Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Three more years for Isa

Heard from a reliable source during the UMNO general assembly: The Prime Minister has agreed to extend Isa Samad's contract as chairman of Felda and FGV for another three years starting Jan 1, 2014. The former Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar was put there by Najib Razak on Jan 1, 2011 to handle the political opposition towards the 29/6/12 listing of FGV, which was the second largest IPO in the world (after Facebook) last year. Its share price closed slightly below the IPO's RM4.55 today. 
Isa, 64, failed in his bid for one of the three Umno vice president posts at the recent party elections.


  1. Anonymous7:27 pm


    Because performance doesn't really count in the area of political patronage, can anyone defend Isa's records or achievements for FELDA - including of course whether its strange investment strategy will benefit FELDA in the long run?

  2. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Tahniah Tan Sri Isa.

  3. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Thick as thieves, these UMNO goons. You need to be a crook to win high positions.

    Zheng Ho Abdullah

  4. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Another 3 YEARS? Dah takde Ahli UMNO yang berbakat ke? 3 tahun ISA dah 67. Is Najib transformation is for old people? Yes ISA is OLD.

  5. Rocky,
    Does Najib have any credibility left? Felda CEO is a fake Dr and Chairman was guilty of money politics.
    No wonder Tun M is getting frustrated.
    Sad to say that we have now a PM and wife who treats the GLCs like his personal plaything.
    Even those who opposed Tun M never had a bad thing to say about Tun Siti Hasmah - never heard her taking govt jet for outings with her friends and never saw her abusing her position...

  6. Anonymous10:24 pm

    What about that fellah Mavani, is he also extended?

  7. Good luck Felda Global and Felda Settlers

  8. Anonymous12:32 am

    You did not want him to be elected as VP of UMNO, for reasons best known to yourself.

    But you did not know if there was this off-shore deal between PM and Isa. This extension is the insurance - if Isa failed in his bid for the UMNO post?

    The PM must have very strong reasons for this deal?


  9. Anonymous5:54 am

    Zheng Ho,

    I'm not going to address your last name Abdullah as I'm very sure you are not a Muslim convert.

    What about DAP and PKR? There are many thieves in DAP and PKR as well. The Lims are the biggest crook in Malaysia.


  10. Kenapa tak sambung SEUMUR HIDUP kan lagi baik ??.Boleh banyak buat duit..

    Ho ho ho ho

  11. Anonymous10:41 am

    anonymous 5.54

    The Lims are the biggest crook(sic) in Malaysia?
    Ada dalil ka you buat kenyataan macam tu?

    If you're referring to Lim Guan Eng who is the CEO of a small state in Malaysia (versus Najib who controls disbursement of funds for Malaysia as Finance Minister), then you dont speak logic at all.

    Or are you referring to some other Lim (there are a few of them listed in Malaysia's top 10 richest men, including Syed Mokhtar and Anandakrishnan).

    sri hartamas

  12. Anonymous1:50 pm

    It's so sad that we Malaysians don't have much new talent to lead all the leading GLCs except to ask these retirees again and again to continue to serve the country in one capacity to another eventhough they deserve to enjoy their remaining years....we rakyat really are indebted to these great men and women.Thank you Sirs and Madams !

  13. trifling-jester2:31 pm

    when you mix poitics and business, you get underperformence, patronage and corruption - duh!

    even substandard education would have covered this

  14. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Anon 5:54 a.m. if you are brave enough, tell us if the Lims have been found guilty of money politics or engaged in dubious overpriced contracts or used mail-order PhD certificates ?

    You know and i know that you will have to face your maker in the afterlife with wrong accusations. Tak takut fitnah, ke ?

    Zheng Ho Abdullah

  15. Anonymous4:20 pm

    hari ini naik 2%

  16. Anonymous5:01 pm

    memang bosan bila lantik orang politik jadi pengerusi GLC...umno makin bongok..