Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lynas: What if it is safe?

"Secara amnya, penentangan kepada projek tersebut mungkin akan dapat dikurangkan jika pihak yang terlibat dalam meluluskan projek ini serta Syarikat Lynas bertindak lebih “transparent” sejak dari awal lagi."
Sila baca: Lynas Oh Lynas - Mari Kita Fikir Secara Rasional oleh Unclear Engineer

Fag butts and Rare Earths metals ... Which are more unsafe?

Let the International experts tell us. I am no expert in rare earths. Neither are, I bet, most of the people who are protesting big time against the decision by the Government to process rare earths ore from Australia in Gebeng, Pahang for export. Those processed rare earths metals are commonly used in the making of your computer's disk drive, my flat screen display at home, and everyone's mobile phones. Operative word: "commonly". 

The project is going to bring in billions to Gebeng and the Malaysian economy, provide jobs, enrich some cronies and their cronies, blah blah blah. But is it unsafe? You and I will have to rely on the experts to tell us this. We cannot expect the people who are organising anti-Lynas protests, who are probably the same people organising the Bersih demonstration, who are most likely the same people behind Hindraf, the porn video of the Anwar Ibrahim lookalike, and the Malaysian political circus, to tell us that IT IS SAFE or IT IS UNSAFE.

Let the experts tell them and tell us if it is or it's not.

Fortunately, the experts have been called in and have been studying the Lynas project. They will be completing their report on Lynas and the rare earths project in Gebeng soon. The date to watch is June 30, 2011, when these experts are scheduled to submit their report and recommendations to the Government of Malaysia. That's two Thursdays from now.

The experts were appointed by the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). And the Malaysian government has promised to make the IAEA report on Lynas public.

If the IAEA says Lynas is UNSAFE, I am sure the Government will abandon the project. We must all make sure of that. But if the IAEA says Lynas is SAFE, do you think the anti-Lynas movement will cease to be? Uh uh.


  1. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Hey guys! Remember that pot calling the kettle black thing? Now read this to have some fun and entertainment. I mean read both the pots and the kettles and read how it seems that they BOTH are right!


    Marking Bagpie

  2. When the hydrogen bomb was tested in the South Pacific, The French and American experts told the world, from the safety of thousands of km away, that Polynesians were safe from long term effects of radiation fallout!

    When Thalidomide was prescribed to mothers, British scientists told them they would be no harmful birth side effects.

    When a Swiss national was awarded the Nobel Prize for it, he told the world that DDT would not have any adverse impact on environment. That myth was exploded in 1962 by an American scientists in her book 'Silent Spring.'

    The list is endless. Which expert shall we rely on? An Australian one when they would not give permission for that Rare Earth project in their own country? Or allow radiactive tailings from being shipped back to Oz? So, for whom is it safer in Gebeng?

    When shall we stop? After Gebeng mothers start producing malformed babies and we see a sharp unexplained spike of cancer among their adults and children?

    There is a simple rule. When in doubt, the people come first. We have a history of Rare Earth linked cancer in Perak arising from Dr.M's rushing in where angels fear to tread and the dangerous debris has still not been cleared up safely.

    Who wants a repeat of that?

    Sometimes, less money is more!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  3. Anonymous10:01 pm

    lynas vs latex factory/pig farming which one have problem with our environment.

  4. malaysian10:01 pm

    Agree with you. We sometimes rely too much on politicians to do the thinking for us.

    I mean, yes, of course the government machinery are being setup by the politicians, but obviously it is run only by the experts.

    If the experts say it's safe, so let it be. If it's not, then scrap the whole thing altogether.

  5. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Bro Rocky,no point of arguing 'what if' in this we all know these people have made up their mind already regardless of the outcome.

    The bigger question is how is the Government going to convince the people if it is found that the project will not cause harm to people around the area?With so many negative reports and twisted fact by some unscrupulous people it will be a major loss for the authority if it cannot convince the majority of those who oppose the needs and benefits of the mammoth project.


  6. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Dear Bro Rocky,

    I heard (rumours lah, pls do not believe this roumous ya) from a friend of mine that Fuziah no longer interested in Lynas' demo. A source told me that she will lead a huge protest in Selangor!? (Onece again, do not believe this roumours). Maybe it has something to do with this:


  7. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Why gamble with the future well-being of our children? Be conservative. We can do without such industry in Malaysia.

  8. has najib lost his political will? just not enough fire in the belly

  9. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Ibrahim Katak speech di Himpunan Bersih dapat RESTU pihak berkuasa,,,termasuk Ucapan nya yang SEDITIOUS,,!!!!!

    Kita tengok nanti itu CINA,,INDIA,, BANGALI ada takut ka sama itu MELAYU,, TURUN Padang on 9 Julai,!!!!

    Kita jumpa disana,,disana,,,!!!!!


  10. The main point is processing. Radioactive metal is there in rare earth ore. Radioactive waste like thorium is byproduct when we process rare earth.

    Bukit Merah is proof rare earth processing is dangerous when foreign corporation turn our country into dumping ground for their dangerous waste. Do we need another repeat of leukemia death and birth defect?

    The billions will go to Lynas. Few hundred million in grease money to MB and his politikus. Then a few years and many death and birth defect later we have to spend hundreds of million to clean up the radioactive waste lynas left behind, like what is now happening in Bk Merah.

    Ask why does lynas prefer to build over here instead in aussie? There is lot of land in aussie wt no people and they have the technology for disposal.

  11. Anonymous12:36 am

    Spot on !

    And i also doubt that IAEA will lie to protect LYNAS

  12. Anonymous1:22 am

    if thats the csse, ask it to be built in putrajaya since it could be safe.

    remember bukit merah? it was safe too once a upon a time.

    can't they just place it somewhere far from public reach?


  13. Citizen of Kuantan known as Yung1:25 am

    It's easier to say anything in your blog since you're not living in Kuantan :) I do believe you smoke too or maybe anyone from your family? It doesn't matter actually because I don't. One does not need to be expert in order to find out the root of the problem. It's because we rely too much on these so called expert panelists, our government had been in debt "not only in terms of monetary but also bankrupt of ideas" to build this nation called Malaysia. Thanks to all the MEGA MILLION BILLION PROJECT (turned to be WHITE ELEPHANT) I'm not interested to know who's behind HINDRAF or the Anwar Ibrahim lookalike video- maybe that would interest/stimulate you instead. From day ONE itself, LYNAS and the govt of Malaysia couldn't provide a concrete answer on how are they going to manage the waste (after processing). The Australian Govt had already SAY TAK NAK! to the LYNAS sampah at Gebeng. If you have an extra space(i mean your house and not your MalayMail newspaper), do let me know. I will contact LYNAS on behalf. Minus that 12 years of tax exemption, do we really benefit anything from this factory? God-willing, if you and me are still alive to witness this rare-earth processing (MADE IN MALAYSIA), you will know whether it gives or it bites. Discussion will never be stopped, you will probably still say yes and i will still oppose in the next 10-20 years. What I'm concerned, when newspaper were used to propagate instead of to educate. No wonder, people don't read it anymore.

  14. Rocky Bru

    I have written something about Lynas and I think the government of Malaysia is quite sincere in wanting to get the true facts out. please visit my blog


  15. Anonymous8:49 am

    Saya dapat satu email berkaitan dengan perkara ini.

    Pertikaian rakyat khususnya rakyat setempat adalah berkenaan:
    1. ‘Public Consultation’ atau Konsultansi dari pihak awam tidak pernah berlaku malah sebelum lesen untuk dibina dikeluarkan pada tahun 2008.
    2. Laporan penuh Jabatan Alam Sekitar tidak dikongsi kepada rakyat, hanya Ringkasan Eksekutif yang dipaparkan di halaman web.
    3. Lokasi yang terlalu dekat dengan kawasan kediaman. Jarak 2 KM dari Balok dengan kepadatan penduduk seramai 16700 orang. Jika diambil kira keluasan evakuasi di Fukushima dalam jarak 40KM dari Gebeng Kuantan, kebocoran sisa radioaktif akan melibatkan keseluruhan penduduk di Kuantan, Gambang, Cherating malah Kemaman di Terengganu sekalipun. Jumlah penduduk yang mungkin terlibat boleh mencecah hampir 800 hingga 900 ribu secara keseluruhannya dengan Kuantan sahaja di sekitar 600 hingga 650 ribu orang. Syarat yang ditetapkan oleh Kerajaan Australia adalah minima 35KM dari kawasan penempatan penduduk.
    4. Cadangan untuk membawa masuk ‘rare earth concentrate’ dari Mount Weld Australia ke Malaysia sebagai bahan bukan radioaktif dari pelabuhan Kuantan.
    5. Menteri Western Australia, Hon Norman Moore memaklumkan sisa buangan radioaktif itu adalah milik Malaysia dan tidak akan diterima balik oleh Australia.
    6. Sisa buangan radioaktif dari ‘rare earth’ boleh dibuang sama seperti sampah domestik.
    7. Percanggahan kenyataan bahawa Mount Weld ‘ore’ yang dilombong di Austalia adalah jenis lanthanide dan bukan monazite.
    8. Panel bebas yang dilantik oleh Kerajaan Malaysia iaitu IAEA atau Agensi Tenaga Atom Antarabangsa tidak bebas dan berat sebelah kerana mereka bukan ‘regulator’ atau pembuat undang-undang yang tiada berkepentingan dalam sumber tenaga itu tetapi mereka adalah ‘promoter’ atau pihak yang menyokong penggunaan sumber tenaga itu.
    9. Panel bebas harus diwakili dan dilantik oleh rakyat yang berkepentingan dalam isu ini.
    10. Kelulusan untuk beroperasi tidak boleh diberi selagi mereka tidak memenuhi piawaian yang dicadangkan oleh Molycorp Minerals (California).
    11. Piawaian negeri China yang berkait dengan Perancangan Pengurusan Pemprosesan dan Sisa Buangan tidak seharusnya digunakan. Sebagai contoh Menggunakan piawaian China GB9133-S3 dimana sisa buangan dengan aktiviti khusus yang kurang daripada 74Bq/g diklasifikasikan sebagai bukan sisa radioaktif dan boleh disimpan di kemudahan simpanan sisa biasa.
    12. ‘Proof of Concept (POC)’ atau Bukti Konsep seharusnya dibuat oleh Panel Pakar yang bebas dan ujian konsep ini seharusnya dilakukan di Mount Weld Australia sendiri.
    13. Cadangan membawa ‘rare earth’ bukan sahaja dari Australia tapi juga dari Malawi. Berkemungkinan ‘rare earth’ dari negara lain akan dibawa ke Gebeng Kuantan. Gebeng Kuantan berkemungkinan akan menjadi pusat serantau Asia malah dunia dalam penyimpanan sisa radioaktif dari perlombongan ‘rare earth’.
    14. Denda RM50 juta seperti yang termaktub di bawah Akta Perlesenan Tenaga Atom Perenggan 59 (1) untuk setiap bencana kepada Lynas dilihat cukup ringan berbanding hasil RM8 Billion setahun LAMP. Hanya satu bencana yang melibatkan sisa radioaktif memadai untuk menjadi ancaman yang serius dan kekal lama kepada semua.
    Jika anda seorang ibu atau ayah, cuba renungi mata anak-anak anda dan katakan kepada diri anda, haruskah perkara ini diabai atau diendahkan?.
    Jika tidak, kehadiran kita di Stop Lynas Solidarity Walk dari KLCC ke Kedutaan Australia di Jalan Yap Kwan Seng pada 20hb Mei ini jam 2 petang amat dituntut.

  16. this writer has no idea what lynas is doing... rare earth mining is happening everywhere and beyond stopping....its good to protest against it... but ultimately we cant stop it.... please take a drive to lynas plant and see for your self ... how fast the project is developing...

  17. kyrulamri9:15 am

    Hahahaha....your sentence :

    "If the IAEA says Lynas is UNSAFE, I am sure the Government will abandon the project."

    ...make me LOL. Tell that to all Asian Rare Earth victims in Bukit Merah.


  18. From wikipedia:
    "...Mining, refining, and recycling of rare earths have serious environmental consequences if not properly managed. A particular hazard is mildly radioactive slurry tailings resulting from the common occurrence of thorium and uranium in rare earth element ores.[35] Additionally, toxic acids are required during the refining process.[11] Improper handling of these substances can result in extensive environmental damage..."

    If the various leaking and crumbling construction projects our contractors are notorious for is used as benchmark, we can be sure of our "ability" to handle these substances "properly"

  19. Even if it were safe, the Opposition would still blast it just for the sake of blasting it! They would make claims of the experts being bribed and such.

  20. Buah Ciku9:55 am

    Yeah...the Japs thought their nuke power plants was safe too

  21. hi Rocky...Don't mix cigars but with cigarettes butts.
    Cigar is made out of pure tobacco and very safe to inhale by third party too.
    Cigarettes are concortions of various drugs mixed into tobacco.
    All things been said...smoking is safer than metals esposed to people.

  22. hi Attan...last time you supported first BERSIH walk....running here ..running there until the end of the show.
    You announced that you will not support second BERSIH walk.
    Why? BERSIH means clean and fair elections.
    You have proven to be am individual with a mind of your own.
    Are you afraid to be sacked..if you walk?
    OK la...for the sake of cari makan..understandable...but voting is secret.
    You vote for change....or else you are not worth beng your good friend...Shieh aka kickdeflla.
    I kicked him out of my list of friends...months ago.
    A double headed small kuchin kurap he is ...a real hypocrit too.

  23. Anonymous10:59 am


    As for me, Bukan pasal process itu selamat atau tak...cuma aku kurang yakin dengan Pegawai-pegawai dan Akta-akta yang sedia ada dalam mengawal-selia aktiviti sisa radioaktive..

    Kerana, kalau isu alam sekitar, ia di bawah Menteri Teknologi Hijau..tetapi Sisa Radio Aktive di bawah Menteri Sains..macam ada kekurangan atau kekangan dari segi penguatkuasaan..akhirnya yang mangsa mereka yang tinggal di Gabeng.

    Perlu ada jaminan yang kuat dari Syarikat Lynas, Syarikat Tersebut perlu Pro-aktive dalam menyakinkan penduduk setempat bahawa ia beroperasi dengan selamat serta telus...Wasalam..

  24. Anonymous11:29 am

    Rocky, oh Rocky you are not a boy is it?
    Anything to do with R A D I A T I O N IS A NO , NO ?
    Stop spinning it can be safe.Why don't you TRY WITH A FEW microgrammes of it from a few yards everyday for a few minutes if you feel it might be safe.Rare earth is radiated because they are rare ! No use kidding thats its safe , and that jobs will be created by the thousands in Gabeng.When its approved , you will find more multinationals closing down there and the loser will be the workers.
    If its so safe ,why not in Aussie land to process this rare earth.Are the rare earth being shipped? Can you see the transportation trial from ships to port to site? Radiation cannot be seen or felt or sensed.You only have a geiger counter to tell you that.
    Research on it before you feel what if its safe!

  25. Dear Monsterball,

    You and I know that the first Bersih had nothing to do with fair or/and clean elections. We all just wanted to get rid of Pak Lah. We as in pro-govt and pro-Opp supporters and those of us on the political fence. It was an excuse to come together, a show of force.

    Even then, we put it on record back then that we had not expected political leaders to be there. And we had been told many times before that that Anwar, Kit siang, Guan Eng were not going to hijack the walk. Even the night before, when RPK came to the Press Club to distribute posters and t-shirts, we were assured that this was going to be a walk sans the political bosses.

    I was fine with that. I'm sure that even RPK did not expect Anwar to be ferried to the Istana gates on a kapcai to take credit for what we were doing. And there were the other political leaders, too!

    This time, there's less pretense about the whole thing. Bersih is never about free and clean elections. It is about promoting Anwar and Gangs' political interests. Pak Lah is long gone, thanks to all of us. So who does Bersih want to bring down now?

  26. Bro, even if the LYNAS plant is declared 99.9% safe by the experts, the Anti Lynas folks will declare that because it is 0.1% unsafe then it is unsafe at all, and the plant will still have to go back to Australia.


  27. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Just want to ask hypothetical questions. Let's say this project is accepted by current Selangor state government and the site is located somewhere in Puchong (say 2km from your house). What is your stand? Still the same?

  28. What if Lynas is at your backyard. U still think it's OK?

    And if it is safe, what happened in Bukit Merah?

  29. Dato',
    Simple logic will tell us that if it is safe they will just do it in Australia where there are massive desert areas without any inhabitant compared to Gebeng which is populated and so is Kuantan itself.

  30. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Opposing lynas factory is like a smoker opposing a tobacco factory...


  31. mommy1:23 pm

    I'm a mother and no matter how the report said SAFE, I also won't want to risk my son's life and future staying there anymore...

    So far, I have not seen any case study showing that there is 100% safe staying near a rare earth plant.

    Tell me, if you have small kids, would you still want to stay in Kuantan happily?

  32. Anonymous1:32 pm

    It is safe in theory, but unsafe for practical purposes. It's because humans make mistakes, humans take bribes to cover up these mistakes. It's because approvals are not strictly enforced, and "temporary storage" of waste could mean years, depending on who you grease.

    That's why the Lynas plant should be built on some wasteland and not at Gebeng industrial area. Alternative site would be Putrajaya with all the freshwater lakes....


  33. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Take that Lynas thing and build it under the grounds of Petaling Street.

  34. PhilCY1:45 pm

    So what if it is safe? The plant may be safe, according to the Lynas management. It is highly possible, make no mistake. After all, it should be the WASTE that we should be more worried about.

    Who wants to bet if the CONTRACT for the disposal have not already been decided by the powers that be?? With leaking roofs, and many that fall down too, I am afraid it may not be Gebeng that should be worried about the radioactive contact.

  35. Anonymous2:06 pm

    If the IAEA says Lynas is "SAFE", why don't we suggest to the government to change venue and build the factory in front of Rockybru's housing area or Putrajaya?

  36. Dear Attan...You can give your reason to walk and now not to walk.
    Thousands including me...walked not for any political party but for clean and fair elections.
    Political keDAILan and DAP participated in support for a clean and fair government and elections.
    In case you missed out so many banners saying that....and non said.......'Down with Dollah" at all.
    What you are walked in support to get Dollah out.
    If so...where are the thousands from UMNO B doing that...except you?
    Come don't want to walk again..OK la..understood and accepted as you are working for UMNO B.
    Even kucin kurap MCA leaders warned their members not to be faithful puppets.
    It all boils get sacked.
    MCA members walk...also get sack.
    You get sacked...few more ready to take over Malay Mail as CEO.
    MCA can members...soon only 100 members left calling it the champions for Chinese community.
    I repeat one walk at first BERSIH to support Mahathir who hates Dollah....except YOU!!

  37. I hope Attan will publish my reply.
    Shieh have an art to make me look like an deleting my replies....thinking how smart he is....and try to talk nice through phone.
    I don't say you are like him...and I hope you must never be like him...a real ungratful.. two timers.

  38. What is wrong for LKS or Anwar particapting for a clean and corrupt free government?
    Why are UMNI B guys so clever to twist facts into fictions?
    Who cares about RPK now?
    If he is so righteous and truthful...millions of Malaysians will support him.
    He is forgotten.
    You mean Nurul is so ungraterful to him too?
    Comeon Attan.....politcal bloggers like you and him are seeking for opportunitis....nothing more...nothing less.
    Do not treating Malaysians like idiots.
    PRK is a different breed. You are a different breed. Sheih is a different breed. All are Muslims....yet I bet you...Allah will not answer prayers from liars and hypocrites.
    As you grow older....don't be like Mahathir la.

  39. Even BERSIH chief.. does not talk like you..nor ask Anwar not to participate in 2nd walk. She said...the more the merrier..asking Najib to join in.
    I guess....Mahathir and Najib have briefed you all how to talk and twist a noble walk into a poilitical one.
    Thousands..including me are not DAP or keDAILan pary memebers..and we walked to support getting rid of corruptiuons and wanting fair election.
    How can you twist our efforts to be what you said?
    And we will walk again on 9th July...for the same objectives.
    Back to 1st BERSIH mean 50000 of us walk to show our hatred for Dollah...and indrectly supporting Mahathir?
    Are you NUTS????

  40. Oh NOW you say Bersih 1.0 is not about clean and fair election but only as a ploy to kick Pak Lah?

    And what what's wrong with clean and Fair election?

  41. Pak Zawi wrote:

    Simple logic will tell us that if it is safe they will just do it in Australia where there are massive desert areas without any inhabitant compared to Gebeng which is populated and so is Kuantan itself.


    Can't use that logic, Pak. Kalau pakai logik macam tu, maka kilang2 elektronik Amerika dan Jepun di Penang, Melaka dan negeri2 lain di Malaysia, yg melibatkan pelaburan berbilion2 ringgit, adalah kerana tak selamat diusahakan di negara mereka sendiri? Tak logik kan ..

    And to those who think the rare earths processing should be done in Putrajaya, that's another proof of how political you are. But then again, Gebeng and Pekan aren't that far from each other, so actually the Prime Minister is risking his life and the lives of those dear to him by having Lynas close to his home ...

    Hehe. Come on, if it is really unsafe as your political masters say it is, then I am sure the PM's machais will want to locate it in Penang or Kelantan, close to the ports and close also to his political opponents. But that's not the case here.

  42. Anonymous5:02 pm


    allow me to digress from the topic but it seems this former SIL KJ is trying his luck creating ruckus within UMNO especially with regards to TDM. Yesterday he tweeted on the LID being irrelevant and mocking TDM. Today he attended a press conference by another Mahathir hater UDA Chairman, NurJazlan Mohd Rahmat. It seems to me there is an agenda here by the SIL leftovers to pressure Najib into doing something regards KJ and NurJazlan.

    What say you, Bro?

  43. Anonymous5:07 pm


    Apa masaalah si Monsterball ni? macam orang hilang ball aje? He must really hated your guts bro. It is gentlemen of you to publish his venomous comments. Orang cam ni tak payah layan bro. Buat perabih boraih je!

  44. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Why dont all the cabinet minister's family all move in with their families near the plant. Then I will believe it is safe and support it. Najib, Malaysia bole. move lah bruder to tat place.

    DJ Remy

  45. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Quite a good and logical rebuttals you give there Datuk....


  46. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Monsterball lau ren,

    You hisap curut itu pasal mulut mayak busuk!

    In March 2009, Ambiga Sreenevasan became one of the eight recipients for the 2009 Secretary of State’s Award for International Women of Courage Awards.

    In the ceremony, the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comments included “she has stood up for religious tolerance…”

    2000years, over 50million from same race and today even in Malaysia, still practiced amongst by their own kind,

    Ini Aci a/p Aney tarak mau sikit sikit kasi BERSIH ini dulu ker?

    he hehe hehehe

  47. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Talk about poison,

    Our kids are exposed daily with all the lead-laced China made toys, (just pray none consumed their powdered milk) for the last 50years!

    Tian Chua sama itu Teresa Kok tiam tiam ajer? Tolong dapat kerjasama kasi BERSIH ini semua juga OK?

    Takut nanti mereka tua, otak damaged jadi macam Tian Chua, gigit habis semua orang!

    he hehe hehehe

  48. hi pariah PERWIRA...I have been smoking cigars for more than 35 years because I can afford the luxury.
    Can you? Cannot...shut your stinking mouth.
    And ANON..5.07PM...who ever a ghost rider you are....Attan is more open minded that you UMNO S sontoloyos.
    Learn to have a brain like him...and not like PERWIRA...bragging with no brain.
    Attan is what he is today...because as much as he tries to twist and support his bosses ...he has a heart and respect for true friends.
    Have you found true friends or a true friend like Ibrahim Ali....behaving like Donkey Kong...programmed to be Mahathir..and passed to do his dirty jobs.
    Are you walking at BERSIH?
    If not...shut the fuck up!!

  49. PERWIRA siow ren.
    ni wei swork war wen ma?
    tian kui.."lau ren"
    Fang ni mar te pee.
    ni yeow ke ren chee tow ni wei sork war wen...soik la...siok tor tor kei wa tuk.
    PERWIRA siow ren.....if you cannot read this...don't make a fool of yourself..with one mandarin word you know.
    Butul SONTOROYO gay...butan.

  50. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Haiya Monsterball lau ren,

    bu yao mei tien fa pi qi,
    hui heng kuai si!

    pai pai lau ren


  51. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Sori soli, silap tekan figure,

    According to John Merrifield, today got 160m in India alone!

    Aci a/p Aney, Sendiri punya budaya sendiri punya Agama bikin sama sendiri tarak nampak ker?

    Kita orang tengok pun tarak syiok.

    Apa kata kalu sikit sikit ini tolong kasi BERSIH dulu!


  52. Anonymous11:34 pm


    What happen to your balls? Either it shrank or you lost it to anwar, ha ha ha!

  53. Salam bro. The oil reserve of the world will endure about 10 years more.

    When that happens, where will we get the source for our energy?

    That is why most developed countries have nuclear power. If we use it for the good, it will be good.

    If we use it for war, it will be bad.

  54. pu nia bor chow ceebai PERWIRA....
    So you got someone to teach you some Mandarin..and you have proven to me you can speak and write too?
    Out of respect to Attan's blog....
    ni choon na li pow tow nali said that?
    This chow ceebai kia want to be fucked up my me again.
    hi in day out we no fear it?

  55. The government cannot contro Anon wreaking 41 government sites...want to build nuclear plant...guaranteeing Malaysians...very safe?
    What Najib is after are beef up UMNO B's empty kitty bank for 13th GE.
    No money..thousands upon thousands who supported him before..will say.......'No vote"....finito for him....may even loose his Pekan deposit.
    Don't forget...he won by a mere 300 votes in last election.

  56. Anonymous7:31 am

    Rocky pls stop spi ning everything. Its getting disgusting. Uf its safe why doesn't the Aussie govt allow them to set up a plant in their own country? If its such a good investment and job creating thing wouln't it be great for australia. As opposed to developing and heading into the future we seem to go backwards like an undeveloped country allowing others to set up plants which are not allowed in their home country.


  57. Anonymous7:36 am

    Japanese seniors volunteer for ‘suicide’ nuclear jobs.

    A group of Japanese seniors have stepped up to offer their services to their country one last time. Called the “suicide corps” by one official, they say all they want to do is be of service if the jobs might risk the lives of younger people…. Unquote

    However here we have one passionate foul mouthed elderly Apek, Monsterball Lau ren boasting about his CURUT! h h h h h!

    And another old ACI a/p GEREK trying to challenge the authorities with one eye tightly closed, to what is happening to her own kind! 2000yrs?

    I just finished watching the 1hr16mins video clip on Tiananmen armoured vehicles lenyek!

    Goodness, cannot believe what I saw.


  58. Anonymous10:08 am

    Those guys in Pahang could'nt resist the money lah!Those fcuking umno politicus from top in Putrajaya to CM all had a stake!Simple as that. Those Aussies knows it , no approval then no money lah!
    To them the people get can get screwed and with those money who wants to stay in Pekan and Kuantan?
    Don't forget that electronics manufacturing is entirely different!
    Wanna bet if any accidents happen? Will the PM and CM stay put in Pahang?
    So nothing is free man!We know Malay politics and it was taught by Tdm.....

  59. Anonymous12:52 pm


    kalau this is the govt of lim guan eng/lim kit siang, Hadi or Anwar/Wan Azizah/Nurul Izzah -- you know what, THEY will say IT IS SAFE. and close dgwn the newspapers and websites that say otherwise. or boycott the media who attack their project...

    wait-lah for the report.

    if it is unsafe, we have the right to reject the project...

    come on-lah...politicians maybe stupid. yes greedy. but they dont want to also die-lah!

  60. PERWIRA cannot differentiate between boasting and can afford to smoke cigars.
    His comprehension is so low.
    His quote this....quote that..nothing original from his hollow brain.
    Just read his comment and tell me what do you learn from him?
    He is always trying to prove how smart he watching out dated events of China's affairs.

  61. Orang Balok Pine.11:00 am

    Kita dok cerita-ceriti sini, tapi kitaorang yang duduk kt balok ni, hari-hari resah - harga perumahan sini turun mendadak. harga tanah pun sama.. , orang dah start pakat-pakat pindah dah.. tak lama lagi jadi macam padang jarak padang tekukur agaknya Balok ni. Sapa nak duduk sini? semua orang takut.. !
    Kalau lalu kt area Gebeng dan singgah masuk - kita dapat lihat - pembinaan dah hampir siap.! tak ada tanda2 berhenti atau tunggu kelulusan pun. Macam semua sudah kawtim saja.
    Dan banyak kali penduduk sini nampak SUV serba hitam ada logo gading gajah (cermin pun hitam tak nampak dalam) berulang-alik masuk ke dalam kawasan tapak pembinaan lynas. Kami orang pahang, kami tau lah dari mana SUV ada gading emas tu datang.

    soalnya kenapa? apa kaitan nya? berapa RM yg dah di bayar? apa nyawa kami dan anak2 serta cucu cicit kami ni boleh di tukar beli macam tu saja ke?

    Lebih baik lah tembak aje bom kimia bagi kami dan semua anak2 kami ni terus 'senyap'.. tak ada penduduk.. projek boleh jalan dgn mudah dan tiada gangguan lagi.

    Dari ,

    Penduduk Balok Pine.
    (orang Balok sejati tau laa kt mana Balok Pine ni, betul2 sempadan dah dgn Gebeng tu..)

  62. Anonymous12:41 pm

    bro perwira,

    It is such a huge waste of Tanah Melayu space to have that "babi ren" apek stock in Malaysia..

    Such a pigbrain bragging about smoking cheap cigar at the end of his disintegrating worthless piglife..lagi cepat mampus lagi bagus..This senile-o-pigbrain "babi ren" were actually sucking BABI's dick & two balls mistakenly thinking the shaft is some expensive cigar..hahahaha

    If China want to develope a new armoured car & need to test its lenyek capability, we can give them this babi tua for the lenyek test need to waste from 1.2billion of their people..

    Malaysia have a lot of pig rejects breeded for the last half century infesting our country giving a lot of problems and the need for us to look for a place to dispose this pigs..

    So useless & worthless wasting cyberbytes with his words of pigsdom from in such a pathetic worthless lonely life..

    That's why this pig picking up bones with everybody even the HOST rockybru , fetishes himself as having a fantasized big balls..that is so babi genes nature.. kote pun kecik apatah lagi nak ada telur, nak demo? itu dah jadi lawak antarababi..hahahaha..

    Itu pasal Eli Wong & Hannah Yeoh tarak suka mengawan sama chingkie babi jantan...kah..kah..kah!

    babi tua nyanyok..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  63. Anuar3:39 pm

    "But then again, Gebeng and Pekan aren't that far from each other, so actually the Prime Minister is risking his life and the lives of those dear to him by having Lynas close to his home ..."

    Hahaha, what a croak of shit.

    You either don't know your geography well, or that's just a stupid statement!