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A sodomy revisited

Updated 9 March 2008: 
Father, Son and Anwar Ibrahim. For the record, Saiful Bahari has issued a statement [read h e r e] to basically say that he stood by his story that, basically, he had been sodomized by Anwar Ibrahim and that he believes his father Azlan Mohd Lazim is the victim of Anwar's political "kerakusan" (I can't find a suitable equivalent in English). Will it be an open battle of words between son and father after this? If so, it could be uglier and more bitter perhaps than the long-drawn siblings rivalry involving Anwar's right-hand man Azmin and sister Umi Hafilda ... 

Original posting:
I thought I'd seen it all ...

Saiful's biological dad Azlan Mohd Lazim

And then, out of nowhere, while we are busy defending our sovereignty from a terrorist attack in Sabah, a crisis that has threatened and is still threatening to implicate Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in a most damning way, the father of Saiful Bukhari, the former "coffee boy" who had accused the same Anwar Ibrahim of sodomizing him, told a press conference today that his son ...
"was used by several unscrupulous people, including a special officer to the prime minister, to fabricate lies against the opposition leader."
I don't know who Saiful's father is or how relevant or credible he is. Saiful's parents were divorced when he was very young; he grew up with mom and stepfather [read Did you know Saiful is related to ...? July 2, 2008, I had to add renewed link for The Story of a boy called Saifool h e r e as the old link is dead).

It's been over a year since the verdict of Sodomy 2 so we will all have to reboot our memory banks. Expect ore twists and surprises ...


  1. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Najib kantoi sekali lagi !!

    1. Anonymous9:34 am

      Azlan press statement doesnt change anything instead with Saiful denial, Anwar will be reduced from bad to worse, with Johari (LOL) around it will be mega comedy. C'mon lah Anwar kalau desperate pun jgn lah sampai ke tahap camni. To Johari, kalau nak bodek pun ( setelah kantoi isu video chinadoll), jgn lah buat kerja bodoh yg merosakkan imej boss hang yg dah jahanam tu...!

  2. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Since the sodomy 2 case is before the Court of Appeal, is it not subjudice for the father to make these comments?
    Or is this Anwar's tactics to delay the court process?

  3. Time for umno to bang balls n come up with sotomee 3.......maybe a threesome gang bang this time........n yes pls say thanks to jibby for inviting the sulu kankung and his minions to umno ga........yr mamak needs to spin more now ke ke ke......selamat menjilat zubur si mamak .....

  4. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Why now? How much was this guy paid to talk nonsense? The video is....also a conspiracy? Everything is conspiracy. Besides many knows how dirty the great homo is. He can fool his supporters all the time because they liked to be fooled.

  5. saraly696:58 pm

    Just in a nick of time, I presume? I BELIEVE it when the China doll's father says the same...

  6. But it is the same father who you are presently trying to discredit who stood by his son when he took that oath on the Quran. So maybe, he does lack credibility. Only Saiful is the good innocent and credible guy.

  7. Anonymous7:31 pm

    WOW! The U-turn this fellow made after he saw $$$$$.

  8. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Bila Ummi Hafilda (adik beradik) dan Che Tom (ibu) minta si Azmin Ali supaya bertaubat dan meninggalkan si peliwat Anwar Ibrahim, penyokong2 PKR bukan main hebat menuduh mereka dibayar / dibeli oleh BN.

    Tapi bila kes bapa Saiful ini timbul, lain pulak kelibat penyokong2 taksub PKR ini.

    Mudah sahaja, jawapannya ada dibawah:-

    Yang kena liwat adakah Saiful atau Bapa Saiful?

    Yang berani sumpah laknat adakah Saiful atau Anwar?

    Yang buat laporan polis adakah Saiful atau Bapa Saiful atau Anwar?

    Yang melarikan diri bersembunyi selepas laporan polis dibuat adakah Saiful, Bapa Saiful atau Anwar?

    Jawapannya ada di atas, tak kira apa pun pengakuan Saiful, Bapa Saiful atau Anwar.

    Lu fikir sendiri!


  9. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Bapa Saiful sudah minta ke Saiful tarik balik tuduhan liwat sebelum dia buat PC dengan puak2 PKR?

    Kalau belum, maka nampak sangat ketidakjujuran bapanya.

    Saya rasa, jika dia buat PC dengan jo bedul hanya selepas banyak kali cuba nasihat Saiful untuk tarik balik pengakuan, mungkin dia ada kredibiliti kerana sebagai bapa seharusnya beliau utamakan anaknya dahulu dalam keadaan ini.

    Nampak sangat tindakan bapa Saiful amat mencurigakan.


  10. Dear Rocky,
    The father was beside him when he made the oath on the Quran at Masjid Wilayah! Saiful thought he was credible enough then!
    Looks like the whole thing is falling
    down around Najib's own office!

    1. Anonymous8:38 pm

      Tahi judi mana credible nya. Mana boleh d buat saksi mmg tak boleh d percayai dah pon gadai anak sendiri. Sicko. Shudn' t appear in saiful life again. Menyusahkan arwah isteri dan anak. Pathetic looser.

  11. "Sabah crisis that has threatened and is still threatening to implicate Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in a most damning way."

    This is a figment of BUMNO/BN's imagination that has already been discounted by many independent political analysts on CNN/Al Jazeera etc. Neither Anwar nor the Opposition is remotely associated with the Lahad Datu and Samporna "incursion" fiascos, mishandled by the incompetent, inept and bungling Kerismudin, PM Najib and the missing and silent Defence Minister Hamidi. BUMNO/BN is clutching at straws.

    As for Saiful, refer to RPK's questioning in 2010 of Saiful's and Khairil's sexuality at

    Many are fools for believing in those (and that includes PM Najib) who swear on holy books. They bring their religion into utter disrepute!

    My take on it - refer to

    The AG had better withdraw Saiful's appeal, which was reluctantly forced upon him by saboteurs within BUMNO, or there will be more egg on BUMNO's face!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  12. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Sidang media tertutup di aparment tkt 27? Reporter PR je la yang datang. Bapak saiful mesti gagap kalau kena soal jawab dgn reporter MSM.. Takkan takde video soal jawab..

  13. Anonymous9:15 pm


    It was the Philippines intel that implicated Anwar or/and the Opposition. It was reported by the Philippines Inquirer, which is somehow NOT being sues for its report. I do not think BN or No has any shars in or influence on both the intel and the Inquirer.

    As for the two ministers, they have been in Lahad Datu to provide moral support and coordinate our efforts to deal with the terrorists. The PM was there at Ground zero with our soldiers and commandos.

    Where was your hero the PM wannabe? Where was Hadi and Kit Siang. And where were you?

  14. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Rocky the Brute will be running around like a mad chook trying to cover up the stink Created by Najib and his Gang Mafia.

    Beware more will be coming the longer He waits to announce the election date. Yes the best is yet to come!

    Anti Mafia

  15. Bang..duit tu bang..bukan kecil anak, sesuatu yg bang anwar harap..pulus apa ada heran..wahabi & wall street money berlambak pd bang anwar...can buy anything & anybody..

  16. jijan mali9:44 pm

    Kahkahkah...I can't believe how Nuar Berahi or his naive adviser can aspect that Malaysian people are gullible. I meant of cause they are and most of them is already their die-hard zombies party supporter - and may god have mercy on their soul - Ameen.

    Who is to gain with with this u-turn move? The next question is why the u-turn move NOW??? Hahaha....if Nuar Berahi think he can sway the opinion of the silent majority that he is not the 'Bapa Peliwat Negara', think again Bro....The silent majority cannot be fool...twice, that's it.

    Now with the Lahad Datu fiasco and accusation of Nuar Berahi and henchman is involve as one of the 3 'dalangs', it will be interesting to see which Embassy Nuar Berahi and his screwed-up family will be knocking asking for asylum or protections or other shitty reason.

    My bets is one of the Scandinavia countries where I heard they even 'do it' in the park...if you know what I meant....kahkahkah.

  17. money, money, i smell maneh..... haha, gathering info from the public my foot la.... turning turncoat on his own son.... Anwar is getting desperate. Character assassination early, so when go to court, lepas lagi. How to explain his semen in rectum bru? Anwar, always main belakang, takut main depan2. Takda salah, apa mau takut.

  18. Anonymous10:41 pm


    Macam SD si PI Bala aje. Hehe.

    Deja vu.

  19. "DPP, it was the Philippines intel that implicated Anwar or/and the Opposition." Anon 9.15.

    Please produce one scrap of "Phillipines intel" article that identifies Anwar by name for the Sabah debacle. The MSM there were careful and clever enough not to name names. That's what sells newspapers. And that's why Anwar is suing the stupid Buntutsan, TV3 et al here, and not the Filipinos!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  20. Saiful has stood his ground despite his father being bought over by Pakatan. The boy does take his "sumpah laknat" seriously. I think it's the father's turn now to take the same oath to refute his son's allegation. I wonder if he dare to do that.

  21. Anonymous12:02 am

    As how Kiram's family and supporters were made to believe they can pull off their stunt on Sabah,the same way Anwar/PR supporters believed in Sept 16 in taking over Putrajaya and now in Saiful's father.
    And the list goes on...

  22. Mazlan12:03 am

    Saiful ran to the father to get his support and get him to stand by him while his own mother and stepfather kept quiet.
    And there is photographic proof that he met Anas at Najib's office before he made the allegations against Anwar.
    Looks like Najib and gang are getting shafted now....
    Must be annoying for Bru and gang to have people like Anwar and RPK say "I told you so....."

  23. Anonymous12:13 am

    Now wonder our CPI (Corruption Perception Index) is bad. How come, after 4 years and that's coming from the father. Was he the one who was sodomized?
    Anyway, why was the sodomite's sperm found in Saiful's rectum?

    I heard, this old man, a security guard is having some sort of financial problem. Just see. Next he might be driving a brand new car or maybe a new wife. That's what they are known to do when they have money, new car or a new wife.


  24. Anonymous12:23 am

    yang kantoi bukan najib, tapi ghani patahit,,,

  25. Anonymous5:05 am

    How much Anwar paid him? The son has swear in God name, will the father do the same?Anwar hv to divert intentions frm accusation of his involvement in Sabah..Azlan PC only selected media were invited.

  26. Anonymous6:58 am


    Manila Times also mentioned your boss Anwar Ibrahim. Not just the Philippines Inquirer which, by the way, offered your boss a chance to dispute their report but your boss has not done so, instead your boss suing the Malaysian newspapers. And your boss also threatened to sue any Malaysian journalists "if you ulang" the allegation made by the Philippines intel.

    I pity your boss but i pity you more.

  27. Anonymous6:59 am

    The 10 million ringgit man.

  28. Anonymous7:21 am

    Hangat dari dalam pejabat ketua umum... Pas minta 150 juta utk kempen pilihanraya dari pkr. Anwar tak mau kasi... So tu yg keluar kenyataan tiada sokongan anwar pm pakatan rakyat

  29. it doesn't matter if the confession is believable or not, what matter is whether it has taken the focus out from Sabah.

    Thats seems to be the purpose of the confession.

  30. Anonymous9:17 am

    Of course la Saiful gotta deny deny deny... he already made a sworn statement in masjid, if the cat is out of the bag he will lose what little credibility he's got left. People don't like it when you lie in the name of God, though it happens frequently here in our country. :)

    Not that people actually believe him... kah kah kah

  31. Anonymous10:59 am

    To those that has makan buah tahi UMNO that saiful's father made the claims after being paid off why should Anwar pay him off now when he has already won the case!?

    If he wanted to buy the old man he would have done it before the case even went to court!! and NOT AFTER!!!


  32. Anonymous11:38 am

    menuduh memang senang dan sedap didengar.BUKTI?

  33. Anonymous11:50 am

    Even the script the father had read heavily tilted towards conspiracy and to Anwar himself rather than to save his son. If I were the father I would focus on my son above all else.
    Since the case is pending before the Court of Appeal, isn't it subjudice when Anwar camp came up with such revealation? Before this, when Khairy said it was Anwar whom wanted to settle the million ringgit lawsuits out of court and not him, Azmin leapt to Anwar's defence and accused Khairy comptempt of court. But when it comes to Saifuls case,it couldn't construed as such. How pathetic!
    It actually a massive attempt to divert the attention. Just go along with the gag dude. There will much more in store.

  34. Anonymous1:57 pm


    Let's see what would be the logic:

    1) If his statement is true:

    - he can't keep his silence on the conspiracy anymore, guilty to God, guilty to Anwar and many others..

    - he had been forced to lie last time, he was threatened and can't speak up truth otherwise they'd harm him. Now that no one is watching him anymore + the forces have mostly shifted their focus to Lahad Datu, he now feel free and secure to express himself

    2)If his statement is untrue:

    - $$$ by Anwar or Anwar supporters. May not involve money, just politics for

    Diverting attention on accusation of involvement of opposition individuals in the Lahad Datu issue

    Political strategy by PKR before election that they have been holding up till the last minute (expect more of these 'surprises' within the next few weeks)

    - He just done it for popularity or simply lost his sane

    the TRUTH is, no one knows the truth except Anwar and Saiful (unless Anwar and Saiful had another person in the act, if they really did the act).


  35. A Grave Situation (Part 1)

    Apparently, people of the non-muslim faith, as evidenced by the many commenters of said group here, do not understand the gravity of a "Sumpah Laknat" that was 'lafaz-ed' by Saiful.

    Let me explain. A "Sumpah Laknat" is no laughing matter. It is actually a calling or invocation to God, to CURSE(LAKNAT) the invoker until all eternity SHOULD whatever he is swearing about is untrue. In the case of Saiful, not only upon himself, but upon his generations to come, he said.

    Now this is different from, say, an ordinary "sumpah", which usually carry no weight. Even the Arabs do it almost everyday. "Wallahi, I swear this pizza contain rat intentines" they'd say, without feeling the guilt of remorse sometimes. Sometimes these "sumpah" are subjected to ridicules, in most err... disgusting and abject ways:

    Boyfriend: “Swear that you never slept with Kerol?”
    Girlfriend: "TUMPAH Demi Allah, I didn't"!

    And of course, that opens up a myriad of ways in which one can get out of that "Divine One-way Covenant" using ruses that are both imaginative and diabolical for anybody willing to attain a temporal albeit Faustian relief.

    Now a "Sumpah Laknat" is different, as evidenced by whatever was spoken by Saiful in that carfeully worded confession in the mosque, witnessed by millions, using the Quran some more. Listen carefully to what was said, if you care to. In fact, I do not know of ANY other case in history that such swearing had taken place in the muslim world before. That's because of the seriousness of the matter, the gravity of the situation and the ... dire consequences that could be brought upon the swearer should he be lying.

    In short, a sinful muslim, no matter how bad he is, wouldn't do it. He'd kill, he'd rob, he'd swindle, he'd do anything but ask him to swear so that Allah's CURSE befall him should he lie, he won't do it. Unless, of course, he doesn't believe in God in his heart.

    Which explains Anwar Ibrahim's reluctance.

  36. A Grave Situation (Part 2)

    Is "Sumpah Laknat" Islamic, or have Islamic origins? To be fair, the answer is NO. As I said, there was no precedence in Islamic history, and more than that, nothing in the scriptures at all back its legality.

    But is performing "Sumpah Laknat" wrong in this light? Is it Bida'ah Dalalah (Deviative Innovation)?

    Again, the answer is a resounding NO. In fact, due to the present circumstances and the acuteness of the current social and political situations faced by the Ummah, "Sumpah Laknat" is Harus (allowable). In fact, had Anwar Ibrahim also performed the Sumpah Laknat together with Saiful that fateful year, the following morning would have seen UMNO terlungkup kissing the dust, his slew of Muslim counsels and lawyers wouldn't have abandoned him, and we wouldn't have those "I used to be beaten by the Police during Reformasi days but now this time round I am convinced he did it with Saiful" former Reformasi alumnis. His pathway to Putrajaya would have been strewn with glittering pebbles of morality.

    But what happened instead? No I don’t mean the flight to the Turkish Ambassador which, instead of doing, he could have laughed it off, family and all. “I sodomised Saiful? Kah kah kah. Don’t UMNO have better imagination than THAT? Heck, even his coffee is bitter”. Just imagine what laughter and humour could have done to UMNO, and the entire nation would laughed with him. Sadly, he didn't. And by the time the China Doll video came out, he tried to laugh it off but it was too late. The only person laughing with him was Johari Abdul.

    What happened instead was that he tried to corner out the situation by getting Sheikh Qardawi to tell the world that Sumpah Laknat is no good. Well what could the old man say, presented with facts that do not come from both parties? Of course Sumpah Laknat is non-Islamic. I just darn told you that. What he could have asked Qardhawi would be, “Would it be OK if I do Sumpah Laknat?” That would have been something, the demise of UMNO being the least of it.

    But he didn’t. Because he didn’t dare. Because inside Anwar Ibrahim’s heart there is faith. Not big enough to resist the temptations of the flesh perhaps, but definitely big enough to know that playing with Allah’s wrath is no small matter.

    So now in this latest case there are unscrupulous voices that say “Between Saiful and his father, I would trust the latter more”. By what decree? By the fact that it wasn’t HIS ass that was manhandled? By the fact that he now is in a shitty debt situation and couldn’t squeeze UMNO to help him out? Of course you guys would believe in ANYTHING else but the Truth especially if Truth doesn’t side with you.


    “There are only three kinds of people in the world. Those who can count, and those who can’t.”

  37. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Whatever it is, I think someone wants to (metaphorically) screw Najib - omg, why March 8th? Why now?


  38. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Strange how so many people can say so many things without knowing the truth. A sad commentary for Malaysia. I believe if we don't know the truth we should shut up.

  39. Anonymous3:48 pm


    why bother

    dia org ni dah sure masuk neraka. mula dgn donplaypuk yg sembah kepala gajah, haanah yeoh yg sembah tiga tuhan, monsterball yg x percaya tuhan dll

  40. Anonymous4:09 pm

    But it is the same father who PKR (chegubark, samsul kote, BABI, the whole fuckatan,etc) is previously trying to discredit who stood by his son when he took that oath on the Quran. So maybe, he does lack credibility.

    Only ANUwar is the good innocent and credible guy.

  41. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Apa heboh-heboh ni,Tanya lah Rafizi PKR Strategic expert.Bangang punya orang and I bet he himself did not know what Strategic really means.Plainly strategy is a double edged weapon.Lately this goon made lots of strategic mistakes such as advicing DSAI to accept x Army Generals to their fold,keeping mum on Allah issue and now this episode.From what I observed this goon always created issues without proper study and research,contantly caught with his pants down halfway when pressured,good eg PRs Manifestos.I think he ought to learn more and not to rush things or to accept short term results.

  42. "In short, a sinful muslim, no matter how bad he is, wouldn't do it. He'd kill, he'd rob, he'd swindle, he'd do anything but ask him to swear so that Allah's CURSE befall him should he lie, he won't do it. Unless, of course, he doesn't believe in God in his heart. Which explains Anwar Ibrahim's reluctance." Apocryphalist.

    Perhaps the other explanation is the truth - Saiful doesn't believe in God in his heart! After all he also first lied about never having met Najib, and that he voted for PKR although he campaigned for BUMNO!

    we are all of 1Race, the Human Race

  43. Anonymous5:39 pm

    PM's men involved? No need to beat about the bush. Just name them. I too can say so and so is in this but where is the proof? These pkr numbskulls will believe anything.

  44. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Terimq kadih kepada Johari Abdul (pelakon filem p ramlee) kerana menguruskan bapa Saiful semalam dan jangan salahkan orang lain kerana cerita liwat hidup kembali.

    Kalau benar dan kalau tak bersalah kenapa terlalu takut hingga buat sidang media semalam secara tertutup di sebuah kondominium dan hanya wartawan-wartawan mereka sahaja dibenarkan masuk ? Apasal ? supaya boleh kawal soalan-soalan yang ditanya dan tidak terperangkap ke ? Takut wartawan tanya pasal sumpah Saiful ke ?

    Kalau pakcik berani dan tidak bersalah buatlah satu sidang media terbuka dan panggil semua wartawan tanpa memilih bulu.

    Mula2 saya rasa macam nak percaya, tapi fikir2 balik saya tidak ragu2 lagi bhw si Anwar semakin gila.

  45. Anonymous7:28 pm

    hahaha dpp believes the exconvict, power abuser, corrupt and buttman more than sensible honest and faithful persons like DS Najib and Saiful.

    These 2 men of integrity place their faith on the holy Quran and are willing to be retributed if they told lies.

    However this pariah dpp CHOOSE to believe a morally bankrupt buttman??

    Enna Dei thamby where is your rational thinking huh?? bankrupt just like that aged desperado

  46. Anonymous7:31 pm

    yo dpp your traffic suffering huh? must use Rocky to advertise your pathetic self??

    soon to be expired retard

  47. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Only three person knows the truth

    1) Saiful
    2) Anwar

    and of course

    3) GOD

    Nothing else to be said.
    If anyone here believes in GOD and the sumpah laknat
    let wait and see who will be cursed
    is it Saiful or Anwar...the time have the answer

  48. Anonymous12:07 am


  49. Anonymous4:20 am

    If sumpah Laknat is accepted form of trust whether one is saying the truth or not, then all crimes can be solved easily.

  50. Anonymous7:02 am


    “A Sumpah Laknat is no laughing matter. It is actually a calling or invocation to God, to CURSE(LAKNAT) the invoker until all eternity SHOULD whatever he is swearing about is untrue.”

    This I agree wholeheartedly. I was once in Indonesia and I got to talking with a pious and elderly gentleman and I complained to him about the degree of corruption in the whole country. He agreed with me and said that the situation is so grave that it is beyond repair. He said that there is only one way to remedy it. “What’s that?” I asked. He said, “Sumpah Laknat”. He explained that in order to solve the problem, whoever leads the country must make each and every single government servant stand together in a vast field, and jointly do the sumpah laknat: namely that may Allah curse their own selves should they continue to accept bribes while performing their duties as government servants. Of course it didn’t happen. No one would dare.

    “Perhaps the other explanation is the truth - Saiful doesn't believe in God in his heart! ”

    Well between Saiful who dared to make the sumpah and al-Juburi who didn’t, I would rather tend to accept Saiful more than to just conclude that Saiful doesn’t believe in God.

    Between Saiful’s peaceful demeanour and al-Juburi’s increasingly complex, increasingly lightless and increasingly demonic countenance, I would tend to believe that it is Anwar himself who is playing with his powerful self rather than conclude Saiful doesn’t believe in God.

    Between Saiful’s absence of records of misdeeds and Anwar’s archive of trysts with China Dolls, with Shamsidar, with Azizan, with Sukma, with Khairany, with Norlaila, with the numerous bouts of gallivantings shown in Youtube (google “Anwar Scandals” there), it would be more easier and more human to conclude that Anwar is a guy who has problems in taming his libido, rather than conclude that Saiful doesn’t believe in God.

    And still, as Apo said, all this would be resolved once and for all only if Anwar had taken the Sumpah laknat at THAT time. Go ahead – declare “O Allah, let your curse fall upon me, Anwar Ibrahim, and my entire family if I DIDN’T liwat Saiful and all this is just a lie.” And yes I agree, in that fair and homologous situation, most people would definitely believe in Anwar more than Saiful.

    But without stepping on the same platform, don’t dream of convincing us of your saintliness, Anwar.

    Irshad Wee

  51. Anonymous11:28 am

    ALLAH maha mengetahui.
    Next in line will be Saiful and Anwar......and one of them is lying.
    Follow by Saiful father. Walaupun Saiful berkongsi 50% kebenaran dengannya pun sudah memadai untuk dia berfikir, samaada involve $$$ atau tidak.
    Pengulas lain...hearsay, spekulasi dan fitnah.

  52. Anonymous5:07 pm

    kerakusan = ravenousness, piggishness, rapaciousness, voraciousness
    beastliness, churlishness, contemptibleness, corruptness, covetousness, debasement, degeneracy, degradation, disrepute, knavishness, lowness, malice, malignity, miserliness, sordidness, unscrupulousness, unworthiness

  53. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Irshad Wee - komen yang mantap. Bandingkan perangai dua orang ni Saiful dan Anwar, I hanve to concur with you that I believe in Saiful more than this montrous Anwar.