Saturday, December 05, 2009

Glassman's scoop

Just to put on record that I saw this picture first at Glassman's blog under the posting biaDAPs. Utusan Malaysia front-paged the news only the next day. Click here to see the upright picture and read Glassman's words. Kit Siang and son Guan Eng have since said sorry for the antic.
“I was taken by surprise when confronted with the doormat and tried to avoid stepping on the three pictures but not completely with success," Kit Siang said.
Hehe. Iyeke? Click h e r e to see the picture upright.

Updates: More pictures at Unspinners h e r e.


  1. Anonymous3:08 pm

    aiyoyo Rocky, where is LGE pictures got torched by UMNOPutra ?? also ,KTK picture got tear by UMNOputra ??

    Picture of 'Madey' with 'galand of slipper' ??

    mana ? mana ?

    Called 'Agong' natang by UMNO, where la picure, Rocky ??

    Sungguh jahat Rocky !! tak abis-abis nak cetuskan pergaduhan antara kaum2 di Malaysia !! Another May 13 instigator, Rocky!!

    Melayu tak Bodoh

  2. Anonymous3:31 pm

    This is the state of their mentality. If they dare to do this openly, just imagine what they will do behind closed doors.

    Wonder what kind of policies they will implement if they get to govern Malaysia??

    Just a reminder - multilingual signboards, ketok ketampi china diplomatic embarassment, silent azan, NEP removal, chin peng pejuang bangsa, BTN ban, Republic of Malaysia etc etc ...

  3. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Not doctored... they are real pics. In fact DAP's big boss man has since apologised.

    We rakyat accept this, I think esp those staying in Perak.

    We want OUR chosen govt and representatives. Not frogs nor Bee-End barbarians!!

    They just dont get it, do they?


  4. Anonymous4:22 pm

    melayu tak bodoh,

    engkau sememangnya bodoh!!!!!fuck you!!!!!


  5. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Hey Rocky, you know what I would have done ? I'd cut out the faces of the frogs from the pictures and paste them on the urinals in public toilets. That way, those who sokong the frogs can avoid using the urinals and those who want to piss on the frogs can get to do so without violence. You'd be surprised at how many people would queue up just to spit or piss on the pictures of frogs.

    Let this be a "referendum" on Perak.


  6. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Of course lah, pictures of BN people stepping on Lim Guan Eng's picture, and burning Koh Tsu Koon's picture would never be highlighted or condemned in the mainstream press, which includes this blog.


  7. semakin pening dengan politik yang merugikan

  8. And what say you of these pictures, which I might add, has been a norm for quite some time now?

  9. Makcik Felda5:49 pm

    Ala Rocky

    Ini cerita lapuk la!

    Bila nak citer pasal skandal besar macam skandal Mahathir songlap RM100 billion tu?

    Kiter tunggu nih....

  10. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Let's think about it. I think these DAP Politicians are morally wrong.

    First by steping on those face. Do they study Moral back in school time? If this one happen to BN politicians it is the same case.

    Second, Uncle Lim say try to avoid. Don't you see that on his right hand side got tones of empty spaces? Cant he walk toward the right and cross it? Lets see carefully folks. Don't bullshit us uncle Lim. I'm a chinese in KL and I'm not happy the way you do it as a Chinese.

    If any of you guy say the person who burn LGE photo down is wrong. Then it also make Uncle lim Wrong as well.

    To PR supporter, please don't blame other people while you are doing the same thing.

    When can we see a better politician in MY?

    a person from Cheras, Taynton

  11. Anonymous6:09 pm

    yes...agreed with anon 3:08pm.

    At least DAP is sincere and man enough to apologise for their stupid and immature acts.

    What about your paymaster: UMNO?
    Did they apologise for:
    1) LGE pictures got torched by UMNOPutra
    2) KTK picture got torn by UMNOputra
    3) Called Tregannu 'Agong' natang by UMNOputra

    Where is the apology which is long over due?

  12. o well6:16 pm

    holy BN reps wont ever do things like this..they always works for the ppl.regardless of race!!...hehe

  13. Anonymous6:23 pm


    you represent the rakyat??
    in your dreams dude ...

    you still want a sodomite for de facto leader, pm-in-waiting??

  14. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Tolong lah provoke lagi org melayu..please..i beg of you wahai org india.This way...dpt jadilah lagi another 13May.Senang sikit askar askar diraja melayu tembak engkau org bagi mampus!!!

  15. Pigtail7:13 pm

    This is their true state of mentality.

    They are truly RACIST. If they govern Malaysia you know what will happen to the Malay.

    May God help us.

  16. Anonymous7:28 pm

    It is sad to see how these suppose leaders of rakyat resort to such a cheep skate.

    Don't compare with people who burn the picture of LGE. He is a layman, but they are the leader of DAP, CM of penang. As a public figure, they should act in a respectful manner, whether to friends or foe.

  17. Anonymous7:31 pm

    how does an apology loses it's meaning? let's say a sincere apology is like a full glass of water.

    you did not apologize when an enemy pointed out the inappropriateness of your action to you but only do so when friendly party come out in the media to condemn, you loses one quarter in sincerity. water level is now diminishing, 3/4 left.

    you apologize but did not punish at all those who responsible for the rude act. another notch down and now the water is half.

    you apologize generally but not to the very people whom face you step on. people who most probably got hurt the most by your action. water left in glass is now only 1/4 left.

    one more reason and it becomes a bullshit apology.


  18. Anonymous8:09 pm

    hv any of UMNO idiots apologised for tearing KTK's pic? Not that we care abt KTK la!

    At least someone here had the balls to apologise.

    How abt the rest? Bola mana?


  19. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Rocky..we will rock you..
    Rotten to the rock.

    Cheap rock.

  20. Anonymous8:41 pm

    So what? They deserved it. i would even spit on them.


  21. Anonymous8:59 pm

    unker kit's apology is damage control

    otherwise he would not have stepped on the mat in the first place

    his apology came late

    he seemed to enjoy stepping, on the day itself

    his supporters' justification is lame to say the least

    anyway, distribute those photos and let the rakyat decide

  22. Anonymous9:08 pm

    melayu tak bodoh memang bodo gile, mana boleh kejahatan walau kecik menggantikan kejahatan yang lain. Bodo tetap bodo, salah tetap salah, biadap tetap biadap, walau macamanapun, siapapun walau sekecil mana pun. Posting nih pasal kebiaDAPan DAP. Yang lain tu kau buat la posting kau sendiri. Orang nih dah highlightkan pun dah cukup bagos.

    Bodo la lu melayu tak bodoh.

  23. Bro, the tone applied and the use of Utusan Malaysia here made me think of how I'd read and make out a report of, say, the confirmation of Hitler's niece in Der Stürmer! Don't you think you ought be distancing yourself from Utusan?

  24. glassman10:19 pm

    well actually rocky bro, I copied from parpu or was it ... berani membuat pilihan or .. duh I forgot where so I should not be getting the honours of a "scoop"

  25. Anonymous10:43 pm


    The BIG difference is:

    a. DAP aplogised (but of course you will subject this aplogy to a 'sincereity' test - just to prove a point that the apology was not sincere)
    b. The BN fellows who 'torched' LGE's photo and tore up KTK's photo have not apologised yet.

    The ones involved in (b) above must be of a 'special & elite' upbringing whose creed does not understand the word apologise'.

    Regretably, you too do not seem to understand what is still outstanding on the other side of the coin.

    DAP can move on, having apologised.

    But the BN fellows continue to pretend that they have not done anything offensive. That includes BN supporters like you.

    I like your sense of fairplay.
    It is so much better that the leaders of the country where you were born.

    Keep it up bro


    P.S - you were so fired up over a pilot whom you and your gang thought that he could be a child molestor - after he was tried in a foreign court, found guilty and fined. Remember, you were 'harping' on the fact that airline passengers would be worried that they were being 'captained' by this pilot. Now that his dad has put in his resignation from the MACC, you have dropped the idea of pursuing the matter with the airline?

    Or was it hangat-hangat tahi ayam?

  26. Anonymous10:43 pm

    Anon 7.06 you said "Tolong lah provoke lagi org melayu..please..i beg of you wahai org india.This way...dpt jadilah lagi another 13May.Senang sikit askar askar diraja melayu tembak engkau org bagi mampus!!"
    Kechik itu May 13 punya dongeng lagikah kechik, Ya dulu2 bolihlah, tapi cuba sekarang, tengok orang SERB,Bosnia, Rwanda, Nazi, kena buru hinggah di tangkap bersorok dalam lobang cacing, Go ahead kechik tolong tunjuk betapa kuatnya Kebal kamu Si-Pendekar tahi ayam al jubori jaguh kampung. Ada telurkah kechik.
    Buat apa cakap dari jubohmu pakailah otak yang tuhan bagimu. :) Bertaubatlah, Mengapa tak tanya mana perginya RM100 billion Yang hilang di makan olih Umno, dia orang makan steak, awak makan rumput dengan gulai tahi ayam, sedapkah, Siapa penghianat negara, Sememangnya orang Umno, tapi nampaknya macam basa awakni bodoh macam kambing terkena manipulasi dari propoganda Syaitan Umno, Bukalah mata banggang. :0)

  27. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Dont expect traitors to be treated like golden gloves ! Those traitors did the most unthinkable and they deserve what is best for them.Stop spinning about morality issues here.Those traitors robbed their constituents in daylight and sad to say unforgivable ! Some say unf@#!$able like most malaysians will concur !They should be thick skinned on it so its harmless if people want to vent their anger!They the traitors should have thought on it first and stop the crap on malay adat this and that!


  28. Godfather wrote:
    "Hey Rocky, you know what I would have done ? I'd cut out the faces of the frogs from the pictures and paste them on the urinals in public toilets...."


    Dear Godfather,
    Reality is, nobody cares what you'd do. Because, unlike Kit Siang, you are NOT a leader. You may dream of being some Don in a Mafia movie but you are not (not even a Don-key, heh, sorry). Seriously, this "doormat" slip by Kit Siang and the DAP leaders arose because the culprits are Kit Siang and top DAP leaders. If you do it Godfather, who cares?

    That's why when you are a public figure, you kena jaga lebih sikit your perangai. You are public interest.

    p.s. I suggest, Don Key, you go ahead and plaster them frogs' faces on your own urinal, though (as if that would help you urinate better?!).

    But if you do it at public toilets and urinals, that's vandalizing public property. They didn't teach you that in your school, eh?

  29. Parameswara wrote:

    "P.S - you were so fired up over a pilot whom you and your gang thought that he could be a child molestor - after he was tried in a foreign court, found guilty and fined. Remember, you were 'harping' on the fact that airline passengers would be worried that they were being 'captained' by this pilot. Now that his dad has put in his resignation from the MACC, you have dropped the idea of pursuing the matter with the airline? Or was it hangat-hangat tahi ayam?"


    Thank you, my dear Param, for remembering that I (a group of us bloggers, actually) did do something to inform and educate you of who the MACC chief was.

    You didn't have to mention it, but, yes, you're welcomed.



  31. Rocky, DAP apologized. YOu are still harping on this. Are you under the thumb of someone, like all the other mainstream publishers?

    I would not expect UMNO to apologize.

  32. Bro,

    Nothin to do with politic.

    1st, saya nak ucap tahniah dengan kelahiran MM edisi petang. Menarik dan berita terkini.

    Masalahnya... (saya bagi contoh berdasarkan apa yg saya lihat)

    Di Menara Maybank (tmpt saya bekerja). MM edisi petang di letakkan di pintu masuk. Sedangkan akhbar hanya akan smpi sekitar pukul 3/4 petang. Dan pada waktu itu, org yg masuk melalui pintu masuk hanyalah org yg balik dari minum (curi tulang), hisap rokok, pengunjung. Tapi jumlahnya tak sampai 10% dari org yg bekerja di Menara Maybank. Oleh yg demikian, MM percuma tidak mendapat sambutan yg menggalakkan. Banyak yg tidak di ambil akibat lokasi yg tidak sesuai. (sama lokasi dengan The Sun edisi pagi - org datang kerja)

    Begitu juga di beberapa tempat lain. Mereka (saya tak pasti siapa yg letak MM), meletakkan di luar bangunan. Mungkin di sesetengah tempat, sesuai diletakkan diluar pintu sebab lebih ramai yg masuk bangunan diwaktu petang. Tapi ada sesetengah pejabat, tempat, pada saya lebih sesuai diletakkan utk diambil oleh mereka yg mahu balik kerja. Sudah pasti naik LRT atau bas mahu baca paper percuma!

    Pandangan tak seberapa utk MM... Tq... and Good Luck...

  33. Anonymous4:11 am

    Whether they come in here in pairs,trios, quads etc is not the issue. The issue is their sheer stupidity and moronic attempts to cover up their old fucktart's purporseful step into infamy to reveal what they are all up to.

    That chingkie smirk on the arsewhore's face says it all as surely as a pix paints a thousand words. He could have stepped adroitly aside and saved whatever sliver of dignity he had (if he any at all, which is doubtful). Instead, he seemed to relish the occasion by momentarily stopping at the right spot (on the face of the Malay), a smirk on the face, the shifty slit eyes eyeballing the camera to allow his perverted twisted soul to scream to the world: see, this is what we chingkie pigs are gonna do when we get into the portals of power riding on the arse of Chingkie arselicking Malay lovva boys and cocksucking turban lollipops and the cunts of their whores and the mouths of their bastard brutes..oops...brood: "Trod those REAL Malays into the ground and rule over the leftover spineless, cockless, clitsucking and arsefucking scum while we have fun with their chingkie cocksucking scaws and rape TANAH MELAYU comatose.

    Now do u get the big pix, wahai Melayu bermaruah. This is precisely what these pigsty, pigshit munching bastard Chingkie race have up their sleeves and that's why i have been stressing that its time to massacre the bastards instead of groveling like trannies and kowtowing to their every asinine demands.And if we have to wipe out those chingkie lovvas as well, so much the better for we wouldnt want latterday Naina Chattus, Mudaliars and a queer assortment of Tongkanese loving scum who happen to have been born wrongly into Malaydom and caught in the throes selfhatred giving us headaches just because their guilt conscience about childhood arserapes, mafucking, pa cocksucking, grandpa arseramming and granma clitsuckling and cuntlicking can never allow them to lead straight, wholesome normal lives.

    So dont get worked up about the first bodoh who is a chingkie in disguise and who cannot hide his Perak Sultan bashing reality nor be bothered about bright side darkside hibernating pondan fathers of equally tranny tincan deities or be worked up over a constipated balding, postmenopausal she man who only can fart nonsense given a cumswamped intellect.

    Just rise as Melayu bermaruah to see off the Chingkie pigshit and I assure you, things will be irrevocably better for keeps.

    Warrior 231

  34. Anonymous4:21 am

    Apologies be damned, they are nothing more than political sleights of hands designed to befuddle and mask the hidden reality. Pigcocksucking Chingkies have no morality anyway and their apologies are nothing but empty fart to be inhaled by only vacous, moronic minds. We know the truth, it is patently obvious in that one pix. Note how the Chingkie scaw is adroitly avoided by the two pigarse whoring faggots with the coated one about to trample on the other Malay given the direction of his gait. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, WAHAI MELAYU BERMARUAH!. This IS THEIR ultimate goal, evisceration of the Malay race and subjugation of the pliant remnants.

    Its time to slit the pigfucked, dogcocksucking, MILF cuntwhoring Chingkie throats...dont you think?

    Warrior 231

  35. nstman4:29 am

    Utusan should apologise to the nation for thinking we are a nation of morons. Utusan is the equilavent of Hitler's Nazi newsletter helmed by rabid anti-semite Julius Streitcher.

  36. bad move by chaiman lim and son. they ought to know that this pic will be in voters' mails soon.. that's the end for these pricks!

  37. Anonymous10:24 am

    I still remember vividly UMNO Perak hold a banner that write "PUKIMAK"...I still have it in my facebook account, frame it up to remind myself what UMNO dog has done! ...until next GE!I will know what to do with it...

    Steven Seagal

  38. Anonymous10:56 am

    You KNOW why DAP did this? To put fear in future converts' mind... those that has any intention of crossing over, be it due to money or due to better serve their constituencies. Now "everyone cannot crossover". WHY? FEAR laaa.

    Democracy? My ass... Maybe DAPmocracy...


  39. Anonymous11:01 am

    Param and the rest... dont you all feel that there too much apologizing by the PR guys. The recent sms in DUN is one of it... why apologize too much? is it becos you guys are doing mistales by the minutes? Should we be putting mistake-proned mp/reps in office.. I, for one, will revert to BN in the next GE. Not that they are perfect, but they are better than PR.

    Lim Lip Eng x-voter.

  40. Anonymous11:32 am

    no class, no finese, crude..........malaysian malaysia leaders.....yeaaah, leaders of ah bengs and ah lians...

  41. Anonymous1:30 pm

    "Makcik Felda said...

    Ala Rocky

    Ini cerita lapuk la!

    Bila nak citer pasal skandal besar macam skandal Mahathir songlap RM100 billion tu?

    Kiter tunggu nih...."

    Oi Makechik Pohdah,

    Tolong crita sikit apa RM100 billion tu? Bukti sekali ye! Dan SD sekali macam Bala puki tu.

    Kami tunggu nih.....

  42. i wish anti-PR readers had better responses than "fxck you".


  43. Anonymous2:01 pm

    The photo of being STEPPED ON ought to be distributed to all PKR and PAS members to evoke self awareness as to what they are in for when DAP lead the coalition.

  44. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Ehhh kawan kawan!

    bukan kah anwar ibrahim pencetus dan founder of frogging 2009?

    bukan kah anwar ibrahim, pakatan rakyat, yang buat worldwide promises that some BN will jump over to PR, and PR will tak eover by last september or something?


    anwar the Mother of Frogs!!

    bagus jugak kalau gambar dia di lantai, di pijak chairman mao kit siang and sons!

    bagus jugak kalau gambar anwar kat tolit tempat aku kencing!!


    i want to kencing on anwar the mother of frogs!!!hahahaha

    best nya, ada pulak barua barua melayu yang meng-justify kan kebaikan dan keagungan perbuatan chairman mao kit siang dan anak anak nya nih!!

    nasib baik si depa melayu melayu ni tak keluarkan ayat quran, nas nas, nak pertahan kan chairman mao kit siang nihh!!

    -pakcik felda-

  45. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng think they are the Lee Kuan Yews and Lee Hsien Loongs of Malaysia.Like it or not, call it by whatever is The Tanah Melayu. And we have no intention to let the chinks,sodomiser or any Turban politicians rule this Tanah Melayu.

    This father and son racists bastards plus their tag teams of PKR ass-fuckers and PAS haramjadahs can only dream of becoming the next goverment.That is all they can do.DREAM.Why not the rest of the chinks follow their kind and migrate to chinkieland Singapore? And bring with them some Hindrafs motherfuckers along.The cocksucking PKR malays and PAS haramjadahs will naturally be left without any support and having no choice they will crawl back to.....UMNO.


  46. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Betui jugak!Mana ada melayu yang bodoh!
    Sebabtula pada tahun 80-90an,ramai melayu kat pulau pinang dah lari keseberang prai!
    Kemudian lani lari pulak kat Kulim!
    Lepastu bila rumah-rumah dijual kat Kulim melebihi setengahjuta ringgit,nak lari kat mana pulak...
    Ala...kita bukan bodoh,kita bolehpi mana-mana saja.....Kelantan ada,luas lagi,semua murah!Rumah,makan semua murah...
    Mana ada melayu bodoh!!!!!Sapa kata melayu bodoh.....dengki betui pada mereka yang kata melayu bodoh!!!!

    org kampungje!tengah baca cerita pak kaduk!

  47. Chinese Communist5:16 pm

    Here we go again... tens of billions of the rakyat's duit siphoned out of the country by corrupt arseholes and all we can get upset about is some pictures being walked on.
    Heheheh... shows the state this country is in... totally all fucked up and heading for doom.
    But in the end the Chinkie Communists will control all of asia and everybody will suck up to them including Pm Najeeb. Chief of the commies Huajintao was here recently and the red carpet was rolled out by Umno for these chinkie communists and billions of ringgit worth of projects given to them. Talk about kowtowing to China, PM Najeeb is licking their arses and so is the whole of Umno. If Umno is hoping for kickbacks, dream some more-lah... in China they shoot people in the back of the heads for kickbacks and corruption! Bodoh umno!

  48. Anonymous5:23 pm


    In a number of public urinals in S'pore and Hong Kong, there are pictures of frogs for guys to aim at. This is not a joke. So if I put small pictures of the Perak frogs in the middle of the urinals, I'd be doing the public a service and cannot be considered as damaging public property.

    Yes, I am not a leader, so people like you won't care what I do. I am not a leader like those BN donkeys who stomp on pictures of LGE and KTK. Those BN donkeys are beyond reproach. They are your pals. Keep up the support, Rocky.

    Don key Godfather

  49. Jenggg X37:52 pm

    ka ka kah... semua mat ngook gerombolan sini melenting-lenting ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... mulut sudah popet pokpet macam buntut ayam... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... nak cuba lagakan malayu dan cino... ka ka kah...

    woit, kenapa ni tak melenting?

    kenapa ni tak melenting pulak???

    naah... ni pun tak melenting jugak...

    woit, apasal tiap kali nak spin isu jadi laga melayu ngan cino?

    ka ka kah... modal lu dah habik ka...?

    ka ka kah... kalau habik idea modal boleh beli kat pasar malam... ka ka kah...

    ka ka kah... satu sekilo murah saje... ka ka kah...

  50. Anonymous8:00 pm

    HHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! While all u fellas continue to debate over this issue, the current govt will be taxing us on GST. SEMUA ORANG kena! Yes, even the stupid orang kampung who has been voting for BN all these years! After they steal billions from taxpayers (mainly chinese) and now they want a piece of u too!

    Yes, go on and vote BN. yes, keep the supremacy going. see if that can put FOOD into ur mouth in time to come.


  51. Anonymous8:02 pm

    and why is rocky is quiet on the GST issue? You not affected ah?


  52. Now the whole world can see for themselves what kind of leaders we have. I wonder what LGE would say to other foreign leaders if they meet in some international functions. This is what happen when people elect street protesters to be Chief Minister. What a disgrace to our nation. I think world leaders are now confused what kind of national leaders do Malaysian have - sodomite, street hooligans and confused `tok guru' - a nice combination to spearhead our nation into disgrace.

  53. Atie Kampung Baru10:34 pm

    Menteri UMNO Dato Seri Nazri Aziz berkata Tok Guru Nik Aziz tidak bersalah langsung dalam isu menerima wang sedekah/tajaan pegi Mekah!

    Baca sini:

    "Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz menyifatkan Menteri Besar Kelantan, Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat dilihat tidak bersalah dalam isu tajaaan menunaikan tajaan haji di Makkah oleh individu tertentu.
    Beliau secara peribadi berkata, isu tersebut sudah selesai dan berdasarkan laporan akhbar, Mursyidul Am Pas itu menjawab soalan wartawan dengan ‘jujur’ menunjukkan beliau tidak bersalah sekiranya menerima tajaan tersebut.
    “Secara peribadinya saya rasa dia tidak bersalah. Lagipun dia (Nik Aziz) tidak pergi ke Makkah bagi haji yang ditaja. Mungkin kerana jawatannya sebagai Menteri Besar menyebabkan isu tersebut menjadi kontroversi.

    Menteri Besar Kelantan itu ‘betul lesing (jujur)’ ketika jawab soalan wartawan berkaitan tajaan tunai haji.

    “Tetapi saya tidak tahulah SPRM kerana dia bebas atas keputusan mereka nak siasat atau tidak. Ini pandangan saya tetapi SPRM adalah badan Bebas,” kata Datuk Seri Nazri.

  54. Anonymous11:27 pm

    a little warning to this warrior pigfucker who like to talk big. he like to go to other people blog and forum and shit around. but he dont realise he not just leave his shit. he also leave bhind his ip address for people to look

    thanks to some bloggers and moderators we have his ip adress. now we not only have name.. a real name.. but where he stay.

    he continue like this.. another place very soon we expose warriors real name photo where he stay and other personel info. like what is on sheet of paper next to keyboard.

    then we see if this warriors guts big as his mouth. advice.. be careful when you open house door.


    PS. we will 4ward copy of warriors details to r.p.k.

  55. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Which stupid Pakatan Leader selected these three people to stand for elections?

    They are the ones that should be ACCOUNTABLE!

    They are the ones that should be STEP-ON for the sheer stupidity of selecting the wrong candidates that caused Perak to be taken away from us.

    It's no use for us to blame UMNO for this.
    No point for us to say they are more rude than us.

    The PR is coming and we need better leaders than the ones we have now.

    Be warned, the Badawi-factor is no more with us.
    If we truly want to have power, we can't do it with Anwar and Kit Siang.
    We need a new Leader.

    Ms.Eu Mei Fatt.

  56. Anonymous12:03 am

    "nstman said...

    Utusan should apologise to the nation for thinking we are a nation of morons. Utusan is the equilavent of Hitler's Nazi newsletter helmed by rabid anti-semite Julius Streitcher.

    4:29 AM"


  57. u malaysians are a bunch of sissy primitive cry babies. step on some pictures wah a great offence-lah! can die ah?
    hoay! people have gone to the moon-lah and u primitive malaysians still upset by pictures being stepped on!
    fast forward to the present lah... stop living in the ancient times. no wonder this country has world class facilities run by people with archaic cave men mentalities.
    what a bunch of neaderthal assholes. hope a huge tsunami will come and wash all you assholes away.
    it is so shameful when the whole world is wondering why malaysians are so backward in their thinking and behaving like backward superstitious primitives.

  58. Anonymous12:22 am

    Hmmm... what if its the BN people that jump to their side? Will they step on the picture too? Anyway, its them that started the jump thing, kinda hypocrite right!??


  59. Well Bro, it was a very rude, immature and arrogant behaviour by Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and their DAP cohorts. Really unbecoming of a political party founded on so called "sama rata sama rasa principle". It seemed for these people, some are more equal than others. Such hypocrisy.Imagine what these DAPniks can and will do when they possess real Federal power.

    All the same, its not everyday that Lim Kit Siang issues an insincere apology, come to think of it this could be a first for Lim Kit Siang for any sort of apologies/regrets. The photos of DAP big wigs stepping on the pictures of the three YBs is a great gift to BN though, with the right captions definitely it would be used to devastating effect next GE13.

    Lim Kit Siang's apology was too little too late, DAP lost a lot of votes on 29 November 2009 that's for sure.

  60. Anonymous7:17 am

    The winners are those below looking at the balls above them.

    Finally they could see all the balls rolling over their faces.

    Perhaps another act of bravado by pissing over the pictures should be organised at DAP HQ, with international press to picture their dicks. And then apologise for it.

    Simply fascinating, how these elected goons spend public funds.


  61. Anonymous9:32 am

    Funny eh..funny..funny..

    Non of those stupid Fuckatanist got the message from this reciprocated picture..its sacarstic lah actually..typical pigbrain especially the chingkies can never understand this joke..

    Let me teach you chingkies idiot on how to analyze the sacarstic hidden message from this pic..

    Original pic:
    Scene showing DAP supreme leaders stepping & spitting on the "frog politicians" picture..hell those people must be really disgusting & so fucking filthy to be a "frog"..pengkhianat..yada..yada..bla..bla..blardy blah...

    Altered pic:
    The picture is inversed..if we assume the scene to be in nature, gravity force will take its effect..apply the malay proverb -ibarat meludah kelangit, terkena ke muka sendiri.. ..figure out the result..
    even todays kindergarden kids can understand this simple newtonian very well..

    Finally, the sacarstic part..
    Jackpot question:
    Why are their feet seem to be glued to the ceiling with that "frog politicians"? Seem like bonded..must be very odd like hanging on celing upside down..

    These Fuckatan Riot are indeed odd and stupid..They themselves need the "frogs" in order for them to wrest the Fed Govt power via the back door with that 16/9 fetish..Aiyaah.. ayoyo kadawalei..keep on spitting..try to urine now to get a better result if u want..kah..kah..kah..

    Its called the sodomites way..hahahaha..those who suck the sodomites dick suck their own shits too without even realizing it..kah..kah..kah..!

    p/s: hey fuckhead fuckatanist..go buy a mirror now..another e.g is like those chingkie who cursed the malays "makan babi" when they themselves are the one that breed & "makan babi" what make a "makan babi" person then? If babi is like a shit, what makes a shit eater then? fucking worst of all?.. hehehhe..chingkie memang bodoh!

    :D muhahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  62. Anonymous10:38 am

    Wow Rocky, your blog have so many racists here.

    Whatever political infighting, it should not be like in the Philipines where political rivals are massacred. It doesn't matter which race and they are even Muslim themselves and same race, just a different clan and already they shoot & kill their politic rivals.

    Thankfully, Malaysian politicians still can sit together and drink teh tarik and visit each other during their religion celebrations & open house.

    Only the "lower" rubbishes like many posters here who are still bigots due to hatred instill and narrow minded political propaganda especially by certain racist module BTN teaching produces.

    DAP stepping on the frogs picture is a political immaturity act and need to be condemned. We do not need this kind of political culture in Malaysia. And kudos to them if they have apologised on this.

    Ah Lam

  63. Anonymous10:38 am

    It was a mistake to apologise. They should have done a Nik Aziz. Now that's one cool opposition dude. :)

    biaDAP? In caps some more? Now is there really such a need to do that? Do you really feel so strongly about this?

    Joe Cool

  64. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Maybe its time those chinkiebastards took over ze country ! Then what ??? Why jerk yourself over those chinkies???Feeling the pain???

  65. xxyz

    Takut sangat la Warrior at you and RPK. Warrior maki sikit je nak merajuk, belum lagi angkat parang...Bunch of wussies.
    Up yours lah.

  66. firdausf4:00 pm

    To anon 4:32pm,

    bro, two wrongs do not make right. what PR leaders did was not consistent with any moral standards and such act needs to be despised by Malaysians regardless of their political inclination. I am shocked to know they are people like anon 3:41 PM who can tolerate this. Where we you when teachers tought you Islamic Education and/or Pendidikan Moral? With this kind of 'second class mentality' people, no wonder our democrary does not bring us anywhere. and for this, i miss TDM's leadership.

    I find it very difficult to explain this act to my kids when they asked me why such appointed representatives succumbed to such act (so does Taiwanese lawmakers).

    Now, what pissed me off is, LKS's apology does not look sincere enough. so, to LKS, no, apology not accepted!

  67. Anonymous4:39 pm

    now u pr fanatics really has shown ur try colours.
    Wow threathing with exposing ip etc,keep on showing intimidation towards other like george bush,either u with us or not,note that regular partisan like me are reading.are we living in communist world? U cant agree with someone idiocit
    ies to ur dictated standard so u expose them.,,,or maybe future kill them?
    What a bull of total democracy that u keep on harping?
    Even to counter warrior321 , u have to cry sulking to RPK to assist to reply?how pathetic!if there is 1000 bloggers or commentors that writes disagree with u , ur god rpk too has to assist u to reply or advise is,if u cant reply well and has to resort to threathing others be on the sideline,i remembered once even ur god rpk scew u all once , calling u all closet racists and super mr yes man

    I have read writings of umno inclined spewing nonsense and uttered rasict remarks,but have u read malaysia today's readers comments?

  68. skilgannon10665:35 pm

    It's amazing that rocksteady warrior 231 and anti whatever still don't seem to get it.

    Perhaps that's not surprising, given their intellect (or lack thereof) and predilections to incomprehensible meanderings and convoluted, if not asinine, logic.

    What surprises me, Pak Rocky, is you choosing to highlight a topic such as this which you deem to be important and newsworthy.

    Why not give equal coverage to, say, the recent speech by Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadziah in which he said that 'Malaysia has lost its competitive edge because it had stagnated in the past decade and is now in urgent need of wide-ranging reform to get out of the rut'?

    The Second Finance Minister also said, in the same speech, that "the long-term success of the nation's economy must take precedence over the short-term interests of a few protected groups."

    Really, ah? Look at the code words: "lost its competitive edge", "stagnated in the past decade" and "a few protected groups". I wonder who or what he could be referring to.

    Or why not highlight the recent remark by NEAC member Zainal Aznam Yusof that "there are a lot of things that need to be fixed. The roof is not leaking; we do not need a plumber. It is the foundation of the house. Probably the whole house needs to be rebuilt."?

    Let's see if the likes of rocksteady, anti whatever and the celebrated warrior 231 want to argue against the views expressed by Mr Ahmad and Mr Zainal Aznam. That instead of spewing racist claptrap, they debate on the facts and the specifics as raised by the Second Finance Minister and the NEAC board member.

    A simple task, surely, as they no doubt, have the intellectual capacity and nous to take on the Minister and the NEAC board member.

  69. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    What else can we expect from Racist Party like DAP? For them one langguage is racist,one school system is racist...if Malay unite is racist...and everything that don't benefit them is racist...

    Government officers is racist (How about 90% of factories top management team are non-Malay..Lim Guan Eng know better about this)How about 95% of vendors in factories are non-Malay)Do DAP care to balance the ratio in this sector...Of coz not...because current situation benefit them)

    Keep tell the untold story from both side Barisan or Pakatan...Who ever did wrong pls said wrong..even from our frnds and if right said right even from out enemy...But to sad some "blind followers" can't see the rational...when you hentam their enemy they will support you but when you tell the truth about their party they will hentam you....
    Rocky pls don't give a damm to this kind of people...keep tell and share with us about the truth..

    N yet got so many people believe a liar who said 16th Sept(forgot which year) will take over putrajaya...N remember this liar statement..."The numbers of MPs who will jump to PR is increasing by hours"...heh..heh...but yet he still have plp who believe him...

  70. Pijak Jangan Tak Pijak7:45 pm

    Tak biadap kalau yang dipijak tu gambar anjing anjing yang dibeli BN. "Melayu Mudah Beli" macam Osman Jailu dengan Jalaludin Mat Radzi takpa kita pijak gambar diorang. Hee GRO Umno pun serupa.

  71. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Yang tiga 'frogs' nih, they cannot skin them alive and deep fry with with sweet and sour sos.

    Sudah terlepas dari jaring. 'Frogs' that got caught in their net, hmmm mungkin depan batang hidung ular pun, ular tak lalu nak telan!!


    Sore loosers!!


  72. Anonymous9:37 pm


    You dont like what Warrior 231 says go ahead and prove his argument wrong. After all, he has challenged you types many times over and none have the balls or the guts to respond.

    Anyway, IPs are not reliable tools to trace. Have you read about the article in Yahoo about people hijacking IP addresses to post smut? For all you know you might be sniffing in the wrong place and someone innocent ends up in trouble.Since PKR hypes about rational arguments why not fight facts with facts instead about being so childish.

    231 Fan

  73. Anonymous9:55 pm


    you are real racist and talak koteh to reveal other more important issues in your blog ?

  74. Anonymous1:01 am

    aiyoh, Saddam used to do that to Bush Senior. Those Penang Umno goons did it to Tsu Koon's pics. Whats actually your problem, Rocky? Spin until like that just to cari makan ar?

  75. Wah...Dear rocky...there are so many racist Chinese...Im surprise...anyway this is product of DAP ideas...
    Why they are so upset...because their boneka government fall apart in Perak??? By the way who is Master of FROG?? Big Bro Anwar...forgot abt 16 sept project...forgot abt the statement how he is happy to declare that so many "frogs" will jump to PR (in his dream)...heh..heh...anyone DAP or PKR lovers condemm his statement? Or they jumping and happy to hear that...but when their side jump over...they become emotional....heh...than they said sorry....Do you think to rule Malaysia is by trial and error..This is basic thing the school children also not wrong but this kind of leader can commit to this kind of action,,,,and than said the scary to think what will happen if this type of people rule Malaysia...Will do stupid thing and than said sorry...and yet the stupid follower will said its ok..

  76. "Jangan Meludah"? LOL. WTF.

  77. Anonymous7:36 am

    Dear Anonymous XXYZ,

    You know details about warrior 231 'aaa? Please, pleaaaasseee forward it to us.

    For expressing what we would have never expressed, for voicing out what is really in us, for standing up to what we believe in, there's sooooo much due to Warrior 231.

    We would like to shower him with flowers and presents. If possible we would like to suggest a dato'ship to him. OR a Tan Sriship. Then kalau boleh laa, we would like to erect a statue commemorating his deeds.

    Warrior 231 is Malaysia's True Hero of the Rakyat. Kudos Warrior 231. For each that criticizes you here, there 10 more who support you. Keep up the good works, the good writings.

    And the same goes for that Muhahaha anonymous too. We True Rakyats are proud of you people.


    p.s The great Warrior's name will be given to RPK? Gosh I can't WAIIIIIITTT!! Address rumah sekali can 'aaaa? If not how to shower him with gifts and presents?

  78. Irinawati8:04 am


    Pasal Ketua UMNO Azhar Ibrahim tunjuk punggung di Dewan Negeri awak tak cakap apa apa ke?

    Tak percaya, tengok tiga video di sini, setiap satu pasal Azhar membuat benda jijik berkaitan dengan punggung di Dewan Negeri.

    Apa kau nak cakap pasal ni Rocky?

    Yang ni kau tak siarkan. Setakat ketuk Pakatan Rakyat, kau ghairah sangat...

  79. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Patut kita pijak gambar semua perasuah, pembunuh, penzina.

    hang tau ka sekarang orang bom (roti canai) orang panggil roti C4. Lebih komersial

  80. Nah Ambik Satu!2:37 pm

    KAh Kah kah!

    Menteri dalam Jabatan Perdana Menteri Nazri Aziz cakap:

    "When you read Dr. Mahathir's blog it is bloody racist."

    Nah rasakan.

    Kau nak spin yang ni macam mana Rocky?

  81. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Look at this bugger LKS and the anti-national party DAP.

    Very clearly there is ample room for him to avoid stepping on the photos. It's not conceivable that his goons didn't tell him the plan to step on them and sensationalise the act in the media.

    The he so-called apologised. And his goons, his worshippers all admired him for apologising. Amazing!

    Just imagine this kind running the country. God forbid.

  82. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Look at this "Chinese Communist" bloke. He dares to even use the name Chinese Communist. Writing a subversive comment. What has happened to this country? Doesn't this country ban communism and disallow subversive activities?

    This fellow should be hauled into Kamunting Detention Centre under ISA which is meant for communists and subversives. He is a trouble maker.

    Look at the kind of subversive comment he makes - "the state this country is in... totally all fucked up and heading for doom. But in the end the Chinkie Communists will control all of asia and everybody will suck up to them including Pm Najeeb. Chief of the commies Huajintao was here recently and the red carpet was rolled out by Umno for these chinkie communists and billions of ringgit worth of projects given to them. Talk about kowtowing to China, PM Najeeb is licking their arses and so is the whole of Umno." The bastard has no respect for and is plainly insulting the leadership of this country.

    He said, "In China they shoot people in the back of the heads for kickbacks and corruption! Bodoh umno!" Does he know that they also shoot people in the mouth for talking anything not in line with the Communist Chinese Party?

    Not only bodoh this Chinese Communist commenter, he also deserves to be dragged on the sand by the seaside and have a sharpened bamboo pole shoved into his arsehole. Disula, the ancient Malays say. No need to drag him on the road like Mao Tse Dong and the Red Guards did to "denounced" professors, school teachers and even parents during the so-called "Cultural Revolution". just shove the bloody sharpened bamboo as hard as possible.

  83. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Now Ibrahim Ali is doing it too. The cow head protestors is doing it too. But Utusan Malaysia is keeping quite. Rocky is quite too.

    But when DAP does it, it becomes a major issue. In Utusan, it's written as Perbuatan Melampau.

    Tapi kalau UMNO and kuncu kuncunya yang buat, itu OK ? Janganlah buat provokasi.

  84. Anonymous3:51 pm

    To Anonymous XXYZ 11.27 PM,

    You poor little boy, crying to RPK. And the bloke is not even here for you to put your shoulders on. He ran away with his wife. Cabut. Tak berani. Pity you.

    You think the warrior bothers about your warning? Go suck your thumb at one corner elsewhere. Thank your lucky stars I still have some decency left in me not to ask you to suck anything other than your thumb!

    You think he's so stupid like you as to leave behind his real IP address? And a real name? You dumb ass, people can't even have positive proof of location with an IP. It only locates a general area. Only by very sophisticated means and multiple sets of equipment like only the Police can do when some disloyal blokes defaced the Perak Sultan's website some time back. And the authorities won't even allow you to import the equipment, let alone use them. Dah, stupid. You don't even know how to threaten!

    Then this fellow tries to threaten criminal intent saying "be careful when you open house door". You be careful with your threats Mr XXYZ stupid. They might eat you up!

  85. skilgannon10664:55 pm

    Anon 3:32 PM

    So, by your logic, are we to assume that the Second Finance Minister and NEAC board member Zainal Aznam are "kowtowing" when they made their recent remarks on the state of the Malaysian economy? Don't be shy, lah.

    And, as a point of interest, I wonder how the "maruah" folks can address the issues of competitiveness and globalisation. Which even Tun Dr Mahathir, for all his wonted eloquence, is noticeably silent about.

    It appears that all of these latter-day "patriots" who have surfaced in recent times are bedevilled by an acute sense of inferiority, paranoia and fear - that other countries in the region are eating Malaysia's lunch (and dinner) - while they meander on about "maruah". Even Brunei and Indonesia have little time and sympathy for such philosophies.

  86. Anonymous7:32 pm

    skilgannon1066 is telling Rocky Bru what issue to write about???

    'scuse me, this is his blog and he writes what will capture people's attention.

    So far I think Rocky is doing very well - a lot of hits.

    Now if skewedmoron were to put up his own blog I really wonder if anyone will visit.

    Heh Heh

  87. Anonymous12:52 am

    These 3 must have given them nightmares, siang malam..

    harapan berkecai...$$$$terbang!

    Kesian LKS, he really looked like an idiot walking on those pictures!!

    What a desperate gesture!!


  88. Anonymous10:45 pm

    easy now boys. if our friend warrior is wont to go blowing his trumpet & calling for race rioting, sure sure he is brave enough to face up to the consequences, isn't he?

    worse comes to worst, we will all remember him as 'An Hero' to Malaysians.

  89. Anonymous10:12 am're always joking with your post. this is a sample of your friend.

    aku pun melayu. tapi reti la nk hormat org. tak la sampai nak kencing atas gambar dorg.

    that's all, rocky the hypocrite

  90. Anonymous12:42 am

    mmmm....oh that was great, to do it again doggie style. And Megan, pass me the Ballantine, and put your lips to my hose for a change would ya?

    Howdy, ah am in California. Why? for Californication of course!!! dimwits. Aw man, the girls are pawing at my dick as i struggle to type this missive, sorry bru fot the ooohs and aaaahs

    Surfing these parts, me espie rotting garbage about me? So what else is old? Nothing new, i guess. Well let me see. yeah its the same "new" story

    XXYZ? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....and more zzzzzzzzz + more zzzzzzzzz. Better spend my precious fucking time shagging Jolie and her pals than responding.

    Skilless Anon 10 times half past 6 cock:

    Quoting Zainal who and Husni what? aint gonna stir my shit let alone raise my pole like Ms Sherawat does with her butt wiggle and tit dance.` Fact of the matter is why do you feel this persistent hankering to engage me if as you 'O wise One-the knower of all things in the arsehole of arseholes" has painted a totally unflattering potrait of me, a dimwit pipsqueak unworthy of your precious time, your piss intellect, your finite wisdom

    O thy barbs and thorns have surely wounded my derriere that the dregs of my bowels have hidden themselves than face the Wrath of Opprobrium (To Falstaff)..Fool!, pass me the concoction for Miss Constipation is killing my wrteched Constitution

    ..O woe me..the Oracle of the Arse and the Cunt has spoketh and whither this damned soul wander but in the forest of ignorance to be deepfried by the sun of inanity Alas, my Muse has jilted my Imagination to gambol with Lady Nonsense while Monsieur 69 plays asinine with my wit. Oh how doeth the tears of remorse trickle down from the eye of Wisdom down the Cheeks of my Intelligence into the Cowl of my Shame for perchance....ah damn this shit!!!(Hold his stomach...)

    Just answer the question O wise one. Why engage me when you have called me brilliant many moons ago and when I have knocketh the breath out of your lungs just a crescent ago, remember?
    O wise one, why the sudden change of heart, have you forsaken the eternal Blossom of your Thoughts for the false Blooms of your Lust...O woe me! to be forsaken by the Wise one and left to the Wolves of Inanity... (ends his soliloquy suddenly and strides to the toilet)

    Listen up Skilly dan sewaktu dengannya...on independece day (31/8/09), in the ramshackle People's Parliament owned by a lawyer whose office in Bentong is next to an Elegant internet Cafe facing a quaint little Church behind the only 7-11 in town, I was the subject of a vituperative onslaught to which i responded by roughly sketching out my vision for the future. A vision premised on 1Pribumi founded on Ketuanan Melayu/Islam. Read it for an intro into an emerging 3rd force which is THE future of Malaysia? Agree/Disagree? we dont care for all we are after is to restore the hopes, replenish the lost faith, resurrect the dreams of our beloved Malay and other pribumi brethren based on the provisos of the Malaysian Constitution. As for the non-Pribumi, they can either acquiescence or renego the 1957 compact, which they themselves repudiated in circa 2008 or migrate as they themselves did when the Manchu smashed Taiping circa 1867 or when the Brits put down the Mutiny of 1857 etc etc. Talking about Brunei and Indonesia without the relevant demographics is plain hogwash which even hogs would run away from, O Wise One aka the Skilless Anon. As for Zainal and Husni, damn them for I aint touching any UMNO goon with a bargepole in these times.The only Malaysian statesman worth my respect and my vote was Tun Dr M but who cares of UMNO, PRs and PASes of this world with their Nazris, Husnis, Zainals, Anuswars, azmins, Zaids, Nikkis, HMs etc if they wanna abandon my beloved malay brethren and be Melayu Mudah Lupa at all costs. So that answers the ineluctable Mystery of Mysteries...i guess

    Warrior 231

  91. Anonymous10:07 am


    The least you care is anything about Malaysia, so what the fuck are you bitching here about you fucking unresourceful alien bastard? Hey fuckhead, i challenged you to give 10 ideas on how to improve this country where is it?

    Are your serving us with those plain hogwash verbal diarhoea, hah? That is so your pigbrain standard. Please do not insult the intelligence of pribumi like us..those pigshit stuff only fit in the mouth of you own kind with similar pigbrain mentality, do you understand that, alien bastard?

    You know what is your main problem skilmoron? You have no maruah, and yet you think its nothing wrong with that.. That's why your face is as thick as your plumpy pig ass fat, really a shamless moron, just like babi you typical chingkie.

    Now go fuck yourself and die you pigbrain alien together with your no maruah brethren..ptuih!

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-