Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kit Siang's pee wee

Fighting Shumi. Award-winning Shuhaimi Baba, fondly known as Shumi (but not to Rais Yatim, I guess, and, hell no, not to Kit Siang, I am certain) is having to fight both the Information Minister and the Opposition leader. Rais Yatim is being difficult about the release of the movie while Kit Siang has got Kua Kia Soong to bark at Shumi. Unfortunately for Kua, Shumi isn't afraid of him. In Feisty Shumi fought back Kua, but where's Tandaputera promo? by the blogger A Voice, Shuhaimi Baba barks back at Kit Siang's machai, and by golly, I think she makes a better, smarter fighter than many of the politicians out there! Shumi, however, has a stronger adversary in Rais ...

Original article
I read about this "ex-Mara student" coming out to say that YB Lim Kit Siang could not have urinated on a flag pole in front of the Selangor MB's house during the May 13, 1969 racial riots. Aside from the fact that the article was published by The Edge, a financial daily, the thing that struck me as funny is that the ex-Mara student is a 64 year old man!

Ahmad Habib was 21 years old when the racial riots erupted. When the clashes happened, he boarded the wrong bus and later went into hiding for 8 hours in a house in Lorong Raja Uda and later went over to the MB's house to seek help. The young man must have been scared shit and confused but he was certain Kit Siang didn't pee there that day. His eye-witness account in Ex-Mara Student Refutes May 13 allegation against Kit Siang h e r e.

First thing first, the article should NOT have described Ahmad Habib as an ex-Mara student. Ahmad Habib should be quoted as a DAP supporter  or a pensioner or an ex-civil servant or whatever it was that he did after he had graduated, not as "ex-Mara student". 

Why then did the article quote him as an "ex-Mara student"? Obviously, someone at The Edge saw the need to show that a Malay (Mara is associated with Malay/Bumiputera) is throwing his support for Kit Siang and the DAP. If Ahmad Habib has always been one of the few non-Chinese DAP supporters, his eye-witness account count for much, would it? Hence, the use of "Mara" in the story.

Other than the obvious spin on Mara, what also struck me is the fact that Kit does go to great lengths to clear his name on the May 13 racial riots. We know that his party, the DAP, has always seem uncomfortable - and defensive, even - when discussions on May 13 zoom in to the question of "Who Started It?". But did the movie suggest that it was Kit Siang who did the "funny business" in front of the MB's residence 43 years ago?

I had the privilege of previewing Shuhaimi Baba's Tanda Putera sometime back and came away impressed with an effective and moving portrayal two great Malaysian leaders - Tun Razak and Tun Dr Ismail - in one movie. I came away feeling I knew both men better now. I came away appreciating the struggles and sacrifices our forefathers had to go through and had to make for us.

In the movie, there may have been a scene of a man peeing at a flagpole or a tree or on his own shoes but if it isn't for Kit Siang who has so incessantly insisted he did not such thing - and now this ex-Mara student coming out of hiding to tell us not what he saw but what he did not see! -  I would have totally forgotten it!



  1. Leave it to Rocky to write something....that is be something else.
    So many red paints incidents and Home Minister most idiotic responds...all ignored......exactly like he keep ignoring ....Mahathir said he is a Devil.
    Anyway...the red paint incidents are clear signs umno B is leaving PutraJaya soon.
    The last few acts are so stupid.
    hoi Rock..out to paint Kit Siang has no manners...and DAP is a gangster party???

  2. Anonymous5:24 pm


    Going by Your 1" Pee Wee and pigeon egg balls Its no wonder you couldn't tell the difference between a genuine and a real one!

    Badan Besar tapi Otak dan Pee Wee miniscule!!

  3. DanieL5:24 pm

    After reading this blog post, I could only say that Rockybru is as bad if not worse than the cowardly film producer of "The Innocence Muslims".

    "Tanda Putera" much like "The Innocence of Muslims" are films produced with the evil intention of inciting hatreds against the selected group of people, while twisting history to suit the vile hater's agenda.

    Let see if you would be balls enough to come out and defend the freedom of speech of "The Innocence of Muslims" much like you defended your blog posting here. After all, both are equally vile, distasteful, and evil.

    Let see if you have the balls to publish this comment.

  4. Rocky loves to instigate...twist and tell half truths.
    That is him now....totally different from previously.
    Like I said...Najib should employ him as CEO for Mew Straits Times...the oldest most respected newspaper..becoming a paper with readers less than Sun.
    Gone is NST competing with Star..totally no comparison.
    Anything managed by umno B racists ...all will fail.
    yip...Rocky praying hard for Najib to be elected PM...pour in RM1 NST and he draws a salary of RM4 million per year.
    Nice wet dream.

  5. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Aiyoyo Rocky, lu banyak jahat, pusing-pusing punya cerita !!

  6. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Saudara pembaca,

    Filem Tanda Putera belum ditonton umum. Kalau ikut khabarnya dalam filem tersebut tidak pula dinukilkan orang yang mengencing tiang bendara di hadapan rumah MB Selangor itu LKS.
    Jadi, kah!, kah!,kah! pada LKS yang terasa hati. Mungkin kalau dia dan media massa pro pembangkang tidak 'bising' kita pun tidak menghubung kaitkan peristiwa itu dengannya.
    Mungkin generasi yang telah matang pada masa tersebut terfikir bahawa pengencing tiang bendera ialah LKS. Generasi muda sekarang hanya mengingati peristiwa itu sebagai bahan sejarah dan tidak tahu siapa pelakunya.
    Tetapi terima kasih kepada LKT kerana memukul canang tentang siapa pelakunya. Kalau tidak kenapa dia begitu 'defensive' Nanti orang akan kata 'tidak tumbuh tidak melata kalau tidak begitu bersungguh LKS menafikannya, maka akan orang kata! ( dia pelakunya )

  7. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Haunted by his OWN GUILT.

    That is PAKATAN for YOU!

    corrupted to the core
    cronies in every way
    and liars all the way!

  8. Anonymous7:18 pm

    stupid article by evil mca-umno supporter.go have a brew.

  9. ex-SBP7:24 pm

    1969 mana ada MARA. And he was already 21 in that year - too late to get enrolled into MRSM, ITM or whatever MARA later founded years later. A classic case of a cina bukit totok DAP supporter masquerading as a Malay.

  10. Rocky I bet you LKS was also aware that many Malays were slaughtered in Singapore in 1965 and he kept quiet he was a member of the PAP then he did not once commented on the unfortunate incident!

  11. drMpower7:42 pm

    first, or the only thing that matter in that film is, the potrayal of two great leaders in malaysian history. how both of them went through heavens and hells for the nation.

    that is all that matters

    the film is not interested in kit siang. people cudnt careless about kit did not pee and such and such. what weight kit siang got in bringing up this nation? nothing. nada. none. yillek.

    who cares about kit siang? thats right, nobody cares about him. but now, people maybe - justttt maybe -remember the lim kit 'pee or not pee' siang

  12. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Like the mamak kutty said if the American can came up with avatar then the 911 was staged...

    And one thing about 513, Tunku kena kaw kaw...

    This movie sure go a great length to rewrite history... for sure.

  13. Anonymous7:57 pm

    What a hypocrite. Nak projek ke? How's the Jaring bid go, thambi?


  14. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Rocky you did well for UMNO, will help to say some good words for you to Rosmah and I am sure she will agree a pay increase for you.

  15. Jasper Bloodstone9:31 pm

    Pasquale 7:34 PM

    Do you have concrete evidence to back up your claim?

    Like, for example, secret dispatches, covering the period in question, from British diplomats in Malaysia and Singapore to the British Foreign Office?

    Or the published or unpublished memoirs of key players then?

    You wouldn't the Brumeister to be tagged by some hyper-vigilant lawyers now, would you?

  16. This Ahmad Habib must have been staring at the flag pole continuously 24 hours to actually confirm that Kit Siang did not pee on that condemned flag pole. I must say I admire his determination.

  17. Anonymous9:48 pm

    I was there in Dato Haun House when UMNO gather in his house.Ahmas Mustafa the x UMNO executive sec retary also there.I did not see Kit Siang and if Kit Siang was therme and if he piss a the flag pool,?the UMNO Yourh will slaughter him.

    Anyway the tension was high that night and UMNO Youth and He Malay was vary upset with he Chinese and Indian,when they shouted and abuse the Malay during the victory par ade.
    I blame Kit Siang and Tan Chee Koon from Gerakan who instigate the Chinese with their speech before the victory parade.

    Kit Siang cannot wash his hand and lam innocent.

  18. Anonymous9:53 pm

    May 13 oso wan to pinned it on Apek Lim ?

  19. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Bro. Rocky,
    Interesting to see many DAPsters melatah & melalut responding to your artcle! Bolayan these people lah, depa don't like your article depa bole blah! At least you got balls to publish their stupid comments (don't think the "monsterball" guy has got balls!)... Hehehe... claim saja monster ball... cukia punya olang boleh balik kg balu la sama unker kitt... and kencing kat tiang pagar siang malam...

  20. Anonymous10:33 pm

    You ain't nothing but a hound dog...well an UMNO balls licking dog:)

  21. Anonymous11:26 pm

    To Pee or Not To Pee: That is the FIRST Question

    The Impact of any Truth-exposing, Myth-killing, Kua-busting and KitSiang-uncovering efforts, be it in the form of Jebat-Must-Die’s little May 13 Booklet, or Suhaimi Baba’s 5-minute-out-of-2-hour portrayal of the racial violence incidence, must NECESSARILY be deemed as antagonistic by the DAP, who would try so much to downplay their role on that fateful day from that of the main perpertrators of the ugly incident, to trying to popularize the Conspiracy Theory that they, succinctly, were the ones who were the victims. And thus we see hilarious efforts like Kua Sioong who try so much to convince that his outrageous theories like Tun Razak started it (because he wanted to be PM!), the malays’ amuck was unprovoked, and that the DAP had nothing to do with it. Now I say hilarious not because no one in their right mind would believe any of these in light of pictorial evidences, police reports and various eye-witness accounts, but because Kia Sioong’s “Declassified Documents” were nothing more than FEER articles written by a journalist which really weren’t classified at all! Let’s look at what Jebat Must Die wrote:

    “…these ‘declassified documents’ were nothing more than articles taken from the now defunct Far Eastern Economic Review magazine. Its writer, a journalist named Bob Reece communicated directly with the FEER’s HQ in London and British High Commission. These documents were ‘obtained’ by Kua Kia Soong from the Public Records Office in Kew Gardens, London – and so he stated in his book. In fact, these were the documents deemed by Kua Kia Soong as the priceless ‘declassified documents’. They have no intrinsic value and were not data laden with factual analyses except to notify the readers that the documents were actually, only a personal opinion of a British journalist!

    Kua Kia Soong rubbished all the investigative research and study of the White Paper of the NOC on what actually had happened. He relied mainly on Bob Reece’s writings and dispatches between foreign correspondents …”

    But seriously, these DAP beatnicks never fail to entertain me. First we hear about the top rank DAP member who got “knighted” by the Queen, only to be exposed later on that he really should be awarded for his expertise in photoshop cut and pasting. Then how about the “Hang Tuah was a chinese” theory simply because---get this---he had a name that begins with “Hang”. [They had a jolly time translating the five brothers’ tri-syllable appellations into chinese-sounding names, only to be dumbfounded with what to do with Hang Kasturi, you see]. I am still waiting for the time when that 3-PhD Dong Zhiong head REALLY tell us who or which university (ies) gave him all those 3 PhDs, and THEN can I have a hearty laugh.


    (to be continued …)

  22. Anonymous11:27 pm

    To Pee or Not To Pee: That is the SECOND Question

    But now the question crops up: did Lim Kit Siang pee on the flagpole of the MB’s house during their Victory Parade on that fateful day, the sound of his sizzling bladder-fluid raining onto the white-painted mast upholding the state sovereignty’s most respected emblem drowned amidst the cries of “Malai Si!” or “Ini negeli sikalang Cina punya” that his cohorts shouted that day?

    Perhaps he did, perhaps he did not. Some old folks from Kg Baru swore they saw him doing that. Others, in particular that “64 year old ex-MARA student mistakenly riding on the wrong bus” did NOT see him pee. I wonder if no one saw Jack the Ripper murdering those whores in London, then it could just maybe that perhaps, there was no Jack the Ripper at all? But seriously, I am not even smiling.

    But some people have got it all wrong. The question that should be asked is not “did Lim Kit Siang pee on the flagpole.” So what if he did? The toilets were far, you had, in the morning downed lots of kopitiam hot drinks, things were getting exciting, what with all this shouting and jeering and he just had to pee. So he just unzipped and did the most natural thing – except that the nearest flagpole was actually hoisting Selangor’s flags. And by “he” here, could be any one of them mob rioters, not necessarily Lim Kit Siang.

    The question that should be asked is this: What role di Lim Kit Siang play in touting and jeering those anti-malay sentiments during that day? Did he himself concoct up the phrase, “Semua Melayu pigi masuk hutan”? Ih he was not, could he tell us who? Was he the one who desgined the gigantic symbolic broom “To sweep out all the malays?” If he was not, could he tell us who was the person behind that broom? Surely that gigantic structure was built from party funds? Did he, as a top ranking DAP that day, permit or even instruct its construction? Or perhaps he would like to deny that such things never happened, and such a broom did not exist? And no one shouted any derogatory remarks to the malays that day? Who masterminded the parade? c. etc. etc etc.

    And as for the 64 year old “ex-Mara” student, I only have this to ask. Are you sure you boarded the wrong bus that day?


  23. Apo,

    I was wondering about this ex-Mara student fella also. First he boarded the wrong bus and found himself to be at or near the MB's residence, or so he admitted.

    Then he hid his sorry ass for 8 hours, during which he said he heard gun shots. Were those gun shots he heard? Was he sure?

    And after all that, he went back to the MB's house to seek shelter ...

    And both he and Kit Siang think he is credible enough to convince all of us that Kit Siang did not pee that day. Aiyah .. I was not there on that day lah Bang Mat, but I don't think Kit Siang peed on the flagpole in front of MB's house if he was in Kota Kinabalu as he'd claimed.. KK dengan KL manyak jauh tau ...

  24. tebing tinggi12:03 am

    Another question to be asked ,does this Ahmad Habib know and reconize Lim Kit Siang then ?,or they would say they grow up together.

  25. IIsEnjoy12:35 am

    These DAPsters are hilarious. Their hysterical response proves you've hit the nail right on the head, Rocky. More please!

  26. Kartunetwork12:39 am

    You can tell a Pakatoon a mile away. Him be the ball-less one that hid for 8 hours.

  27. Anonymous1:01 am

    Tun Razak is a traitor and should be disgraced.

  28. Ramai Orang nampak Kit Siang Kencing di Rumah MB pada peristiwa 13 Mei, tapi, tiada yang melapurkan, sebab, ramai yang mati terkencing-kencing, jadi Lim Kit Siang hidup, orang tak peduli masa tu dia kencing bendera atau kencing ke longkang.

  29. Anonymous2:00 am

    The pseudo-Malays and pseudo-Muslim slimebags from PAS and PKR and running dogs like the 'ex-Maras" who hanker after chingkie cum should come to their senses sooner than later for their continued cocksuckling, arselicking, and cunt-baring antics are gonna place their race and themselves at peril.

    I have written extensively on the Chingkie machinations for political power to supplement their economic might since 2009 here but it appears that maruahless Malays prostitutes and pimps like Azizah, Nurul Izzah, Anuswhore, Hadi, Nikki blinded by vengeance, and blinkered by selfhate have yet to realise the potential impact of cocksuckling and cuntlicking their Chingkie masters.

    The net result of Chingkie manipulation of the pseudoMlay polity would be Chingkie hegemony within the Malaysian context beholden to a regional hegemony helmed by Singapork which would be a subset of a global hegemony under the PRC. Policy documents within the inner sanctum in Beijing and Singapork outline this scenario clearly and this has alerted maruah nation-states like the Japanese , the Philippines and by extension, the Americans to be wary of this emerging yellow peril:

    On a recent stopover in Tokyo, I was alerted by party appratchiks within the LDP that the Chingkie scumbags are planning to reinvigorate the 15th century Ming protocols declaring suzerainty over South East and East Asia with Beijing being the nervecentre of this bloc of Chingkie vassal states. Singapork is a vital lynchpin in that respect and money is being funneled into Malaysia surreptiously under the guise of investment to ensure that local Chingkie hegemony is established with pseudo-Malays puppets as stooges of the new regime. in this scenario, resisting Muslim Malays are slated to be massacred!

    Wonder, when the pseudo-Malay bastards will wake up to the emerging reality or whether they are ever capable of doing so. Whatever, if they ever cross the Rubicon in their collective madness, here are a cuple of snapshots of what awaits them:

    actually, the above was first mentioned here;

    Me? I will do the right Islamic and Malay thing and vote BN despite certain lingering issues. At least, BN will assure my kids and their kids a continued existence as a Muslim Melayu bermarua and that is something more than the kaffirs and munafiks in PAS and PKR can ever do. And yes, I certainly would never want my descendants pissing on my grave for selling Islam and the Malays out for this power and be rest assured that my burden in akhirat is, at least, one less lighter.

    On another note, maybe the Japanese Kempetei should have done better:

    In an interview on 6 July 2009 with National Geographic, Lee Kuan Yew said:

    I was a Chinese male, tall and the Japanese were going for people like me because Singapore had been the centre for the collection of ethnic Chinese donations to Chongqing to fight the Japanese. So they were out to punish us. They slaughtered 70,000 - perhaps as high as 90,000 but verifiable numbers would be about 70,000. But for a stroke of fortune, I would have been one of them.[12]

    which would have spared us all from the evil now within our midst. Or maybe its time we initiate....

    Warrior 231

  30. Anonymous2:17 am


    Since, RB has published your shit, it proves he HAS BALLS, right?

    Question is whether YOU have the balls to reread your shit and justify to us how Tanda Putera is as vile as that US produced trash. Or maybe you dont have the balls or brains to do that, after all.


    Good summations, man. It just hit me that this pee thing is reminiscent of that pivotal Watergate moment back in 1972. You see, when the Watergate building was first burgled, the Nixon campaign team put it out that they were in no way involved. Now that got a couple newshounds going by the moniker Bernstein and Woodward thinking: "nobody ever asked or said anything about Nixon and Watergate so why did the White House strangely issue that denial" .......and the rest is history.

    Notice, the same shades of colour here with regard to an old Chingkie and his filthy uncircumcised smegmaed willy. As they say "siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas" hahahahahahahaha...maybe someone can jerk himself till his memory spurts back.....hahahahahaha

    Warrior 231

  31. Anonymous6:20 am

    Good job putting out those dumb DAPster comments, love to see all the mad PR idiots coming here and giving your blog views.

    Especially the one equating Tanda Putera to The Innocence of Muslims.

    That one was so foot in the mouth stupid.

    You know what's so funny too, I wouldn't know or even care about some chinese pissing in the movie if some dumbass politician didn't put people's attention on it.

  32. Anonymous7:58 am

    What do you expect from the descendants of coolie kangs, poorest of the poor and illiterate some more?

    Given a better life in Tanah Melayu still dont know how to appreciate let alone be grateful

    run away from motherland, embraced by gracious bumiputeras, still wanna complain

    let loose a team of eunuchs, pseudo-intellectuals who borrowed (tumpang senang) mat salleh's writings to claim factual documentation

    alahai waht to do, descendants of copycats - pirated cds, dvds, branded goods

    now pirated intelligence ... kua kua kua kit kit kit

  33. Linguini8:53 am

    Apa dah jd dgn hang Rocky? "Ex-MARA" pun hg nak pertikai. Hang kata LKS kencin. Tunjuk la bukti supaya isu ni setel.

    Kami yg dok baca ni x tau sapa kencin sapa ....

  34. tebing tinggit,
    Same same did the Kg Baru old folks swore it was LKS? They grew up together too?
    All being said, it was a sad chapter in our history. Malays were a very tolerant race ( I grew up with them in the kampong) hence I had nice memories of my gentle neighbours and schoolmates. LOL those days, we laughingly called each other names : cina makan babi, melayu makan belacan and keling minum tuak. Were we that comfortable with each other orjust ignorant children until politicians taught us otherwise.
    During those dark days, we were thankful as our neighbours assured and protected us being the only chinese family in the kampong.

  35. Anonymous11:40 am

    MARA has been formed before 1969. The old building was just next to Road Transport Department in Batu Road, opposite Lee Resturant and Yoke Wan Tho Ghost Mansion. There was a bus stop in front of Mara bldg. Mara has some training centres/schools.
    So who is lying and claimingto be a believer of a world religion?

  36. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Mana koh tsu koon? All those pictures and shouts were published as by Gerakan celebrating their victories.

    All those vile words against the Malays and the broom thing were done by Gerakan or DAP?

    Why so quiet by Rocky and so many others on this issue?

    Isn't Gerakan anymore a component party of BN?

  37. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Don’t bother about who pancut hear or dare, waved blooms, No need to explain, ebelione in lis world know wan….

    Just get your kids to surf the net and research and understand themselves why similar incidences like Malaysian May 13th kept happening ebeliwear, in the world. Look/read at historical photos, articles all same wan...

    America as far back as 1800's and more recently even in countries like Tonga, Solomon Island and surprisingly, Zambia!!

    Never ending, mana ada gula semut api mayak ooooi!


  38. Anonymous2:42 pm

    this cinapek is hounded by his guilt - simple as that

    actually he wanted more airtime in Tanda Putera but he's pissed off that he was THAT inconsequential, only 2 minutes

    so made a big hoo hah just to tell all he's somebody

    or he is anxious that the cinapek sepet sengkelet clan might just lose more votes after watching UMNO's past leaders' noble sacrifice

    note: nobody cares for doglike pissing nature of lks

  39. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Warrior 231, why you read utusan everyday ? See, it make you become a monster like you are now !!

    Kesian betul !!

    The Malay Male

  40. Anonymous12:45 am

    My dear brethren,

    their simple yet so destructive weapon is cheating, lie, manipulating, dishonest and denial syndrome.

    from a sundry shop,workshop to an ah long...

    from lord murugan to deity and jesus christ

    tell us what they incapable off?

    but the bumiputra of this country, is very accommodating.....

    indeed very sad.

  41. Anonymous12:46 am

    My dear brethren,

    their simple yet so destructive weapon is cheating, lie, manipulating, dishonest and denial syndrome.

    from a sundry shop,workshop to an ah long...

    from lord murugan to deity and jesus christ

    tell us what they incapable off?

    but the bumiputra of this country, is very accommodating.....

    indeed very sad.

  42. Anonymous1:15 am

    have the bolexs to tell it to the malays like you write in their face!
    Cowards like you know how to hate but what is the use?
    Why? wanna act like George Bush? Must melayus be like you and follow you dumbshit in your thinking...unless you could also be a mamak trying to be more malay it?

  43. Anonymous1:16 am

    have the bolexs to tell it to the malays like you write in their face!
    Cowards like you know how to hate but what is the use?
    Why? wanna act like George Bush? Must melayus be like you and follow you dumbshit in your thinking...unless you could also be a mamak trying to be more malay it?

  44. Anonymous2:06 am

    They are scared of the truth, that's all, as it does not favour them, so now they are cooking, kenduri style

  45. Tanda3:25 pm

    Hey Daniel this Tanah Melayu. We are free to make films as we deem right. You can make your own films. Every body to their perspective. Maybe you are Namawee. Nazri will kiss Namawee hands but some Malays may want to blast him. Freedom is not without consequence.

    Some cowardly malay like
    nazri takpe...some not so takpe..

    So what are you gonna do about Tanda Putra? Do lah.. who cares?

  46. Tanda Berani3:28 pm

    To Daniel,

    Suhaimi Baba is a respected film maker. She is entitled to her freedom of speech guaranteed by the American First Amendment..hehe.

    So stuff yourself if you dont like it.

    Make your own film how your grandfather survive the treacherous sea to arrive in Tanah Melayu. That would be interesting too..

  47. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Anon 1.15

    Terima kasih atas komentar anda. Saya tetap dengan pendirian saya mengundi BN kerana saya lebih arif tentang apa yang sedang berlaku dibelakang tabir dan apa yang bakal berlaku.

    Hakikatnya saya tidak membaca Utusan maupun menelan apa jua propaganda BN atau PR secara mentah. Saya seorang pengundi bertanggungjawab pada diri, keluarga, bangsa, agama dan negara. Justeru, saya meneliti sesuatu isu dengan dalam dan kritis dengan merujuk kepada pelbagai sumber dan pendekatan sebelum membuat keputusan.

    Pemilihan saya akan BN adalah berpandukan pada fakta sejarah, politik dan ekonomi. Tetapi percaturan saya juga ditentukan oleh masa depan akidah anak-anak saya agar diakhirat persoalan ini Insyaallah tidak menjadi beban ke atas diri saya. Saya tidak mengaku warak, jauh sekali mukmin, saya hanyalah Muslim Melayu dengan segala cacat cela yang berpandukan pengharapan ikhlas akan Rahim Allah aza wa jalla agar terselamat dunia akhirat. Pada saya, walaupun amal itu penting, keselamatan disisiNya adalah karunia RahimNya semata-mata bukannya dengan amal kita yang tak seberapa. Tetapi saya tidak mahu bermadah panjang pasal bab agama, cukuplah pada saya agar Islam itu terpelihara dan terus terpelihara dan hanya UMNO yang mampu berbuat demikian walaupun diselubungi dengan segala kedaifan dan kecacatan. Cukuplah itu sebagai jaminan untuk anak2 dan keturunan seterusnya agar mereka terus hidup dengan akidah mereka terjamin, insyaallah.

    PAS apatah lagi PKR tidak mampu menjaga kesinambungan Islam jauh sekali, DAP. Kenapa tidak PAS? Jawapan saya mudah :

    a.bila asma al-husna Kalimah" Allah" di halalkan penisbatannya dengan kepercayaan syirik Trinity kristian, jelas orang Islam yang menghalalkan penisbatannya tersebut, meskipun nas dan dalil melarangnya, adalah orang sesat, syirik dan murtad yang tidak boleh diberi baiah oleh mereka yang bergelar Muslim.

    b. bila ketentuan ke syurga boleh dilakukan manusia berdasarkan fahaman politik seperti dakwaan "undi PAS jamin kesyurga" maka itu adalah penyelewengan akidah yang jelas oleh manusia yang sesat dan kufur. Halnya kerana hanya Allah jualan penentu kesudahan kita dan berpendapat selain itu adalah menginjak hak Allah menentukan samada kita di golongan kiri atau kanan di Mashar kelak. Subhanaallah, begitu angkuh kah diri kita hingga sanggup menghina hak dan bidang kuasa Allah azza wa jalla?

    Mengenai PKR dengan sokongannya kepada LGBT, kewujudan Israel dan banyak lagi tak payah lah saya hurai panjang. Mengenai DAP, tanyalah orang PP yang arif tentang apa yang berlaku di sana, dan perhati jugalah bagaimana mereka mempermainkan Islam dengan menceroboh surau, mentertawakan ayat alQuran dan banyak lagi perkara buruk ditempat lain.

    Ya, UMNO memang camping dengan seribu satu masalah tapi perlu ingat, mereka tidak kafirkan sesama Islam yang mengucap syahadah, mereka tidak mainkan kalimah Allah, mereka tidak menghumban Islam ketepi untuk negara kebajikan. Mungkin orang UMNO golongan berdosa tetapi perlu ingat selagi mereka berpegang kepada kalimah syahadah tanpa menisbatkan yang buruk dan tercela kepada Allah dan syariatnya, pintu taubat sentiasa terbuka, mudah-mudahan dengan RahmatNya mereka beroleh keselamatan.

    Justeru kalian akan perhatikan keputusan saya adalah bersandarkan akidah walaupun segala yang lain turut di perhalusi dengan teliti. Namun yang lain tidak penting kerana walaupun direndam dosa dan kekurangan diri, empunya diri tidak ingin sekali2 menggadai kalimah syahadah untuk kesenangan duniawi. Mudah-mudahan itu menjadi pegangan setiap saudara seIslam.

    Lantaran itu, mengundi BN menjadi wajib pada diri ini demi mempertahankan akidah untuk diri, keturunan dan bangsa. Terpulang lah kepada yang lain untuk membuat keputusan berdasarkan akal yang waras di sulami dengan iman yang mantap serta taufik dan hidayah dariNya. Mudah2an , keputusan itu tidak merugikan diri, keturunan, bangsa dan agama.

    Warrior 231

  48. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Please read Dr Kua, reply for scholarly and citated sources instead of arguing with 'funny people'.
    Monsterball 'Jie U'... Great to have note someone so passionate with his cause even against all these wolfs here.

  49. Anonymous1:09 am

    will never forget Teresa Kok (the mother of all racist) roasted five pig in a tokong....

  50. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Warrior - you are a classic product of years of in-breeding and clutches.

  51. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Encik Pahlawan 231,
    Sangat tersentuh hati saya membaca nukilan saudara.Moga saudara dan keluarga dirahmati Allah sentiasa..Terima kasih kerana menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan.

    p/s I do not think the so called 'malaysian' at 1.15 could understand malay 100%, let alone writings that does not include his favourite racist comment and swear words.

  52. Jasper Bloodstone4:24 pm

    Everyone is hypersensitive - the Chinese because of discrimination, the Indians because of marginalization and the Malays because their selfworth is being denigrated.

    Add in differing views of the Almighty and what is pleasing to Him.

    And a movie whose origins are shrouded in controversy and which has elicited reactions ranging from measured to hysterically visceral violence.

    Seems to me that anything or anyone is fair game as long as it's done in the Name of the Almighty.

  53. Anonymous3:51 pm

    1. Anon 12.11pm

    Saya dah agak apa respon binatang seperti anda bila isu mempertahankan akidah dibangkitkan. Bila isu seperti ekonomi, politik dsbnya ditonjolkan, anda tidak akan melatah kerana isu-isu duniawi menjadi santapan biasa kamu wahai kaffir. Tetapi bila seorang Islam, walaupun dhaif imannya sekalipun,bercakap dari sudut akidah...golongan kaffir macam engkau akan mula terketar2 takut dan mulalah kamu menghumban sumpah serenah dan maki hamun kamu sesuka hati. Kamu tidak berbeza dari para pemuka kaffir Arab jahiliah seperti Abu Jahal, Abu Lahab dan konco-konco mereka. Takut akan kebenaran Allah aza wa jalla dari dulu, kini dan selamanya. Tetapi sebagai seorang Muslim saya tidak hairan maupun kaget dengan tindakbalas kamu wahai kaffir kerana respon anda memang selari dengan banyak firman Allah dalam al-Quran dan amanat baginda Rasulullah (SAW) yang mahfumnya: 'seru akan agama Allah(Islam) dan lihat diri Kaffir gentar gementar'

    Cuma sayang, ada juga segelintir saudara seIslam dengan saya yang sudah buta hati hingga tidak menanggapi perangai syaitan berwajah manusia seperti kamu, wahai kaffir 12.11pm

    2.Anon 2.16
    Saya tidak menulis untuk pujian atau celaan, cukuplah sekadar menjelaskan pendirian saya dan cukup Allah azza wa jalla menjadi saksi akan pendirian tersebut. Wallahualam.

    3.Jasper Bloodstone 4.24pm

    Amboi, hebat sungguh kaffir berwajah babi bermadah tentang 'Almighty'. Kalau kamu tidak bertuhan,pagan, athis atau agnostik, tolong jaga mulut anda dari menyibuk tepi kain orang, wahai kaffir."Fair game" , "almighty" dan segala dongeng anda akan terjawab di alam Barzakh dan Mashar. Cukup anda melatah bagaikan terkena sawan babi kerana pendirian saya tidak dipaksakan diri anda wahai kafir babi status najis mughazallah sepertimana pendirian sesat dan syirik kamu tidak boleh dipaksakan keatas diri saya, InsyaAllah:


    بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

    قُلْ يَا أَيُّهَا الْكَافِرُونَ (١)لا أَعْبُدُ مَا تَعْبُدُونَ (٢)وَلا أَنْتُمْ عَابِدُونَ مَا أَعْبُدُ (٣)وَلا أَنَا عَابِدٌ مَا عَبَدْتُمْ (٤)وَلا أَنْتُمْ عَابِدُونَ مَا أَعْبُدُ (٥)لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ (٦)

    1. Katakanlah: “Hai orang-orang kafir!” (QS. 109:1)

    2. aku tidak akan menyembah apa yang kamu sembah (QS. 109:2)

    3. Dan kamu bukan penyembah Ilah yang aku sembah (QS. 109:3)

    4. Dan aku tidak pernah menjadi penyembah apa yang kamu sembah (QS. 109:4)

    5. dan kamu tidak pernah (pula) menjadi penyembah Ilah yang aku sembah (QS. 109:5)

    6. Untukmulah agamamu, dan untukkulah agamaku (QS. 109:6)

    Semoga surak al-Kafirun di atas menjadi renungan dan penutup keceluparanmu, wahai kaffir babi.

    Warrior 231

  54. Anonymous11:13 pm a normal country they would declare you as an insane dangerous handicapped bastard. Which you are. So fuck off and if you have the balls offer yourself for public elections. See how you and your bitch rocky get shown up for bastards that you are.

  55. Anonymous3:44 am

    anon @ 11:13 PM

    Anda adalah mahluk yang harus disingkirkan daripada bumi bertuah asal Tanah Melayu.

  56. Anonymous10:41 am

    Warrior 321,
    Amin, Amin...

    TQVM for the link to Prof Balding's website, hope "they" don't try to close his account again.


  57. This is malicious writing you old shit.

  58. Anonymous10:22 am

    BN SH @ 12:56 PM should just go to a BiN and SHit