Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Nazri's true intentions behind "racist" remarks

Creating friction. Nazri's latest antics, here, can spark a crisis between Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the Prime Minister. So far, their relations have been cordial. If Dr M thinks that Nazri was put up to it and Najib Razak chooses to keep quiet, the situation can be like what we saw during Pak Lah's tortured reign, when the PM was seen as using his machais to demonize Dr M, which forced Dr M to attack Pak Lah.

If Dr M and Najib are at loggerheads, it won't be good for Umno and BN. And if Dr M starts whacking Najib the way he was whacking Pak Lah, it can't be good for the current Prime Minister.

Already, pro-Umno bloggers have called for Nazri's sacking from the party. Read Nazri Aziz wajar dipecat and Another turncoat: Just watch this caveman!

Updates: Syed Imran thinks Mahathir and Nazri dua kali lima
Jebat Must Die's Nazri Battling Against His Own Intelligence (and he won!)


  1. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Have you attended the BTN Rocky? Its a terrible experience for the nons.. ask your non malay friends who have attended.. esp teachers and all...


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  3. ada rambut5:25 pm

    Anon 503..

    If u are someone who play PS3 and wii infront of the TV and dont like to be tortured for goods, then u will not agree with BTN. Else.. BTN will bring goods to everybody.

    BTN is not good becoz it's not PR ideas. BTN is racist becoz it's not PR label. Bro Rocky, please do some report from Selangor 'ala' BTN training. Are they politically motivated or racist. Tq

    Can someone please whack this budak botak?

  4. Anonymous5:26 pm

    But he spoke the truth.

    He has been a loose cannon but I don't think he will be fired. He has been loyal to all his masters, ever willing to take a bullet for them.

    Dr M will have to live with Nazri as a minister.

  5. nstman5:27 pm

    I salute Nazri. Nazri has seen the light. He is reformed. I hope Umno rightists and extremists will turn over a new leaf and join the people in the struggle agaisnt racism, lies, idiocy, stupidity, corruption. Of course Nazri will have a place in the next Pakatan government, so will Umno prodigal sons who have renounced their past. Umno sycophants should now realise the folly of their perfidious attempts to destabilise the country. This blessed country has no place for bigots, racists, Nazis and fascists.

  6. Anonymous5:31 pm

    hi 1Malaysia.

    I attended BTN courses for JPA scholarship.. no problem with it...

    why was it terrible for you?


  7. Anonymous5:34 pm

    1Malaysia dungu..





  8. Anonymous5:55 pm

    Last time the old man whacked a little cat but it is a tiger this time.

  9. Anonymous6:03 pm

    'Madey'...a truly RACIST !!!

    So, Rocky, who is the 'mastermind' of Nazri's racist remark ??? Pak Lah ??


  10. Anonymous6:06 pm

    because he dares criticise he should be in trouble or even sacked?what a childish mentality,grow up rocky and gang

  11. Rambo Malaysia6:08 pm


    Rocky, Rocky.

    Kau ni ingat Mahathir ni taiko ke.

    Ingat semua Menteri kena takut dengan Mahathir ke?

    Siapa Mahathir?

    Kalau Menteri yang diasuh oleh Mahathir sendiri telah mengaku Mahathir tu racist yang tak guna, nak soal apa lagi?

    Suruh Mahathir pi jauh jauh duk senyap lah.

    Cukuplah dia nak api apikan dan pecah belahkan rakyat Malaysia.

  12. najib manaukau6:12 pm

    If what the current P.M. does what you suspect then I think Najib is doing the right thing.
    After all any politician who takes the side of pariah Mahathir today is only looking for trouble and would be voted out of office in the next GE.
    Just look at the recent by 9 elections
    and all those he was involved in or supported lost and the two that won had no support whatsoever from him at all.
    Also every one knows the pariah is the most hated man in Malaysia and anyone has anything to say against him will gain lots and lots favour and above all lots of support.
    Glad to say the pariah is no longer the P.M. and can no longer grant anyone 'contract' or 'favours' to make the millions he was giving away during his tenure as P.M.. After all they were not his money and besides he must have got more than his share and above all has more than enough in his banks accounts.

  13. Was waiting for your post on this Rocky, knowing whom you support. TDM is strangely wrong on this call. At least Nazri is speaking up and Najib just kept quiet still.

  14. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Dear Bro Rocky,

    Nazri should be promoted as a DPM because he is promoting 1Malaysia ! what do you think ?

  15. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Ini amaran terbuka kepada Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

    Pak Lah telah hancurkan UMNO dan mengakibatkan kekalahan teruk BN sehingga hilang 2/3 majoriti Parlimen dan lima buah negeri kepada Pembangkang. Pak Lah malas kerja, perasuah dan lembap intelek.

    Sewaktu Pak Lah jadi PM, juga terserlah dgn begitu jelas fe'el buruk beberapa orang Menteri antaranya Nazri, Nor Mohd Yakob, Syed Hamid Albar serta menantu Pak Lah Khairy Jamaluddin dan beberapa orang lagi.

    Setelah menjadi Perdana Menteri, kami ahli UMNO mengharapkan supaya Dato Najib melucutkan atau menukar semua pelakon politik ini daripada pentas UMNO dan pentas politik negara. Mereka yang korup, dunggu dan lembap serta penderhaka dan pengkhianat.

    Malangnya sehingga hari ini, Dato Najib gagal melaksanakan perubahan yang telah dinanti-nantikan oleh semua ahli parti. Malahan kami melihat manusia yang kurang sopan dan biadap seperti Mohd Nazri sudah mula menghina Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd. Kami tidak mendewakan Dr Mahathir tetapi kami mendewakan perjuangan parti kami.

    Apa yang kami lihat ialah setiap hari, golongan yang makin korup dan biadap ini mendapat tempat utama dalam politik negara dan Kerajaan.

    Kami juga amat risau atas peranan isteri Dato Seri Najib sendiri yang sekarang mempunyai pejabat tersendiri di Pejabat Perdana Menteri. Datin Rosmah mempunyai website yang menggunakan nama PMO atau Prime Minister's Office. Umum makin khuatir pengaruh isteri Perdana Menteri dalam hal pentadbiran negara.

    Apa kah yang sedang berlaku dalam Kerajaan pimpinan Najib? Ekonomi tidak bergerak lancar dan keadaan orang Melayu makin gawat dan getir. Politik BN pun main celaru dengan krisis MCA, MIC dan Gerakan yang amat lembap. UMNO pula tidak mempunyai haluan yang jelas.

    Kami ingin ingatkan kepada Dato Najib bahawa para Blogger lah yang telah menjatukan Pak Lah dari jawatannya. Dan kami dipimpin oleh YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad - ayahanda dan pemimpin UMNO dan pemimpin semua bangsa dalam negara kita.

    Jika perlu kami akan ke depan sekali lagi dan kami amat berupaya menjatuhkan Perdana Menteri sekali lagi.

    Apa yang kami mahu adalah sangat mudah. Pecatkan bukan saja Nazri tetapi semua Menteri yang jelas korup, dunggu dan jelas tercemar nama mereka. Control bini Dato Seri.

    Pulihkan keadaan politik dan ekonomi negara dengan seberapa cepat yang mungkin. Berusaha keras untuk kebaikan rakyat dan negara. Pak Lah tentukan supaya UMNO akan kehilangan sokongan daripada ramai orang Melayu. Jangan pula Dato Seri Najib tentukan supaya bukan saja orang Melayu tetapi ahli UMNO sendiri tidak menyokong UMNO lagi.

    Ini amaran terbuka daripada Bloggers.

  16. Nazri (No title here, he does not deserve it) must apologise to Dr M openly, or many will just leave Umno. Datuk Seri Najib must reprimand him (also in public). We must not allow this to continue.

  17. Yup tunggu apa lagi potong..potong..potong aje lah..si nazri tu...dia boleh membusukkan UMNO hingga ke usus -- baca blog che det.

  18. Anonymous6:57 pm


    Only shameless hypocrites like ex leaders are really the cavemen who are over the hill yet keep coming back to haunt us and destroy peacefulness in this country. You know what I meant and who I am referring. Politicians like Nazri has guts and compassion.

    Mat Kelate

  19. Anonymous7:07 pm

    What Nazri said is absolutely right. We all need to be open already specially for the Malays. They got monies, educted and status but in function just drink orange juice only. We need to revamp everything and we want to 'yum sing' like the Chinese. Brandy on the rock is the best and accompany by the GROs then it is a class by it own.
    But Tun M also correct because he want to have a good and dedicated civil servant and Malaysian then BTN is a damn good place to train and discipline them. Just look at Lim Kit Siang who step on a YB photo just because they lost confidence in DAP. Lim Guan Eng worst by open his leg apart on YB Hee photo. Not only rude but obscene act (gesturing ones to suck dick). Send this father and son to attend the course to at least behave like a YB.
    I never heard or seen Tun Dr M doing immoral or against his Islamic religion requirement but personally saw the person who accused him Bloody Rasist doing it. Brandy on the rock, what a moron.
    A grateful Malaysians and will appreciate Tun M constribution towards what we all have today. Thank God for giving Tun M before Tun Lah. Otherwise we all are doomed today.

    Malaysian Chinese said ....... TQ Tun M

  20. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Mr Nazri, tolonglah cuba slow talk dengan Tun Dr M, tak kiralah mengenai apa-apa isu sekalipun. UMNO di bawah Tok Najib makin pulih sekarang, usahlah bagi peluang pihak tak berkenaan ambil peluang. Letih nanti nak 'berbalas pantun dengan rakyat Malaysia'..

    - Orion

  21. Anonymous7:35 pm

    welcome to democracy-everyone and
    tdm included. while in your pmship
    tdm has no time for simple democracy
    process , pm najib has shown superior liberalism in allowing a
    show of a democratic process in action. Dissent -an essence of democracy forgotten a long time since
    the time of tdm and is now making a comeback .


    live with it . to tdm and his
    followers i would say this-
    'either you are with us us or you
    are against us!!!!'
    And live with it ......


  22. Anonymous7:36 pm

    He may exit, in the footsteps of Zaid Ibrahim ...

    We are eagerly waiting for that to happen

  23. Anonymous7:44 pm

    How nice, whenever there's an issue, there's always a bigdog post somewhere, way ahead, so that can be "click here", to show "this guy is also saying that, not me". We do that in football betting a lot.

    - illegal betting scourge

  24. telus..ada yang tak suka,pelek.
    ..YB kata tak suka" NAFI," itu ayat bagus..tapi ramai yang tak setuju..pelek al pelek..
    kritikan dari dalam wajar..

  25. Alahai Nazri..

    Aku rasa elok la dia berenti dan pi jaga anak2 dia, terutama sekali anak dia yang bongsu ngan ini no satu dia tu.

    Budak tu dah tak keruan dah.. jaga dia lagi elok dari menyemak kat parlimen tu.

  26. Anonymous9:07 pm

    A person's worth just goes down the drains, the moment he displays ingratitude and blatant disrespect.

    What more if he is obviously a loud ignoramus.

    I wonder if he knows that photos of his son's activities are available on the net.

  27. Rocky's,

    I agree with you that Nazri Aziz latest antics could create another friction as what Pak Lah had last time. This bloody arrogance politician should be removed from his office because he would be a liability to UMNO/BN.

    The government or UMNO top brass should clear the air before it became too late already.


  28. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Rocky, I'm very respectful of Tun. But I could not stomach what the program threw at me when I was a student in a boarding school, and later before I left for overseas. I do appreciate history and love to read them, but the program content then was beyond just history. Maybe some people need hard knock in the head before they can appreciate history, but not all. A group of us walked out of the "recall session" and sat outside a hall where the session was held. A few BTN officers saw us and asked us to rejoin but we politely refused them. I'm still very much a malay and work to help other malay to progress in my own "small" way, tak kira parti apa pun. And there's nothing wrong with that as other races will also be helping their own kind through their various association, business group and "natural selection". But then, I do extend my help to other races especialy those close to me. And there's nothing wrong with that too.
    While I do not really like Nazri and his antics, but he has got a point. Maybe kasar sikit cara dia deliver his argument. To some, BTN program boleh buat u muntah (eg: cerita Uda dan Dara - pada siapa yg pernah melaluinya akan faham - The end justify the means). But then, ada yang boleh dan kena telan bulat-bulat baru boleh faham. Do they turn up as a better man?

  29. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Both pots blaming the kettle black!It's good for TDM to be whacked proper as he did'nt give that stupid bodowi any quarter! Pity that poor guy bodowi as he was humiliated really to the ground!That coward did'nt fight back because he was plain useless.Now TDM has a match and its good for umno.


  30. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Hello, i'm a non-Malay and i work for BTN as well as have attended the courses...no problem.

  31. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Rocky, what Nazri said is truth and fact. He is calling a spade a spade. So, what's the purpose of your article? Why you cannot handle the truth?


  32. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Rocky, it is time for TDM to let Najib and the administration run the country. TDM had 22 years as PM and many years before that in the government. He has his opportunity to change the administration of the country as he see fit. He should not meddle anymore in the affairs of running the country. He should retire gracefully.

    Towards 1Malaysia

  33. shamshul anuar10:07 pm

    Dear anonymous,

    I attended BTN course several years ago. As far as I can say, BTN does not promote racism. On the contrary, It clearly explains about our Constitution, history.

    What is so racist about it? BTN reminds the Malay that they have to work hard, if not harder than non Malay if they want to catch up.

    What I see is that LKS is upset as BTN explains about history of this country as inevitably it gives recognition that previously this land is called "Malay states".

    If you have encountered any instance of racvism, please do tell the facts such as who said it, where and whgat transpired in name of all fairness.

    Do not just accuse without showeing evidence. That is very typical of Kit Siang.

  34. Anonymous10:27 pm

    najib tak ada telor... sebab tu nazri masih menteri.

  35. Anonymous10:37 pm

    I ahve attended the BTN.
    Let me tellyou something.
    All my non Malay friends liked it.
    Well there was one moron who hated it, but he tends to wet in his pants so we paid no attention to him.

  36. Nazri should be sacked from UMNO and sacked from the Najib Cabinet immediately. What is the point of keeping a cabinet Minister whose very words and actions are being used as ammunition by Pakatan to attack the Barisan Nasional Government. Nazri is a liability for UMNO and Barisan Nasional, PM Najib has a duty of care to get rid this dirty thorn in the flesh of BN.The sooner Nazri is thrown out the better is it for UMNO, otherwise Najib will be bogged down in a battle that he would not want and could not win.

  37. Anonymous10:56 pm


    lu pening eh?....not feeling safe?

    Najib your new boss...mamak tu your idol....they are supposed to be in good terms.....

    So you choose the the safe way out?. WHACK the bald guy!.....but aint the bald guy right?. The BTN is umno's propaganda tool the whole world knew about, right?....

    and to make you more FENING, look what Razaleigh has got to say about BTN.....

    umno oh umno.....

    The MIND!!!

  38. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Si gemuk rocky bru,

    kamu ni ada baca apa yang ditulis oleh Ku Li.

    Kita ni orang Muslims. Jangan pecat kaum kaum lain. Tak bagus ni.

    Quran tak ajar kita macam ni.

    Ikut lah jalan yang tulus dan benar.

    I ni malulah bila bersama kawan kawan yang bukan muslim.

    tolong lah u ni.

    tutup mulut u kalau apa yang keluar dari mulut mu ni racun aje.


  39. jitraguy11:32 pm

    Have you attended the BTN Rocky? Its a terrible experience for the nons.. ask your non malay friends who have attended.. esp teachers and all...


    Have you attended? I was a part of BTN once. a falicitator. The racist wiil always say others are racist. If you had the mindset, then nothing is going to change it

  40. Anonymous11:40 pm

    1 malaysia and the rest, sorry, i hv never heard any complain for the last 35 years... maybe in the past ppl are not as racist as now.. what ever it is, since nazri is no more interested in memperjuangkan progress melayu, its good if he join a non-malay bias party like DAP, Gerakan, PKR etc... or the new makkal party..


  41. Anonymous11:43 pm

    I think Nazri has a right to his opinion. By the some token, Dr.M has his rights to respond and rebutt Nazri if he so wishes.
    But it seems Dr. M has to drag the Pary,ie Umno into this mud sling. Nazri did say, Dr. M is a racist, but he did mention Umno. So is the good Dr. banking on the might of Umno to fight his personal battle?
    There is this funny feeling,the good Dr. being an elder states man may still has the tendency to think he is still the PM? But all in all, the good Dr. can whack whoever he wishes, thats his right, but be good, fight the good fight, fair and square.


  42. Jenggg X312:07 am

    ka ka kah... siapa PM sekarang... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... inilah yang satu malaysia serakyat nak tau... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... Madey dah lama tak masok rumah segi4 bawang besar kat Putrajaya... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... masih nak lagak PM... ka ka kah...

    woit, ini BTN memang rasis, ajar kita benci sesama... ni satu malaysia dah tau!

    woit, ni nazi aziz pun dah tau... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... hanya Madey pura-pura tak tau...

    ka ka kah... lagu baru BTN: 'anak madey main api'... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... anak Madey main syer OPCOM lebih fulus... ka ka kah...

  43. read the messages.... not shooting the people or ask them to shut up.

    do like what u would do for PR

  44. Yes Rocky!

    Have you attended the course before? I have a lot of Non Malays school mate who are teachers..

    We are forever 2Malaysia. Not in my life time I will see 1Malaysia.

    Shiok Guy

  45. Anonymous4:50 am

    fuck u Najib!!! for still keeping this bastard Nazri.


  46. Anonymous6:59 am

    He insulted najib's father for forming racist party. Najib! Tunggu apa lagi? Sack him or reshuffle....

  47. Anonymous7:50 am

    TDM has now cleared the air for all, he is a racist and UMNO is a racist party.

    Vote PKR for a multi-racial and multi-cultural Malaysia

  48. najib manaukau8:07 am

    Don't you think it is about time that a Malaysian especially a Malay and what more a minister to say something truthful about pariah Mahathir. I just can't think of some one in Malaysia who is more hated by its people than the pariah.

  49. BTN is just for the Malays to remind them what this country was and why it was called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu and why it was changed to Malaysia so people like DAP Kulasegaran and Karpal will be more comfortable. The history of Malays, since time immemorial, is all about making others not to feel uncomfortable. I have another word for the Malays for behaving like that: it is Moron!
    So beng a bunch of Morons the government has to create BTN a course to tell the Malays not to forget who and what they are!
    In the US or Great Britain it is called "exclusive private schools" where they promote racism in a very more subtle ways.
    A pro0duct of an exclusive schools have a heir to the throne of England calling persons of colour as either "Paki" of "Golliwogs".
    BTN is to conter racist like Kulasegaran or Karpal or Kit Siang! They are not? Don't kid your self BABI!

  50. Anonymous10:00 am

    Supposed this Nazri and son to be sent to BTN.

    Lu pikir lah sendiri here:-


  51. DAMANSARA10:05 am

    Tiada apa yang mengejutkan tentang tindakan dan ledakan Nazri. Nazri jugalah orang yang mempertahankan Abdullah Badawi, keluarga dan kepimpinannya dengan ledakan serangan yang keras dan lantang terhadap Tun Mahathir.

    Dan masa telah menyaksikan betapa betulnya Tun dalam kritikannya terhadap Abdullah Badawi, Keluarga dan Kepimpinannya.

    Dalam banyak perkara, berani, lantang dan 'politically correct' bukanlah ukuran kebenaran dan kebijakan yang sebenar.

  52. wandererAUS10:20 am

    A born racist will always remain a racist, die a racist...only this senile old mamak is fast loosing his direction...even using racist remarks on his likes, screwing them in his home ground.
    Can't blame this racist cunt, you will still hear him harping racist remarks even in his grave!!!!

  53. Momo San11:10 am


    Mahathir said yes, UMNO is a racist party!


  54. Anonymous11:14 am

    BRU ask this anjing menyalak bukit @ nazri to join pakatan..Anwar you can have this dog, UMNO dont want him..
    Dzul Pekida Melaka

  55. BETULLAHTU11:15 am

    It is an OPEN SECRET that UMNO is a RACIST PARTY. BUT BOTH NAZRI AND DR.MAHATIU confirmed it with their recent spat! Now you and the cow-headed UMNO members will try to spin a new story. It just like hiding your SHIT under the carpet, it still STINKS.

    BLODDY NARCISSISTIC UMNO and GOVERNMENT. DR. M is witnessing KARMA at work, now. It pains him to watch all his NARCISSISTIC efforts is BACKFIRING!

    You are one of the thrash produced by this NARCISSISTIC government!

    We are not going to be a developed nation in 2020 but worst than a developing nation. We are moving in the direction of PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN, ZIMBABWE SOMALAI....

    DO we see ANARCHY in a decade or two?

  56. Anonymous11:47 am

    nazri have given it straight from his heart. This is one thing one
    must appreciate- take the truth as it
    is whether it comes from a 5 year old
    just like in the story emperors new clothes or a wise guy like loyar nazri

    old coots like tdm must be careful
    with dishing out conventional
    wisdoms -it may be outdated during
    your lifetime. in his [tdm s]
    time , might is right. now it is not true. Just like the night time dj dishing out hindi power with great exuberance , all through the day we have blogger power!!!!

    newbies like zaid better watch out,
    threat of court power is nothing like being -taking a dump of shit-
    from blogger power. Even all the
    glitters of tdm have been discoloured by the shit on the fan
    of blogger power!1!


  57. Anonymous12:13 pm

    In answering the first comment on this post, may I reproduce comments by two people who have attended BTN courses that they submitted to Big Dog's recent post:

    "1. On December 8, 2009 at 10:37 am azfar Said:

    saya prnah mgikuti 3x kursus BTN smasa saya di alam IPT.apa yg saya temui bukanlah doktrin yg memaksa pelatih utk taat kepada BN,yg nyata tujuan utama konsep BTN adalah;

    1)mengajar kita apa erti tanggugjawab kpada negara
    2)mgajar tentang disiplin(kebanyakan modul dan aktiviti yg dijalankan banyak mementingkan ketepatan masa dan penggunaan masa yang betul)
    3)bagi yg Muslim,aspek kerohanian ditekankan dan bagi yg non Muslim,mereka diajar tentang kesedaran sivik dan moral.

    2. On December 8, 2009 at 10:25 pm shamshul anuar Said:

    Saya setuju dengan pendirian Dr Mahathir. Saya pernah hadiri kursus BTN. Tak nampak dimana perkaumannya. Paraenceramah menceritakan sejarah Malaysia.
    Dan sejarah tentulah melibatkan Malaysia yang dulunya adalah Persekutuan tanah Melayu, Raja-Raja. Apa yang salahnya menceritakan fakta.

    Malah penceramah nasihatkan melayu bekewrja keras demi kesejahteraan. Saya insaf bila teringat seorang penceramah menyatakan yang allah Swt bolewh tarik ksekerlip mata kuasa yang diberi kalau Melayu tak bersyukur."

    Those non-Malays alleging all sorts of things against BTN are talking thru their noses. Simply politicising and exploting anything that's for the betterment of the Malays.

    Nazri appears to be abetting them and kurang ajar to Tun Dr Mahathir. He should be sacked. He is implying that BTN, under PM's Dept and directly under DS Najib's nose, is doing something not right. Using the word "revamp" or "rombak" clearly implies wrong doing by BTN, when, in fact, it's not.

    Other than "melagakan" TDM and DSN, this Nazri fellow is damaging DSN's integrity and reputation. DSN and UMNO should not keep him in his posts.

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Hi Rocky.
    Ramai tak perasan. Apa yang sedang melanda Nazri dan Mahathir, mungkinkah ini permulaan Allah makbulkan doa Tok Guru.

    "pecah perut tu bukan makna perut betul-btul pecah. Mungkin Umno pecah hingga terburai, tak dapat diselamatkan lagi.

    Kan Chedet kata, kawan lamanya beritahu Umno busuk hingga ke usus?

    Nazri kata doa Tok Guru tu kerja bodoh. Nak ingat Nazri, hang fikiq balik, apa yang sedang berlaku antara hang dengan Mahathir, mungkin cara tu Allah makbulkan. Dan itu baru permulaan. Hang jangan persenda doa.

    Hang Nazri kalu doa minta dengan Allah, kaya, Allah kasi duit terus ke? X kan, ada cara Allah beri hang. macam tu juga dengan doa Tok Guru.

    Ini baru permulaan, hang dalam Umno, fikiq2 lah.

  60. Anonymous12:44 pm

    The Mind,

    Where ur racist SJSandTeam blog? kita kan negara demokrasi.. kenapa mau takut?

    - The Mind Dung -

  61. Anons who asked me if I'd attended a BTN course, the answer is NO, I haven't. I've attended courses quite similar to BTN and SPIES (Selangor govt's proposed alternative to BTN) where we were taught to sing the "Warisan" song and started the day with Negaraku and some patriotic and nationalistic songs like the one that talked about "Barisan kita ..."

    Only during one session of a Qiyamullai course did a facilitator get carried away and started to talk in a tone not too friendly towards the Chinese. I've heard a lot of such sentiments in my life - in Chinese-dominated Singapore, Melaka my kampung, and at ITM and in KL later in life. It's one of those things Malaysian, we bitched about each other.

    What I did was to raise my hand and cautioned the facilitator that he was off course. No big deal.

    The point is if you find the facilitator going astray (racially or religiously), just let him know. Kenapa nak diam membisu?

    In Nik Nazmi's case, for example, the YB found it offensive that the BTN course he attended kept on stressing that Malaysia was a Muslim/Islamic country. Well, I hope he spoke up and register his protest. If he had kept quiet to protect his privilege/s, then I feel so sorry for him.


    Dear Ada Rambut who wrote: "BTN is not good becoz it's not PR ideas. BTN is racist becoz it's not PR label. Bro Rocky, please do some report from Selangor 'ala' BTN training. Are they politically motivated or racist."

    You can learn about SPIES at its portal http://spies.selangor.gov.my/ and decide for yourself if it was anything different or better than BTN's at http://www.btn.gov.my/.

    I haven't attended a SPIES programme, either.

  62. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Saya sokong amaran terbuka daripada Bloggers 6.24 PM - kepada Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

    Jika DSN yang mengarahkan atau membenarkan Nazri tidak sopan kapada Tun Dr Mahathir dan mengatakan module BTN perlu dirombak kerana hendak memuaskan hati bukan Melayu, atau meraih undi dengan mengakibatkan Melayu jadi lemah dan rugi, Melayu perlu mengambil tindakan terhadap kedudukan DSN. Goncangkan dia sedikit dengan cara yang constitutional supaya dia sedar.

  63. Anonymous1:03 pm

    This "najib manaukau" felolow is talking thru his nose.

    He's also bloody rude to an elder stateman. He must be the DAP type when saying "After all any politician who takes the side of pariah Mahathir today is only looking for trouble and would be voted out of office in the next GE."

    He doesn't realise that it was TDM who got Pak Lah out of office. The old man still has a lot of supporters. The poor showing at PRU12 was largely because of Pak Lah's misrule.

    Of course DAP types would say all sorts of nonsense so long as they say something bad. It's like the communist tactic of old. Never mind what you say, so long as you say something. Subversive fellows!

  64. If UMNO is a racist party for defending Malay rights,then MIC and MCA and Gerakan are also racist parties, so is the DAP which everyone knows defends and promotes the rights of the Chinese, so are the Hindrafs who defends the rights of the Indian/Hindus so are the NGOs supporting vernacular school rights and so are the vernacular newspapers promoting the rights of their races. So does that mean everybody in Malaysia are racists?

    I did not mention PKR or PAS as PKR only defends the rights of Anwar Ibrahim and its leaders to wreak havoc on the nation, while PAS only defends the rights of Nik Aziz to act,talk and doa nonsense. Go figure.

  65. Jelapang Padi Kedah2:05 pm

    I am a non-Malay

    I attended BTN

    We dont need it

    It is too racist

    I mean, we are a multicultural country right?

    Why sow the seeds of division?

    Just accept that other races who are born here are also Bumiputera.

    Their blood and body all raised from the Malaysian soil.

    Enough with BTN.

    Tengku Razaleigh dah cakap mansuhkan, mansuhkan jer lah......

  66. Why cant we let our ministers speak up, be it wrong or like, and let the rakyat judge.

    I can tell if Nazri is correct in what he said, but at least he spoke up.

    We dont like ministers or politician playing to the gallery,if you know what i mean.

    Keep speaking up, for we keep maturing up........

    rightly or wrongly, Kudos to you Mr minister Nazri.

  67. Anonymous3:28 pm

    nazri anjing menyalak bukit kalau btn itu perkauman mengapa mesti setelah ia dibangkitkan oleh pembangkang? Apasal tak revise sebelum isu ini dibangkitkan...balaci anwar ibrahim dia ni. Dzul pekida melaka

  68. Nazri Pundek3:33 pm

    Nazri's did this and was slurring racial words.


    Now Nazri not a racist?

    Fuck you all. I see a lot of posters on Nazri before 2008.

    He is not reformed. He is still corrupt. PC for RM12k at Parliament? Pleaseeee...

    How about those taxis???

  69. Anonymous3:42 pm

    another blow from 'Taxi Nazri' to 'Madey'....Dr.M is 'Father of all Racism' !!

    100% agree !!

    Rocky, your task now is to 'smear' back at Nazri and make him shut d F@#k up !! ....by the order of 'Ayahanda'.

    Tak Rock

  70. VP Biden3:58 pm

    AS usual Rocki you are kissing yr master mahazalims mamaks ass....
    the great mamak has admitted he is a racist and part of a racist party..u should just go scout for 3rd stories for yr malay mail...
    podaaaaaah laaaa....mangkuk hayun

  71. Anonymous4:25 pm

    wahh soo many sissy lengchai here.can't stand the heat?

    ehh??? comments praising nazri?hmm..anwar, zaid and now nazri?
    I can see the trend here, pakatanist looovve rejected stuffs.not a good habit I suppose.

    prancing horny pony

  72. bro,
    aku berani bersumpah, yg aku pernah pergi BTN, dan BTN tak promote racist. Diaorg promote supaya melayu suruh lagi respect org bukan melayu adalah. Ramai gak member2 aku cina n india yang pergi masa tu. Kitaorg happy pasal tido sekali, mkn sekali, pergi main aktiviti sekali.

    The F&*(ing racist ialah org yang x pernah pegi BTN contoh ialah geng2 DAP yang terdiri drp Loyar buruk. Aku harap Nazri belah dr UMNO n BN dan jadi seperti Zaid Ibrahim mangkuk ayun.

  73. Dr. Arshad Arif Din5:31 pm

    To understand Mahathir in this context is simple.

    Now that he is no longer enjoying the priviledges of power, he is employing a scotched earth policy of destroying the social race fabric of our country. The objective: to stoke up racial sentiments for yet unknown objectives (e.g., push up his son's reputation; keep UMNO in power so that Pakatan doesn't come into power and so the skeletons in his closet are never exposed) or because he is seeing demons (Chinese always lurking in the dark waiting to stab Malays).

    Little does Mahathir realise that in doing so, he is destroying his own legacies, not that they are much to brag about anyway given the fact that he is the father of corruption of this country (RM100 billion or more gone; see Barry Wain's book) and the destroyer of our judiciary system (for this, no reference book is necessary; the facts waving in the wind).

  74. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Dr M the No 1 racist, no doubt about that.

    Anyway the Malay race are too far behind, they have to learn from other race and no two ways about that.

    Even the Thais are ahead of the Malays.

  75. Anonymous6:44 pm

    can someone tell nazri he is the bloody bastard! Dzul pekida melaka

  76. Anonymous6:47 pm


    if i get it right, there are several reminders from fellow bloggers to DS Najib;

    satu, kena kawal isteri; orang ramai dah notis perkembangan yang kurang menyenangkan

    dua, kena buang menteri menteri rosak; macam nazri, dan yang lain yang terbukti korup, dan terok akhlak

    tiga, make a stand on this nazri issue, or, rakyat may read it as, nazri doing it for his boss, like what he did for pak lah

    empat, Tun M should learn to be more Statesman, and stay out of Open Media politics. Let the current Pm run the show lah. kalau nak komen, do it personaly, behind close door lah. kan ada banyak channel, tak semestinya confrontational. Waktu zaman Tun M dulu pun, bukan ada PM lama kacau. bagi chance lah!

    lima, rakyat aware, lifestyle menteri macam nazri ni, tak berapa elok nak di jadikan contoh teladan lah, pendek cerita. Not a good leader material. Please lah, those yang moral standard tak boleh lawan orang biasa, family man biasa, tak usah lah nak jadi menteri.

    banyak lagi pilihan, malaysians are generally good moral people tak kira bangsa!!

    -melayu umno yang sayangkan semua saudara saudara kaum lain semalaysia-

  77. Anonymous7:21 pm

    alahai idris..

    nak berlakon jadi melayu ke?aku tengok rocky kurus je tak gemuk pun.sejak bila pula rocky pecat kaum lain?apa hal pula pecat-pecat kaum ni?tak pernah diguna orang ayat ni.pecat nazri ada la.dulu kau mesti belajar di SJK kan?sebab tu BM kau macam s!al.

    entah apa-apa dia merapu.komen pulak sudah terang lagi bersuluh penuh dengan kejanggalan bahasa.

    kuda padi miang yang bersemangat

  78. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Aiya ...

    This BTN whacking is just another ploy to dimantle the Malay government, so that Malaysian Malaysia can become the dominant ideology.

    The list of tactics previously included chin peng the pejuang bangsa, abolish NEP, ISA, MACC etc etc ...

    Then came the SDs, Najib the Hindu and muderer of Altantuya...

    Till this moment in time, nnaahhh, no concrete proof.

    Of course you will have the brainless barkers, even in UMNO.

    This baldy should just focus more on his son's activities and whereabouts.

    Meanwhile it is obvious even to anti-Najib camp that he has done substantially well, in comparison to the opposition camp (anwar included)

    ... both domestically as well as internationally!!

  79. Anonymous7:30 pm

    "Dr. Arshad Arif Din" - See now they are using a Malay intellectual's name to con the readers into believing his so-called wisdom.

    This "Dr" is actually exposing another island's modus operandi.

  80. Anonymous7:58 pm

    Find out Nazri's favourite word ...


  81. Budak Comel8:51 pm

    Hahaha HANGAT, HANGAT, PANASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kelantan pun turut boikot BTN, mengikut jejak langkah Pulau Pinang dan Selangor.

    Baca di berita!

    Habis lah bahtera perkauman Mahathir, semakin hancur tenggelam...

  82. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Yes UMNO is a racist party and i am proud of it !

  83. Anonymous10:34 pm

    hehe..bodo punya PR. dulu punya laa hentam Nazri hamlau nih pesai kes permit teksi. now biler si hamlau botak nih hentam ex-Pm or any UMNO relaed person, he becomes the great one.
    So.. PR nih parti pengampun dosa yg terunggul di dunia..

    And yet they claim to be non bias,justice etc etc..
    Well to all the Hamlaus out there ..hahah PR is for u guys.. Parti syiok sendiri..


  84. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Anonymous said...

    Hello, i'm a non-Malay and i work for BTN as well as have attended the courses...no problem.
    9:33 PM


  85. Anonymous10:52 pm

    eddy, what have you got to say about Mahathir asserting that UMNO is racist? You still have UMNO's warped logic that UMNO can say the crudest racist things and insult others, yet when MCA, Gerakan and DAP say UMNO is racist, you condemn them for being racist! YOu are like the arsonist who shouts fire fire! That is only what paid UMNO agent provocateurs in cyberspace do. BTW all your comments in Malaysiakini defending UMNO stink and expose you as someone who spins yarns on behalf of UMNO to insult the intelligence of the people which backfires. Go stew in your own juice with your UMNO masters in their PWTC pigsty!

  86. shamshul anuar11:07 pm

    Dear Najib Manaukau,

    I refer to your comment. There is a saying "a man who loses his character loses everything".

    It is very rude to call someone "pariah". Malay call it "kurang ajar". Basically, it means your parents fail to teach you proper mannerism.

    Criticize but do not forget basic courtesy. I mean not that anyone expect so much from you. But do maintain the very basic of mannerism at the very least.

    Dr Mahathir weas just responding to a question. Being Pm for more than 2 decades, his views are often sought.

    People hate or respect him but he is known for telling what he feels. And he is not racist , at least judging from his remark.

    I attended BTN course. And I can vouch it is not promoting racism. LKS accused BTN as BN propaganda. So, show the facts. Who, among the facilitators, says racist remark, time and place and what was said.

    BTN explains clearly about Malaysian history , right from Malay sultanates to British colonialism to Malayan Union to Persekutuan Tanah Melayu to Malaysia.

    History is history. What is wtrong in telling the history. The facilitators urge the mAlays to work hard , taking the view of Chinese who are more economically advanced.

    I still remember vividly one rather fatherly pakcik who reminds Malays that even Kuran says that Allah swt can take or grant power in split second.

    Meaning that Malays are reminded they have themselves to blame if they are backward. What is wrong about that.

    And there is one song that really riles LKS. About one boy playing with fire. It is a very powerful song just like some of songs by Mariah Carey. It reminds the Malays exactly as what Kuran says. Divided you fall.

    Its it really spewing racism. I wonder why Dr Hassan ali is so quiet. Was not he the Deputy of BTN once?

    Many of friends wonder why I can answer many questions on Constitution. Many of my Chinese friends initially were very unhappy, claiming Malays are "anak emas" as per Constitution.

    I explained to them why there are specific provisions in Constitution for malays. Do youknow there are 54 times word "Malay " appear in Constitution, but noner for Chinese or Indians.

    Not because British loves Malays so much . British may me colonialistic but they are also legalistic. They might had forced Malay Rulers to cede soveregnty in 1946 but they still insisted on the Highnesses signatures.

    My point is that all these specific provisions are accorded in recognition of Malaysa being the EXCLUSIVE owner of land right up to 1957. And More importantly, in return to unrivalled generosity unheard in world history( act of granting citizenship of more than 1 million in a day at independennce), Malays IN RETURN receive some special consideration.

    It is also specifically mentioned that while Constitution guarantess freedom of practising religions, Constitution also reminds that other religions ( meaning like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism) must be practised in a way that does not irritate Muslims.

    Yes sIr. It is written in Constitution. Now talk about some priests who insist on using the word "allah" when all Christians whom I met say they worship Jesus.

    In short, BTN does not promote racism. Some quarters are not happy and wish Malaysians are ignorant about Constitution.

    Thanks to BTN, I now understand why concept "Malaysian Malaysia" is actually denying Malays rights.

    Ignorant people may be influenced with word "Malaysian Malasysia". It sounds good but it ignores the history of the land.

    As for Nazri, I hope Najib will reprimand him. Nazri, I notice is defensive. Moreover, BTN is not under his purview.

    Nazri can disagree with Dr Mahathir. But there is no reason to be rude.

    As for Najib, I hope the calamity that befell Pak Lah will not not repeated during his tenure.

    During Dr Mahathir's tenure, we did not hear anything about wife or son influencing the PM. I hope Najib will take note of this .

    As for LKS, the enemy is within. I believe you are racist.

  87. Al-Sadr11:09 pm

    Tuanku Abdul Rahman = Bapa Malaysia
    Tun Abdul Razak = Bapa pembangunan
    Tun Dr Mahathir = Bapa racist!

    Yeah! Nazri You rock :)

  88. Anonymous12:32 am

    I have atended 3 BTN courses..and yet after a few years I married Chinese lady..Let said BTN teach Malay to be racist I don;t think i can get married to Chinese, last 20 years BTN allready take place and yet the country be more prosper and success...

    Nazri is stupid, he just like to jump according to racist party DAP and racist Newspaper The Star...Ops...only if you talk about Malay it is consider racist..How about ONE SCHOOL ONE LANGUAGE...it is also consider racist...?

  89. Anonymous12:39 am

    Bro, Never talk about Malay..it is racist...DAP is not racist, MCA is not racist,MIC is not racist only UMNO is racist...this what stupid people said...
    1 malaysia means must let all divided according to own race...this call 1 Malaysia..Anything realated to National School,National language is consider racist...that the beauty of multiraces in Malaysia..as long any thing benefit them will be consider satu Malaysia...anything not be3nefit them will be consider racist...for them to have own racist school..they said..this is the beauty of multiraces...Watever lar...as long they get benefit we call 1 malaysia..

    Father of all racist..DAP

  90. Hidup TDM,

    Pak Lah go against TDM...apa jadi hancur.....Lim Kit Siang yang racist pun tak berani dengan TDM..ini Nazri bodoh...hah..hah..Last election bukannya PKR or DAP racist yang kuat tapi ramai yang benci and meluat dengan Pak Lah..expecially ramai yang still respect TDM...Even so call TDM racist..tapi masa tu lah anak Lim Kit Siang racist berjaya dalam politik...masa TDM lah ramai jutawan Cina...cuma last election DAP perasan yang depa dah kuat...
    Ingat TDM words masih berbisa...tak percaya...suruhlah NAzri bodoh terus hentam TDM...alamat next election Najib pun bungkus...bukan sebab kami suka PKR lompat katak atau DAP perkauman..tapi sebab sikap kurang ajat mereka terhadap TDM.

  91. Anonymous12:56 am

    aku rasa ada module atau syllabus jenis brainwash, yang di terapkan di MCKK lah.

    product product nya semua macam retarded, stunted.

    doesnt seem to grow up, regardless of age, especially yang complete form 1 sampai form 5. yang lompat lompat tu ada kurang sikit lah.

    satu cetak, anwar ibrahim, RPK, nazri, dan banyak lagi kalau nak di list kan....

    at the very least, they definitely behave macam masih form 5 kat sekolah dia dulu.

    siapa siapa ada kawan, cousin, abang adik, boss, subordinate, yang dari MCKK, symptom nya lebih kurang sama, regardless yang cenderung pada agama, atau yang cenderong pada opposiute agama.

    tak keruan gitu..

    aku rasa memnag british dah set lah untuk MCKK ni. kesian depa depa ni no....


  92. Anonymous1:54 am

    Boody hipocrite Nazri,

    Your “bloody computer” you installed in Parliment recently cost RM12,000 per unit. It cost only RM2000 each at Low Yat (not including pc game, adobe or grafikcard lah, unless MP Nazri want to play games during parliment session) .

    What do you say Nazri? You kow tim ke? That is “bloody people money maa…

    About this BTN thing, its the Govt of the day’s choice maa. You dont agree with Tun M, why u still hang on as minister during his time?

    Since you were not “bloody racist” at that time, you should have quit then maa.

    Btw, what’s wrong with Tun M defending the Malays, like Lim Kit Siang defending the Chinese and the expired Sam Vellu defending the Indians? Or Pairin Kitingan defending the Kadazans?

    Bloody hipocrite Bloody fool

  93. Salam Bro Rocky, Nazri mempunyai sifat yang amat negatif dan tidak melayakkan beliau menjadi seorang pemimpin yang baik,jauh sekali untuk menjadi pemimpin besar dalam UMNO yang berkesan .Sifat beliau yang angkuh dan bongkok;biadap dan kurang ajar;tidak berhemah dan pendek akal;terlampau emosi dan pedendam yang menebal menyebabkan beliau amat dibenci olih berjuta manusia,khususnya peminat setia TDM yang diangap sebagai negarawan yang amat berjasa kepada bangsa dan negara. Berdasarkan kenyataannya dalam isu BTN ini beliau dilihat sebagai anti UMNO,Melayu dan agama Islam.Dalam lain perkataan,beliau ialah pengkhianat Bangsa Melayu dan agama Islam.Justru itu beliau mistilah dipecat dari jawatan menteri dan disingkirkan dari UMNO.Jika tidak beliau akan menjadi penyebat utama UMNO tersungkur di dalam PRU akan datang. Askartua,Kubang Kerian

  94. Anonymous7:59 am

    The point is if you find the facilitator going astray (racially or religiously), just let him know. Kenapa nak diam membisu?



  95. Anonymous8:04 am


    APA LA LU NIE...


  96. Anonymous8:45 am

    I think enough is enough. I dont understand why a malay must call another malay racists. I can understand why a chinese call a malay racists but never the other way around.

    Lets put things into perspective. Those who allege the others in the blogs as racists believe me are typically racists. If they are non-malays or chinese believe me invariably they send their kids to vernacular or chinese schools which actually breeds racists prejudism. They support race based business groups like the chinese clans and never condemn DAP who supported these groups and schools as racists. Do you think that they practice non-discrimination? Yet they have the galled to say others racists.

    To those "enlightened" malay who called others racists, if they are "educated", invariably they took the benefit of the "racists" benefit of scholarship without any remorse at all. Worse they expect their children to get it. Would they fight for non-discriminatory practices? No. Do they have the guts to close "religious schools" so as not to perpetuate racism and bigotry? No. Yet have the galled to call others racists.

    So the crux of the problem is this. Why is the government entertaining these racists name calling propaganda because of the pressure from these "racists" groups. The chinese can fight for their rights. The Tamil can fight for their rights. But how come malay cant? If a malay does it its racists? But if others do it, its not? Thats why I think a malay calling another malay as racists is stupid.

    Ellese A

  97. Anonymous9:41 am

    ....Those who called others racist are racist themselves....

  98. Anonymous10:48 am

    Salam to all,
    This is a subtle way to dismantle what Malaysia as what we know and replace it with Malaysian Malaysia.
    A lot of people forget or conveniently ignorance of the constitution and start these hu ha. Some more bloody stupid menteri also fall in this trap (or is he one of the agent provocateur???)... Lets see how long Najib will keep this stupid fool and other yang sewaktu dengan nya. Either they go or Najib goes...

  99. A Proud Racist Malay10:53 am

    Mahathir racist? Yeah. He made billionaires of Ananda Krishnan, YTL, Vincent Tan, Kim Yew, Ting Pek Khiing, and many other Chinese and Indian tycoons.

    Rasis nya dia.

    When China was viewed as a "yellow threat" by the West, orang tua ni lah yang embraced that country and its billion-over people into the East Asian Economic Group. La ni saja baru Amerika dengan dunia luar nak berbaik-baik dengan China.

    Rasis betul foreign polisi nya.

    Mahathir is as racist as he is a fundamentalist Muslim. He is about to redefine the term "racist" here.

    And I proudly proclaim myself a racist Malay, i.e. I love my race (not that I don;t love yours)

  100. Anonymous11:01 am

    While Dr Mahathir has laboured on to try and keep the focus on Vision 2020, demogogues run amok. By some strange combination of factors, fundamentalists and demogogues are in league to threaten the nationalist cause.

    By some fluke, a generation was blessed the statesmanship of Dr Mahathir. But as Malaysians, do we really appreciate his genius and leadership? Given the apparent success of Anwar's demogoguery, maybe we Malaysians do deserve the demon.

    Lord, why did you give us Dr Mahathir and raise our hopes?


  101. Anonymous11:07 am

    Nazri is right. Mamak Kutty is the father of racism. UMNO is the biggest racist party in the world, yet UMNO calls others racist when they oppose UMNO's racism. UMNO racism and ketuanan Melayu WILL BE BURIED just like apartheid in South Africa. To all UMNO racists, unless you can consider yourselves as Malaysians dump Ketuanan Melayu, you deserve to STIGMATISED AND CONDEMENED as the BIGGEST RACISTS IN THE WORLD, INDEED PARIAHS OF THE WORLD!

  102. Anonymous11:43 am

    Where is Anwar...King of Frogs...He missused BTN during his time.....ANwar ur Suck...and Nazri ur stupid and rude....The smartest is DAP racist....
    Nazri even ur family u can't control to do the right thing and now you think you can teach other people to listen to your stupid ideas...That why in country where lawyers control the politics...they always fight amount them coz they all lawyers...Good in talking result suck...

    Anwar King of frogs...is playing the music and Nazri stupid is dancing following the bit...director is DAP racist...

    DAP king of racist combined with ANwar KIng of Frogs...get supprted but "less smart" follower...even after ANwar lie about 16th Sept...

    Let hear wat DAP racist stand on ONE SCHOOL system....as we knw racist DAP will never agree.

    Long LIVE racist TDM who make more chinese become richer, who make good frnd with China before other country did...TDM is racist coz her in law is chinese, TDM is racist coz many Chinese bussinesman ask for his help....and that call racist...Who care....he is better than LIM KIT Siang King of Racist and ANwar..talk empty.

  103. Although I never liked Nazri as a minister, but on this occasion, I have to agree with this guy. I mean, wasn't the whole cabinet were briefed about the BTN courses? And the feedback they get from that cabinet briefing is that BTN needs to be revamped.

    Why only Nazri is speaking based on what he heard during the Cabinet briefing? Why weren't the other ministers supporting his case as well when they had heard the same thing, which is BTN needs to be revamped?

    I smell something fishy here Rocky Bru. Whenever any UMNO minister speaks for the good of Malaysians, they seem to be struck down from all sides of their own party or get blocked out from the mainstream media (another case is Husni Hanadzlah, 2nd Finance Minister). I mean, why can't they just accept that positive comment and seek to build on it? I mean, the government's duties are to serve the rakyat, not the other way around. If not, what is the purpose of voting during the elections in the 1st place?

    For this BTN controversy, I have to go with Nazri on this one. I mean, isn't revamption in line with 1Malaysia better with the people? I support whatever is good for the people, regardless of which party they came from.

  104. Fatine1:29 pm

    Mahathir rasis.

    Ini sebab dia menggunakan sikap rasisnya untuk memecahbelahkan rakyat dan mengaut undi Melayu untuk UMNO-BN.

    Dalam masa itu, Mahathir juga korup dan tamak wang.

    Dia menyokong golongan kapitalis kaya raya yang boleh memuaskan nafsu dia untuk 'projek-projek besar' dan untuk mendapat sokongan golongan kapitalis kaya, tidak kira kaum... sebab yang penting kuasa wang.

    Inilah Mahathir. Rasis yang tamakkan kuasa, pengaruh dan wang.

    Memang tepat apa cakap Nazri Aziz. Tapi Nazri Aziz pun 2x5. Dia pun sama jugak.

  105. Anonymous1:49 pm



  106. Anonymous2:16 pm

    and now this;
    Kor Ming persoal kerajaan bina banyak masjid

    KUALA LUMPUR 8 Dis. - Seorang ahli Parlimen DAP hari ini mempersoalkan perbelanjaan kerajaan sebanyak RM748.26 juta bagi membina 611 buah masjid bagi tempoh 2000 hingga 2008 sedangkan pada masa sama kerajaan gagal membina rumah ibadat bagi agama lain untuk tempoh yang sama.

    Ahli Parlimen Taiping yang juga Timbalan Bendahari Agung DAP, Nga Kor Ming berkata, walaupun mengalu-alukan usaha kerajaan memartabatkan agama Islam tetapi pada masa sama berasa kesal kerana rakyat bukan Islam telah dianaktirikan sedangkan mereka juga adalah pembayar cukai.

    Beliau yang juga Setiausaha DAP Perak berkata, sebab itu kerajaan Pusat harus belajar daripada kerajaan campuran DAP, Pas dan PKR di Perak dahulu serta kerajaan Pas Kelantan yang membenarkan pembinaan tokong terbesar di Asia Tenggara walaupun turut memartabatkan Islam.

    “Dan kerajaan pakatan pembangkang di Perak ketika memerintah dulu banyak menawarkan tapak tanah kepada kuil-kuil Hindu, gereja dan tokong supaya rakyat penganut agama tersebut tidak merana dan berasa terpinggir,” katanya.

    Beliau berkata demikian dalam kenyataan yang diedarkan di pusat media Parlimen di sini hari ini.

    Menurut Kor Ming, walaupun kerajaan menguar-uarkan slogan 1Malaysia namun adalah jelas gagasan tersebut adalah janji manis yang berupa cakap kosong sahaja.

    Katanya, ini berdasarkan jawapan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop terhadap soalan dikemukakan beliau bahawa kerajaan telah menggunakan tabung wang rakyat sebanyak RM748.26 juta untuk membina masjid melalui peruntukan khas Perdana Menteri.

    ‘‘Bagaimanapun tidak ada perancangan yang bersistem, struktur dan agihan peruntukan adil diberikan kepada penganut agama bukan Islam.

    ‘‘Menurut jawapan kerajaan, kerajaan Persekutuan hanya memperuntukkan RM9 juta untuk bantuan kepada semua institusi ibadat bukan Islam dalam tempoh 2003 hingga 2008 iaitu satu jumlah 1.2 peratus sahaja,” jelasnya.

    Kor Ming menegaskan, prinsip pertama Rukun Negara adalah Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan dan oleh itu semua rakyat Malaysia termasuk rakyat bukan beragama Islam harus menerima ajaran agama yang betul.

    Menurut beliau, justeru adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kerajaan membantu pembangunan pendidikan rohani rakyat Malaysia yang bukan beragama Islam juga.

    ‘‘Semua rakyat adalah pembayar cukai, adalah tidak adil penganut agama bukan Islam dianaktirikan,” jelasnya.

  107. The Ultimate Question2:38 pm

    This fight is a fight that dated back to Tunku Abdul Rahman and Mahathir. If Mahathir wins this one, Tunku loses and ALL Malaysian loses. Who want Tunku to lose again?

  108. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Mahathir masa isi form di s'pore dia tulis berbangsa india.Di m'sia terpaksa jd lebih melayu krn nak rompak harta melayu guna Umno.Dilema melayu ialah senang digula-gula dan ditipu.

    Utk npk hebat guna ketuanan melayu dan pecahkan masyarakat(divide n rule).The truth is mahathir hates the malays.Thats y u malays left behind for 22 years.He gave the malays 20cents and he rompak from them rm1000.M'sia rugi 100billion during his time.

    Umat melayu umno paling bodoh, rela dibodohkan oleh mamak bendahara.Mahathir menggunakan melayu utk mengkayakan kroni2nya org cina dan india.
    Sayang sekali Tengku Razaleigh diketepikan oleh ahli umno.Beliau adalah permata yg sepatutnya diberi peluang menaikkan taraf hidup org melayu bknnya mamak mahathir.

    bye-bye umno

  109. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Mahathir masa isi form di s'pore dia tulis berbangsa india.Di m'sia terpaksa jd lebih melayu krn nak rompak harta melayu guna Umno.Dilema melayu ialah senang digula-gula dan ditipu.

    Utk npk hebat guna ketuanan melayu dan pecahkan masyarakat(divide n rule).The truth is mahathir hates the malays.Thats y u malays left behind for 22 years.He gave the malays 20cents and he rompak from them rm1000.M'sia rugi 100billion during his time.

    Umat melayu umno paling bodoh, rela dibodohkan oleh mamak bendahara.Mahathir menggunakan melayu utk mengkayakan kroni2nya org cina dan india.

    Sayang sekali Tengku Razaleigh diketepikan oleh ahli umno.Beliau adalah permata yg sepatutnya diberi peluang menaikkan taraf hidup org melayu bknnya mamak mahathir.

    bye-bye umno

  110. Anonymous2:52 pm

    DAP racist...Nazri stupid and rude...good combination to rule Malaysia...Coz only this type of people can control PAS.

    PKR anything benefit them they will follow....DT y ANwar a liar.

    heh..heh Tun Mahathir racist...so Lim Kit Siang is what? Racist King...

  111. Anonymous3:29 pm

    najib manaukau said, "... pariah Mahathir. I just can't think of some one in Malaysia who is more hated by its people than the pariah."

    This bloke is an anarchistic DAP type, isn't he? He is what the Malays call kurang ajar.

    Making a 2-sentence bloody rude comment against a well-respected former leader of this country and claiming to represent "its people".

  112. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Why is that when someone call a spade a spade, other spades get angry at the truth. Dr. M is not angry at all as along as Nazri tells the truth. It is when Nazri lies that Dr. M get angry.

  113. Lidah Benar4:42 pm

    Mahathir should shut up with his Ketuanan Melayu nonsense.

    The Malays have come from Indo China ages ago.

    If anyone should be accorded Ketuanan, it is the Orang Asli. They have been here originally, before the Malays. So why no mention about Ketuanan Orang Asli? Or is UMNO-BN trying to convert all Orang Asli into Islam and make them Malays?

    Tak percaya?

    Read here for the facts. Judge for yourselves.

  114. Anonymous4:49 pm

    saya pernah hadir kursus btn ni dlu semasa zaman nuar. dia yg ajar dlm btn kalau jumpa ular dgn india bunuh india dulu...kehkehkeh seriously bro.


  115. Nzain5:01 pm

    Anon 11.07am

    What a joke you are. Calling people racists when it's so clear that you are one too.
    Are you THAT afraid of us? LOL. You should be. We're everywhere. Pissing us off is not good for people like you ie Malay hater. Give up on that dream of abolishing Ketuanan Melayu coz it ain't happenin mate...in your dreams.

  116. Anonymous11:53 pm

    umno busuk hingga keususnya... sapa yg paling lama jaga umno ni....

    anak buah shafie afdal

  117. Purple Haze6:17 am

    The Ultimate Question said :

    This fight is a fight that dated back to Tunku Abdul Rahman and Mahathir. If Mahathir wins this one, Tunku loses and ALL Malaysian loses. Who want Tunku to lose again?

    An excellent analogy.

    Tunku Abdul Rahman stands for the ideal of a country called Malaya (Malaysia) united by its diversity.

    Tun Dr M stands for a country dominated by one race ... with a few crumbs for others.

  118. Anonymous11:06 am

    Nzain, the latest UMNO racist pig who has just betrayed himself! so Nzain you pig, you mean to say that UMNO can be racist, and when others oppose, you say they are racist? what kind of fucking logic is that? In any other country except bolehland, UMNO racists, seditionists like you and Utusan Malaysia would be hung upside down by their balls till they die! you UMNO fucking pigs cannot compete with others on a level playing field, you resort to racism to keep others down, when they complain, you say they are racists! Remove UMNO racist pigs and all Malaysia's racial problems will disappear, as you UMNO racist pigs are the mother of all evils in Malaysia!

  119. Anwar Munafik adalah punca segala pepecahan..dibantu oleh Melayu yang diperkuda oleh DAP racist...BApa segala racist didunia DAP...PKR & DAP jilap buntut DAP sebab nak jadi boneka..Anwar keluar UMNO sebab tak dapat jadi PM...The Star,Sin Chew Jit Poh...akan lapor benda yg memburukkan Melayu...Kalau DAP tak racist kenapa tak nak sokong satu sekolah...bodoh lar sapa kata DAP tak racist....PAS ramai penyokong tapi macam buih di laut..UMNO lembek..ikut cakap bangsa lain...Masa TDM tak ada pulak perkauman teruk macam ni...maju juga negara...success juga nak lim kit siang,Karpal singh masa zaman TDM...sebab TDM tak racist lar sekarangnya DAP jadi over racist sebab disupport oleh kaki gila kuasa ANwar...
    ANwar suruh BN lompat masuk PKR..bila tahi kena kat muka anwar..terus dia marah PKR lompat jadi bebas..Anwar lu pikir la sendiri...

    Kepada penjilat DAP laknatuaallah terus lar menyokong DAP racist..buat Rockys...teruskan perjuangan menghapuskan saki baki fahaman komunis dan munafik.

  120. Nzain6:49 pm

    Anon 11.06 am - why always remain anonymous?

    The non-malays are as capable of racism as well and we know they can be even worse. So we're all playing the same game dude. Same level, same field.
    All those big dreams of yours? Again..in your dreams

    ps. Anyone told you yet that you are racist? No?
    You are. Big time taiko.

  121. Anonymous6:54 pm

    by Eddy - 2 hours ago

    One by one lah Anwar, you cannot appear in two courts at once. First you make sure you attend the High Court trial on 25 January 2009 do not abscond or have your lawyers fell sick. After the High Court trial then we see what happens, the people want to know also what evidences does the Prosecutor have. The syariah trials can be called in another year or two no hurrylah.


  122. Anonymous12:03 pm

    I wish the the Gold from SEA game were won by Melayu but this is never the case. How stupid it is to think of Ketuanan Melayu when in actual fact is still stuck far below the bottom without knowing an exit plan, the father of all racist had failed the Melayu badly.

  123. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Dr M the Mamak should shut up, actually there is non of his business since he is actually an Indian. His father was from Southern India. We should send him back to India.

  124. Anonymous12:54 pm


    Everyone except fucking UMNO racists like you know that the minute UMNO stops its racism, THERE WILL BE NO RACISM as UMNO is the gomen. So who are the real racists? Why must UMNO be racist and cannot accept level playing field like everyone? Becos your fucking leaders are corrupt, lazy and think the whole world owes them a living! SO IF THERE IS ANYONE TO BLAME FOR RACISM IN THIS COUNTRY IT IS UMNO, MOTHER OF ALL EVILS AND BIGGEST RACISTS IN THE WORLD AFTER DEMISE OF APARTHEID IN SOUTH AFRICA. You Nzain are supporting UMNO's racism, and like all the UMNO racists ought to be hung upside down by your balls!

  125. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Heh Heh

    Obviously those supporting sodomite anwar, lompat zaid, SIL kj, tired nik aziz and lately vociferous nazri

    while cursing quietly-brainy Najib

    are out to dismantle the Malay-
    led government

  126. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Lidah Benar @ 4:42 PM quotes a Richard Wee ...

    heh heh who in the world is richard wee and why loyar burok??

    i remember the chinese claiming they created the pizza, the peranakan also claimed "nyonya kueh" as theirs, which is BASICALLY kueh melayu

    shame shame shame, forever grabbing grabbing grabbing

    and changing history to suit their agenda

  127. Lidah Benar7:46 pm


    Let's not 'cakap banyak'.

    Let's just go straight to the main and fundamental question:

    Who is the original inhabitant of this land -- The Orang Asli or the Malays? Who was here first? Based on this answer, who is the real bumiputera?

    Just answer this.

    What's the answer? Anybody else can give an answer?

  128. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Yeah, we have to admit. Malays have their bads. Chinese does too. But the problem is, some of these chingkies, not all, complaint too much and do too little or nothing good at all themselves. They steal, cheat and lie at any oppurtunity they stumble into. Thats a fact.