Tuesday, December 08, 2009

In Malaysia, another blogger is sued

updates, cont'd:
4. Nampaknya Zaid tak tidur nyenyak, by I am a Malaysian (Eric, I thought this was a posting in BM. If it was, I would have bad news for you: Zaid pun Melayu jugak, so he understands BM and you may still get sued for this! So lucky for you coz your posting's not in BM!)
5. Zaid blames Kadir for insomnia by Mat Cendana

Original article:
Senator Zaid Ibrahim Saman Saya by The Scribe
Zaid Ibrahim vs A. Kadir Jasin. I can't explain how Zaid Ibrahim, whom I once described as "maverick", has gone down this way. When Jeff Ooi (now YB) and I were sued by the NSTP and its top execs in early 2007, Zaid was one of the people who "walked" with us, meaning he supported us (which included Marina Mahathir, Haris Ibrahim, Bernard Khoo, Syed Imran, Sheih Kickdefella, Mob1900, Elizabeth Wong, Big Dog, A Voice, Raja Petra Kamarudin, and many, many others). Now Zaid has joined the queue of influential and wealthy individuals who are suing bloggers.

Why, Zaid, why?
The Scribe, who is being sued by the former Umno strongman who resigned to join PKR and is now one of Anwar Ibrahim's trusted lieutenants, isn't the only one asking the question. We all want to know. A Singapore blogger was so taken aback: "And that's the future Prime Minister of Malaysia?"

With his latest action, I no longer want to describe Zaid as a "maverick". A maverick is unique, someone who dares go against the flow, a person you respect - even grudgingly - for his principles. (In any case, Barry Wain has given the title the "Malaysian Maverick" to Dr Mahathir, a fact that many commenters have been reminding me lately). Someone suggests another adjective - a 5-letter word that rhymes with"maverick" - to describe Zaid, but hit my head with a brick (which also rhymes with"maverick" and is a five-letter word), why would I risk being sued by Zaid for calling him a "prick"?

Notes: Kadir's article that offended Zaid is entitled Zaid, the Hurrican Hattie of PKR dated Oct 21. Zaid's scathing response to that article came just a day after, entitled Kalau Hati Dah Busuk ..

Pic is the cover of this afternoon's The Malay Mail. Read the stories online, h e r e.

Bloggers' takes:
1. Pembangkang takut hadapi kenyataan by Syed Alhabshee
2. Pro freedom of speech senator suing blogger by Jebat Must Die
3. Kadir Jasin sued by Zaid Ibrahim by Zakhir Mohd


  1. Yawn!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  2. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Why is it so difficult to say PRICK?

    DICK would be more economical,just 4 letters.


  3. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Kalau Hati Dah Busuk…

    "Tetapi kalau setakat penulis upahan UMNO yang membuat tuduhan, saya rasa saya masih lagi boleh tidur nyenyak."

    Can't sleep well I presume.

    Mr Magoo

  4. Fedup with Donplaypuss4:59 pm

    Why you yawn ah Donplaypuss? When they went after RPK wah you bukan main champion freedom of speech. Bila Pakatan punya leader you yawn. Kalau Zaid is still Umno, you would antam him I am sure.

    And you call us 1 Race?

    What hipocracy, man.

  5. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Politics can be strange and surprising. Indeed, it is surprisingly strange for the freedom fighters to bite the hand that types.

    The so called human rightists, press freedom advocates, street justice marchers cannot swallow the bitter pill?

    They label Dr. M all sorts of things, changing his name too, but the good doctor just ignored the insane accusers.

    Why can't the 'future' PM who rode on UMNO saddles practice what he preaches?

    If this is the way things are going, the rakyat may not want to believe any more 'election bluffs' prior to any poll.

    Best of luck, PM in waiting. Since the ISA is out of reach, do a LKY instead....... muzzle them. And this is only the begining.


  6. nstman5:30 pm

    Kadir must pay for his crimes against journalism in the country. Not even the perfumes of Arabia can wash away Kadir's sins. Pse correct me if I am wrong. I am speaking on behalf of the journalists who were silenced in the dirty war waged by Kadir and his cronies.

  7. Anonymous5:43 pm


    malay mail front page nampak cun lah...

    u guys doing really good on the layout..

    macam paper from england!

  8. Anonymous5:53 pm


    Known this prick since the pub crawling days when he just got back from England...Brighton if I'm not mistaken..


  9. Rambo Malaysia6:10 pm


    Kau ni kenapa asyik membuat blogger pro-UMNO sebagai rujukan tambahan awak?

    Memang sah kau ni satu lagi kaki dan machai UMNO.

    Si Kadir tu kalau dia bukak mulut dia lagi memfitnah orang, bagi dia rasakan.

  10. Rambo Malaysia6:11 pm


    Bila Najib nak saman Bala???

    Kita tunggu ni.....

  11. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Kadir Jasin is a known UMNO propagandist during Madey time....another racist !!

    go Zaid go... sue this bugger under his pants down !!

  12. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Zaid Ibrahim - Another fine example of malaysian lawyers Quality.

    One minute talk-big won'tlose any sleep...
    Next minute suing people for it.

    There was The Question about if you see "something" and a snake, which will you protect yourself from first?
    Now if you see a malaysian lawyer and the "something", which will you "protect" yourself from first?


  13. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Dear Rocky
    At least you still remember to mention your FORMER friends= Haris Ibrahim, Bernard Khoo, Syed Imran, Sheih Kickdefella, Mob1900, Elizabeth Wong, Big Dog, A Voice, Raja Petra Kamarudin,

  14. Anonymous9:43 pm

    You tell lie then people will sue you. Simple as that and that is freedom of speech and Rocky!!! please understand that.
    You are not talking to orang kampong, sorry beb!!! Berani buat berani tanggung lah Pak Kadiq!!! Baru kena buku dengan ruas!!!

  15. Anonymous9:57 pm

    U can see changes in Datuk Zaid, have you seen changes in your views in netizen too? try to read your previous entry and compare to your current views, U will see What I mean:-)),

  16. Rocky,
    just wondering yeah in the Malay Mail it mentioned this..

    Zaid's lawyer, Rueben Mathiavaranam of Rueben Williams Advocates & Solicitors

    What happened to lawyers from Zaid & Co?

  17. Bro, Zaid kan orang baru join Pakatan. Modus Operandi mereka senang sahja, kalau ada orang kritik mereka tidak kira melalui surat khabar atau pun blog maka mereka saman lah. Lihat sahja Anwar Ibrahim atau pun Theresa Kok. Zaid ini baru belajar dari kawan-kawan dia dalam Pakatan, eloklah tu.

  18. Anonymous12:35 am

    To imagine all these politicians are doing what they are doing because their HEARTS is for the RAKYAT??

    Elok ajer buat sistem Ketua Kampung jaga kampung..rasanya semua rakyat akan hidup senang lenang..

    These politicians, one by one are showing their TRUE colours and intent!!

    Yang best sekali, ajak doa bagi semua perut orang jadi buncit!! hahahaha dah muala naik kelakar each and everyone of them eh?


  19. Anonymous8:41 am




  20. I've read the Scribe's article on Zaid. Inflamatory perhaps but not worth the trouble suing. I think it is more a calculated attempt to bring out the skeletons in the Closet in Court on UMNO's dealing back in day. When Zaid was the "best" lawyer in town.

    Objectively speaking, I think the Court should chalk it down as fair comment and throw out the case. Still the opposition will go to town and say that the Court's are not independent.

    Anyway, I hate to rain on your parade, but you bloggers are not worth suing in the first place lah. Sorry guys.

  21. Anonymous10:57 am

    Bro Rocky,

    Semua pemimpin PR sudah takde modal lagi. Dari No.1 sampai orang bawahan asyik nak saman menyaman.

    Tak tahu malu ke?

  22. Anonymous5:25 pm

    The Queen of Saman Teresa must be grinning like kerang busuk!

    Dah dapat banyak kawan!!!


  23. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Zaid kena cari wang utk PRU13. Firm dah tinggal nama sahaja.