Friday, November 29, 2013

Pedra Branca revisited (SD lagi?!)

An 1882 painting of Pedra Branca
before Horsburgh Lighthouse was built upon it. 

You trust Mat Zain? Malaysia lost Pulau Batu Putih aka Pedra Branca on 23 May 2008 after the International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled that the White Rock was under Singapore's sovereignty. Sixteen international judges deliberated over the dispute. The verdict was 12-4.  

Now, five and a half years later, this former CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim suddenly comes up with a Statutory Declaration to accuse wrong-doing by the AG Gani Patail in the handling of the sovereignty claim. The former cop alleged, among other things, that money changed hands.

Why did Mat Zain take this long to come up with his SD? How did he sleep all these years, if what he has stated in the SD was true? Did Mat Zain - a former top cop - fear for his life, was that why he had not come forwards earlier? 

But what was there to fear? In Nov 2007, when reps from both countries presented their cases to the ICJ, ordinary Malaysians were speaking out loudly against the weak leadership of PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Even the kucing kurap bloggers were fearless in their criticisms of the Government's overtures towards Singapore, which we thought was overly friendly. When we officially lost Pulau Batu Putih, we saw it as yet another failure of the "Sleepyhead" admin and his pro-Singapore policies. Another reason to bring Abdullah down after the disastrous March 2008 general election.

The other thing bothering me about Mat Zain is his weapon of choice: the Statutory Declaration. This is not the first time an SD has been used to create havoc in the minds of Malaysians. I remember very well two SDs, both done in 2008 after the March general election and in the run-up to Anwar Ibrahim's Sept 16 "project":

1. Raja Petra Kamaruddin's 2008 SD accusing Rosmah Mansor, the wife of Najib Razak, for being at the scene of the murder of Altantuya, the estranged Mongolian girlfriend of Razak Baginda.
"I have been reliably informed that between about 10pm on October 19, 2006 and early hours of the following day, the night Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered, three other people were also present at the scene of crime..." 

Remember the gullibles among you swallowing every word in the SD? And when three years later RPK admitted that his so-called reliable informer turned out to be most unreliable, some people still clung on to his SD. (Cops must still probe RPK's SD, says PKR veep).

2. PI Bala's two SDs in July 2008. I think most of you remember them, even though PI Bala is no more. A lot of gullible Malaysians back in 2008 but I never trusted the guy. Excerpts from my posting h e r e:
You trust him? I don't. This was the guy whose own assistant was spending nights with Altantuya and her friends at their hotel instead of keeping them under surveillance. He didn't know if Altantuya "was susceptible to anal intercourse" but still included it in his first SD ...
PI Bala and Anwar Ibrahim
So do I trust Mat Zain? I cannot. He waited too long to come forward and I never trust people like that. The authorities must investigate, for sure. Mat Zain has an agenda. What is his agenda? That is what the authorities should probe. Was he, like ex-CCID chief Ramli Yusuf (who is suing the Government, the AG, the ex-IGP and several others), also promised some things by some quarters earlier?


  1. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Or, maybe, the Malaysian legal team that argued the case in the ICJ simply wasn't good enough.

    What was the adage about sending boys to do men's work?

    Anyway, the current angst about Pedra Branca seems to be a bit over the top.

    And Malaysians, VIPs and VVIPs included, are still trekking to Singapore for a spot of shopping and R & R.

    Even if 1 Singapore Dollar fetches 2.57 Ringgit.

    So, it may be that all the hullabaloo (which the Oppo was quick to seize upon) about spying and Pedra Branca may just turn out to be a storm in a tea cup.

  2. Anonymous3:18 pm’s not about political agenda from where a kampong man like me looking at it. It’s making the justice prevail..AG must respond, Gov must respond…press statement, sue in court or what ever. Yes,..there may be some hidden agenda, but one cannot play around with the law (SD) and the dignity, integrity or what ever titi that is left of our country and get away just like that…Who to be blamed if all the titis are gone…you tell me…ops, there any to begin with…

  3. You don't trust P.I. Bala, private invesigator for Baginda? You don't trust ex-CID Officer ? Do you trust Americk Singh ? Do you trust Cecil Abraham? Do you trust Deepak ? Do you trust Najib? Do you trust RPK ?
    Remember that the 16 Judges of the International Court of Justice awarded Pedra Branca ( also known as Pulau Batu Puteh ) to Singapore. Note that lawyers from both sides fought on at the World Court; and they could not be fooled, if ever anybody tried to pool wool over their eyes.Did Malaysia send the best brains to fight the case? Note also that the HRH the Sultan of Johore was damn angry when Malaysia lost the case. Whether it was a Police Report or a SD, the stark question is this: why is PM Najib reluctant to have a full-blown enquiry to unearth the whole truth?Who are the real traitors, if ever there are? Is the Speaker consider this loss of territory a very important, urgent and of public interest; and allow a full debate? Why is he shy to allow it? Or , was he directed to stop it be raised ? Reasons? Patriotic Malaysians demand answers.

    1. Anonymous1:36 pm

      Do you trust Guan Eng 's son did not grope another girl his age in school? Did you trust Betty Chew did not whack Guan Eng' s forehead for having an affair with Rainbow? Or how about this, did you trust Guan Eng doesn't have any private dealings regarding Bayan Mutiara land and the proposed under-served tunnel? Do you trust Guan Eng did not give free hand to council people to collect money from small traders for not taking action against them? Do you trust Tan Kok Ping doesn't have any private arrangement with Guan Eng to the point that the former still not charged in court for illegal hill-cutting? You can see the damage if you come down from the Penang bridge heading to the island.

      Of course, you can chose whom you want to trust. Guan Eng is your tokong. Surely you'd trust a tokong than mere mortals. To hell with good governance.

      Patriotic but realistic Malaysians demand answer.

  4. Pedra Branca is lost forever to Singapore. Is losing a territory of utmost importance which merits a full-blown enquiry? Is SD not sufficient to initiate an enquiry? Why is a Police Report required ? You lose a piece of your "flesh " and you take it lightly! Who are the traitors ?After the loss of the Island, one Minister announced to the world : " It is just a piece of rock!" If it is so, why go teh ICJ to fight over a piece of rock? Why not meekly hand over the "rock " to Singapore, instead of wasting taxpayers' money to fight the case? Use logic! Or is it "sour grapes? " To all patriotic Malaysians, Pedra Branca ( also known as Pulau Batu Puteh ) is not just a piece of cake! " Elegant Silence " is not an option.

    S.H. Huang

  5. Ever since that SD by RPK and Bala, I have lost faith in SDs. Never trust it anymore.

    "He didn't know if Altantuya 'was susceptible to anal intercourse' but still included it in his first SD ..."

    This is interesting.

    To me SD just mean 'Suka Dalih'.
    It's just a favourite tool for the Rear Admiral aka kaki-jub*r. He is responsible to have brought disrepute to SD.

  6. Fully agreed with H.S. Huang

  7. Anonymous7:19 pm

    A History True, A History Loathed [Part Une]

    Dear Rocky,

    I have come across your pages and elsewhere people trying to do a red-bean by distorting history and trying to square things off by introducing a Lowest Common Denominator so as to include what weren't there in the first place and what history never related. The Pedra Branca could be a miniscule ripple that resulted from this grand scheme, but more is at stake if one denies history. Perhaps this is best demonstrated in your last two postings how a certain Charles Kiwi tried to renormalize the "Pendatang" issue. I would be more than just grateful if you can let me share with readers my take on this issue. So here goes. And for the Warrior Continuum out there, brace yourselves.

    Charles Kiwi,

    You said, "I am tired to repeat how Malaya came to being".

    Oh? You have another set of history, now, Mr Charles of "New Zealand"? A history far removed from the textbooks, far removed from historians, just because you want to Renormalize the Lowest Common Denominator and adduce that the malays are the Pendatangs True just like you are? Tired of repeating how Malaya came to being? Repeat it one more time so that I may now read for the first time please?

    Do you, just like Kua Kia Soong, have another set of conspiracy-laden history of Malaya, based on some "Declassified Sources (nudge, nudge)" that now negates the significance of the pribumis here? A concocted, sino-friedly history whereby the hundreds of years of Malay rule, Malay kingdom and Malay occupancies of this vast Archipelago are now to be swept under the carpet of anonimity on the pretext of some fuzzy "lu olang jugak pendatang maa..?"

    Ok before I give you a lecture on real history, let me give you a lecture on terminologies first. When you said, we have the audacity "to call (the orang Asli) pseudo Malays " do you actually know what you are talking about, or are you getting lost here in the ... not translation...but comprehension? Who says the orang Asli are pseudo Malays? Who referred to them as pseudo anything? Nobody did. The only case that I can remember anybody using the word was that confused senghalese fellow Harris Rahim or something when he referred to UMNO as a bunch of pseudo Malays and darn if I know whether he understands what he's talking about either.

    Anthropologically, the orang Asli have been termed PROTO MALAYS, meaning the original malays. (Mayhaps you got confused between proto and pseudo, no? Yes!). This exists in all culture and nations. There are proto japanese ethnicities made up of the Ainus, Ryukyuan, Yamato etc, much like our Negrito, Senoi, Jakun making up the Proto malays. Even the chinese have their protos: Over time, through inter-cultural breeding the race have evolved to become what they are now. So you cannot say to the Japanese, "get out of Japan. You don't belong here. This land belongs to the Ainus". I bet your version of the story of "how Malaya came to being" which you so tiredly and oftly repeat, do not include these, does it Chaz?

    This interbreeding leads to the kind of malays we now have. The "protos" disappear, though the original ones still exist. In 14th century Negri Sembilan, two kinds of people harmoniously existed: the orang aslis [Sakai, Semang, Jakun], and the recently-arrived Minangkabaus from Sumatera. Interbreeding occurred, and the community flourished. They chose a leader from amongst them with the condition that he must come only from the Biduanda --- the lineage of the union. No one must be king that comes purely from the orang asli, or purely from the Minangkabaus, an arrangement that still exists up till this day in Negri Sembilan.

    I am talking 14th century here, all this talk about Kingships and Dominions. When did your grandfather arrive to this country, Chippy, that you now want to be treated as if you have also been here for hundreds of years and thereby not fit to be called pendatang?

    Warrior 1993 of 4096
    To be continued ...

  8. Anonymous7:21 pm

    A History True, A History Loathed [Part Deux]

    Oh then you bitch about the DPM or whoever saying that they originally came from Indonesia. And you then asked an extremely stupid question: " Why [sic] does that make him to be, a Malay or an Indonesian" ?

    Now... are you dumb by Pretension or you dumb by Reality? Indonesians are still malay maaa... The malays in Malaysia and Indonesia still belong to one ethnic group maaa. Perhaps you mean GEOPOLITICAL differences? The Taiwanese do not cease to be Chinese, do they, just because they do not conform to China being their political master? So in this scheme of things, what does your new history book narrating "how malaya came into being" fit, Charlie boy?

    Perhaps you may want to be reminded by Sir Stamford Raffles when he said
    "I cannot but consider the Malayu nation as ONE people, speaking ONE language, though spread over so wide a space, preserving their character and customs, in all the maritime states lying between Sulu Seas and the Southern Oceans"
    ["On the Malayu Nation", Asiatic Researches, 12 (1816) : page 103.]

    Perhaps your new Kua-Kia-Soong-like history book cringe at the very thought propelled by Sir Stamford to include the Philippines to be malays as well, Chuck?

    So yes my grandfather may come from Philippines or Riau or Jambi. But we can still call ourselves malays. In fact our ancestors came from THERE to establish the malay kingdom of Singapura. We had malay kingdoms from as early as the 2nd century AD. Well we might not have been MULIMS then, but still malay. To be fair, the early malays had many influences, just like any other peoples elsewhere. There were hindu traders, there we arabs, there were also chinese. But that didn't qualify them to be called "pribumis" because not only were they only passing through, they didn't set up any kingdoms or kingships at all. Even the Greek historian Ptolemy referenced the Malay peninsula in his writings, calling it the "Golden Chersonese".

    Now which part of this history is it that you want to erase, Chucky boy, that you now demand a level playing field in the annals of Malay history?

    Is it too difficult for you to accept, or are you still in a 100-year denial phase, that specifically mentions that your grandfathers' coming to this country was not under the invitation of the pribumis, but rather by the British to help mine ores. The British who, on the other hand, were THEMSELVES present here NOT under the willing invitation of the pribumis again. Now had it not been for the magnanimity (or stupidity, which I believe it to be) of our founding fathers who gave your grandpas citizenships, calling you ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS brought in by ILLEGAL SETTLERS shouldn't be too far fecthed by way of accurate and politically-correct descriptions.

    What am I insinuating? What am I championing? That you all go balik negeri China? Or, in the case of our infamous Jeswant of FMT, balik India? That you all be dumped into the South China Sea? Or that your bloods be bathed by Krisses?

  9. Anonymous7:24 pm

    A History True, A History Loathed [Part Trois]

    Nope. Never. We adhere to the visions and aspirations of our founding fathers, the same founding fathers who created this predicament in the first place. Namely that all races live harmoniously, prosperously and peacefully.

    But then Charlie Chaplin, does your kind have the same visions and aspirations too?

    Perhaps that is too nebulous a question to warrant a straightforward answer. Perhaps the following will be more direct without beating the bush: How would you, if you can imagine yourself as the pribumi of this country, react when,

    • less than a quarter of a century after being awarded citizenship, I now go and riot around, parade a giant broom accompanying my shouts of "Ini penyapu untuk sapu orang melayu" or "Lancau lu melayu in Negeli Sikalang Kita punya" atau "Malayu semua pigi masuk hutan" and peed on flagpoles just to show comtempt, thereby not hiding at all what my intents and motives are all these while?

    • do not school my children in unity schools, do not care whether they can speak the national language at all, and let them grow up and become film makers or insolent youths who say, "Cik Gu, suck my banana"?

    • displays racism of first degree when, after hearing that there is a chinese girl being Ketuk-Ketampied by the police, take the first opportunity to fly to China, reported the incident to that most valuable business partner nation of us to "teach Malaysia a lesson" and, upon hearing that said girl was not a chinese at all but rather a malay, go silent as if nothing had happened?

    • Slandering, at the first opportunity especially whenever I go overseas to meet the westerners, by narrating how the "malay" Malaysian government oppresses the chinese (by not letting them to be as rich as they want), practice genocide on the Indians, burning their temples, destroying their churches? Or in the case of which your writing is the proof, telling them how the Malaysian government "Fenced the orang Asli up like you do animals", or "genocided them", belying the fact of how much the government had given to them, educated them and even promoted their kinds to become part of the high echelons of government machinery.

    • and other innumerable occurrences and utterances not permitted to be narrated by both time and space here?

    Do you think, Charlie boy, that the continuous lies and fabrications that you and your kind try to spew, would last unrealized and unexposed?

    By nation weeps for the presence of ingrates like you.

    Warrior 1993 of 4096

    Next Installment:

    How they wanted to change History by asserting that Hang Tuah and his brother group of vigilant silat boys were actually Chinese because their names could be broken-up into tri-syllable chinese names: Hang Too Ah, Hang Jer Bat, Hang Ler Kir, Hang Lee Kiuew. They had to abandon the conspiracy theory when they couldn't find the correct sino-analogue for good old, quatro-syllabled Hang Kasturi!!

  10. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Yes, I don't trust you Rocky. Hahahaha! Mat Zain is wrong. Malaysia lost Pedra Branca due to AG's stupidity. Just sack him

  11. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Whatever it is, Malaysia must make an appeal! That's what a sovereign nation led by sovereign people should do! International relation is governed by anarchy, hence it's about survival!

    Hantu Gigi Jarang

  12. We lost a bigger chunk of land to singapore under najib. It belonged to KTM and nobody bothered. Not only that, we could have swap that land for a bridge to replace the causeway. Even that did not happend.
    You see, KTM split singapore into two, just like the causeway split johore straits. It is not about ships passing through the starits as that will never happen. But it is about freedom of our smaller boats and vessels to navigate from east to west freely that is the problem.
    By the way, despite what many malays say, javanese never consider themselves as malays. They have their own food, customs and language distinctly different from malay.

  13. Anonymous7:29 am

    Hehe Warrior. Way to go. I don't know about the others you mentioned. But genociding or enslaving the orang asli, clearly this Kiwi fella is telling people the opposite:

  14. charleskiwi9:13 am

    To Warrior and all those Malays and the illusionists,

    Don't try to confuse the real issue that you are NOT the sons of the soil but the Orang Asli.
    I don't want to read or be influenced by all your garbages, all I am trying and I am saying it again trying, to ask you are you saying that the Brits or the Europeans are the sons of the soil of Australaia and North America and not the Aborigines and the Red Indians !
    Also I have another question for you to answer, was there a Malaya at all in this world ? And who gave Malaya the name ?
    Like wise were there places called Australia and North America and who named these places ?
    I have often said the only solution your kind always have is violence ! you, just like Najib, would try to intimate anyone who does not agree with you ? Don,t forget I too have two hands and also can lay my hands on arms that will wipe you or anyone out of this world with just a click of my finger. Why is Najib not using the kris now and instead of rolling out the red carpets to welcome the president of China during his recent visit to Malaysia ? And sending his son to learn Chinese, why didn't Najib send his son to Indonesia or better still to Bugis to learn the history of his ancestors ?
    So you are all admitting now that you all are descendants of Indonesia ? The non 'Malays' have NEVER tried to falsely claimed to be sons of the soil, in fact we not only did not and will never do so and even have no qualms and proud to be called pendatang. Just see what the non Chinese can do with Singapore and above all in just less than 50 years ?
    A nation so advanced in this world that has become the envy of the world ? When Malaya has the benefit to gain independence years before Singapore ? I might even add to say it is a nation not only in deficit, not bankrupt yet, and most of all with almost everything in shambles ?
    It is so easy to kill them with especially when there are a few millions of them your kris plus best of all so near to Malaya and see will happen to yourself ?
    Or try to set sail to China or India where there are 1.3 billions Chinese and 1.2 trillion Indians for you to bath you kris with. Most of all try to do that to me first if you are unable to do that to them when I am just around the corner from you, you
    scaramouches and that is what you really are ! Please remember real independent and successful people do not need special privileges and hand outs to be able to run and compete in any field and be successful ! One good example is try not to subsidizse the Mitsubishi when doing so 150,000 'retarded professional' will suddenly become unemployed !

    1. Anonymous9:26 pm

      Why do you hide your real apek name under Charleskiwi? Why are you ashamed of your name Loh Pooh Kee? Or is it Kau Ken Ching? Charles konon! Hey apek! Lu pigilah balek Tongsan! Look at yourself in the mirror and see how slitty your eyes are! Chinks with chinkie eyes belong to cHINA and not TANAH MELAYU! Understand or not, CHINA cibai?

  15. Anonymous9:23 am

    Calling the Brits "illegal settlers"? Oh, my.

    That's descending into the realm of stupidity, not that the warrior continuum is any stranger to such a neighbourhood and the denizens therein.

    I wonder who the Orang Asli would regard as "illegal settlers"?

    Of course, no one has ever bothered to ask them this and other such existentialist questions.

    So, here's a suggestion for the warrior continuum. If you believe in the rule of law, go and sue the Brits in any court of law that you can find for "illegally" colonialising Malaya and "illegally" bringing in "illegal" immigrants.

    Heck, you might even be able to set up a "tribunal" (a la the Israel genocide one) to do this, seeing as how there is an abundance of "right minded" legal talent in the country.

    Or why not go for broke and launch simultaneous law suits in the British courts and the ICJ?

    Maybe you will get a better outcome in the ICJ than what was handed down in the Pedra Branca case!

    Oh, btw, if a Shuhaimi movie is nominated as Malaysia's entry to the foreign films category in the Academy Awards (aka The Oscars), do let us know, won't you?

  16. Anonymous10:09 am

    Dear snoozeworthy Warrior 001...of 001 (let's face it):

    "Or that your bloods be bathed by Krisses?"

    Errrr, dude...sometimes you need to plug your verbal diarrhoea in mid-stream (wash your hands afterwards, ya?) and actually think about the sense of the words you write.

    Re-read your "krisses" sentence. It makes no sense whatsoever.

    (Neither the rest of your rant, but that's for different reasons.)

    PS: "Krises", not "Krisses", if you're picky. You seem to be having various spelling crisses.

  17. Anonymous1:13 pm

    I thot that it's spelt "keris" and the plural of that is "kerises"?

    Oh, never mind - that's in the field of linguistics and semantics.

    And, given the standard of English Language education in the country, it's pretty much a lost cause.

    What is interesting is how the "warrior continuum" (and do I detect shades of Star Trekkery here?) cleaves to the views expressed by parties like Isma and Perkasa which espouse ultra-rightist views predicated on race and religion.

    Psychologists might say that these groups are over-compensating in an effort to make up for feelings of deprivation and inferiority.

    Whether they can be justified or not is another matter altogether.

  18. Anonymous3:01 pm

    Cool cat, Warrior. Thank you for putting in digestible sentences what we've thinking all along, but couldnt find the right words to say it.

    Who are you/you guys? Jadi member boleh ka?


  19. Anonymous4:03 pm

    The points penned by Warrior are quite valid. I have been asking them for some time and was eagerly looking forward for some rebuttal from this Kiwi guy and the like. Unfortunately when they did come about, I was left wanting and unsatisfied.

    No word about the allegation that the Malaysian government murdered the Indians genocidally.

    No facts that back up how and when and where the govt fenced the orang asli like animals and then massacred them.

    No defense on the broom incident. No explanation on the suck my banana insolence. No justification for the demeaning Teresa Kock ketampi incident. No this, no that.

    Instead, we find some EXTREMELY intellectual comments on whether there is an extra "s" in the plural of Kris or not. Oh there maybe some mention about who named Malaya as Malaya (perhaps they wanted to instill that it was Mao Tse Tung who did? Hmmm), and some hazy mumbling about Australia or British about their legality in this country, with some quick mention about Israel thrown in just to pad in the non-sequiturs as space fill-up.

    But as of now, Warrior's qualms are not only valid, but detractors can only come up with true rebuttals only on the Twelfth.

    Of Never.

    Rasah Kemenyan

  20. Anonymous9:08 pm

    @ Samad,

    Why are you using "guys" in the plural? There's only one lah.

    You can join for RM15 a year, but only if you like computer games and think girls are icky. And you can't spell. And your grammar sucks. And you use long-dead, irrelevant historical arguments to justify your schoolboy racism, because it makes you feel all grown-up.

    Warrior 1 of 1 will send you a membership badge and Star Trek poster soon, signed by 'Rasah Kemenyan'.

    Enjoy, bro.

    And welcome aboard!

  21. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Wah, lau, Anon 9:26 pm - is that the best you can come up with?

    Then you might as well tell Najib to tell Tongsan to go fly a kite and that the RMN is perfectly capable of protecting Malaysia's sovereign rights in the South China Sea.

    And, while he's doing that, to tell Tongsan that Malaysia doesn't recognise it's ADIZ.

    Pity that you talk so big, but when the real Tongsan people come calling, your testicular fortitude evaporates like profits in MAS!

  22. Anonymous8:32 am

    Waa anon 908. Itu Macam kaa? Itu Warrior satu olang saja ka? Bukan lamai kaa? Wa pun ingat Itu Macam lebih bagus woo.

    Itu satu olang pun sudah bikin Itu lancau punya Kiwi kincing-kincing mau jawab. Lu Cuba bayang kalau dia olang lamai-lamai? Punya banyak ini lakyat Malaisia kena kincing woo.

    Belakang Itu Anwat Belahim sudah kincing ini satu lakyat Malaisia. Itu 9 September dia mau jadi raja tatak ingat kaa? Ini lagi mau tambah kincing-kincing.

    Tengok sikalang apa sudah jadi. Wa pun takut mau tulis Itu olang putih. Nanti wa punya glamma salah lagi apa Macam? Wa malu woo!


  23. Anonymous1:42 pm


    Sikalang lu punyak glamma soolah manyak baguih kalau lu bandingkan sama lu punyak Olang Putik punyak glamma. Lu memang tabblih tulih Olang Putik rangsung. Fail maksimum.

    Tapi talak hal. Lu olang Malaysia, wa olang Malaysia, kinapa kita gunak itu Olang Putik punyak bahasa? Wa tahu wa punyak BM koyak siki, tapi lu paham wa, wa paham lu, so apa hal?

    So, "keep it up", macam Olang Putik kata.

    Tapi...soli laaaa, blader, walaupun kita "1 Malaysia" dan kita adalah samak keluargak, lu kena hantar itu lima bilas linggit sama Wallier 1/1 sicipat mungkin. Wa dapat 10% commission, nanti wa balik tongsan. Tapi cuti sajak, ha ha, nanti wa balik sini. Soli to kecewakan lu, blader. Wa olang Malaysia, maaaaa - lu jangan dengar itu Wallier 1/1 punyak cliched, tired and boring "I was here first" yawn-worthy Cybertrooper 101 recycled tahi. "So trite", macam Olang Putik kata. (Tapi wa tabblih plonouce itu "R", so wa kata: "so tlite.")

    Cipat sikit hantar lu punyak membership fee, nanti lu boleh dapat "Wallier 2/2" badge. Lu punyak classmate semua cembulu, wor!

  24. damansaraman10:58 pm

    Welcome back Rocky