Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tian Chua and Keadilan Daily

A week and hundreds of police reports later, Tian Chua blames his own party's newspaper

Still, the PKR man refuses to apologize. And his own party's organ that allegedly misquoted him has not said sorry or even published a correction. So what gives? 

Sue, Sue, Sue!
From Day 1, Pakatan Rakyat has been assaulting the mainstream media, especially Utusan Malaysia, TV3 and NST and Bernama, for malice, slander, libel etc. The Lahad Datu incident alone has seen Tian Chua's boss Anwar Ibrahim filing RM200 million lawsuits against "Umno-owned" media for reporting what the Philippines Inquirer, the Manila Times, and other foreign media have earlier published.

Anwar is threatening to sue any Malaysian journalist who dares repeat the allegations.

Tian Chua himself has threatened bloggers with lawsuits.

As I said on Twitter, Tian Chua should sue Keadilan Daily. If you want to muzzle and bully the Press, be consistent. Tian Chua should also get his own party newspaper to publish a correction and apologize to all Malaysians, including the ex-Commandos who have lodged the police report against him. 


  1. Anonymous12:11 pm

    this lesson learnt from singapork ikan yu. sue everyone and sue every media until they bankrupt.

    its the only way these pakatan rakyat goons knows how to supress their political enemies. mentor minister really left a legacy here for these haprak pakatan goons to follow holistically.

    u ulang i saman u, u tonggeng i sodok u, u bagi i balun u, and the present famous phrase of course,

    tanya sama batang
    apa pasal bengkok
    nanti batang jawab
    sudah hantam banyak pungkok

    mari semua, boleh kita nyanyi bersama sama. ...................tanya sama.............

  2. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Yeah, misquoted. They said misfit of society.

    By the way, turn arounds, u-turns etc are the standard PKR procedures. A little more prodding and then it's Gag order.

    So, get Karpal to sue Keadilan Daily for the misquote.

    Sheeh, and this are the sort of dudes running for Premiership? To hell with these sort of tongue twisters.


  3. Anonymous1:11 pm

    pergi mampos anwar. penipu baling besar dalam dunia.

  4. charleskiwi1:13 pm

    If you or anyone does not want to be sued just make sure you don't make up any story. Isn't this is why the court exits ?
    Make sure you have the facts right before you spin, all you spinners ? Or are you guys out there especially blogger like Anon 12.11 p.m. can just write any lies he likes. But one thing for sure that is why Singapore is now in the first world and always rated very highly internationally in everything surveyed. Most of all with trillions of ringgits in their reserve when Malaysia is heavily in debt. Why do you borrow ?
    Only when you have no money left , period. Arguing and trying to run Singapore down will not get you out of debt or have you rated highly. Or may be go get Umno to cut the water supply to Singapore or get the Mahathir's family
    to come up with the millions or the billions they have !

  5. Napoleon Bonaparte1:37 pm

    This Tian Chua guy has had a rather low profile in PKR and the alternative blogs for a while, which has led me to have a gut feeling that his "star" has waned in PKR circles.

    The very fact that Keadilan Daily is standing firm is an indication of this.

    I'm sure many PKR members are not comfortable with how he politicised the situation in Sabah with baseless allegations of a deliberate conspiracy, even though allowing so many Suluks to settle in Sabah, the initial soft response to the intrusion, not securing or being able to fully secure the long Sabah coastline, etc. can be questioned but later, when the issue is discussed and analysed.

    This Tian Chua guy does not appreciate that many Malaysians and especially the Malays are patriotic, whether they are BN or Pakatan supporters, conservative, liberal or even leftist, and don't take kindly to disrespect for lives of security forces lost.

    Also, as you rightly stated, it's curious why Anwar has not sued the Philippines media for defamation but only the Malaysian media which merely repeated what the Philippines media had reported.

    Perhaps he eventually will but that's left to be seen.

    Also, have you noticed the Free Malaysia Today has been carrying articles which tend to favour the Sultan of Sulu, while portraying the Malaysian government in a bad light.

    I regard this as a subtle underhand propaganda in favour of the Philippines side.

    For example:_
    Prices soar as Sabah seals borders.

    Notice how it shows sympathy for contraband and narcotics smuggling between souther Philippines and Sabah and how the disruption of this movement of goods is causing the Sabah people to "suffer."

    Fleeing Philippinos claim bloody crackdown

    Guerilla warfare, militants hitting back?

    On the other hand, negative portrayal of the Malaysian government.

    Stop meddling in Sabah, PKR tells Najib

    Probe UMNO leaders, not Tian Chua

    There's more.

  6. Anonymous3:24 pm


    Singapore TOPIC mayiak boling lor!! Yawwwwnnnnn zzzzzz..

    My good friend, a Buddhist Monk, buka 2 buah rumah KEBAJIKAN olg2 tua... Whenever free my kids and I aloso go volunteer there, mayak kesian ORH, many abandoned by their Singapolean families... haiya, why like that wan?

    Lu tak payah ciakap panjang2 disini, Old Folks pun lia olang tak tau sendili mau jaga - apa pasat itu maciam jadi?

    Yg siApek GIGIT telinga polis, dah memang agak SURE will corner baring WAN!! Dah ketaq lutut.

    Hoi...Go personally and investigate and make SURE you catch the biadab2 yang "misquoted" you. CEPAT KASI TANGKAP SAMA LIA OLANG.


  7. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Anon 12.11 pm...ada pembetulan kat baris 3..Nanti A Samd Said, kawan baik Anwar, bagi F kat hang punya pantun

    Tanya sama batang,
    Apa pasal bengkok,
    Nanti jawap batang,
    Sudah hantam banyak pungkok.

    Prof Awe Kecik

    p.s dah pebetul nih pantun hang aku bagi A+..memnang cantik

  8. Anonymous4:58 pm

    If Tian Chua does what you recommend, I bet you and your blogger troopers will not keep quiet but continue your slander!


  9. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Charleskiwi 1.13pm is contradicting his very statement about making up stories and being sued. Has he got his facts right or is he spinning about UMNO's water supply and Mahathir's family billions?

    Oh, I see. He's full of shit, being in love with his arse licking idol.

  10. Anonymous11:10 pm

    remember folk! anwar meeting with nur misuari is about the weather and family matters only!

    nothing more and nothing less!!

  11. Saodah Mahmoud12:11 pm

    The problem with Tian Chua's claim about being misquoted is that at about the same time that he was interviewed by Keadilan Daily, he had tweeted this:
    "Fighting broke out with Sulu intruders? its just a continuous "wag the dog" drama. Remember Al Maunah in Sauk!?"

    "Wag the Dog" is a movie about an American president who employs a Hollywood director to fake a war so that he can win an election. So there is really no way around it. Tian Chua did mean what Keadilan Daily said he did.

    You have to admire his chutzpah though. For the asshole to openly lie like this even against overwhelming evidence takes some balls.