Friday, March 08, 2013

Five years later, are you sure you want Malaysia under Pakatan's Rule?

Think again! If you were to ask me what Pakatan has contributed in the last 5 years to my country, I would have very few good words to say. But Dr Chandra Muzaffar says it better in this interview at Anas Zubedy:

At the start of the interview, he lists five major achievements of  BN's 55-year rule. At the end of the interview, he says these are not just BN's track record, they are the people's track record, too. In between, this ex-PKR man has some good words to say about DAP and PAS but, alas, not for about Anwar Ibrahim or PKR:

Malaysians' 5 greatest achievements in the last 55 years, according to Chandra:

1. Continuous peace in one of the most complex multi-religious, multi-ethnic landscapes in the world
2. Prosperity: average GDP growth of 7 per cent a year in the last 55 years; eradication of poverty
3. Major socio-economic transformation: agriculture to manufacturing, rural to urban
4. Parliamentary democracy all along, freedoms
5. We are a country that has been able to preserve an independent foreign policy: Malaysia is not beholden to anyone


  1. Anonymous9:49 am

    Citing all those achievements which were chalked up during the past era is like a Liverpool fan praising the current team for the achievements of their predecessors.

    Sometimes, the team needs to be overhauled. In this case, the manager has been given 4 full years for an overhaul. If the manager can't do it, relegation does work.

  2. Anonymous10:06 am

    yes.. so what???
    do you have any problem with that?

    zul kulim

  3. Anonymous10:10 am

    Malaysia under Pakatan Rule? Sure, why not?

    Penang is doing well, Selangor too. Less corruption compared to BN. Less wastage of resources & taxpayers money, less rethoric on race & religion.

    1. Anonymous8:58 pm

      Come on , Selangor & Penang are better under Pakatan? No corruption? More transparent? Unless u have a fixed idea ( delusion) about them being 'clean'.

  4. Anonymous10:15 am

    Since BN has been labeled as the devil(by Mahathir),so definately who wants to be ruled again by the devil?
    Since PR is not tested,so you may want to give a trial.As the saying goes"no venture no gain".But anyhow PR has shown their capability in Penang and Selangor,so this is a credit.
    There are more huge blunders and injustices done by BN than what you mentioned above.

  5. Anonymous10:24 am

    The answer to your question in your headline is YES YES
    Who cares what a paid professor kangkang says

  6. BNationalFeedLOOTkop10:29 am

    Bangsar cow farmers got RM250,000,000 and Rakyat gets only RM500 BR1M...
    Malaysia apa-siapa pun Boleh cowtim one!!!

  7. Anonymous11:09 am

    How can MAlaysian ever trust this mamak,who is a chemelion who changes his colour according to the money he gets. we can give thousands of reasons for not voting BN and for its corruption alone, we need to change. Sorry, thr raayat has lost faith with him.

  8. Anonymous11:24 am

    A big YES for PAKATAN. To give BN another 5 years means more inflation, more corruption, more cronyism, more cows in apartment and more discrimination to minority.

  9. Anonymous11:29 am

    BN = Barang Naik

    Elektrik naik 37% dalam 5 tahun
    Beras dari RM 1.6 per kilo kepada RM 2.8 per kilo NAIK 75%
    Daging Ayam naik dari RM4.5 ke RM 7.5 per kilo NAIK 66%
    Daging Babi naik dari RM 8 ke RM18. NAIK 125%.
    Gula naik dari RM 1.4 ke RM2.5 per kilo. NAIK 79%.
    Susu bayi, naik RM15 per kilo HANYA dalam 2012 sahaja.

    Pilih BN = hidup merana.

    1. Anonymous9:30 pm

      Takan nak barang subsidi aje tak malu ke. Angkat la juboq hang kerja kuat lagi klau tdk bg juboq hang pd ai mcm azlan tikam anak sendiri. Tahi judi.

    2. Anonymous7:04 am

      Engkau manusia pemalas harapkan subsidi dari gomen dan anak bini. You are a bump! Pity your parents.

  10. Anonymous11:51 am

    I not Stupid. No need to be Prof or whatever, la.

    Mana pi cerita Bangsa, Agama Dan Negara?

    1. Anonymous7:05 am

      U are stupid one maaah. Not talking about that subject. Bodoh.

  11. Anonymous11:55 am

    People want change. But change could be for the better or for the worst. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't know.
    If you have kids, you want them to have a good life. Aren't you?

  12. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Yes, yes and YES! to your question!

  13. I was supportive of the opposition too before the 2008 general election, but since then they have shown their true colors. BN is definitely not perfect but the Pakatan people are worse. Given a bit of power, and they lost their head. Their hypocrisy, arrogance and incompetence became so obvious in the way they run the States under their rule. Penang so good now? As far as I know life on the island doesn't seems to change much than before 2008. It's not like Penangites suddenly become richer or healthier or.....have better sex now that they are ruled by DAP....isn't it? Ok, it was said that Guan Eng has better sex now that he is in Penang and that his life is now as colorful as a rainbow , but Pakatan people have denied that one. So, how?

  14. Anonymous12:39 pm

    broken record muzaffar should be his name or lalang zaffar

    Watch and see when Pakatan wins, he will try his best to crossover (again)

  15. Anonymous12:40 pm


  16. Anonymous1:18 pm

    55 years compare with 5 years? Federal level compares with State level ??????


  17. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Rocky, I may not want PR to rule..but I sure as hell don't want BN to rule!

    Frankly, whoever wins, the rakyat loses.

    I won't waste my time with Chandra's assertions. All those points are debatable as to the real outcomes and the effect on the man on the street. Nice try anyway!

  18. Anonymous1:53 pm

    hahahah bangsat lu locky....bapak saiful mintak maaf!!

    u better get PR from a foreign country bro!!

  19. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Rocky ni memang bodoh betui, Chandra Muzaffar can't even decide for himself whether he is an indian or malay ....

    What BN has contributed in the last 5 years ??
    Hutang negara melambong
    Lahat Datu
    more cincin and bags for bik mama
    many more ....

  20. Anonymous2:01 pm

    BN = Barang Naik !!

    PR = Price Reduce !!

    1. Anonymous9:33 pm

      Dan kau manusia yg paling pemalas dlm dunia nakan subsidi. Tak malu. Dayuss

  21. Pink Elephant2:07 pm

    YES !

  22. Purple Haze2:15 pm

    But now, Saiful's father concedes that Sodomy II was a political conspiracy and Anwar is innocent.

    Who to believe ?

    BN is proving to be more unbelievable than PR.

  23. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Better than a PM whose dept was trying to fix oppn leader with scandals !!!!

    God is watching. What goes around comes around.

    So Rocks whats your future plans post PRU 13, any contingency plan ??

  24. Anonymous2:30 pm


    Best of all, Khir Toyo is now criticising the BN Government which even he considered to be incompetent!!

    So who is incompetent now!


  25. Hey guys, sympathies to all of you. Am sure the good Chandra and all of you must be totally disappointed with Saiful's father's statement today about Sodomy 2. Well, never mind..just go back to the drawing board.

  26. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Annie, I've lived in Penang until recently and yes, I've seen positive changes in the way the state is being run. There are some downsides & shortcomings that still need to be solved, but overall, I say its better than it was before under Gerakan...

  27. Dear
    After seeing what Penang has done in last 5 years, and also Selangor.. I am convinced that I do not want to be "screwed" for another 5 years by BN. I rather been screwed for next 5 years by PR than allowing BN continue for 55 years.

    Let see what the change will bring about, I can waste 5 years if PR failed.

    Shiok Guy

  28. if you the BN, then you will just not want to hear anything from anyone even though that person makes a lot of sense and so true..

    Chandra is no lallang-lah...he left Keadilan because he saw Anwar for what he is.

    And no no no.....not any of the Pakatan phuckers -- DAP chauvinist, PAS mullahism and PKR-one man's ego..

    they can't even agree to disagree...

  29. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Penang is doing well, Selangor too. Less corruption compared to BN. Less wastage of resources & taxpayers money, less rethoric on race & religion.

    This sounds so much typical by a typical pakataan goons. Ha ha ha...

  30. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Let the people have the say in the GE. But once done all must accept. Majority wins even if by 1 vote. The problem is some people are already singing street protest if they do not win. So how? How to live with this type of people who cries democracy but refuse to accept a democratic process?


  31. Anonymous3:53 pm

    Bru, any comment on the PC by saiful bukhari's father? Huge blow dont u think so? Makes u wonder if the whole machinery (police, doctors etc) was dragged to carry on a big lie..

  32. Anonymous3:59 pm

    11:29---Bagi saya satu negara dalam dunia ini yang harga barang tak naik?

  33. Anonymous4:00 pm

    anon 10:10

    who started this talk about race and religion?

  34. Anonymous4:05 pm

    ...less corruption...but still corrupted. not in federal yet already corrupted!

  35. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Most defineitely! YES!


  36. Anonymous4:09 pm


    Be the first to leave the country when BN is returned to power. No need to remain here if you dont like whats going on. Go elsewhere more comfortable. And take your mother with you. Our old folks home are for grateful Malaysians.

  37. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Selangor clean? Penang clean? No corruption? Grow up, start reading and accept facts.

  38. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Vote pr. you will be given a plot of land in the moon.

  39. Anonymous4:19 pm

    We have been eating nasi putih for 50 years and now is time to eat nasi berani!!

  40. Anonymous5:06 pm

    go to hell PR. Cakap saja lebih. Mentekedarah, tipu, songlap.. you juest name it. All in ONE. Trust DSAI??? Not in this life time.

  41. Chandra Muzzafar, another Petaling Street Malay, like Ridhuan Tee, trying to be more Malay than the Malay, and advising them on adat istiadat.

    What some morally and politically bankrupt who have missed the boat, won't do for money and power!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  42. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Indian Cricketer Tendulkar found out the hard way that you are only as good as your last century. Man does not live on track records alone. If you have a good track record you should be able to follow up and follow through. If you are resting on your laurels then for for all intent and puposes you are rusting on your laurels and more importantly wearing your laurels the wrong way.And never forget that country must move forward and if you are unable to do it then you must stand aside and allow others to do it. The car is designed to move forward 90% of the time. That it why it has five forward gears and only one reverse gear.

  43. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Hoi BN hari ini sudah 5 tahun, when are you going to ask our mandate again for you to continue to rule?

  44. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Call for the election lah so we can show the pakatan people who will rule the country?

  45. Anonymous6:27 pm


    you have not been working hard. a lazy bum is what you are. and you want nasi beriani!!!

  46. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Vote for a party whose leaders say different things to different races? NOT ME.

  47. Anonymous6:35 pm

    RM2 company gets 8B project.

  48. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Please compare with Singapore and non is better than them. We have people like him in our Uni that is why we don't have even one Uni that is within 100 world ranking.

  49. Anonymous7:34 pm

    4:19 -- who is going to send you nasi berani? anwar will have no time for you. China dolls are waiting.

  50. You can say YES YES YES to Rocky's question....he will keep ignoring like Najib.
    That cripple Professor?..who is listening to him?....but anyone..anything..even a frog that can talk..criticizing Anwar..will get Rocky's support.
    What do you expect from a blogger that keep telling lies?

  51. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Pakatan as in DAP, PAS and PKR...

    Fuck them all.

    People who think those long time politicos will be magically better than BN when they are in power are deluded idiots.

    They all suck, and so does all their stupid followers.

    Screw this bloody election. I'm not voting for anyone.

  52. Anonymous9:48 pm

    I was acquainted with Mr Chandra M when he was studying in the then University of Singapore in the late 60s.

    Yes, Mr M studied in a Singapore university, not in a Malaysian public university.

    Was this because, even back then, he believed that university education in Singapore was superior to anything then available in Malaysia?

    That should be an interesting topic for him to address, seeing as how he's vocal and all.

    I seem to remember that among his contemporaries in Singapore were several Malaysians and Singaporeans who went to do well in various fields.

    Fast forward to the present. It's interesting that Mr Chandra M's views and political leanings have apparently undergone a sea change from times past.

    Maybe he has seen the "light".

    Good for him....

  53. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Penang and Selangor are doing well? Don't make me laugh. Only once I saw the PR Adun visit my place that is only within one month after PRU12. After that none at all. When we ask for help, cannot be contacted. Then only BN reps assists us. Last time yes, I look forward for change but now nothing. Yes BN is not perfect but much much better than PR. BN is weaker now because of transition of PM. It is the same when Mahathir took over. BN should not be divided now and must eliminate the difference. All must support Najib. Despite just few years in office, he has done much better than Mahathir in the same period. One two lackings of Najib are only small matters. Rakyat must see in macro. We have been living in harmony since independent. Chinese live in luxury. Malay and Indians also want some shares of the cake. On personal basis, when my house was involved in fire, I cannot forget the ketua kampung provide some money support. Malaysia as a tiny nation is within top 20 trading nation in the world. New generations do not feel hardship of old days. My father fought against Japanese, being physically tortured and almost lost his life when Japanese attack the kampung. My father save four people from drowning and never want rewards. We should be gratitude on what we have and should not question what BN has done to the nation.

  54. Anonymous11:19 pm

    Your lost for your choice..stop whining. We are voting to make a difference.

    Joe Don Baker

  55. Anonymous7:30 am

    Anon 11:05 pm

    "Malays and Indians also want some shares(sic) of the cake"??

    Oh, really???

    Are you saying that "ask and it shall be given"?

    What about personal responsibility, education, hard work and taking responsibility for your actions?

    And realising there's no such thing as a "free lunch".

    Unless you believe in handouts, subsidies, quotas, preferential treatment, privileges, etc etc.

    What a cop out!

    It's always easy to blame others for your situation and predicament.

    It's the "gimme" mentality that is going to screw up Malaysia going into the future.

    Read the tea leaves, brudder. It's a different world out there, and Malaysia has to play by different rules.

    Or withdraw from the game and sulk on the sidelines.....

  56. Anonymous9:29 am

    anon 7:01

    if you worship singapore so much why are you here?

  57. Anonymous10:27 am

    nothing change in selangor after 5 yrs pakatan take over. still has a lot of pothholes and poor maintenance. I thought i voted them for a change. Not worst, but not better also.

    talk is cheap. but when time of performance, PR is absolutely rubbish.

    I can see Najib trying to make better malaysia. Far better compared than Pak Lah sleppy head. I want to support Najib for his effort. Absolutely no-no to Anwar the admire of chinadoll.

    Anwar is popular not becoz of his decision making skill. Anwar is famous becoz he can talk cock and make you happy exactly like Tamil movie. And only chicken can believe Anwar. Are you are chicken?

  58. Anonymous2:34 pm

    Anon 10:27 am

    So, Najib is "trying to make better Malaysia (sic)"?

    Bully for him?

    But has he sold his "vision" to the power brokers, warlords and the rank and file in his own party?

    Far too many of them are playing the same old tired tunes of entitlement, privileges and special treatment and questioning the rights of other Malaysians of different races and religions.

    Is this what Umno has wrought in the years since Merdeka?

    Countries are talking about paradigm shifts, reforming and restructuring their economies, to be able to compete (another "dirty" word in some quarters, apparently).

    Whereas much of Umno seems to be stuck in a time warp and a resolute ignorance of global realities.

  59. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Anon 9:29 am

    "worship Singapore so much", eh?

    That's an interesting choice of words. Deliberately chosen, no doubt. Emotive, too.

    Funny, no one seems to have briefed International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed about this.

    He was in Singapore earlier this week "for a two-day working visit to promote Kelantan, his home state, as a tourism and investment destination" (Singapore Business Times report "Fares to be kept low on high-speed train to KL", March 8, 2013).

    Isn't PAS in control of the Kelantan state government?

    And isn't PAS a member of the PR coalition?

    Now here's a senior Federal Minister pushing for tourists and investments from Singapore to Kelantan!

    I wonder what the PAS (and PR) bigwigs will say about that?

    Let alone Chandra M who, after all, did study in a Singapore university!

    Cue the Umno apparatchiks to erupt with cries of outrage.....

    But the Kelantanese, whatever their political leanings and affiliations, are known to be pragmatists and realists.

  60. Anonymous5:49 pm

    saya anak perak... ini kali..lah..

  61. Anonymous10:28 pm


    you are stuck under the coconut shell. get out and open your eyes. then take a trip to ghana, zimbabwe, sudan or nigeria.

  62. Anonymous2:59 am

    Anon 4:48 pm

    Singapore boring ler...ageing society tu pasai did jemput tok tua tok tua pi melancong tolong ziarah Tok Nik Ajis!


  63. Anonymous6:24 am

    When it comes to Anwar and e"r"ection, Monsterball lau ren get belly belly belly excited...

    Nostalgic, good old memories of BBPark rosey days YEY!!


  64. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Perwira 6:24 am

    I am sure that the Federal Minister referred to in my post of 4:48 pm shares your views!

    As does Nik Aziz.

    Hang on, here's a thought - why don't you ask them?

  65. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Under PKR rule? Yup I can see that happening.

    I also see the US being given permission to build a naval base in penang or malacca, under the guise of protecting the straits of malacca from pirates/terrorists

    I also see petronas sold of piece by piece , and drilling rights given to foreign companies, seeing that they know how to make it profitable and we dont. the free uni education needs to get money from somewhere.

    I see proton sold off too

    I see an arab spring or is it asian spring ? in 5 years time, seeing that PKR's own turned into a winter of discontent.

    I can see the headlines of the papers.
    " ousted ex pm anwar flees out of the country"

    "m'sians in uproar since due to no extradition treaty, (name of country) refuses to hand over anwar "

    I see anwar being a thorn in the side of malaysia for years to come.

    Under PKR rule? yup I can see that. shit happens.

  66. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Hey, Perwira

    At least, in Singapore, the courts are willing to consider Section 377 of the Penal Code in a couple of cases that have been brought before them.

    Ask your lawyer friends what S. 377 is all about!

  67. Anonymous11:51 am

    Anon 6:24pm

    Haiyaaa, lu sesat mai sini ker? Why ask me waste my time to check on matters concerning Singapore?

    Not interested.. No Justin Bieber there. BOLING ORH


  68. Anonymous12:29 pm

    I used to vote for the DAP but not anymore. There is so many mishandling and corruption going on right now in penang. They have fulfilled none. I always look at the results and performance rather than petty issues. Look at PKR right now, its so corrupt.

    We have always stated that Selangor and Penang is doing well but let me be honest. It is due to the mechanism put in place by BN.

    What about Kedah and Kelantan? Kedah almost bankrupt and Kelantan is still in the Dinosaur age. To all PKR no-brainers supporters, the next time you mention about Selangor and Penang, please do not forget to insert Kedah and Kelantan as well.

    Anthony Loh

  69. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Heh, heh, Pereira

    Missing Justin Bieber, are you?

    I doubt that he's missing you, ha ha!

    Anyways, we at least got to watch Adam Lambert in concert in Singapore recently. Complete with eye shadow, tight pants....well, you get the picture.

    And I am sure that a fair number of Malaysians were at that concert.

  70. Anonymous6:26 pm

    With 10 more casino and on-line gaming licences channeled through Pulau Pinang ?