Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 Malaysian varsities in Asia's Top 99

#39 in Asia, #167 in the world
So our varsities are not the best in the Asia and certainly not in the world, but we are one of the best, according to US News' World Best Universities. In fact, we are several of the best. Universiti Malaya is ranked 39th best university in Asia. National University of Singapore is many rungs above (#3) but Malaysia can boast of having more than one in Asia's Top 100: UKM #53, USM #54, UPM #57, and UTM #76. Five top 100 varsities in Asia can't be all that bad, can it?See the rankings h e r e. 
In the US News' Top 400 list, no university from Asia makes it to the Top 20. Asia's best is ranked #22 in the world. UM comes in at #167. 
p.s. Politicians are not the only ones who will do anything to get to the top. One respectable varsity owned up that it did, too. Read Emery University Cheated ... 


  1. Anonymous1:06 am

    Typical jaguh kampung posting, thumpimg your chest at our 167th placing in the world. Why don't you say we are top 10 in ASEAN ?

  2. Anonymous1:12 am

    Rocky: malaysia can boast of more than one in Top 100 in Asia but Singapore can't ? Or China ? Or Japan ? Or Korea ? Or Taiwan ? Maybe your spin should be: Malaysia has more places in Asia's Top 100 when compared to Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Bangladesh...Hooray !!

  3. Anonymous4:13 am

    Go run down your country some more, you bunch of jerks. You are only insulting yourselves.

    Don't you have any decency at all?

    This so reminds me of that idiotic politician who made some real dumbass tweets when Lee won a silver medal just recently.

  4. charleskiwi8:19 am

    Sooooooo far behind Singapore and you still jump up and down over the achievement ! You know why ?
    Is that why Malaysia is send their top Malay students abroad for their further studies ! Also why was it your former P.M. had to DOWNGRADE the standard of the medical studies just so the Malay students with the low grade can be admitted to study medicines !
    With such grading you still has the audacity to highlight how good they are and also you forgot to mention the many varsities (how many varsities are there) in Malaysia left out in the list. Didn't your DPM announced just a while back that Malaysian varsities education is better than those in the west. What a crying shame !

  5. Anonymous8:58 am

    Latuk Locky,

    Wah, our premier uni is now 167th in the world ! What an achievement, considering that Times placed it above 200 in the world last year. Maybe I forgot - is a bigger number better than a smaller number ?


  6. Anonymous9:00 am

    Banyak org africa yg dtg ke universiti2 kita - mcm senang saje nak masuk universiti2 tempatan...

  7. Anonymous9:30 am

    If the passing mark is 50 then all our universities have failed.Nothing to be proud of. Actually it is shameful that our premier or used to be premier uni, UM ,is ranked 53 in Asia and 167 in the world.

  8. Anonymous10:10 am

    Masuk Unibercity kat Malaysia ni,,suda dpt Ijazah tapi Xdo koja,,kalu ada pon gaji kocik!

    Tak guna tengok ranking,,MEMALUKAN,!

    Anak-anak MONTERI suma belajar di OBER C tau,,baru ada STANDARD,,yang belajar di Malaysia,,SUBSIDY,,,Tq GOMEN, kalu tiada subsidy tak merasa lah MAT-MAT felda ke Menara Gading,!! Nak harap Saham Felda,,,silap-silap jadi macan saham FACEBOOK,!!


  9. Anonymous11:23 am

    How do you explain that to the thousands of jobless graduates? Why do local companies think that the local graduates (majority) just do not have the required skills? It is good to hear that our universities are ranked high within Asia but the marketplace think otherwise.

  10. Anonymous11:51 am

    Shameless Malaysians. Stay in this country but never a good word about own country. Always full of praises for other countries and everything foreign. If Malaysia is not good enough GO elsewhere. Why remain here?

  11. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Man, BN must be running out of good news for you to spin this as something really positive.....

  12. Anonymous12:35 pm

    By the way, Latuk Locky, can you do us a favour and analyse how many of our cabinet ministers send their children or grandchildren to local universities. Ask Nazri, Hisham, Ng Yen Yen, etc etc. That gives you an indication of where we have been all this while.


  13. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Anon 11.51 AM

    That's all you can say ? We don't have the right to demand better standards for our children ? We don't want to eat goreng pisang for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We want wahyu steak for dinner in this country.

  14. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Hahahaha....thanks. Rocky.With all those negative postings,we know now who are those readers of your blog.Only thing is that it is sickening to learn that these monkeys stay here and earn their living here.If we asked them to balik tongsan marah pulak tu,but they done nothing orher than condemn and politicizing everything under the sun.,,,,:)

  15. Anonymous1:57 pm

    WOW! singapore sooooo gooooood. So go to singapore.Why stay here????

  16. Anonymous2:01 pm

    anon 8:19 --- you like to get your false infor from kedai kopi. for your infor our medical schools are on par if not better than medical schools in england and australia. read up medical journals. dont write like a retarded idiot.

  17. Anonymous2:09 pm

    ya lah. our education system lousy. better go to singapore. there everything good. take your family with you. dont forget your- mother- in law and dont leave your mother in old folks home. go today, not tomorrow.

  18. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Anon 11.51 AM:

    Kita dah masuk longkang masih mahu pertahankan apa ? Maruah ? Dlm zaman enam puluhan dan tujuh puluhan, Unversiti Malaya bertaraf lebih tinggi drp NUS, tapi sekarang di mana ? Jgn mati2 pertahankan polisi2 yang buruk, yang hanya cuba mengeluarkan jaguh kampung.

  19. Anonymous2:14 pm

    We Malay/Malaysian can never succeed or be of world standard bcos we tolerate mediocre performance. Lost in sport, praise like we broke world record. University no. 37 in Asia (not in world!) we 'dabik dada'. Fool the masses to think we are the best in the world to show how good the Govt has been.

  20. MinyakMan2:22 pm

    the hell is the matter with malaysians these days? everything also want to condemn.

    Everyone's admitting we have work to do. We need to build a better malaysia.

    But all these wankers know is to condemn condemn condemn. No support, no constructive criticism. Just a bunch of whiners all day, everyday.

    I do feel sad that UTM is at number 76. From my experience there, they tend to stress more on the theoretical side rather than practical. No real projects, no one to really brief you the significance of what you're studying with the real world. zilch. they need to change their mentality that not everyone wants to be a lecturer. This was 6 years ago, don't know if things have changed since then.

  21. MinyakMan2:29 pm

    btw, from the rankings, you can see that UM could've scored a lot higher if they produced papers with more quality.

    From what i've heard, now they're more into quantity. i guess not so much on quality. They seem to be doing moderately good on all the other criteria. too bad.

  22. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Malaysian universities have no quality in terms of staff and students.

    You look good amongst the stupidous but really look stupid amongst the elite universities.

    You can never beat Singapore until doomsday.Malaysian universities will continue to be smelly Singapore arse.

  23. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Why UIA is not on the list?
    I thought UIA graduates are among the best out there. I had a conversation with my friend regarding this and she happened to work at the HR in a company. Her company screened out an awful lot of graduates for the vacancies and those graduated form UIA were just flat out stood out from the rest. Their English were a bit superior from the rest. They don't seem to struggle in giving rensponses. It feels like they had use the language for quite some time. Just for my two cent worth.

  24. Malaysia is top in the Malay world...

  25. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Malaysia: where mediocrity is a sign of genius!

  26. charleskiwi6:39 pm

    I forgot to mention that the Malaysian top varsity is rank behind the varsity in Thailand and Including a few from India ! What a shame, a real shame for Malaysia.
    Also typical of a society who cannot accept the truth and would call the critics 'shameless Malaysians' for telling the truth. Now every one knows why Malaysia is and will always be far behind in everything, except one thing corruption.
    Even though endowed with so much natural resources including the 'black gold' the nation is still indebted by the billions.
    Stop calling for the shameless to go away , millions of the professionals have immigrated and now who is begging for them to return to serve the country, with lots of cash incentives and when that failed the Talent Corp. is now coming up with all kind of incentives ! Just remember Malaysia is now rated the same as Italy and Spain soon it will resort to austerity beginning with the millions of civil servants !
    When that happens go and borrow from Singapore, they are now one of the richest countries , if not the richest in the world.

  27. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Anonymous said...
    How do you explain that to the thousands of jobless graduates? Why do local companies think that the local graduates (majority) just do not have the required skills? It is good to hear that our universities are ranked high within Asia but the marketplace think otherwise.

    11:23 AM


    Dear Anon,

    FYI, the education provided by the local uni are more or less the same as abroad, in my field - mostly. The problem with local grads are

    1. they study to pass
    2. they memorize instead of trying to understand the topic, etc
    3. they r not independent and honest in doing their assignments. Some of them just take their senior's and submit
    4. their way of thinking is just at the time of study and not beyond
    5. politics 24/7
    6. poor communication skills
    7. etc

    Few months ago, my company organised an open interview and the result was just shocking and some of the reasons are as stated above.

    Uni is a place where you gain knowledge, learn and educate, the rest is up to the student


    1. Anonymous11:48 am

      Exactly. Anywhere you study, even at the best universities, if you have the wrong attitude and is lazy to think do you still blame the university?
      Students' attitude should be moulded from home, then teachers etc..are you still going to blame the government for their bad attitude and approach to studying?

      Criticisms are good, but when you have no regard about your country and its littlest achievements, demanding for better everything will not help.
      You already have a mindset, EVERYTHING in Malaysia is wrong and never good enough. Whatever is done, will be lambasted and ridiculed. Some of you even made fun of our athletes for winning?! Such hatred towards your own country and countrymen.
      Well done Malaysians, with people like you guys who are good at finding fault and never a solution, inability to argue on facts and being civil is somewhat a task..who needs enemies from outside.
      We have enemies within Malaysia, sitting in front of their laptops,PCs, reading, writing, tweeting..while waiting eagerly for things to go wrong.
      Well done Malaysians. External factors will not bring the country down..we are fine at doing it ourselves.
      Selamat Hari Merdeka.

  28. Anonymous7:11 pm

    It is unbecoming of u all to belittled the effort our universities have done until now. May Malaysian universities succed in providing 1st class education.
    Those who uses racial profiling is not worth to be called Malaysian.
    Spew all the hatred as you please but at the end of the day when all Malaysians are well educated then your time to disappear into any cesspool is greatly appreciated.
    Let Malaysia thrives with its unique diversity.

  29. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Years of neglect, of abuse, of bad policies and implementation have resulted in the rich and connected sending their kids overseas while the rural folk continue to populate the local universities. Now the civil service is being told that jobs meant for Form 5 qualifications should be open to those with university degrees. some idiots here are still proud of this fact.

    If you question and criticise, then they want you to leave the country so that they can continue to squat under the coconut tree.

  30. Anonymous7:45 pm

    I recruit from all universities in Asia including Singapore, India and China.

    The fact is the employer complaints about quality of graduates and employability is almost the same all over. There is an unmatched expectations of readiness because most MNCs now do not want to invest in training. Only local and state owned companies willingly hire fresh graduates and train. The rest want ready trained professionals, hence the complaints.

    On the other non technical skills including communication and 'attitude' -- I can also say the complaints are again the same -- the graduates are less hungry to learn, less dedicated, wants more work life balance etc. Well ... A classic case of generation gap-- today's graduates from Malaysia, Singapore, India or China are less on chasing the salary but more on quality of life. So the whining of the employers will be here for a while longer as today's graduates can afford to say 'I would rather not work, if it is not the right job for me'. Graduates often years ago, could not do so.

    As to the Malaysian university rankings, you maybe surprised to know that graduates from the same universities that you badmouth about, are being hired by global companies all over the world. Yes many of our universities are not world class in all the faculties, but they are not the bottom rung as what some commentators made them to be. What we need to worry about is the mushrooming of private universities that take in dubious foreign students and locals with barely minimum entry level standards. And these private colleges and universities' faculty staff are evn more of concerned. Anyone care to comment?

  31. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Institutions of Higher learning of our peers in the 60s and 70s are now on top of us. This is just a SS posting and this feel good factor will continue so long as government can afford to pay people to feel good. The time will come when government funds will run out or may only be enough for the ruling calss. Then What RB?

  32. Anonymous9:30 pm

    charleskiwi ----- telling the truth? Malaysia is far behind because she has people who condemn without giving any idea as how to improve so that we can move forward. Anyway dont be silly by comparing our universities with those established a hundred years ago. You are one of those who will never have anything good to say about this country. You are indeed SHAMELESS.

  33. Anonymous9:35 pm

    7:45 Fully agree with you. A positive and well mannered comment which must be reciprocated likewise. Thank you.

  34. Anonymous9:39 pm

    'Malaysian universities have no quality...'

    Another writer who worships singapore so much but chose to remain in malaysia. This is what I call a shameless bastard.

  35. Anonymous9:58 pm

    No good means no good ! Its the quality of the teaching staff. Bad teachers means mediocre students.Poor quality students intake is the final result of more failures than achievwers.

  36. Anonymous10:11 pm

    HEY MR CHARLESKIWI. It is true that many have migrated. So are the same with people in other countries. Even now many americans and british are settling down in foreign lands. Singaporeans are leaving inspite of the high pay and perks.(you know Singapore? The country that you glorify so much?) I wonder why? Anyway, when are you leaving? Malaysia maybe backward but we have planes that can fly you out.

  37. Anonymous10:25 pm

    DABODO- 10:10 AM

    Why the need to depend on others to provide jobs for you or your kids after graduation?

    Set-up your own business, your kids can also work in your coy.. that's what going for higher education is for, to educate kasi you cerdik pandai sikit, expand your potentials and explore - the skies the limit!

    Learn to be independent many things you can do, in Malaysia there is no excuse for anyone/graduates to remain jobless, unless of cos if you are too choosy!


  38. Anonymous12:34 am

    Go PPUKM, visit the wards & u will mostly chinese patients, during visiting hrs its just like pasar borong if u put downers think our univesities r not 2 ur stds why r u people sending ur sickies here

  39. Anonymous1:13 am

    Malaysia's education not good enough?Want an oversea sounding one?

    Don't worry people, just leave it to people from Dong Zong.

    They would know the best places to buy degrees!

  40. Anonymous1:53 am

    Malaysian universities are made of Malaysians.
    If they are lousy, it is because Malaysians are stupid people.
    If it is good, then Malaysians are the one that did it.
    Stop blaming other people.
    Be a Malaysian and improve yourself.

  41. Anonymous5:41 am


    You are getting it all WRONG! If in terms of Education, we must ALL listen to and get Inspired by our Critics! Who Criticizes the most? Well Listen to them!

    Want good Education, then Listen to that Dong Zhong something President. LEARN from him: How he can be of Inspiration to get THREEEEE PhD Degrees, and live to tell the tale. Bloody Nose not withstanding.

    And if Honour and Recognition is what we are looking after, then we must get inspiration from that Wong something from DAP. HE got knighted by no less than the Queen herself. THAT is honour and Dignity for you .

    Marking Bagpie

  42. Anonymous7:25 am


    Kalau nak Jadi Educationist pun Faham lah dulu what these rankings are and mean.

    Kalau nak beza pun guna lah negara yang bukan kuno! Cuba beza dengan Singapura! Univ Singapore Top... Nanyang no.17.

    Kalau nak tahu senbenar tunggu
    QS World University Rankings 2012 akan tahu dalam 20 hari lagi?

    Masa tu baru lah tahu kedudukan sebenar!!!

    Joe Black

  43. White Aussie boy came running home from school with big grin.
    'Why so happy, son?' asked his bewildered dad.
    'I came tops in my class!' he answered.
    'Can't be!' countered his dad.
    'Its true! But minus the Asians, I am tops!' the boy proclaimed.

    You know the Malaysian version, don't ya?

  44. Anonymous10:30 am

    These rankings are not worth the paper they are printed on.Today MCA ( Money Control ALL) rules. You can pay a reputed polling agency to get the results you want. There is no such thing as a good or bad unoversity. There are only bad students and bad teachers.

  45. Anonymous10:47 am

    Anon 7.45 PM:

    Graduates from our local universities are being hired "all over the world". Wow, I must be so out of touch in this world, for I could not find proper local candidates for what I do. I've interviewed candidates with 1st class honours degrees from UM and UKM - their standard of English is so poor, they can't write a proper letter.

    For those of you who say that we employers can only complain, complain but not provide solutions, let me say that we must revert to the English-based system of the 60s and 70s. You want to be champion goreng pisang stall, you can ignore this advice, but if you want to compete with graduates from UK, Australia, Singapore and the US - start by overhauling our education system back to the old days.

  46. Anonymous11:25 am

    Mediocrity begets mediocrity. We are on a downward spiral and so many in this country must mati2 deny this. How do we get out of this spiral ? Simple. Bring back meritocracy for admissions and for teaching staff. Stop the silly practice where Vice Chancellors and heads of departments must be resered for one race. And more importantly - let those who know about education set policy with no political agenda. Those who don't understand education - from minister to deputy ministers to bureaucrats - please stay out of it.

    If people say I'm racist, I'll just say that Ghauth Jasmon is about the best VC that UM has had for many years, but he must be allowed a free hand, and not villified for hiring more non-Malay professors and heads of department.

  47. Anonymous11:32 am

    Continued from above:

    Let UM be the test case of full meritocracy. Make admissions very tough so that only the best can get through. Focus on GMAT of SAT-style qualifications in English. Let Ghauth Jasmon have a free hand in hiring professors, and in promoting professors. In 5 years, everybody will be clamouring to enter UM - whether it is for medicine or engineering or economics. And we'll be Top 25 in Asia.

    You want suggestions, but will you be brave to do what is necessary ?

  48. Anonymous2:43 pm

    How can people say that the local universities are of bad quality when the graduates of local universities not even in the 5 universities listed are accepted to do their post-graduate studies in world class universities such as imperial college in london or southampton university. This is a well known fact. When we talk about the medical students being of low standard, then I would advise you to take a look at the private hospitals such as pantai medical centre or SJMC. There is a significant number of them who are specialist which treat patients who are locals and also from abroad. And when I say abroad this also means those people who are from advanced nations. My advise please argue with facts not emotions

  49. Anonymous12:37 am

    Considering that we subsidize foreigners to do post graduate studies-- so that they pay even less than locals-- to enourage foreign post grads(foreign post grad is a high weightagein ranking criteria) thus get higher ranking and we are ranked only 167th?! Pathetic

  50. Anonymous3:57 am

    NUS Top 30 WORLDWIDE!!!

    Lu pandai pusing macam gasing

  51. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Malaysian graduate cant even speak / write a proper english....soo filled with jaguh kampungs and non qualified idiots . You must feel shame about this rather than boost around. The quality of education and research totally sucks.This is the real achievement of malaysia.

  52. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Might as well you say all our universities are top TEN in Singapore and Malaysia.

  53. Anonymous2:00 pm

    The function of a university is mainly to do research. This sets them apart. If you see the research grant most of the top university not for profit or profit , in the world is bigger then our research expenditure even for our blue chip companies in Malaysia which is profit driven cannot match. In view of Malaysia institution we are mostly interested in producing graduates of high standing. In this context our universities should excel at least in employment ability. How many Head of Corporation in Malaysia are local graduates ? To be nationalist further GLC companies should only employ local graduates consistent with 'buy malaysian' like Proton. Is this the case ? If you have time go to 'About US' in the GLC web pages you can find the answer (I give you a hint 'Khazanah'. I can be proud even my university is rank 1000 if I care as long my university has the best illustrious leader in the corporate field. See the website of the leading corporations in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines or other Asian countries. Is perplexing even how low their universities are ranked or even not being ranked but still their leading universities in the respective countries command good employment and respect in the market place especially Philippines. This show how their love towards their country education system.

  54. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Government universities are not as bad as the malaysian private universities/colleges. You can buy your degrees from these private universities. As long as you have money you can dictate these universities. You know who enroll in these universities...