Monday, July 29, 2013

Tanda Putera vs the New Village

When local production the New Village reaches the cinemas, I will probably go and watch it. Y'see, I'm a fan of Chinese movies, from Bruce Lee to Fu Sheng, Jacky Chan to Ip Man. if it's true, as they claimed, that this movie is politically-motivated and that it's the intention of the people behind the movie to make heroes out of the (largely Chinese) Communist guerillas who waged war against the Yang diPertuan Agong, right after the World War ll to even after Merdeka, well, I say good luck to them. A lot of Malaysians may be gullible and probably don't know their history, let alone the American history, but very few are ready to believe that Abraham Lincoln was, actually, a vampire hunter! You get my drift? 
But if the New Village is not coming soon to cinemas near us, I think you'd understand.
Coming Soon for over a year now
We still remember Tanda Putera, don't we? That movie by award-winning Shuhaimi Baba portrays Tun Razak, the father of current PM Najib, as one of the national heroes during one of the most trying times in Malaysia's history. He and his deputy, Tun Dr Ismail, who both tragically died early deaths and mourned by an entire nation. 
Despite its good intentions, Tanda Putera hasn't been shown to the public! Reason? Because there are politicians like Lim Kit Siang and his hound dogs who saw it (based on the trailer and FB forums) as politically-motivated, racially seditious or/and personally slanderous etc. 
No thanks, also, to the relevant authorities who had no balls to stand up to Kit Siang, Kua Kia Siong, and other movie critics like them.  
What Tanda Putera had to go through last year, the New Village will have to go through now. The national censors have okayed the New Village (just like they had okayed Tanda Putera) but the date for its public screening, originally slotted for the Merdeka month of August, has now been suspended. We can't blame Kit Siang and his barking dogs here but there have been complaints that the New Village may be politically-motivated, racially seditious and/or may revive the Communist movement in Malaysia. Sounds familiar? 
What goes round comes around. 
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Anonymous said...

ahhh.. DAP .. such a bitch. at least they have balls like a true bitch bananas. yellowish outside, white inside. but wait.. how bout the malays?
such a whimper-ish creature that can only babbling and do nothing... you see it's semangat 1 malaysia and national reconciliation that brought the malays together as a respected race in malaysia.

Anonymous said...

This is another BS spin by rocky. This is the mentality of the UMNO Malay. They think if they can't have it everyone else especially Chinese can't have it too. Chinese is again proven to be the bogeyman for UMNO Malay to be blamed for every blunder they have.

Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang's DAP belongs to the Socialist International. They want to expand government to embrace everything we do, all aspects of our daily lives. They are IDEOLOGICAL ATHEISTS no matter what appearances they may portray:

So what is this new Cultural Marxism?:


It begs the question: "How come the Partai Isle seMalaysia can affiliate themselves with the socialist DAP in a common political struggle for power?"

PAS is as Malay Muslim as DAP is Confucian Chinese: Both are contradictions in terms! Watch out brothers and sisters of Malaysia United!

Anonymous said...

Jangan salahkan Lim Kit Sial dan konco2nya.Salahkan Najib dan konco2nya yang tak ada telor lagi bacul.

Apocryphalist said...

Chinese-backed DAP has always been responding to issues with knee jerk reactions. Do a Tanda Putera, and they come up with New Village. Nab Alvi-Vivian and they point finger at Ibrahim Ali too, never mind the issue had been explained and re-explained again and again.

I once pointed out the fallacies of Super Prostitute Annabel Chong here, a chinese of Singaporean Origin set out to make her 15 minutes through err... some quite less than noble means and lo and behold what do you expect: a commenter next to mine puts up sooooo much effort on researching what is the MALAY'S counterpart---to which he could fortunately find Suffiah Yusoff. It's always like that: downgrading chinese 'aaaa? Wait 'aaa ... I find in internet now about malay oso.

Sometimes these knee-jerk reactions, either through faulty research (or perhaps lack thereof) would result in embarassing conclusions. May 1969's "origins" to which Kua Kia Siong tried so much to tell the younger chinese generation not to accept the official version, even though sourced out from official reported sources, he replaces with his own concoctions with equally inane plots (May 13 started by Tun Razak because he wanted to be Prime Minister!!he he he). And the sources he quoted?

"Previously classified documents".

Upon closer scrutiny, these "classified documents" were nothing more than the fantastic imaginations of a foreign reporter who was not allowed to cover the events in the thick of the bloody melee, for obvious reasons, and to which Kia Soong seemed to base all his writings on. Well DO read Jebat's analysis on Kia Soong here,would you.

But in this New Village Knee Jerk, I think, it's going to be a backfire upon the DAP-backed film makers. No one would back you up if your protagonist are communists, that's for sure.

Unless, of course, that's what the REAL intent of the whole exercise. And dissentment.

In which case, Hello?


Are you listening?

(Or watching?)

banggoi petai said...

alangkah indahnya bumi Malaysia seandainya tiada langsung bangsa cina di sini. . PAS berebut dengan UMNO saja. . 5 tahun PAS perintah, 5 tahun UMNO perintah. bergaduh berebut pun sesama sendiri. . rasa rasa korang di Uganda sana ada ke sekolah cina, market cina, universiti cina, tokong cina ???. ada cara ke malaysia ni kita buat cam Uganda. . aku tanya saja ni. .. faham betul betul yaaa. .. ini ayat TANYA

Painkiller judas priest said...

They should release new village.

It will then open up the eyes of the malays.

Why get the chinese angry when you can getbthe malays to unite.

Tanda putera will have a lesser impact than new village when/if viewed by the chinese.

I will be 3rd in line if the shitty movie shows up somewhere near me.

Then when i get out of the movies, and have a better and refined views, will spread the message around.

Lets hope it makes it into the movies

Anonymous said...

These Chinakuis are a bastard race. They make a lot of noise over little things just like the kelings. They even want to lay claims that the Malay heroes Hang Tuah and gangs were Chinese. Remember Hang Tuah's famous words 'Tak akan Melayu Hilang Didunia!' Would a Chinese bastard say this? And would a Chinese bastard kill his Chinese best friend for a Malay Sultan?

Anonymous said...

Who the heck, pray tell, was the producer of this New Village film?

Why not just publish the names for all to make the judgment whether this was a DAP-sanctioned initiative?

Or, maybe it was done by some bloody Chinese crony of the ruling elite? And then dress it up to manufacture yet another controversy for the tail to wag the dog?

Warta2U said...


Anonymous said...

and yet the movies for our kids are mostly sad movies and this is Malay words of wisdom " melentur buluh biar dari rebungnya "

Buguih Solok
Johor Bahru

Anonymous said...

Tsunami Cina pada PRU Ke 13 bukanlah satu kebetulan tetapi satu perancangan yang tersusun rapi. Mereka akan mencuba nasib sekali lagi pada PRU 14.

Sekiranya bangsa Melayu masih tidak sedar, alpa, lalai, lupa dan mahu meletakkan pemikiran mereka dalam golongan orang-orang yang jahil serta tidak mahu berfikir tentang masa depan anak cucu bangsa Melayu di bumi ini, saya rasa bangsa Melayu di Malaysia akan pupus seperti mana Melayu pupus di Champa, Siam, Funan dan Burma.

Melayu akan pupus. Itu perancangan mereka.

Sebab itulah saya nak buat satu program dengan beberapa kawan penyelidik bangsa Melayu dan buku akan diterbitkan sedikit masa lagi tentang asal-usul Melayu ini.

Pada 2004, National University of Singapore, penulisnya bernama Timothy P. Bernard telah menulis satu buku yang bertajuk “Contesting Malayness : Malay Identity Across Boundaries”.

Kita tahu siapa di belakang buku itu, seorang tokoh pemimpin veteran Singapura.

Buku itu mengatakan bahawa bangsa Melayu itu tidak wujud. Bahawa bangsa Melayu itu diwujudkan hanya di atas dasar politik, untuk kepentingan politik. Kita tidak akan jumpa buku ini di negara kita kerana diharamkan di Malaysia tetapi telah dijual berjuta-juta naskah di luar negara.

Kalau kita pergi ke muzium Singapura, kita akan lihat pertama kali kita melangkah, (ditulis) ‘Melayu bodoh..Melayu rasuah..Melayu lanun…Melayu perompak’, itulah imej yang diberikan Singapura kepada setiap pengunjung muzium itu, meracuni pemikiran rakyat mereka sendiri dan para pelancong.

Bangsa Cina yang mendominasi Singapura, mereka amat mencemburui bangsa Melayu.

Anonymous said...

why not rtm let us hear a song, " anak kecil main api, terbakar diri nya sendiri...." ori version!

peluru tak bermata

Anonymous said...

anon 5:52pm
....tanyakan remaja Melayu Singapura dimanakah Pulau Blakang Mati!

Panglima Yg Empat
Malaysia Tanah AirKu

Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya, sejarah apa terjadi masa 1969 Mei 13 memang apa dikatakan dalam filem hanya jalan cerita sedikit ada tak berjalan lancar seperti masa mereka tunjukkan orang lari daripada orang Cina yang mengamuk mereka kena tunjukkan sebelum itu tentang Perdana Menteri bukan selit masa yang tak betul.