Monday, December 09, 2013

Warnborough College says it is accredited

In my posting The great, unaccredited Warnborough University (31/5/13), I wondered about the status of the institution of higher learning from which Dr Emir Mavani Abdullah, now the FGV chief executive officer, was supposed to have obtained his doctorate. There had been suggestions that the university was not recognized in Malaysia. The following write-up, which appeared in The Star last Wednesday (4/12/13), should clarify the matter, an author friend who also got his papers from Warnborough tells me via email. 
The Star, Dec 4, pg 38
Six months is a long time to  clear the air but I take his word for it. Especially since a lawsuit against The Star over its report on Warnborough being unaccredited or something is still pending ... 
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  1. I have seen a college become a university BUT I have never seen a university become a college....LOL

  2. Anonymous8:39 pm

    When will somebody investigate the 3 PhD Dong Shong president? From which U? Perhaps one from Harvard, another from Cambridge and another one still from MIT perhaps?

  3. Anonymous12:24 am

    Since Warnborough College is now being accredited, Najib should renew Mavani's contract for another 300 years.

  4. Anonymous11:31 am

    Did Mavani Graduated from Warnborough University which was the Precursor of Warnborough College.

    Sounds like Warnborough University was Not Accredited but Warnborough College is?

    Why the Change of Name from Uni to College?

    Was it Accredited Before or After Mavani?

    More Question.....