Monday, June 23, 2008

Emergency motion to discuss a Statutory Declaration?

In connection with Raja Petra Kamarudin's Statutory Declaration here, Lim Kit Siang has called for an Emergency Motion in Parliament to discuss the allegations made.

"In his notice, Lim said the credibility and legitimacy of the Government would suffer a mortal blow if the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and those named in the allegations remained silent on the matter.
Copies of the notice were distributed to reporters in the Parliament Lobby.
Lim repeated the statutory declaration by Raja Petra who claimed that he was reliably informed that three people were present at the scene when Altantuya's body was blown up." - The Star

No, I don't think there should be an Emergency Motion to discuss accusations based on what somebody had "reliably informed" somebody else. Journalists used the "reliably informed" phrase all the time that it has become cliche.

Since the police have said they will investigate the accusations made by RPK in his SD against the DPM's wife, the PM and the PM's son-in-law, I say it is better to let the police complete their investigation.

Kit Siang said the "credibility and legitimacy of the Government could suffer a mortal blow ... ". Truth is, it is not just the credibility of the Government that is at stake. RPK's credibility and legitimacy is at stake, too. Your credibility, too, is at stake. Read "But until then, Najib is not a murderer ..." by Pasquale.


  1. I agree with Pasquale 100%.

  2. Errr...

    If someone making claim towards such a high profile VIP... i.e. DPM's wife... it is only right if AG and the government make a stand...

    None of the mentioned party did that...

    The elegant silent worsens the situation... and the victim is a mongolian... and the Mongolians are actually watching us closely!

    It is either RPK a blatant liar, or the VIP was really involved in this case...

    A "sane" person is telling the public that the DPM is a terrorist... how could the government stays quiet? how could the involved VIP, Najib and his wife, not say anything to safeguard the credibility of the government? and how could the AG or the PDRM not making move?

    I don't think the emergency motion is unnecessary... because how could the government walk away from being said as "terrorist"?

    The reputation of the country will be further damaged shall the government do nothing regarding RPK's claim...

    If RPK is found a blatant liar... Please put him into jail... for our government and nation's sake...

    and that's why... the issue ought to be discussed... because the SD was fired onto a National leader...

    and by the way... Taiwan ex-president's fraud case should be a good guide...

  3. rockybru,

    dap is becoming more like pkr now..

    opportunistic at it's best!

    i'm watching with amusement what's happening with PKR in s'gor..

    maybe vote of no confidence will be tabled to khalid ibrahim in dun selangor rather than pak lah in dewan rakyat

    p/s: please write an article about kasut tumit tinggi and lipstick ban in Kota Bharu.. i wrote one, i'm disgusted with MPKB-BRI- by blaming it all to the ladies..

  4. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Every Malaysian must remember we just got independence in 1957 and trying very hard to behave like English working class people in a borrowed Parliamentary System with some 9 Constitutional Sultante.

    The British Parliamentary system is meant for the British, Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians, basically, White Anglo Saxons Protestants [WASPs].

    When a Malay, Chinese and Indians get together to behave like them English ....

    then, expect to be like Mugabeans !

  5. Anonymous8:55 pm

    No lah...the actual approval for the purchase was made during DSAI time as DPM and Najib was just a Defence Minister.
    The trump card was suppose to be today for a motion of no confidence and if AAB decide to give the PM post sure this SD by RPK will be a stumbling block to pass the gomen to DPM....and i think RPK cannot stand the heat la.
    Things doest work so LKS must shout at parliament....

    All this has been pre arrange by DSAI right from the begining,FBI know so much thats why they cannot intefere...They want to help DSAI but its too obvious....

    You know where is altantunya now? Not surprising she is still alive.C4 is always available in any country,The DNA is a make up story.Wait and you see its all a fake game...Thats why everybody is keeping mum on this SD,only LKS and other blogeers who is so stupid to analyse matters.

    They declare the malay sultan has knowledge because they want to make the Tentera di Raja looks guilty and the Sultan also guilty.Which sultan is incharge of ATM now?Why the DAP is making issue of a songkok...its all in the game la?The right timing didnt materialised today...This kind of game by politician is dangerous la.

    So RPK name your informer if not you are bluffing and just pulling our leg.

    Come on man! this game makes our Bursa down again...When actualy can all of you law makers make the rakyat living a better one after the election??Talk,talk,accuse,declare lah...that lah this lah....Dont fuck up matter and just do yopur job,Mr LKS we srae suffering because of you all lah,You dont win the election so be a good opposition .There are other matters that needs attention.Buck Up !!

  6. Anonymous9:16 pm

    i think this has to be discussed as it involves the no.1 and no. 2 civil servants.

    They are the backbone and 'if' this information is true, it could be disastrous for the nation.

    Any self respecting politician who is even suspected would usually step down. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to ring true for the leaders in this country.

  7. Rocky!
    I am suprised or r u playing games!
    Yoh! Reliably Informed under the Evidence Act means fact!
    So do not mock it Rocky! U have more times then not opened yr mouth & shot yr foot as u did not have your info properly documented{reliably informed!}
    I have always said ALL REPORTERS & WRITERS & JOURNALISTS - U all need a lesson in the limits of the Law!

  8. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Rocky you shameless brown-noser:

    You trust the Police and the AG to investigate ? The AG has already made up his mind, called RPK's declaration "defamatory" and made a police report against RPK. what sort of fairness can we expect ? RPK didn't say that Najis was the murderer. Neither did he say that Rosemary was the murderer. He only specified "presence".

    This is no ordinary case, and there must be special committees formed to investigate further. RPK has put his freedom on the line, but I know he will not trust the lackeys of this adminstration to dispense justice.


  9. Considering who is being accused wouldn't it be fair to give extra attention to this issue (ie emergency motion in parliment) in order that the truth is truly uncovered and not just hushed up ?

    I personally do not have much faith in the judiciary system in Malaysia. I think many will agree that time and time again our courts have handed in biased rulings.

    We can even hypothetically have a video clip recording of Rosmah smiling and giving a thumbs up next to Altantuya's body and the evidence will probably be torn to pieces by the "it looks like me , it sounds like me, but it's not me" defence.

    I would say, given the nature of the situation extra pressure and media attention is warrented.

    I would like to hear your views on this issue Rocky. Do you honestly believe justice can be served to Altantuya's family ? Shouldn't there be any extra pressure on the government to make sure things are done the correct way ?

  10. Anonymous9:49 pm

    RPK is one hella brave person. Too brave. Have to wonder if he is really being brave for all the right reasons.

  11. innocent until proven guilty.

  12. Anonymous10:30 pm

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  13. The last time the government went for Najib was when to arrested Razak Baginda for the murder. That was last November, just before the UMNO General Assembly. The same time there were some wind of Najib may lead a 'charge' against Pak Lah.

    Now they going after his wife. What's cooking? Zolkipli trying to get rid of Najib quickly so that Khaled Nordin can do express take over?

  14. Let the police do their work. You can only hope that they are impartial. Anyway, time will tell

  15. MIS,
    I strongly disagree with you on this one.
    Why do you think RPK has to resort to a SD? Simple. There is no other avenue open to him to seek justice in this country.
    There is a preponderance of evidence to indicate that there is more than meets the eye - the granting of bail for murder, the change of judge and the prosecution team, the erasure of immigration records and availability of C4 explosives, Razak's affidavit, the link between the accused and the VIPs and finally the motive for the killing.
    RPK realized that there is no way he can seek justice for the victim's family except through unconventional means - thus the SD.
    I can bet with you that any police investigation will end in a big ZERO.
    When the force, judiciary and the AG lack credibility what is there left for the common man? Surely, unconventional means.

    There is also a royalty in the know.
    When US presidential candidates have to reply to simple allegations made against them, I see no reason why the PM and his deputy cannot to this one.
    If No say NO, damn it!
    Tongues are wagging and their character has been called to question.
    There may not be guilty but they ought to answer RPK's SD.
    Silence will damn them.
    Kit, is right to call for the emergency motion.
    If an allegation of a PM covering up a murder is not urgent, then what is?

  16. It's really amazing how you seem to have so much faith in the police. Or have you taken leave of your senses because you're losing sleep over the possibility that Najib won't be the next PM?
    Hello, still suffering from some hangover? Since when has the malaysian police been known to be able to conduct independent and reliable investigations?
    Have you just come back from an extended vacation from Mongolia that you seem to be so paranoid about just a motion in Parliament?
    Please give us a break.

  17. Anonymous10:41 pm

    i see that none of national media pick-up this issue especially malay newspaper and even TV3. That why blog remain important. The slient by the parties are very worried since it is known in the website

    bandar sunway semenyih

  18. Anonymous10:42 pm

    "Since the police have said they will investigate....."

    Yes yes yes...I believe the police, like i believe the police did not give Anwar the black eye.

    Hahaha...good one

  19. Anonymous10:50 pm

    dear rpk,

    your intention for the SD sounds like a personal vendetta and it also slighted the dignity of the rulers.

    for whatever real purpose it was made for, only you will know but is this done for the good of the nation making it known to the public in such a manner. truly, it tarnished the reputation of the nation.

    is this the only way you can think of getting the government (namely the PM or DPM or even KJ) to step down? come on, there must be some other finesse way to do so.

    i have no political inclination towards our ruling party but i would have exercise some form of discretion in making such accusation public. ultimately, does it stand to make the entire executive, judiciary or legislative system of the country a joke? it does......

    where does that leave us....a nation of fools? and you are the leader of the fools englightening us? I have followed your course during the campaign for this election, i have even voted for the opposition so that a change would be good for the nation.

    but with this SD....i kinda of lost my respect for you as i have said earlier, it sounds like a personal vendetta.

    take care, and let god do some of the work. have faith in god too. retribution at the end of life is a worser punishment.


  20. Anonymous10:57 pm

    In Wiki, definition of a statutory declaration, as is practised by some Commonwealth countries, including Malaysia is:
    "Statutory declarations are commonly used to allow a person to affirm something to be true for the purposes of satisfying some legal requirement or regulation when no other evidence is available. They are thus similar to affidavits (which are made on oath"

    The repercussion of declaring a false declaration is a crime chargeable in court. This much I understand.

    And for RPK to make this latest statutory declaration is like nailing the last nail to the coffin. He won't have dared to make this legal declaration document if there isn't some truths to his statements, right?

    And if these are the truths as alleged, it is very hard for me to swallow such a crime could be so willingly and horrendeously witnessed.

    It is already beyond some soap opera drama scripts....and I have not reacted emotionally. Nor judge any party.

  21. Anonymous11:18 pm


    Kit Siang knows its a sham, whatever the intention of RPK, is. But it is politics, and scandals of course are fuel for the flame, and who but the veteran pol would let this opportunity pass.

    RPK has obviously fallen into the deep end, and he is now a clown short of a circus.

    But I suppose people will believe what they want to believe, especially if it involves someone they dislike.

    Why Najib? Because he is a heartbeat away from being PM, and many do not like that fact.

    We all know who would like to be PM, don't we?

    You know the story about Najib 20 years ago saying that he wanted to bathe the keris with Chinese blood? Well, it is so ridiculous, and people who were there swore that no such thing were said, but the allegation has gained credibility over the web, because it was believed and repeated by people who were not even there... people who want to make sure that he does not become PM.

    Bru, go dig the archives of Singapore Straits Times or Asiaweek or FEER for their coverage of the event, if you don't believe the local press, and see if they report edsuch as phrase, for it was so scandalous not to report it, of course.

    But who cares about accuracy or the truth, when you have sensational jokers the likes of RPK masquerading as a truth tellers and seekers.

    Bru, you know that I can make a statutory declaration or a police report tomorrow that you cheated me of RM1 million, but we both know they are lies and damn lies.

    Sworn statements they are, but many tend to forget that liars can swear, too.

    I think we have somehow reached a point in our short blogosphere history where we would begin to decide between the sacred and the profance.

    RPK's conviction for reform and democracy does not mean he can besmirched willy nilly anyone who does not stroke his fancy.

    A smart man, though ethically rather unsound, RPK knows that using terms like "reliably informed" is a catch-all escape clause that could get him out of jail, but would do enough mischief to yet again tar and feather those he wishes.

    People should trust their common sense once in a while.

    And as you said Bru, it is his credibility that is on the line among his most ardent readers who forward everything he wrote to everyone they know. Most of us have confirmed him, no doubt a very entertaining one, as purveyor of trash.

    Quinn the Eskimo

  22. "Since the police have said they will investigate the accusations made by RPK in his SD against the DPM's wife, the PM and the PM's son-in-law, I say it is better to let the police complete their investigation."

    Police force to complete their investigation? I like your optimistic.

  23. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Strange that you, Rocky, are getting edgy about this proposed emergency motion.

    And rather interesting that you demonstrate such faith in our world-class police force where conducting investigations are concerned.

  24. The elegant silence from all quarters is rather deafening, don't you think?

    Does it really take that long to come up with a response?

    I guess the closer to the truth an accusation is, the longer it takes for our exoneration experts to tidy up the mess so that it is safe enough for our "important" accuseds to be isolated from the truth and any implicating evidence.

    but then again with Raja Petra, one really doesn't know isn't it?

  25. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Indeed like father like son...

    much more than we asked for!

    if we dont target them, who else?

    we dont have other choices?

    Do we?

  26. Anonymous11:57 pm

    The allegation is that the wife of a powerful politician in the executive arm being involved in a hedious crime. That's a serious matter and Kit Siang is definitely right to raise this in Parliament. I am very curious indeed why you said otherwise rocky...

  27. Quinn the Eskimo,

    You're a coward. You run down RPK in this blog, but got no guts to confront the man himself at Malaysia Today.

    RPK doesn't set out making SDs just for the sole purpose of telling lies. He's not a Barisan Nasional supporter, y'see. He lives by a different set of honourable standards that is alien to you and BN.

    Did you not say and I quote, "People should trust their common sense once in a while"? I trust mine completely and it tells me that Badawi truly has dirt lined up in Najib's name. Why has Najib openly defied Dr. Mahathir in not ousting Badawi? How come Najib has no balls to challenge Badawi? His balls are in the hands of Badawi, of course! The minute Najib chooses to challenge Badawi, the latter will release dirt on both Najib and Rosmah.

    I guess that's what happened to Yong Teck Lee for not toeing the line.

  28. Anonymous12:21 am

    just to share some stories. RPK reliable informant was not reliable after all as like more than 2,000 people saw rosmah at a function in Pekan at the so called date.

    Another thing, when RPK said that Rosmah cursed the Sultan of Selangor, has anyone asked Sultan Selangor what happened. At least i know i did some kepoch'ing' before i believe blindly. The other side of the story was Sultan Selangor is a buddy-buddy wt Rosmah and Rosmah talked politely using istana language all the time with the sultan. In fact the sultan did mentioned somethg about RPK which i dont think we need to discuss it here, don't we. Don't believe me? Go ask the Sultan or at least the sultan's aides.

    So, reliable informant?

    People should start asking 'who' first before blindly supporting any accusations just because they don't like someone.


  29. Anonymous12:30 am

    Come on guys.....I dont think RPK dare enough to deliberately made the SD without somebody push to it.

    And the somebody I meant must be from The Pak Lah Flip Flop idiot man.

    Dunia sekarang dah huru hara - semua orang penipu dengan bertopengkan nama KEADILAN. And RPK is one of it.

    Nik Aziz - please save Malaysia. We need people like you in the current turmoil.

    -Abd Dhabi-

  30. Anonymous12:36 am

    I think the main purpose of this blog topic is really to ridicule and whack the DAP. Just like songkok topic a few days ago. To foster anti-DAP sentiments.

    I believe there is no harm to discuss RPK's SD as it involves the top hierarchy of government so there is public interest on a specific matter.

    What if RPK's SD is true? Then there would be a miscarraige of justice and a big cover-up. The top two would have to go as their continued presence to lead the government would be untenable.

    But if RPK's SD is false, then the top leadership will have the chance to say so. So far, they have all practised "elegant silence" which is unacceptable. The man in the street need to be comforted by those affected that they are clean and honorable.

    Somebody said over teh tarik this afternoon that Rosemary has had a nervous breakdown because the truth is finally out. I don't know about it. Cannot confirm. But see? Rumours have started everywhere.

    Just say whether there is this "Military Intelligence" report or not or whether Acting Colonel Buyong exists etc.

    The on going trial leaves much to be desired as even the common man can see alot of potholes in the case. Let us not convict the wrong guys.

    So let them discuss the issue in Parliament.

  31. Anonymous12:37 am

    I think the main purpose of this blog topic is really to ridicule and whack the DAP. Just like songkok topic a few days ago. To foster anti-DAP sentiments.

    I believe there is no harm to discuss RPK's SD as it involves the top hierarchy of government so there is public interest on a specific matter.

    What if RPK's SD is true? Then there would be a miscarraige of justice and a big cover-up. The top two would have to go as their continued presence to lead the government would be untenable.

    But if RPK's SD is false, then the top leadership will have the chance to say so. So far, they have all practised "elegant silence" which is unacceptable. The man in the street need to be comforted by those affected that they are clean and honorable.

    Somebody said over teh tarik this afternoon that Rosemary has had a nervous breakdown because the truth is finally out. I don't know about it. Cannot confirm. But see? Rumours have started everywhere.

    Just say whether there is this "Military Intelligence" report or not or whether Acting Colonel Buyong exists etc.

    The on going trial leaves much to be desired as even the common man can see alot of potholes in the case. Let us not convict the wrong guys.

    So let them discuss the issue in Parliament.

  32. When DSAI had the Lingam tapes, he came out in the open.Nothing was held back.
    And the results today? Cameraman and many others get voted in to become MPs and assemblymen.Opposition parties got a time of their life, judges get ex gratia payments etc etc.
    So whats holding back RPK? Why just cite 'reliably informed'.Why not come out with the reliable source and dinner pictures(but not the Tian Chua's version ok.)
    If not all these will be just another of RPK's 'serkap jarang'.
    Jangan salah serkap nanti kena tangkap....

  33. The timing is a bit suspicious.

    Why is he revealing it now? why not last year?

    Does this mean that he too, is withholding information, meaning obstructing justice?

    This is a very crucial information, if it's true.

    And why wouldn't this reliable informer comes forward?

    Why would this informer need RPK to make that declaration.

    So why can't we rely on this so called "reliable" informer.

    So can somebody, at least get Pak Lah or KJ to comment.

    This will be interesting, indeed.

  34. Pasquale is a good reporter....but one can talk alot...yet will never walk the talks!
    How many have we so actions?
    And if actions is for a selfish purpose or for one race? me...are it from here or abroad blog owners.
    It is like having a friend..agreeing with you....and the needed to walk the talks...are all afraid....showing the persons..who they really are.
    It is similar to find true friends....very very rare.
    So take what Pasquale wrote as a good piece of professional report...perhaps paid to do so...and not as a caring and loving Malaysian.

  35. Anonymous1:37 am

    such information is regarded as 'hear say' and is not admissible in the courts of law. basically, without solid proof, RPK's allegations would not stand.

  36. Rocky bro,
    This is not just any case..., it's a murder case...

    This is not just any person(s)..., it involved DPM's wife, hence implicates the PM and DPM too...

    You can't find anything else bigger than this... at least not in my lifetime so far.

    RPK surely know the consequences of his "false" SD...

  37. Anonymous2:25 am

    Latest. K Baradan has quit Malay Mail.


  38. Anonymous4:27 am


    I take a different stand on this.

    I believe Parliament should discuss this.

    One: It involves the family of the Deputy Prime Minister.

    Two: There is an international issue at stake involving a foreign citizen

    Three: The credibility of the nation is at stake given the many innuendos and gossips regarding cover up

    Four: The role and objectivity of the police is questionable based on previous experiences of issues of this nature

    Five: Given there is a tendency for the Executive to whitewash issues involving Govt leaders, an upfront call to discuss this issue is correct.

    The individuals mentioned in the declaration are not in the court. Thus there is no subjudice.

    No I do not agree with the stand that this should not be discussed in parliament.

    Parliament is the voice of the People and not individuals.

  39. Anonymous5:00 am

    JUST SIMPLE LOGIC......RPK brave enough to release the SD now because someone that dreaming to be "the PM in waiting" gurantee him that eventhough RPK found guilty later(lying SD)this dreaming future PM could easily release RPK from jail as easy as this PM in waiting said he could decrease the oil price the next day after he become PM. Desperate people like RPK will do everything for survival.......this big liar is nobody....a useless politician....and let tell him that in islam (if he beleive in islam lah) Fitnah itu lebih merbayaha dari RPK you are very good in writing but when come to open debate you are nothing...primary student easyly can defeat you....and be good lah because the rakyat is suffering now dont create more problem....rakyat not like you RPK...everymonth you get "duit subsidi from rakyat" that is the elaun kerabat,so please lah RPK...the rakyat are the one paying your elaun kerabat so dont make them suffer, k. From Othman Ali, Sabah.

  40. I just heard from a reliable source, the truth of the matter is, RPK himself was at the scene of the crime. Truth of the matter is, Anwar forced LKS to table motion because he video taped KS in hotel with a woman. Truth of the matter is Yong is now Anwar's puppy because he has evidence of Yong accepting illegal funds. I also heard from a reliable source that Anwar was seen sodomizing a young male last night somewhere in Bangsar. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  41. Anonymous6:42 am

    These people will stop at nothing, RPK thanks your lucky star, you're half a royalty. You'll be safe in Scotland!


  42. Anonymous7:28 am

    Dear Rocky,

    You are being naive.

    Let me summarise.

    1. These are allegations involving the second-highest ranking government official in the country and possible future prime minister. It therefore is a serious matter. In any other country, if a politician at this level is anything close to being tainted by something like this, he would have been shot down by now. The dignity of the country and the integrity of the Executive is at stake.

    2. Trust the police and AG's department? Why are they going after only the messenger as usual, and are not also investigating or questioning the alleged party? When the police and AG's office are not functioning properly, we must bring this issue up somewhere? Where else if not Parliament if when push comes to shove?

    3. If RPK has dared to put his life on the line like this, why isn't there serious, holistic investigations involving all those alleged? This must be investigated immediately, and thoroughly. Why is this not happening? Hence the emergency motion.

    4. Do you have an axe to grind with DAP? As far as I know, these fellas in DAP, especially Saudara Lim, has been a very principled politician and is admired for that, not only amongst the non-Malays, but also amongst a fair bit of Malays. If we read his positions on many issues carefully, it is impossible to show that there is even a taint of racism, bigotry etc. in it, as most people blindly claim. It just isn't there. How come? This man is honest, committed and stands for the welfare of all Malaysians. He is not like "Oh, kita kena pertahankan ketuanan Cina/Melayu/India". He would help a Malay as well as he would anyone else.

    5. The system has been gamed, Rocky. It is difficult to bring justice in our country sometimes, especially if the Executive has been implicated in something. One of the only recourse available is through Parliament.

    6. Ok, so this emergency motion has been raised. So why not now dedicate a proper investigation to it?

    7. Rocky, do you feel proud that a politician of the highest level has some whiff of taintedness with a crime to lead your country? Do you want someone who is as clean as possible, or someone tainted to be the top man of your country? Even if that politician is not directly implicated, the fact that his close aide has been involved in this heinous case and that access to government weaponry (C4) has been used should mean the politician should have the grace of backing out! This happens in Japan. And who says Japan is worse for it? So, why in Malaysia tainted politicians have a chance to be the prime minister? Can you hear me, Rocky? Do you understand?

  43. Anonymous8:33 am

    How much to do one statutory declaration? Just 4 ringgit, ma, can't even buy a 20s packet of fags. Bugger. I can get you several desperados who are willing to do SD and solemnly swear that someone reliable told them that actually LKS is a queer, so their SD also can become Emergency Motion for debate in Parliament kah?

    Some of your commenters, really no brains.

    You get Emergency Motion to debate this SD in the Dewan, where the HELL you think that will get us?

    (The Black Coffee Drinker)

  44. Anonymous8:41 am

    Dear YB Kit Siang,

    We thought you would push for the No-Confidence Motion Against the Prime Minister?

    Instead, you are just passing motion.

    YB, this Statutory Declaration is a Distraction from the real issue.
    The real issue is the No Confidence Vote.

    Don't try to save Pak BLah and Son In Law by this Distraction about Altaantuuya

  45. Rocky,
    FIY: (How come you allowed 'anonymous' (10.30pm) to post without a nick? You have set a rule for your blog and should stand by it.)
    I have another question. Why should the AG lodge a report against RPK on this SD? Is it any of his business? Even his statement on the SD is confrontational, biased and discriminatory. He has already pronounced RPK guilty.

    The problem is, the AG, the IGP, the PM and his deputy all have their personal stake in this case. This is a powerful camp. A camp which has the means to cover up and destroy any truth that will incriminate them.
    They can transform a horse into a donkey.
    They will use a hammer to kill a fly!

  46. Anonymous9:13 am

    rpk didn't lie. he's merely reporting what he was "reliably" informed. if the info is wrong then the informant was the one who lied. the whole affair is playing to the court of public opinion. dpm would already be guilty in this court regardless of the outcome the police investigation. people love scandals. does hired assassin let his wife tag along while doing his job nowadays? and the one hire him also want to watch too? i would imagine she who be as far away as possible.


  47. Go Meiyen, Meiyen, Meiyen lol i cant wait for the "grand slam" from you ke ke ke

    Well, lets hear it ke ke ke Meiyen, Meiyen, Meiyen, Meiyen....

    see, v are routing for you lol, go get em girl

    Aiyah, is that all, come on you can do better, let imagination run wild, Hidup Meiyen lol

  48. Anonymous9:56 am

    of course, i hope that rpk did the necessary homework and checked to see if the 3 people mentioned had alibis for the period in question.

    like, for example, if a certain someone was out of KL for that period, supported by witnesses.

  49. Anonymous10:14 am

    When you live in an environment of corrupted judiciary, corrupted police, corrupted Executive, in short, a massively corrupted system, you cannot help but feel that unless you push the issue to the limit, you will not see justice done.

    In an ideal Utopia, yes, Najib is innocent until proven guilty. But when you have missing Immigration records that goes unexplained, last minute changes of prosecution teams, changes of judges etc., one has to take the whole thing with a big pinch of salt.

    Yes, it is not fair to convict a person in a court of public opinion. But given the environment we have, the people whose names have been mentioned could have helped themselves with more than a mere denial. They could have initiated defamation charges against RPK for example. But they remain silent. Why?


  50. RPK knows the consequences of his action I'm sure. Fitna is one of the worse sins in Islam and I'm sure he's well-versed in that too. If RPK wasn't sure, would he go all the way to make the SD?

    The police knew about what RPK was talking about and all roads led back to one door. But since it's the door to one VIP, they were not sure what to do. They had to wait for about a week as the PM was away overseas. When the old man came back, a few scenarios were put forward to him and what was chosen have been acted upon at the court proceedings in Shah Alam.

    Since when a murder suspect can be bailed out? Since when murder suspects are mummified that you are not able to see their faces? Since when our able prosecution missed a few important things? Since when our able police force forgets this and forgets that?

    Next, the 2 mummified fellas will be sentenced to death but 2 narcotic death row inmates will unfortunately stand in as Sirul and Azilah. Razak Baginda will be sentenced to a jail term which he has already served since detention, and he'll be out a free man.

    Tuya is still crying in heaven.

    Case closed.

  51. betul atau tidak SD tersebut perkara kedua. yang penting matlamat pertamanya ialah untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan atau sekurang-kurangnya menghalang seseorang daripada menjadi PM. yang lain-lain kira bonus.

    yang penting sekarang semua orang sudah kecoh dan sibuk pasal kes ini. perkara lain dah tak penting sekarang.

    sendiri mau ingat la beb.

  52. Anonymous10:46 am


    Hidup Melayu/Tanah Melayu Tanah Airku

  53. sinnersaint!

    I just did! Go see for yourself!

  54. Anonymous1:52 pm


    Emergency motion on Altantuya rejected

  55. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Just a comment while waiting for the toilet to become unoccupied.

    Just because Razak Baginda and the two other suspects worked for Najib, that does not made Najib guilty of murder unless they are strong link. It is ridiculous to expect the government to investigate a stat dec made from someone who has been making various allegations on the internet, though currently I have no information on whether all, 90%, 80% --- or only 10% of the allegations has been proved true

    My theories are as follows:

    (A) Conspiracy theory: Lots of money involved, to get rid of Najib, as someone else appears desperate to become the prime minister. The following may explain the happening:

    (1) C4 - acquired from outside Malaysia (would not be hard for people with money to get illegally sold C4. It might also conspiracy in between someone with secret agency of certain country i.e. Israel). C4 was intentionally chosen to made it easy to implicate Najib and the defense ministry.

    Look lah, If I happen to be the defense minister, and I want to kill someone to shut his/her mouth, I would not be stupid enough to use C4, a weapon that could only be purchase by my Ministry - commonlah, ingat malaysian bodoh sangat ke?.

    (2) Burma making statement that Altantuya had shown picture of her eating with some VIP from Malaysia.

    My take: either she is talking about Razak Baginda or she has been paid/tutored to make the claim. I am inclined to believe that she had been bribed or coaxed to say the word.

    Commonlah - If Altantuya was Najib's mistress, I don'think that Najib would be so stupid to be taking picture with her.

    3)After the murder, it is amazing that the police could conveniently locate the victim's remain.

    My take - Altantuya was murdered with the C4 by the person paid by the conspirator, then the police were informed of the location. And then - hey presto ---> Najib become linked with the murder and someone could use the motive to prevent him from becoming the PM.

    (B) Second theory: RPK is insane - Schizophrenic with delusion of grandiousity and shared paranoid delusion. Being insane, he has the propensity of being easily influence by other people, and in this case the opposition who are keen to made Najib guilty.

    Not all schizophrenic people would manifest the symptoms of "orang gila". Some could be quite subtle, like some of the well known serial killers.

    (C) RPK is sane and telling nothing, but the truth - in this situation, the argument proposed by other people in the internet explain everything

    (D) Fourth theory - Altantuya was never murdered.

    We don't really know whether DNA analysis was performed on all the supposedly Altantuya's tissue remains, or was the DNa conclusion based on analyses of one or two tissue remains, which could be easily tainted with blood donated by Altantuya herself.

    Why - special government mission? blackmail? part of the conspirator plan (if they really exist)?

    Maybe the person behaving like Burma, the one wearing that giant monstrous dark glass was Altantuya herself, that is why the custom could not locate the record of Burma's arrival, which she later claimed was erased by the custom

    The stat dec and the Altantuya issue has already seriously affect the government's credibility; hence, for this reason, the government should be responsible enough to investigate the matter

  56. Anonymous2:57 pm

    "Lim said the credibility and legitimacy of the Government would suffer a mortal blow if the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and those named in the allegations remained silent on the matter." -- why? these so-called leaders are suppose to be the ppl who lead us to strive for ideals..and the ideal here is that the law presumes us to be innocent until proven guilty, and in this case beyond a reasonable doubt. why would the LEGITIMACY of a government suffers a MORTAL blow? just a simple case of exaggeration? or adding fuel to fire? and all these grounded in a statement made in reliance of "reliable sources?" what gives? from an elderly, senior politician, this is really shallow.

  57. Anonymous3:31 pm

    I dont trust this RPK guy . He dont look honest . From his face I can know .


  58. Anonymous5:02 pm

    it'd be interesting to know who RPK's "reliable source/informer " is.

    can't be that asshole ezam mohd nor or could it?

    interesting to read in susan loone's blog a while back that this ezam (the asshole) bragged a thing or two to hishamuddin rais when they were in detention togather...

    from susan loone's blog;

    "According to Ezam (as told to Isham), there are three boxes full photos and a video tape of Altantuya Shariibuu shopping with Dotty (aka Rosmah Mansor, wife of Najib Tun Razak..."

    i think the police should haul this ezam(the asshole) and milk some info from him (the asshole)...

    ah pong

  59. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Where do you come from ? you can write really well, only problem is you write cock and bullshit. Your theories are as f..kup as the DPM and Dotty. I can visualise you licking arse and kissing Dotty's cat, go cough up some hairballs instead of the shit you want people to believe. You are a pure arse kissing dope!!!

  60. who erased the mongolian's name from the malaysian immigration record? seems there was a plan to make as if she never entered malaysia.

  61. Anonymous12:31 am

    A trained killer wouldn't resort to blowing up his/her victims with C4 for evidence removal.
    Disposal of the dead is easily done with
    "Containment Detonation"- the victims body is usually destroyed through explosives and discarded in the ocean/ cemented in barrel/ pure burning thus reducing it to ashes.
    Anyone within Mr Najibs circle of trained killers aka commandos, would have done this to the perfection.
    Only bloody idiots with agenda to remove Mr Najib from office would execute such act in Shah Alam.
    In my eyes, a poor job done to blackmail your Deputy Prime Minister.

    Harry T, retired Naval Officer

  62. mr smith, thanks for pointing out the 1030PM anonymous. moderating comments on the move and via the blackberry, it's easy for one or two anons to slip through. that's where an extra pair of alert eyes are welcomed. cheers.

  63. sorry to say but malaysian politics are a waste fo time nowadays..musc ado about nothing..gempak je lebih..last last takde a pa jugak...this explosive expose by Raja Petra will go nowhere..believe me..

    Read my blog at http:\\
    for details

  64. Anonymous2:36 am

    From TheMalaysianInsider,

    Asked specifically if he ever received any report about Najib & Rosmah, Abdullah replied, "No... I do not remember receiving anything and am confident that I did not receive anything. Nothing was sent to me."

    Funny how he started his answer with "I DO NOT REMEMBER..." instead of just "No!". But hey, does that mean he's teasing everyone with a little window of possibilities?

    Obi Wan Kentucky

  65. Anonymous9:10 am

    so who is lying

    - the pm?

    - rpk?

    - najib?

    as per the spore straits times report ("abdullah goes to defence of najib and wife") today, the pm said:

    "i don't believe that najib and rosmah are involved in this case."

    he also said:

    "it is stated (in raja petra's statutory declaration) that i received a report from the military intelligence, that is not correct. of course i am concerned (over the allegations). what raja petra did is unacceptable...because what he stated is incorrect."

    it is noted that khairy jamaluddin has not made any statement yet about rpk's claim that a copy of the military intelligence report had been given to the pm and to him.

    najib's statement in parliamnent last month:

    "as a responsible citizen, and to uphold justice and truth, i am stating again that i do not know, nor have even met, the woman referred to in this case as i have explained several times."

    imho, the only one who can shed light on this whole murky episode is abdul razak baginda, should he decide to spill the beans.

    as a side note, i believe that it was reported several months ago that the deputy pm and the late altantuya shaariibuu both attended a private party held in a prominent five-star hotel in singapore.

    there were no follow-ups to this report, afaik.

    singapore's security agencies, who keep tabs on malaysian royalty and ministers visiting singapore, would be aware of such a party, if indeed it did take place.

  66. Anonymous9:50 am

    Malik Imtiaz Sarwar's commentary on the issue, in the Malay Mail, for your reading pleasure and better understanding: