he angry or envious of Jo for restructuring Media Prima and doing the retrenchment?

    The seeds of NST decline was planted by AKJ. Those now running the editorial are his idolisers. They were the one critical of Najib as though he was anti-press freedom.

    Look how pathetic NST is today. They even pulled out a BIG story in cyberjaya on immigration raid within the day it broke out. There is a major collusion going on.

    Stepping on party interest?

  2. W A well move up as PM, but Boboy deputy... her tenure will be very brief... :P