Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lee Chong Wei, a foundation for Malaysia

I read about Lee Chong Wei's foundation for the orphans and I thought he'd make a great candidate for the next general elections. I don't know if he belongs to any political party or if he's even interested in politics. But Malaysian politics needs young people like him to lead this country into the future. And to change the current landscape. Not young, spoilt ones like Gwo Burne, the PKR's Member of Parliament for Kelana Jaya, who got elected in 2008 because of his accidental Correct, Correct, Correct video clip. Not the so many youths, pemudas and puteris who are in political parties for the money, for million-ringgit projects, and for the glamour. Malaysia needs young people with big hearts who are willing to champion great causes. Someone like Lim Chong Wei.


  1. Anonymous2:51 pm

    I will vote for him, PR or BN. It is not every day that yo get someone young like him who want to give back to the country willingly. He could have kept all the money.

    In other countries, sportsmen have gone on to serve the people. Imran Khan in Pakistan is risking his life to be in politics. Manny Pacquiao the boxer is inspiring millions of young people in the Phillipines, in the ring and on political rostrums.

    Why not our own Lee Chong Wei?

  2. Jasper Bloodstone4:24 pm

    I am waiting to see when the politicians (of whatever stripe) start poking their fingers into this initiative.

    Lee Chong Wei, being the nice guy that he is, may not be willing to tell these "opportunists" to back off.

    Btw, Bru - just how many foundations have been set up by politicians and business tycoons in Malaysia, a la, say, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet?

    It seems to me that the "pay it forward" philosophy isn't that popular here.

    More's the pity.

    1. Anonymous10:35 pm

      Jasper Batu Hitam

      Tak payak komen dan analisa la. . .

      Semua benda ko curiga dan tuduh tak betul. Ko ajer yang baik dan betul.

      Tapi hidup ko tak ada apa2. Hanya bersembunyi disebalik orang tak bernama, menjadi komentar upahan yg menyebar pessisma.

      Pirahhhh balik Singapore!!!!

  3. Anonymous5:08 pm

    Money2. All Dumno style and like MCA giving free makan and drinks. We want someone to speak out. What is the point very diam2 over someone taking money and use for other purposes insteading of making malaysia self sufficient in daging? What about people suddenly die in RoYal Polis lockup?
    Why jealous over the current MP of Kelana jaya. He has the bola to stand for election and where are U? He is willing to face defeat but here they just talk bola2.

  4. Tan Ah Kow5:50 pm


    Selamat Hari Raya. Your last sentence states "LIM Chong Wei", was that a typo or are you trying to tell us something? :-) Rgds

  5. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Way to go LCW! That's why we are proud of you.
    Arif n family

  6. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Yes LCW we will support you and i am sure you have the conscious and morality to ought the corruption by UMNO

  7. Anonymous9:13 pm

    jasper bloodstone - what are you? some frog under a coconut shell? you dont know what is going on and you shoot your mouth off like an idiot.

  8. Anonymous11:22 pm

    I guess sycophants don't know the real DLCW. Ask his sponsors what they think of him. Money talks.

    Ask also about his penchant for flashy cars, and where he got his money for all those.

    Yes, there is a beckoning political career for DLCW.

  9. Let him be good at what he does lah Latok Rocky...

    There are many other ways to be a role model than to be a politician.

    Isn't that what Tun M said once...


  10. Anonymous7:47 am

    Rocky, how well do you know the young MP to call him 'spoilt' ? What about those kurang ajar MPs like Sri Gading and Kota belud ?

    and talking about the Correct Correct Correct tape and subsequent RCI, why hasn't any action been taken by the gomen ? want to wait until all the culprits die of old age ? sad that you have nothing else to spin at Eid al-fitri.....


  11. Anonymous9:39 am

    Plez Latuk out of your political desperadoes by picking up this young man into a dirty political post. He is the one that unite all Malaysians irrescpective political learnings towards one goal that's Olympic goal. Something that your greatest living Idol Ah Jib Gor fails big time to do it. Once again keep this gifted man out of your wild political dream.

    Prakash Padukone

  12. I think someone who has a foundation dedicated to such a worthy cause needs to be politically neutral.
    Unfortunately there are too many leaches on both sides of the political divide who would try to use LCW to further their cause.
    And a foundation like this needs all our support.

  13. National Feed&Loot Incorp.12:14 pm

    A RM250,000,000 grant would be a good start... yes or ummmmmNO?!!!

  14. LAYMAN4:33 pm

    My suggestion is that Chong Wei stay out of politics albeit the many fans who may want to vote for him during the general elections.

    Reasons being:

    1. To achieve success, it's better for him to be an executor to get things done. Things will get done because there will be no (or very much lesser) competition. Even if he decides to do it from within BAM there will be a lot of hoo haa's. Tell me which sports associations without any politics or politicians.

    2. If he stands for election in a GE and wins, he wont have time to concentrate on just one task. Focus on badminton and he will be doing injustice to the voters and focus on his constituent and badminton will lose out. Either way, he will eventually just fade away.

    At an award ceremony when Chong Wei was absent, I remembered a time when the sports Datuk commented that Chong Wei would not have been absent if the reward was much bigger. These are just some of the political remarks that people make to justify their existence, although they themselves have not came back with any medals from any tournament. Could Chong Wei withstand all these attacks and setbacks over the years for badminton to excel?

  15. Jasper Bloodstone8:58 pm

    Anon 9:13 PM & 10:35 PM

    What's the prob, dudes?

    Is the truth hurting?

    Let's see which politicians get involved in the LCW Foundation, shall we?

    Speaking of which, just how many politicians, past and present, have set up foundations to benefit the rakyat?

    After all, these politicians aren't exactly bereft of worldly goods and assets.

    Maybe a Putin-type law is called for in Malaysia.

  16. It's Lee. Not Lim.

    See I am still following your blog. You got me commenting again after a hiatus.

    More to come.

  17. I'm a coward3:27 pm

    He is a great sportsman. That doesn't mean he will be a good representative. A bit premature to "I'd vote for Chong Wei!" isn't it?

    Be rational a bit and stop being cow. If you'd vote for Chong Wei (without even knowing the kind of policy he supports), you're no better than those who voted for Goh Burne, bro.

    At least know his opinion on issues first. And yes, do you really need to politicize this?