Monday, July 29, 2013

Crime busters, unite!

An article in the Star today: 
Crime busters will not be intimidated, says Marah 
PETALING JAYA: Those attempting to silence individuals dedicated towards crime busting such as MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan must be quickly and duly dealt with, said Malaysians Against Rape, Assault & Snatch theft founder (Marah) Dave Avran. 
“We must act swiftly without fear or favour to arrest the perpetrators who initiated the shooting. 
“If the act is meant to silence crime busters, then the perpetrators are sadly mistaken,” he said in a statement yesterday. 
He condemned Sanjeevan’s shooting and urged those involved in crime prevention movements to unite and work with the authorities. 
He extended Marah’s well-wishes to Sanjeevan for a speedy recovery and offered support to his family. 
Avran founded Marah in July last year in response to calls for Malaysians to unite against crime. 
Marah, a non-political, non-religious and non-racial movement, campaigns for safer car parks, safer streets, and the right to be safe in and outside homes. 
Its Facebook page currently has 4,548 members. - Ends 

Bru's comments: 

It is time anti-crime outfits like MARAH and MyWatch join forces with the police to fight the crooks and for PDRM to take them under their protective wings. They are all on the same side, after all, aren's they? My prayers to Sanjeevan's quick recovery so that he can re-unite with his loved ones and celebrate  Hari Raya with the Muslims, and to the early capture of the people who had made the attempt on his life. Those assailants are armed and dangerous so if the cops had to shoot first and ask questions later, I hope the crook-sympathisers among us don't come down too hard on our cops. And like Dave Avran says, if those scums thought  it would intimidate crime busters like him, they were terribly mistaken.  Salute!


  1. Anonymous1:02 pm

    The ills of Malaysia can be traced to one corrupted old mamak in Putrajaya.

    1. Anonymous4:37 am

      Not just him..LKS also..for telling lies not just the chinese but all malaysian

  2. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Salam Bro,
    I have to disagree with you on this matter. Pencegahan jenayah adalah tanggungjawab semua not selective agencies or ngo. No one should be accorded special privilege.
    Selalunya penjenayah terancang akan berselindung disebalik ngo2 seperti ini. Would you accuse anyone behind these organisation as a criminal?

    Think for the people not a bunch of people who claim they are crime fighter...

    1. Anonymous10:44 pm

      Yeah I second that. Things are not always what it seems. For instance, many kopitiams are just the front, legal business for triads to launder their money. Oh, some popular kopitiams belong to prominent politicians. Is there any connection between these two? Is it just a coincidence?

  3. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Your prayers ring hollow Bru. What makes you think that the chap hasn't been trying to work with our world-class PRDM??

    So many reports - with evidence in tow, and what happens? NFA..why?

    That's the million dollar question now, ain't it?

    Who stands to gain the most by taking this guy out?

  4. Anonymous3:24 pm

    Just a thought. Lets say its about me and you.

    I reveal information to you about police involvement with criminal syndicates.

    You relay that info to the crime bosses you know telling them it was me who disclosed the info.

    You also make that info public in order to implicate the police without finding out whether the info about dirty police is true. You do this cos you hate the police for some reason.

    The crime bosses shoot me up for threatening their livelihood.

    The public thinks the police set me up for snitching on them.

    You have gained twice over, right?

    1. You have serviced your crime boss friends by helping them take care of me.

    2. You gain extra mileage when the public buys into the tale that the police are involved and hates them more.

    You see there are many ways to orchestrate chaos. And what you see is not what it really is . Think about it.

  5. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Damn the human rights...PDRM should be given the free hand to go Brazil style i.e nip the criminals at the bud and make them disappear without graves..pre-emptive strikes.. If Obama can be given free hand do it with the drones to wipe out potential threat of terror.. why not we give free hand to PDRM to wipe out potential threat of mugging, carjacking, hired killing..

    Prof Awe Kecik

  6. Salam Bro.our countries have law and order,We have also rule of law as such the people must help the police to protect our way of life.
    Thi so called NGO can be useful to help expediate the process of helping the police force.
    But we have to check these people back ground,that they are truely with the side of the police force. We do not want fox who look like protecting the chickens.
    The emergent of these NGO reflect that our policing system need to be improved.
    We need to do more planning and strategise the crime prevention method.
    What about our foreign workers,are they good or dangerous to our society in terms of committing crime.
    What about our customs,the arms smuggling become rampant and that is why the criminals are accessed to this weapon.It is not fair to blame the government like what some reader try to portray. May God make Malaysia a truly peaceful country.Ameen.

  7. BADUT NASIONAL4:46 pm

    Wag the Dog, Infernal Affairs, The Departed... Semua Blockbusters!!!

  8. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Anonymous 1:02 pm said...

    "The ills of Malaysia can be traced to one corrupted old mamak in Putrajaya."

    You forgot to put the proper adjectives:-

    "The ills of Malaysia can be traced to one corrupted old mamak aspiring to sit on a chair in Putrajaya, helped by one old goat who used to urinate on flagpoles on May 13."

    Now THAAAAAT sounds a bit nicer, and truer, is it not?

    Anon 1:52:-

    "Selalunya penjenayah terancang akan berselindung disebalik ngo2 seperti ini. Would you accuse anyone behind these organisation as a criminal?"

    Yer betullah. Halal Massages, Halal Back Alley Prostitutions in Bukit Bintang. Selidik punya selidik tengok2 backed up by one famous guy by the name Ronnie Qiu.

    Rings a bell?

  9. Malaysians against Rape Snatch thefts? how shallow.. shouldn't it be Malaysias against organise crime and human trafficking.. Now that would be a handful

  10. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Just today another shooting, founder of Ambank shot dead in downtown KL, his wife injured. Surely much of the responsibiity lies with PDRM and Home Minister. We hear of so many shootings of late, yet we are supposed to have one of the strictest gun control laws, or so I've been told. Maybe I am wrongly informed. PDRM must become more professional in investigating and prosecuting criminals. At the moment they appear like bumbling Keystone cops, even talk that not all is well within the police force, many bad durians......

    1. Anonymous10:49 pm

      Bumbling? With the ex-simpang renggam detainees released becos you people were so concerned over the crooks' human rights, asking for the abolishment of ISA etc.,now we are beginning to see the ill effects and the shambles caused by your demand. Shame on you!! Now we're becoming more and more like the usa that you people look up to!

  11. Anonymous8:00 pm

    inilah akibat nya kerana umno tidak mahu hukum hudud , Allah telah menunjukkan balasannya dan mereka umno akan dibenci oleh manusia.

    1. Anonymous10:54 pm

      Bongok la u..this not about umno or bn la...this is about the people and the police vs the criminals, the crooks. Think pas got no crooks? U said u struggle for Islamic country, why didnt pas start one in kelantan/kedah when u have the chance? Don't say becos you're not the federal govt. Say u dont have the balls. Still want to blame others. Your stupidity so stupendous!!

  12. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Anon 8:00,

    Why salahkan UMNO? Has PAS implemented hukum Hudud in Kelantan? Why Kelantan has high crime rate, unemployment, drug addicts, AIDS and prostitution? Serambi Mekah? My footlah!

  13. Anonymous12:26 am

    bodoh punya olang, bukankah kelantan mahu melaksanakan hukum hudud tapi dihalang oleh mahader. ketinggalan zaman punya olang, tatak baca ka?

    1. Anonymous4:43 am

      Kepala hotak kau!! Percaya bulat bulat kata nik ajis tua bongok tu..TunM dah bagi lampu hijau..PAS tak mau buat sbb mereka yg kena potong tangan dulu tau..sudah pasti kau BODOH!!

  14. 1. The problem is to be the ghost hunters. You know they exist. They exist inside or outside the body that watch.

    2. Similar to dugong gracefully swims in water as if nothing happens on the surface...
    An easy prey indeed.

    3. Syndicated crime making millions. We have seen mafias done that. In front or from behind.

    So let the police pro handle this, in hand wit macc.

  15. Anonymous6:58 am

    kakakaaaaa, kalo begitu suruh aje lah Najib bikin hudud tu, ade berani ke ? kakakakaa. Anak mader pun jual arak, kakakakaa, tentu anak mader kena hukum sebat nanti, kakakaka. bodo.

  16. Anonymous10:09 am

    We are slowly becoming one of the country in South America. There is a state of lawlessness in the country. Malaysia right now experiencing the break down of security apparatus. It has becomes a grave concern of late. We don't have this kind of problem before.

  17. Anonymous3:50 am

    Anon 3.24pm, you have hit the right notes. Yes, what it seems is not what it is.......very true

    You see fat indian boy gets shot just as he was about to divulge "something great". Next we hear, fat Indian boy spoke about his secret to fat Malay boy:

    Fat Malay boy says what happened to fat Indian boy matches what Botakhead aka Tilam had been saying.

    Another Problem is, all three namely, fat Indian boy, fat Malay boy and Botakhead are batting for the same side and all are equally stupid and easy preys for manipulation by captain.

    The captain is arse man. Arse addict wants to be PM at all costs. He will work even with the devil to win the ashes.

    So shooting fat Indian boy is part of the game. And as part of the game, politics must be brought into it for someone's gain of course:

    Today the cops say fat indian boy was shot by his friends.’s-friends/

    A real hitman gets the job done, clean and easy (for clue see the kulim teacher killing or the banker hit). No running away

    A wayang hitman does a wayang job because it is part of the wayang.

    In Malaysia, crime can be brought under control, if a law like the ISA is used to put rogue politicians, working with criminals, behind bars.

    Sadly, no more ISA means rogue politicians like captain,his friends and gangsters can kowtim freely.

    For the rest go figure it out. But read these while doing so, very interesting.
    ( look at 7h)

  18. I had many complains to Bukit Aman regarding a lance corporal in Batu Pahat involved with crime syndicate they came and went back after questioning, one week later my car was smash with brick , and warning to harm my family, I moved to KL dare not to venture anything with PDRM.