Monday, January 09, 2012

Malaysia's "kangaroo court" acquits Anwar Ibrahim

Kangaroo, huh!? So, the High Court Judge whom Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim accused, together with PM Najib Razak, "of using a 'show trial'  to destroy his political career and extinguish any threat to the mostly Muslim nation’s ruling party"[Anwar assails Msian judge, court - WSJ, Aug 23 2011] acquits Anwar this morning.

Hightlights from a Bernama report today:

So, what now?   Saiful Bukhari Azlan has said he will accept the outcome of today's Court decision and Anwar has offered his thanks to Allah right after Yang Ariff Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah had found him not guilty. Whatever really happened between Anwar and his ex-aide Saiful, only they and God know.

What I know is Anwar owes the Judge and our courts an apology.


  1. The proceedings had been until today were no more as the kangaroo court.

    Only now the realization is stark.

    We know better there is no apology due.

  2. Jasper Bloodstone1:01 pm


    1st time around, back in the day, he was convicted in a lower court and only acquitted on appeal.

    Why would he have expected things to be different this time around?

    Btw, what has the A-G got to say about this verdict and the performances of his prosecutors?

    Pedra Branch, and now this.

    I wonder what are the A-G's KPIs?

  3. Anonymous1:02 pm

    So Bru

    Now we have the hahahahahahaha verdict i mentioned the other day, wonder what the spin will be.

    For its part, the authorities can respond to the following garbage:

    PR cheapshot: Told you so that Anwar was never guilty of anything, it was a conspiracy from the word go. A waste of time and money.

    A Good government PR(PUBLIC RELATIONS) Response: A police report was made. Police investigated the report, found credible evidence and issues worthy of a trial and decided to prosecute. The police had to be fair to the victim, the accused was availed every opportunity of defence including liberal allowances to file a series of patently trial filibustering legal moves. Everyone (except the accused who chose to remain in the safety of the dock) had their say in court where evidence was adduced and debunked by the respective parties. The judge ruled on the evidence, no more no less. It was like any other trial in Malaysian judicial annals, so why the fuss?

    If there was a conspiracy, how come the judge was not roped in?How come he ruled otherwise? In any stage-managed conspiracy, everyone involved would have been perfectly auditioned and choreographed, how come the MOST important person wasnt?

    Seems to me there was no conspiracy hogwash all along, the only conspiracy me thinks is between your daft brains and your soiled conscience, each trying to out-conspire the other, hahahahaha!

    PR cheap shot 2: All the kerfuffle would have been rendered irrelevant if the case had been thrown out at outset.

    Good PR response: The law is the law. The same judge who ruled that there was a case to be answered is the very same judge who acquitted the accused. This is normal as in many cases in Malaysia and there is nothing to quibble about.

    No one told you to work yourself and your stupid supporters into a frenzy just because a verdict was due. Mokhtar Hashim dint do that, Khir Toyo dint and so did a whole lot of other UMNO or non-UMNO personalities who ended up behind the slammer. If they wanted to, they could have got the whole BN jingbang on the streets but they dint cos they understood the law is the law.

    Its only you who went frothing and foaming in the mouth like a mad dog and only your Malai Lembus like mad cows wasted a working day and a days wages with their road rowdy antics not to mention the cost to the public exchequer.

    If you had been calm and unruffled, u wouldn't have had egg on your face. Inikah nilai-nilai pemimpin atau ciri-ciri oghe nak jadi PM konon?

    The perception you created was priceless akin to jerking yourself crazy with no cum to show. Now everyone can see how fearful you were of being found guilty. Why the TAKUT if there was nothing to TAKUT about? Right from the Turkish embassy, I knew something was wrong. You may escaped the long arm of the law but you can never outrun the infinite reach of the Almighty. Praise be to Allah azza wa jalla for that!

    P/s: Now what if I say the sheer presence of your mob scared the poor judge out of his wits and had him shitting in his pants! Now that would be literally manhandling justice wouldn't it? hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  4. Anonymous1:27 pm

    So it is established that the courts are free and independent. In the next i.e. lodging false police report over the the sex-video case, it will be hard for anwar to cry victim. With solid scientific-based evidence and corroborated by eskay and the china-doll herself, anwar will easily be convicted and nobody, not even anwar, could claim that he's a victim of a biased court.

  5. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Rocky Bru Standard 5 punya otak la but he dont know it. After all how can a person with low IQ cpuld ever know what higher level people thinks ?

  6. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Sekarang bukan saja pompuan, tapi lelaki muda2 kena pasang iron chastity belts le macam ni..

    May Allah protect us all!

  7. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Damn anwar. You belong to hell.
    The court can release you but you cant escape from your own guilt feeling. The guilt feeling will take your life away hopefully in a slow and painful way.

  8. wang-malaysia2:02 pm

    hello dato lackey;

    1) saiful kena pergi jumpa najib sekali lagi 'bincang pasal biasiswa' ke ape ke... hopefully najib boley bagi keadilan pada saiful...

    2) tiga T perlu heret itu perempuan bawak balik malaysia , kasi perempuan itu buat SD kata anwar sondol dia...

    and while you're at it to be fair...kena juga heret amah indonesia yang dikatakan kena sondol oleh menteri favorite hang yang bakar jambatan tuh... malang nya altantuya tak boleh heret sebab dah hancur...

  9. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Luckily this guy was caught with his pant's up!
    Now about the "china doll"....

  10. Anonymous2:05 pm

    too early to conclude the court is no longer kangaroo's court. look at nizar's case when the higher court made the most ludicrous decision. the court of appeal and federal court are waiting to "correct" the high verdict. I can bet my last dollar on it. vk lingam can be hired to write the judgment on behalf of the court of appeal and the federal court. the govt has decided that they do not want to win in the high court. in the process they can shout the court is "independent".

    from: not gullible.

  11. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Rocky, its time for you to upload of "Anwar's one night in Bangkok - Part 2" in your blog now !! pls help save Malaysia from Anwar !!

    Hidup Rocky !!

  12. Purple Haze2:23 pm

    What specific issues should Anwar apologise for ? I am puzzled by your statement as the defendant has been found not guilty of a crime that was prosecuted by the govt of the day.

    So, the victim should apologise to the prosecution for making them (the prosecution) work on flimsy evidence ?

    (a) there was no finding of penetration
    (b) DNA evidence was found to be tampered with and thus unreliable
    (c) the accuser had contact with members of the govt/police before the alleged incident.

    Who should be doing the pologies ?

  13. Anonymous2:38 pm

    He may be free, but has already lost.
    From the trial, it's kind of obvious especially his refusal to sit in the witness stand.

    The court is the winner and BN can never be accused of being coward to fight Anwar head on the coming GE

    So comes the next chapter.

    Hassan Ali already declared war upon Anwar.
    PAS is now in trouble . Not winning

  14. The heading of yr article should read like this: " Malaysia's kangaroo court given last minute instruction to acquit Anwar".

    Hello..this case should not have been brought to trial in the first place. If it is brought to trial, the pros'n has to decide first thing first: is it forced sex or consensual act. Force sex is sect.377C and consensual sex is sect.377B. You can't have the cake and at the same time wants to eat it.

    The evidences tendered at the end of the prosn case is so flimsy that it should have been kicked out. Two days bf alleged sodomy, he go and see yr master Najib and Rodwan. A day later seen in
    Anwar's house, happily eating karipap, mee goring and having tea and the next day claimed he was forcefully sodomized. And the fact that Najib dan Rodwan did not take the stand as prosn witnesses shows that there are evidences in their possession which are unfavorable to the prosn. The case should be thrown out without defence being called...lah.

    I think yr master panicked with those world wide condemnation of the trial and gave last minute instruction to the kangaroo courts to just let Anwar free now and let the Court of Appeal later fixed
    Anwar for good.

  15. Anonymous2:52 pm

    All conspiracies have failed.
    Anwar is still free.
    To all UMNO & BN people,


  16. Anonymous2:53 pm

    yahoo! Alhamdulillah. Allah is Great. yahoo! Alhamdulillah. Allah is Great. yahoo! Alhamdulillah. Allah is! Alhamdulillah. Allah is Great. yahoo! Alhamdulillah. Allah is Great. yahoo! Alhamdulillah. Allah is Great. yahoo! Alhamdulillah. Allah is Great. yahoo! Alhamdulillah. Allah is! Alhamdulillah. Allah is Great. yahoo! Alhamdulillah. Allah is Great. yahoo! Alhamdulillah. Allah is Great.

  17. hahahaha...he can never win eh??? give it a rest la...he had his day in court.You? sadly sounding like a bitter old person....

    reflect on your self la diri and take it from there....

  18. Anonymous3:15 pm

    He'll never apologise. Otherwise he won't be able to accuse the Judicial system again for his next case.

  19. Anonymous3:25 pm

    ya! real fcuked-up kangaroo court, stupid administration & judiciary wasting tax-payer money just to dragged a person though the mud...

    and hope to get some brownies.

    what a simpleton fool.

  20. In the first place Dato Sri Anwar should not have been charged.The Patail fellow should be sacked for embarrassing the Government! However he will not be sacked as he knew what he has to do !All along
    Dato Sri Anwar was persecuted to prevent him from concentrating fully in leading Pakatan Raayat.Persecution was in his mind and not prosecution!!The Patail fellow deserve to be sacked...... probably is a few months time!

  21. not enuff spin on this one rocky..

  22. So does the mean we can all take a bit of a break from politics for the next week at least.....?

  23. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Rocky you are so predictable nowadays.


  24. Anonymous4:57 pm

    An apology? What the hell for?
    In the first place, this stupid case shouldn't have been admissable right from the start. Facts alone will point that out. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.
    Therefore, to my mind,that does not demand an apology from Anwar. If you're looking for an apology, i say should come from the prosecution or whoever else is responsible for this nonsense for wasting our time.

  25. Bedul5:23 pm

    Fulamak, syoknya dia. Macam beruk lepas.
    Justice is done, ya Pak. Dapat jugak 3 mins of fame kat CNN, BBC and Al-Jazera.
    Nak pulak ya terima verdict hakim yang kononnya baruah kerajaan.
    Kalau saya malulah. Sibuk caci BN dan hakim. Kerah orang buat perhimpunan.
    Tup-tup bebas. Mana nak letak muka.
    Tu lah padahnya fikir buruk terhadap orang.
    Ah eloklah tu, bawaklah isteri yang banyak menderita tu pergi India dan Turkey. Chance terbaik mencerca kerajaan.
    Udahlah buat jahatnya. Tak larat dah kita ni tengok awak pergi court.
    Menyusahkan rakyat je. Jam sana sini.
    Ada letupan pun dekat court sampai dua orang cedera.
    Carilah kat mana-mana duniapun, takde lah orang yang kena bicara sampai semua orang disalahkan.
    Excuse me, I need a barf bag. Amat memualkan. Seperti kata Dato' Hassan Ali. Nauseating.

  26. Anonymous5:44 pm


    The Court has made its decision. Like it or not everyone must adhere to it.

    Nonetheless, the Opposition particularly Anwar and gang should now undertake an initiative to tell the world that the Judiciary in Malaysia is truly independent! An apology from Anwar re same and to admit his error in pre-judging the Malaysian Judiciary in being the tool of the Government should be his prerogative. He cannot simply forget the harm that he has done to the Malaysian Judiciary.

    We have seen over the last three years Anwar has gone overseas more than 60 times to garner support from the international community and seeking their assistance to pressure the Malaysian Judiciary primarily and the Government to drop all charges against him citing conspiracy of the highest kind, therefore, isn't it his task right now to correct the error that he has created???

    Not only that, he has also gone around the country to seek support from the rakyat to fight for him, whereby if found guilty therefore there should be an uprising similar to that of Tahrir Square! Why?? Anugerah Tuhan as indicated by his loving wife.

    The irony of it all is that for Sodomy II his lead Counsel is Mr Karpal Singh, namely the very same person in 1997 who first highlighted Anwar's unusual sexual preferences! What really happened between 1997 and 2008 when this case was highlighted??? Only Mr Karpal Singh can answer that! Perhaps Mr Karpal Singh has inadvertently forgot that and that politics stands above the law!

    It is apparent that Justice or Keadilan is rightfully for Anwar and that Saiful has to readily accept whatever is the outcome. As the Malay proverb says, "umpama durian dan mentimun" (akin to durian and cucumber) either way as a "mentimun" or cucumber gets crushed!!!

    As a "Anugerah Tuhan" Leader Anwar should come clean and openly apologise to the Malaysian Judiciary while at the same time to the international community for all his antics and theatrics in condemning the Malaysian Judiciary all this while.

    Ex NSTP

  27. Anonymous5:52 pm

    May Anwar Ibrahim be burnt in HELL.

  28. Anonymous6:28 pm

    We in Msia have a very Free and fair court not like in US people are detain for years without trial, WSJ you can shove it in your ass you stupid arrogant american.

  29. It is a kangaroo court verdict bro. The reasons cited by the judge could have been arrived at post the prosecutor's case and there was no need to call for the defense even. Why don't you wait for what Khir Toyo has to say about it? After all he did promise a response on the 9th. This judge did not take the que from Ariffin Jaka who seemed to be happy to go by just the word of the complainant despite his testimony that had more holes than a sieve. He could have just followed precedent, that unfortunately got dumped by the Court of Appeal.

  30. Anonymous6:51 pm

    shame on u idiot! yes u rocky....

  31. Ayah Man6:53 pm

    The real loser in Anwar's sodomy case are THE MALAYS. They are fragmented and split beyond restoration, at least for now.
    While the case was on going, so much presures were placed on the authorities. No one commented nor criticised about the aspect of subjudice that was so loose, rampant and intense.
    The court was quiet. Bar Council was clearly in favour of Anwar(putting thier own agenda to work) forgetting where thier professional allegiance should be rightly placed.
    The majority was not heard nor respected.
    The state has been too tolorence and compromising that one inclines to feel that they were intimidated, weak and to a large extent malfunction.
    Inspite of hundreds of reports made against protesting parties yet they could go on with all the wrong doings and illegalities. As a result, these authorities appear to have succumbed to treats and pressures ignoring the rights of the majority.
    We are therefore heading for greater law violating culture that at the end it will proof too costly and bad for all.

  32. It is a kangaroo court verdict bro. The reasons cited by the judge could have been arrived at post the prosecutor's case and there was no need to call for the defense even. Why don't you wait for what Khir Toyo has to say about it? After all he did promise a response on the 9th. This judge did not take the que from Ariffin Jaka who seemed to be happy to go by just the word of the complainant despite his testimony that had more holes than a sieve. He could have just followed precedent, that unfortunately got dumped by the Court of Appeal.

  33. Malek Reduan6:54 pm

    Dear Bro.

    This court decision is good for UMNO and BN.I think today rating for Najib up almost 50%.Good move by agent provocatur.

    This is politic.

  34. sorry, datuk,

    Y A W N....not to you but to some of your commenters -- those blind obssessed Anwar supporters who disguise themselves as justice advocates. MY FOOT.
    Just listen to them. They'll condemn Najib, Umno the BN, no matter what.

    If Anwar was found guilty, they'd cause a riot. Now, he's been acquitted and discharged, they say, Najib ordered it.

    I'm no Najib fan, or Umno for that matter...but, come on...

  35. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Next up to be trialed in the kangaroo court:
    Ahiruddin Attan.

  36. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Hehe, Rocky,

    You said it very well "Malaysia's "kangaroo courts"

    If it was not such, I guess a few from the prosecution team and witness would have been cited for contempt of court, or even perjury.

  37. Anonymous7:46 pm

    How about you apologize first for being a sniveling rat?

  38. Jasper Bloodstone7:55 pm

    Damn, the warrior dude is learning from his stint in the US of A.

    How to "spin" with the best of them.

    Methinks I hear weeping and the grinding of teeth behind his magnum opus.

    Because he had to tear up his carefully constructed post and write something new on the fly.

    Bwa ha ha.

  39. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Rocky, have you forgotten about your paymasters that also owe DSAI apologies....and you, also????

  40. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Guys, think carefully.

    Saiful went to police station to make report. There can be only 2 possibilities.

    1. He is part of a conspiracy team (which Anwar said is Najib) to destroy Anwar Ibrahim.
    2. He actually being liwated by someone.
    (could there be any other possibilities?)

    Since Anwar is acquitted, then it ruled out option one. Now left option 2. The question is who? And btw, could there be any other possibilities?

  41. UMNO is scared shitless, IMHO.

  42. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Apology? Than why not ask the UMNO to return the RM200 billion stollen from the Rakyat?

  43. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Elo loki,,,

    Bole dikatakan SUMA Agency BERITA kerajaan KUTUK and SPIN cerita,,,menudoh ANWAR tak ada MORAL, TAK LAYAK jadi PEMIMPIN termasuk juga KAMU,,!

    Kepada TV3 and UTUSAN MALAYSIA,,,,sehingga kini masih ada hasrat dengki,,,selagi Anwar tak MATI,,

    By the way,,,ngapa MUKA Mahathir sejak menjak ni keluar aja statement kat TV,,lebih-lebih lagi bila HAJI NAJIB ke LUAR Negara,,,,jadi PEMANGKU PM ke???

    Baik- baik Election mau the MALAY yang konon FENCE SITTER akan memihak kepada BN,,,TAPI to the NON MALAY they will give PAKATAN a chance to RULE the COUNTRY.

    Sememang nya MELAYU,,hasrat dengki tidak bole LARI dari diri MEREKA,,,,JANGAN ingat UMNO akan dapat Kemenangan,,malah lagi TEROK MUNGKIN,,!!!

    Anyway TQ BN kerana bagi GULA-GULA menjelang PILIHAN RAYA.


  44. Anonymous9:32 pm

    He acquittal because the DNA technology in Malaysia is obsolete ... doesnt mean he didnt fuck Saiful arse ... now all the rempit and kampung fellow will support him more such a MR BEAN PM WE ARE HAVING NOW.

  45. Actually good result for BN now it would be tough for Anwar to go round the country to sell to the neutrals, the middle ground that it is all a BN conspiracy to kill his political career, BUT really bad news for Pakatan which will now have to swallow their dignity (if they have such values left) and be led by a person who is an exconvict jailed for abuse of power for six years, escaped 2 sodomy charges with two different men due to technicalities, and have bad habits with female prostitute(s) a person not morally fit to lead this blessed country.

  46. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Sometime Bad guy must act like a Good guy to cheat.


  47. Anonymous10:45 pm

    the formula is simple actually.. i mean to know about all those bastard pakatan let him screw your ass rakyats....

    here it is...incase if anwar is to be charge then the court is biased and bla bla bla unfortunately in is not so now they the moronic morons are in different tune...

    anti pakatan bastards

  48. Brewed, you will soon be that, after GE13. Rest assured, no more spins. I have some old tin cups which I am willing to give away for you to use. Alms, alms, alms for the poor.

  49. Anonymous11:50 pm

    happy day!

  50. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Check Mate....DAP & PAS both are not happy with the decision but have to just smile & wave..just smile & wave...

  51. Anonymous12:04 am

    Huh? now the judge's conclusion is faulty...

    what's wrong with these people.

  52. Anonymous12:23 am

    Elementary, my dear Bru.

    RPK has said in front page Anwar has 90% of that inclination. So guilty or not Anwar is considered or 90% perceived as "damage goods.

    It is definitely a kangaroo court, whereby the guilty one escapes while the not guilty majority (i.e. the public and public fund) got screwed.


  53. Anonymous1:08 am


  54. Anonymous1:18 am

    Not gulty dioes note mean he did not do it. Only Anwar, Saiful & Allah know... For me it is rather simple. As Anwar failed to swear in the name of Allah that he did not sodomize Saiful, (whereas Saiful did the swearing), my Islamic instinct tells me Anwar cannot be trusted. He can escape from the court buy he will never escape from Allah. InsyaAllah the truth will be revealed sooner or later.

  55. Anonymous1:55 am

    Not a kangaroo court... Just with najib leading this country might end up a afucking CUNTALOO.. where everybody can fuck everybody...


  56. Anonymous8:04 am

    UMNO should put Saiful up against Anwar in the GE. It is only fair. Then Saiful can explain all over again.

  57. Anonymous9:04 am

    Now the field is opened for a more level endurance needing efforts, so to say. Guilty on not guilty of sodomy is still open [amazes me], as the court had decided.

    Can he be relevant to manage a country that has found him guilty of wrongdoing before ? I don't think so.....:)

  58. Anonymous9:22 am

    wang malaysia 2:02pm...

    tiga t tak boleh bawak itu pompuan cina jadi saksi maa..

    apa pasai?

    pasai itu china-doll tada sunat punya, dan itu china-doll tak boleh masuk masjid untuk sumpah macam shyfool....muahahhahahahhahahaha

    lagi satu, itu UMNO punya perahim ali dan zulkunyit cakap non-muslim tak boleh masuk masjid...


    apa maksud tada sunat? tanya sama itu latuk lackey..hehehe

    minah ronggeng

  59. Badut Nasional9:24 am

    One big drama to "restore" our faith in the judiciary...

  60. Anonymous9:25 am

    anon 8:31 pm,

    Did Saiful went to police station to make report?

    dont forget la was a stated fact in that case that DSP Jude Pereira 'coincidently' met shyfool at the KL hospital...

  61. MC Ape9:26 am

    6.30 AG and 3/4 DPPs!

  62. BENatang109:30 am

    Paul and Arifin are burning eternally in Hell... someone must afraid, very afraid!

  63. instead of going to India and Turkey, Anwar should have appreciated and offer his gratitude to Allah by visiting the Masjidil Haram. Thats is the logical muslim way after a 'long hard battle' endured.

  64. Anonymous9:57 am

    Dear Rocky!
    The Judge is only human ! He knew all long he was sitting on the wrong chair. So the call of His judgement from above in his afterlife made him to lean on the Truth...
    Why should he do umno's bidding?

  65. bros,

    read the judgment and understand before making comments, derive your conclusion and judge it for your self on whether things really happened or did not.

    lots of cases being dismissed on technical grounds. Doesnt mean that they are as innocent as an ant.

  66. Anonymous10:29 am

    Anwar flew to India last night. So what's wrong? He is half Indian.

  67. Anonymous10:31 am

    A positive spin:

    1. A well known public figure should he come to power can now say " the system went through me with a fine tooth comb and I was found not guilty! Thank you for those who supported me, it's time to get back to the people!"

    2. The court can also say " As the case was a highly sensitive case with all eyes on us, we have done our job as best as we can and gave our verdict "


  68. Mr Lee,

    You said Anwar should not have been charged in the first place. And yet you also said you want the judiciary to be independent.

    Make up your mind, mo.

  69. Mazlan10:34 am

    Anyone can enlighten me on how the term "kangaroo court" came about?

  70. Major (Rtd) D Swami,

    Save your old tin cups, bro. Or give to the needy now, don't wait till it's too late, if you are really feeling charitable, that is.

    As for yesterday's court verdict, as Policalamity9 says, an acquittal does not mean that one did not commit a crime he's charged with. In the case of Anwar vs Saiful, Anwar got off because the Judge could not determine 100 per cent the integrity of the DNA sample that was taken from Saiful.

    100 per cent, ie beyond doubt. You can't argue with the integrity of the court here, can you?

    Which is why I said Anwar should go an apologize to Judge Zabidin Diah for his own wild and desperate allegations.

    Of course Anwar won't apologize, it'd be a PR disaster for his political career. Everything has a political consideration for Anwar.


  71. Dear Old Fart,

    Kangaroo or not, at the end of the day the laymen are saying, "Najib let Anwar go".

  72. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Laymen will say Anwar sodomised Saiful when he couldn't bother to sumpah. Laymen will say they don't want a gay to be their leader.

  73. Purple Haze1:53 pm

    Kangaroo or not, at the end of the day the laymen are saying, "Najib let Anwar go".

    If that is what the layman thinks, then it means that the layman does not believe the Judiciary to be independant.

    If the layman believes that the Judiciary is independant, then they would have said " The judge let Anwar go"

  74. Anonymous2:24 pm

    BN should appoint Saiful Azlan Bukhari as their next candidates...with his handsome face..i am pretty sure the kampong fellas will vote for him compare to the old Anwar.let him contest in Permatang Pauh...let the rakyat choose!!!!! I will bet He will WIN....Saiful for Permatang!!!100x and no more that weird "ustaz"

  75. Jasper Bloodstone3:12 pm

    Amazing how many people claim to know the thoughts of The Almighty.

    Including, in this case, what a certain Anwar and a certain Saiful, did or didn't do.

    Seems to me that it is indeed arrogant to claim to know what The Almighty's judgements will be.

    Unless these people have an inside track to The Almighty.

    That would be frightening, indeed.

  76. Anonymous3:12 pm

    In the first place, Anwar should not become a homo and "makan luar". Otherwise all this will not happen, kalau tiada angin, takkan pokok bergoyang.

  77. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Anwar got free because his sperm in Saiful's anal have been mixed up with China doll's water, hence the loss of thickness.

  78. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Anwar got free because his sperm in Saiful's anal have been mixed up with China doll's water, hence the loss of thickness.

  79. Anonymous5:22 pm

    dei rocky thambi..

    Yes ,really its a joke and moronic to say that the judiciary is independent because Anwar is not convicted.

    This would make us cried out in pain of all those who were convicted and sent to jail because the judges were not independent? .

    The stupidity of this present government is beyond redemption`

    An entertaining circus for the world.

    One of the fastest way to redeem Malaysia's pride would be to change the government at the coming opportunity!

  80. Anonymous6:55 pm

    You said "an acquittal does not mean that one did not commit a crime he's charged with". Going by the same logic can I say that Najib has relationship with Altantuya except that there is no 100% concrete proof to charge him?

    between the line reader

  81. Anonymous7:49 am

    Get real guys......... Anwar was horny and happen to fuck the wrong guy. lol

  82. Anonymous8:29 am

    Hop, hop, hop
    1KangarooMalaysia hops
    From court to court
    Year in, year out
    On the day of verdict
    1KangarooMalaysia had to admit
    Its bare and naked
    With its balls caught and tangled
    Had no choice so it surrendered

  83. Anonymous8:41 am

    Get real Rocky, this is all a show, Najib knows too well he has no other choice. Maybe its you who owes Kali + 3 others an apology if you wish to escape conviction.

  84. Anonymous8:48 am

    Latuk, looks like you have your day in Court today, tell us how you feel during the sitting, any cold sweat running down your cheeks??

  85. Anonymous9:30 am

    Salam sejahtera kpd semua,

    Sekarang tak payah keluh dan rai DSAI menang..

    Jaga anak cucu pompuan dan lelaki baik2, nanti nganga tak habis!

  86. Anonymous9:57 am

    bru said...
    Dear Old Fart,

    Kangaroo or not, at the end of the day the laymen are saying, "Najib let Anwar go".

    ---> no, the laymen are saying " Smart move. Najib had better let Anwar go, if he wants to even stand a chance in winning the elections"

  87. Anonymous10:05 am

    Just because one judge freed one man who criticised the system, does NOT make the judciary absolutely free of any outside interference. It is not as simple as you all would like it to be. See, Anwar's free, our courts are absolutely clean! Yeah, and i suppose you also believe in fairies and Santa Claus.
    What is the catch? There's always a catch.

    Seriously, what kind of a dream land do you guys live in?

  88. The oppositions and their supporters will always make assumptions.

    They will never ask for any facts. To them, fact is not important.

    They will beleive everything from anwar. When Anwar say the court is controlled by the Government, The `dung' supporters will believe.

    When we ask the proof... they will say, Anwar has the proof. These `dungu' supporters will never care about the truth and will never ask the proof.

    When we ask Anwar to show the proof, Anwar will say "who are you ?" and his `dungu' supporters will say Anwar has the proof and they will believe him.

    In Anwar vs Saiful case (please note, the `dungu' will think it is Anwar vs BN case), it is about the judge couldn't verify the 100% integrity of the DNA sample.

    To me, DNA evidence does not need 100% integrity. The DNA test system has a threshold. Whenever the matching surpass this threshold, then it is said the DNA match with Anwar's DNA. Even though the DNA has been contaminated, if the test meet the minimum threshold, it is confirmed.

    Similar to thumb print. The thumb print from a crime scene will always be contaminated and sometimes it is not 100% thumb print. But, the system will test above a threshold. Once the thumb print match after surpassing a threshold then it can conclude the criminal.

    Manipulation of the DNA sample has never been proven during the trial. The court has been informed that the DNA sample has been sealed and when it reach the chemistry department, the seal still intact. There is no possibility of manipulation.

  89. Jasper Bloodstone3:20 pm

    "Anwar's acquittal good for Malaysia: WAI"

    Oh, dear - everybody's favourite bete noire, the New York-based Wall Street Journal, is getting involved (again!) in Malaysia's domestic affairs.

    How, now, Rocky? Does the Rupert Murdoch-owned WSJ carry more credibility with foreign investors than, say, the NST, Star or Utusan Malaysia?

    Will we see another diatribe from Rais Yatim, Khairy J or the blokes at Wisma Putra?

    Such overt interference cannot be taken lying down! The arrogant efftontery of these Yankee neo-cons!

  90. Rocky,
    Anwar should not have been charged.The judge should have thrown out the case and not called for his defence.The prosecution ( persecution in the public perception), however, has failed to tarnish Dato Sri Anwar's image as an intelligent and good leader capable of leading Malaysia into the future.The "prosecution" ( actually politically motivated persecution )lasting more than 3 years has the opposite effects of strenghtening supports for him .This augurs well for a two coalitions system in Malaysia!

  91. Jasper Bloodstone4:00 pm

    Oops, it's not "WAI" but "WSJ". Also known to the Yanks as a right wing conservative mouthpiece of the neocons.

    Much like Utusan Malaysia here.

    Back to foreign press coverage of the Anwar trial. The Singapore Biz Times report on 10 Jan was titled "A victory for Anwar, Najib and investment climate".

    The Singapore Straits.Times editorial on 12 Jan was titled "Anwar verdict wipes political slate clean".

    Can we expect robustly-worded editorials or commentaries from the likes of NST and Utusan telling these foreign media to go stuff it where the sun don't shine? To do no less would be a betrayal of all that we hold dear in Malaysia!

  92. Haha....

    Someone said the judge sbould throw away the case. I wonder how stupid human can be. This is why some people are called dungu. These dungus want fair judicial system but ask the court to throw away the case when a person (rakyat) asked for a trial against anwar.

    These dungus failed to see who abuse the judicial system. These dungus also failed to realisehow many time Anwar has lied.

    Did the dungus ask Anwar what happen to the alibi he promised in his first press conference regarding tne case?

    Yet the dungus ask the judge to throw away the case.

  93. DSAI owes nobody any apology. This unexpected decision by the honourable judge is a case of "One swallow does not a summer make". Let's move on from sodomy II to better things to do -- like educating Malaysians to read more than coffeeshop tokkok to be critical in their thinking and see through the trees for the forest in any key issue in the country..

  94. Actually the PR supporters should read more and learn critical thinking. They are the one that can't think and just follow blindly to everything they read from PR politicians and their medias.

    On the other hand, majority of the malaysians now has better thinking ability and this is the reason the number of people supporting PR is getting lower and lower.

    Simple observation :-

    PR supporters will say Anwar is not guilty and the alleged sodomy does not happen.

    - this show the mentality of PR supporters that can't think critically

    Malaysians will say Anwar is free due to technicality and does not mean he is not involve in the act.

    - this show how malaysians can think beyond the surface and care more about the substance.

  95. Chewai,

    You're spot on with your last comment.

    But I've been thinking and the more I think about it, the more I think the Pakatanis may be right. That the judiciary is not independent. remember the judge who hugged Karpal Singh, the DAP strongman and Anwar's lead counsel in the sodomy case? Perhaps she is not the only one who has"compassion" for certain politicians?

  96. Jasper Bloodstone4:17 pm


    You are not revisiting the case for an independent judiciary, are you?

    Just what is "independence" in this context? The US, British or Australian versions where judges are not afraid of taking on the executive personified by the government of the day? Or the Indian or Singapore versions where highly qualified legal practioners are appointed to the bench?

  97. In Dubai, flogging is not a practice. Generally the government observes the Constitutional prohibition on arbitrary arrest and detention. However, in sensitive criminal cases, incommunicado detention is allowed in order not to imperil the investigation. There were complaints from diplomatic missions that they were not notified when their citizens were arrested and detained. legal consultant dubai