Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Of poisons and toxic in Pengerang

The Sultan of Johor launches RAPID in May - TheSun
The RM60 billion petrochemical project in this sleepy hollow in Johor, just a little farther than a stone's throw away from Singapore, is making some people very, very restless. These are people who will find fault with any kind of mega projects because they feel or know that they won't be getting any of it. So if they can't have it, nobody else can. These people hide behind environmentalists. As in Lynas in Pahang, they would lie to make residents believe that their lives were in danger. But like Lynas, the only poisons and toxic that will harm the 2,000 residents of Pengerang are the lies and half-truths by these anti-mega project groups.

Big Dog, fresh from ketupat and rendang at the Johor Istana, warns the Pengerang authorities of the need to ward off the Phantoms of Pengerang and keep the people informed and not make the same mistakes the authorities at Lynas did.


  1. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Sebelum ni Rocky jadi 'Economist' sekarang big-dog pulak jadi 'Chemist Professor'....kah..kah.kah...

    macam-macam ada kat bloggers UMNO.....sikit hari lagi 'Apanama' jadi Mr.Bean !!

  2. Anonymous4:08 pm

    RM 60 billion now ? Berapa yang rakyat kena tanggong ?

  3. Anonymous4:12 pm


    This is biggerer than the MRT in Klang foots the bill ? And who gets the contracts ? Ada open bidding and transparent evaluation or not ? Or will those who tender the highest prices get awarded the contracts ?

    This is part of the 5.4 pct growth ke ? I hear Pemandu likes to bring everything to present day terms, so the RM 60 billion must already have been costed into the growth number....

    How many jobs will this huge undertaking bring ? Jobs for locals or foreigners ? Where is the EIA ? What are the products to be manufactured ? Are those products banned elsewhere ?

    RM 60 billion project deserves some answers, boleh tak ?


  4. Jasper Bloodstone6:27 pm

    It's strange that those people opposing the Pengerang project have not seen fit to comment on the billions of dollars invested in petrochemical plants in Singapore's Jurong Island.

    Is it because ExxonMobil, Shell and the other foreign oil and petrochemical companies that have put up plants in Jurong Island have a better record of safety and governance than the Taiwanese companies behind the Pengerang project?

    It looks like double standards to me.

    In any case, these naysayers might want to contemplate how Malaysia lost firstmover advantage in petrochemicals and oil refining to a resourceless Singapore.

    Hey, maybe Big Dog could even thesis about this, after digesting the ketupat and rendang!

  5. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Bang ang! punya projek,,

    Dulu MSE pon sama,,konon nak tanding Sembawang,Kepple and Tuas Shipyard di Singapore,,,da berpuloh tahun pon tak macam tu juga,,!

    Baik kasi tutup je MSE,,,ni pulak PETROCHEMICAL prject,,,!!!

    Kita lihat lagi 5 tahun,,,sama ada ini project bole jalan tak!!!

    Itu CINA kubor kasi settle dulu!!
    takut nanti ANTU ada MARI,,!!!


  6. Anonymous9:04 pm

    If you think the Lynas project is not going to endanger the health of the residents in the area adjacent to the facility, I have to wonder what you have been smoking. Keep in mind that the Australian government banned the project in Lynas's own backyard, the Chinese rejected the project too, as did an African country. Does the Malaysian government know something these other countries do not? I highly doubt it. Stop smoking to clear your head.

  7. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Jasper Bloodstone:

    I'm not opposing, I just want some answers.

  8. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Punya la apek cina ni dengki lahanat kat pengerang.
    pantang tengok org melayu dan kawasan melayu maju.mcm mcm nak di fitnahnya.
    ada pulak pak lebai yg pikir allah tu dia punya, sokong apek cina ni.
    patut letak dlm tongkang antar balik cina lagi elok. kalau kat guandong tu buat perangai cam ni, dah lama kene tembak apek cina tu.
    dasar tak sedar diri.

  9. Anonymous10:04 pm

    All these mega projects have been rejected by their origin countries.


  10. Dear commenters,

    A couple of Anons have left comments about Big Dog and not about his posting. I have decided not to publish them.

    Those who have something intimate to say to BIg Dog, you know his cyber address ... Leave your endearing comments or otherwise on his blog. Dont be shy or cowardly now, after all you are already hiding behind anonymity!

    If you sign with your own name, I will let you through.


  11. Ellese3:50 pm

    You're right rocky. Just like lynas from academics et all none can ever justify why its dangerous. They're so scared shit of lynas but fly commercial flights, smoke, eat bananas which we all know emits radiation. Really stupid change of goal post argument. Look at dumb anon 9.04, he must surely be the most malas membaca. Read lah the IAEA report. Then when go through the details they try to censor and ban. Ridiculous goons.

  12. Since Information Technology & Multimedia is to be Malaysia’s “next engine of growth” why not Petronas build a virtual reality refinery to keep the critics happy

    More seriously, I’m glad that the PM’s Economic Transformation Programme adopts a more holistic approach to national development, rather than rely on one “sexy,” “prestigious,” industry, which has not been able to save the economy of the United States or of California for that matter, and while IT may provide many jobs for IT professionals in Bangalore, it has not done much to improve the livelihoods of most people in India, where there is over 50% cellphone penetration but where about 33% have ACCESS to a toilet, while the rest have to do it in the open, like behind a bush.

    Sayang IT
    Makan IT
    Muntah IT
    Berak IT

    BTW. The Facebook share price is in the scheiss haus

  13. tokman6:00 pm

    If the mega projects are that financially profitable and healthy to the local residents then the original countries have a bunch of dumbs running the countries......there must be a very good reason for them to look for scapegoats to allow them to take the huge profits and let the locals face the 'hazards'! I do not know what is their motives but surely investing RM60 billion is a big sum....

  14. Anonymous9:27 pm

    PKFZ v2.0 ?

  15. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Ellese 3.50 pm
    No laughing mater here. Show us if you have the guts to live nearby the Lynas plant. Dont talk only....perhaps you could also hold the hand of that CEO together and experience the R earth processing and bath in processed earth like you do on the Kuantan beach...
    Proof to us....niamah!

  16. Anonymous3:40 am

    well...the chinese didn't ban the project. the chinese are buidling these projects like crazy in china because they are smart enough to realize that they need raw materials to do manufacturing, and they are value adding to their oil and gas reserves! creating jobs, building industries, etc.

    the taiwanese government rejected it - why? political pressure during elections. no one picked this up in malaysia, but immediately after the project was mentioned during RAPID's launch, singapore nanyang chinese press came out with a report from Taiwan. The same government who rejected it, post elections, is now concerned about hte impact the move will have on jobs and its value adding industries in taiwan. in fact, one politician was questioning hte logic of hte investment overseas and the severe impact it will have in taiwan, arguing that all their manufacuring industries could move to Malaysia to be closer to their raw materials.

    i think we have politicized the taiwanese enough.

    if they want to come here, make sure they meet eia standards, bring new equipment and technology, etc. why are we stopping them or others? it is after all a regulated industry with proper environmental standards compared to other industries. you can benchmark.

    focus on hte industry. it is value adding to our natural oil and gas - don't just sell it. do something with it so that we can create jobs and new industries for future generations.

    if u want to know what jobs? do google la. don't be lazy. so much materials on-line. where do u think your cellphones, laptops, cars, plastics come from...and what jobs u think u can create if u have all these centres in malaysia.

  17. Anonymous4:03 am

    projects which are good for the country must be supported by all

    those who opposed claiming products from the project banned in other countries, eia not done la bla bla has never object when their "friends" in singapore are also undertaking similar project for years

    show your true color who do you stand for

    please report to sprm if you think u have proof on hanky panky with respect to the project, please stop making wild allegations and spoofing potential investors away to spore

  18. Anonymous4:12 am

    tokman ahh your dad decided to buy lauk from the kedai so your mum must be a very very bad in cooking, ada betulkah

    for simple reason scarcity of land back in taiwan, political stability in malaysia, superior geographical factor ie enjoyed by singapore for so long, cheap labor are why people want invest here

    please try to use your brain

  19. Anonymous2:49 pm

    If this project is in Penang, they will say no harm to environment.

    Not about environment, jealous aje sebab mega FDI tak masuk

    Pity them

  20. Anonymous9:26 pm

    The PR and Communictions campaign is a total fuck up in Pengerang. Heard that some NST ex sports journo and long retired bureau chiefs have been recruited to tackle the locals. This wont work sorry babe, your journo days are numbered. You need a proper team FROM JOHOR ho understand the issues there. Not a ex ECER PR person sitting in KLCC and coming down staying in top hotels in JB to handle this. Come on lah...

  21. Anonymous10:57 am

    The truth is Taiwanese are real lousy investors! Check how many are left standing in their investments ? They are not like the Japs or Koreans ?
    From their mouths they find malaysians demanding and not that really hardworking which they thought!Their only experience they had is with alot of chinese educated school leavers trying out jobs earlier in the 80 and 90s in Taiwan.They set an example and standards and Taiwanese were of the opinions you get a good work force in Malaysia.
    But atlas the real scenerio is so different if demands are set...
    On this 60 billion plant lets not count the chickens yet...unless they wish to cut pollution in their scarred country!
    The taiwanese mind has a seige mentality which differs from the mainland chinese and our PR BOYS needs to do alot of homework....

  22. Ellese1:19 pm

    Anon 3:50

    This is another typical stupid reasoning. I know what. I take up your offer and can stay around there. But You must ensure whatever my income and quality of life is not affected. My price is if you pay double I'll go. I won't stay there without job. A macam?

    You see these are stupid arguments. Fact is you still fail to prove why it's dangerous. Because of that you want to turn the table. These are arguments of desparate people unable to articulate concerns. Why not try out and explain your concern and I'll show you the international standards applicable. Amacam? Ada berani tak? I've gone through so many debates on this. I thought there's genuine concern initially but even academicians can't justify why it's dangerous. So now I put it to you that these are all lies fabricated to support PR.

  23. Anonymous11:18 am

    RM 60 billion is an awfully big number. Just provide us with a breakdown of who owns what. How much is BASF investing ? How much is the Taiwanese investing. Due to environmental concerns, ofshore banks are unlikely to lend, so the burden will fall on local banks and EPF. How much of the RM 60 billion is debt, and how much is equity ? And what is the timeline for the entire RM 60 billion to be invested ? over 20 years ?

    Simple questions, yet no real answers are forthcoming. The minute you start to 'ho hum', people's suspicions are aroused. Stop ho-humming and answer the questions, Petronas !

  24. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Don't assume this is pkr 's lies for support...Just do it like a man to proof it if its point of talking to have double pay or others..
    to move it for the human race and be the first to sacrifice to SHOW US ITS OKAY!Be a risk taker if you are so taken by the international standards ?
    Just do it like NIKE SAYS !

  25. Anonymous11:30 am

    Anon 6.22 pm:

    Mana ada risk-taker kat BN ? Semuanya money taker. Semua dah ada insurance policy kat London, Ottawa, Perth, Singapore if anything goes wrong. It's always the poor rakyat that pays when they have nowhere to run.