Saturday, July 19, 2008

Young datuk, Old datuk

Ng Boon Bee, 70, one of our badminton greats, has been made a Datuk. Last week Nicole David, 25, Malaysia's squash queen, got hers.

Our first astronaut (or space tourist, according to some) Dr Sheikh Muszaphar, a Seremban lad, is also a Datuk now. Read here.

If you ask me, I say one is given the award too early and the other too late. The third is predictable, but all deserving.


Anonymous said...

Ng is deserving, and the other two is too early. But amongst the two, Nicol is much deserving as she worked fought hard, and the other is a passenger. You may dissagree with me Rocky, but I do not see a passenger deserving of anything except my utter disgust.

Anonymous said...

Ya, why wait until 43years later to honour.

No wonder more and more great Malaysians are migrating!

Sheesh! What's wrong with our country, people who commit crime can get Tan Sri, Datos, [& other awards] !

Anonymous said...

That ASStronut....deserving you said?? What the hell did he do upthere for Malaysian mankind?? He was having a space vacation, dressed in tourist spacesuit.

The other 2 very well deserved.

blink4blog said...

well deserved all but the third ones can be avoidable. seems that Malaysians had more Datuks that Sirs at Britainia.

Unknown said...

All deserving?

Come on Bro, I don't think the third one; Space Tourist/Steward deserves it! But looking at how worthless the title is/are this day. What is the different?

The third guy, the space tourist spend 80 million of tax payer money and life is his brother (what go around come around) to go to space for I dont know what!

Nicole has bring squash and Malaysia into the world map, what she did is based on her talent and hardwork, not just tax payer money as tourist.

Should Revole the title from the space tourist, it is an insult to all Malaysian and the People of Penang!

Shiok Guy

Anonymous said...

i tend to agree with your views that perhaps the respective states would need to review their honors list every year. no doubt some of the receipients are extremely worthy but they are too young in actual fact as the road ahead is still extremely long. those who have advance in their age on the other hand after their achievements should be considered for an award/ recognition earlier than later towards the sunset of their life. its pathetic in some ways to see those who had made a name in their respective field and brought glory long time ago only now when they are much much older being recognition. might as well just dont confer any award on them whilst those who are so much younger being recognized at such an early age. i think they should be awarded at a later stage not when they are only in their 20s or mid 30s. maybe a letter of commendation is much better than a Datuk award at such a young age. this is so wrong i feel as i believe there are so many much more deserving ones who has done much more towards humanity, giving love towards fellow human beings should be recognized especially when they are in the later part of their lives yet still continuing with their social work.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

i agreement with the comments by chi8 , ben , fitr and blink4blog.
Those are the words i wanted to convey.
And yes, our country have Tun , Tan sri , datuk sri and datuks involved in murders and various scams .
"korek ,korek , korek"-VK Lingam

Anonymous said...


More Malaysians are migrating because too late to get datukship? Come on lah Ben, be real.

malayamuda said...

our spaceman doesnt deserve his Datukship ?

What have we learnt from his trip to out of space ?


Govt sends him up there with tax payers money and he gets a Datukship like its some BIG feat. Anyone with some self respect wld have declined it.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you again rocky. It's all nonsense and rubbish. He's been "selected" to be a passenger and he's supposed to do some err.. experiments up there. So what's the result of that experiment after spending millions? Then he went for a nation wide trip to promote what? Encouraging our kids to spend millions as a space passenger or built a rocket?


hakkamui said...

Rocky, just wonder what makes you think the last one... the one that costs us, the tax payers, so many of millions, to have a tour into the universe deserves that datukship?
Excuse me!

Anonymous said...

aiyah, give lah, give to all who ask for , btw 'what for' !? (heha)

Anonymous said...

It will be the great Malaysian who actually DECLINES a Datukship out of the principle that its value has been diluted to a point that such titles, with the exception of some states, are a dime a dozen. I know of many who resisted (the late Ghafar Baba until he could not refuse a Tun, Lim Kit Siang who should be made a Tun) & many more who were ignored.

In Pahang and Melaka, throw a stone and you will likely hit a Datuk, and not the one with grandkids. You read people whose contribution or service to society is questionable and yet get one out of the blue and people who deserve them totally neglected until they are about to die or dead! It's a shame and a sham.

Some states dish out the Datukship like it was a commodity while some give it for ulterior motive – selling the titles anything between RM50and RM100 k, depending on how desperate the perpetrators want that title.

So, why do these desperadoes want a Datukship? People say it open doors to business deals, inflates your ego, and makes you look like some privileged twerp. Personally, if you ask me, there should be a moratorium until somebody does a proper audit to check how many actually was conferred and whether they were deserving. Of course, some states would consider a moratorium absurd and unconstitutional, and a setback to minting dubious money.

Anonymous said...

Don't ask why wait until 43 years for Boon Bee ... better late than never.

Thank you YAB Mohamad Hj Hasan. You have recognised Rajamani, also Faridah Merican.

Hopefully next year, the self-made inventor Zulkifli. Need not to be DSNS, suffice with DPTJ. People have forgotten about him. He is very passionate with his findings/ inventions which most of those benefit the public.

Btw, two of my juniors at school and college were on the list. Congrats!!!

Old Fart said...

All deserving???

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I agree with your views on Ng Boon Bee and Nicol David, but the astronaut? What has he achieve in space that is of value to science, mankind and Malaysians?

The government spent RM100 million of the rakyat's hard earned money just to promote a space tourist in the name of Malaysia Boleh. It is totally ridiculous and reflects poorly on the government, both in its judgement and its responsibility to the rakyat.

Our country is just going down, down, down, down.


monsterball said...

Rocky....Nice way to put it...too early...too late.
Yes...Ng Boon Bee deserved to be decorated.
Who do you think..recommended him?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Rocky you have really reached rock bottom (pun and all). This's the last time I'm coming to your blog...

Unfiltered-Madness said...

I agree Datuk for Ng and Nicol...

But for Space Tourist? Govt spend lots for his trip to angkasa... but what we got?

The expenditure should given to our student or any investment for improving our technology for space industry. I'm sure we will get better return on investment than only hear the story from space tourist.

Anonymous said...

United States - Astronaut.
Russia - Cosmonaut.

Malaysia ASStronaut my arse. Wasting tax payer money when some get millions for commisSion.

I am wondering if his father is just a normal Peneroka, would he be selected as the CANORCANNOT?

Tokoh Maal Hijrah - My ARSE when his social life is worst than common Malaysian.

For Nicole, it not early. Afterall the singing bitch also got it early. A least she did not PAY for that Dato like some people especially from PAHANG (One most powerful figure in the South told me).

She did not get it becoz he father was a Dato or dead corporate figure like some of the emerging AP king.

I known one corporate figure from Kelantan. Came from a poor family but work very hard. He got his Datoship and the Balachi from palace asked for RM50k `SUMBANGAN IKHLAS'. He said if I ikhlas i will give but now i am not ikhlas. He knows this balachi just trying to pull his leg. They said than we will take back the Datoship. He said by all means, I did not ask for it.

Eventually they did not take it back and did not get the 50k. He is now Tan Sri for years.

Anonymous said...

Post Homous Allahyarham Mokhtar Dahari Tuanku.

Al Fatiha

Anonymous said...

If that space tourist who wasted RM50m of our tax money deserves a Datuk, I think I should be conferred a Tunship by spending RM1b of tax money after a tour to the Moon!! Stupidity in progress!! Malaysia really bodoh!


Sam Tam said...

Datuk Space tourist is a prime example of a most undeserving honour. What had he ever done to deserve the award? It was tax payers money who paid for his space jaunt. And what has he got to show for it?


Is that why they have to give him a datukship? So that he has something to show??

Anonymous said...

Yes, predictable. That space traveller don't deserve it. We paid millions for him to be up there. He should thank the state, and not the state thank and reward him again. Did we pay millions for Nicol and Ng to be up where they are??


Anonymous said...

The first two deserve it...The spaceflight participant is still questionable to me...I'm still waiting to see his experimental results...first they said 1 week, then 1 month, then 6, where are the results...such a waste of taxpayers money!

Anonymous said...

aiyah bro..

space flight participant pun dapat datukship?

what is this country coming to la...

Anonymous said...

Ng and nicol deserve it.. they fought hard for Malaysia.. but muzaffar is political projects.. being paid and don't deserve it..

better give it to those that swim the gibraltar channel.. he derserve it more than muzaffar.


iskandar said...

The first two, Ng Boon Bee and Nicol David deservingly earn not only our respect but i guess abraoad too, And as for the third our so called own astronaught, u have to be kidding Rocky, not waorth a dime, it is not because i am jealous of any sort but dig deep into your heart and concious and tell me what the hell did he do up there? Did the nation in all aspect benefited from it. He was just a mere panssenger, What is there to be proud about? All i read was he did some experiment which until now, none of us seem to know. Then what i saw on TV was more like him playing marbles.Goodness, I am sorry Rocky, as much as i respect and adore your blog,(i m a follower) i hate to tell u this, you got your facts mixed up somehow.

colorless said...

Using taxpayers money to satisfy Umno tattered ego. Oh yes, the word "shame" is never in Umno's vocab.

patrickteoh said...

Rocky, I am very happy as a Malaysian that Ng Boon Bee has finally gotten the recognition he deserves. Nicol is a world champion at a very young age but age has never been a criterion for achievement, or has that changed? All deserving? Pray tell me why the space tourist deserves his award?

Anonymous said...

And the first Malaysians to conquer Everest being awarded......??????????


lipandes said...

yup the chinese dude gets datukship waay to late though he deserve it greatly but because of NEP UMNO BN BULLSHIT bla bla bla they should have given him a Tan Sri those Nazi's

I mean yeah although Nicole is too early and usually you give datukship to those who are already married (like Siti) but she deserve it like hell and she only got it because of Penang if it was under BN sure they wont give her not because she is too young but because she is not a MALAY! STUPID UMNO!! HIDUP LIM GUAN ENG!

WTF?? THAT ASSTROUNAUT NEP USELESS SPACE TOURIST MALAY GETS A DATUKSHIT IT's Because of that stupid UMNO bla bla bla even though he is chosen amongst thousands of Malaysians, went through rigorous test and the first Malaysian Astronout he Should not have gotten that datukship. HAH THIS MALAY BN PROPAGANDA DATUKSHIP FOR MALAYSIANS NOT MALAY ONLY!!!

Ahh Sarcasm....
Before your other commenters began their usual opposition liberal bullshit thing let me be the one who start of this trend. After all
it seems that being Malaysian is to have thinking like that.

p/s - Personally I think that David Arumugam deserve a Datukship more than any of these three person. Because for once he and his band made me and millions of Malaysians happy.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Asstronut claim his journey will lead to great things for the country? ....where? Where?

It takes away the shine off the "Datuk".

Anonymous said...

I wish there wont be datuk, tansri and tun in our country. That is my wish. No need titles. I suggest to demean this title to not give much value in it. Malaysian look up too much to this title.

I have decided not for a longtime not to call people with title but just by name. To NO MORE TITLES in Malaysia.

Unknown said...

Senior Rocky

Well, Nicol truly deserves Datok-ship, whereas the other Two (2) not really, especially the "Tourist-On-Taxpayer-Monies"!

The day PR take over government, Rocky Bru will be confered "Tan Sri-ship" from AGONG (Daulat Tuanku!), i.e. Tan Sri Ahiruddin Atan @ Tan Sri Rocky Bru. Prime Minister DSAI will be proud to get the Government to honour you such title.

Well, we readers will surely wonder whether you will remain Blogger or missing-in-action like some Director General????? Just kidding!

Anyway, so long one receives title from current Prime Monkey Government, the title is value-less similar to Toilet Paper.

Anonymous said...


In UK, the Knighthood (which carries the title 'Sir') is awarded to individuals who have made an impact and adds character to the society that surrounds them.

In this country, sadly, those who are awarded the Datuk-ship or any other higher award of merit are mostly insignificant to begin with.

Most businessmen / women with vested interest and pathetic politicians are awarded. Thus it comes to no surprise some prefer NOT to be awarded with the title instead.

Unknown said...

I think Dato' Ng deserves his.. but for the other two, I think they are still too young. I have the same opinion too about all the other young recipients before. Datukship can be considered as Sir (knighthood) in UK. Only long serving people, with outstanding contribution to the nation is knighted by the Queen. Consider David Beckham only got Order of the British Empire (OBE), but 'Sir' was only awarded to the likes of Alex Ferguson, Elton John, Paul McCartney etc. With all due respect to all the Sultans/YDPN, I think we should follow the British in this matter. It is undeniable that Nicole and SM have achieved significant success, but some other type of Medals (AMN, PJK, etc.) might be more necessary than the Datukship. I just hope we are not too generous with the Datukship award. Remember in the old days, P. Ramlee who had contributed a lot to the entertainment industry, was only awarded AMN during his life.

Anonymous said...

that's why i don't look high on datuks/ tan sris. What's so special about them?

Anonymous said...

with the amount of money spent on that space tourist they should've skipped to Datuk Seri instead... :P~

Datuk Joker

Anonymous said...

i doubt rocky meant nicol david as being the "too early" candidate la. The whole of msia + the world know that the doctor is just a tourist riding on the rakyat's generosity or some say "stupidity" becos we pay tax to the corrupted ma and they send monkey to space. better still, let's put it this way. some bizmen pay $$ to get the dato n tan sri title. Maybe into the miilions. But hey, nothing beats this guy. We the rakyat sponsored rm90mil for his title.

Now tell me which dato is more powerful now?

Ah Groo

Anonymous said...

wow so many datuk, so we have to be very careful but for mus!! he waste our money!!! should he got datuk!!!

zamri sunway semenyih

rizal hashim said...


I posted in my blog about Boon Bee finally getting due recognition but why must his Datukship come from Negeri Sembilan?

He is Ipoh mali, a great footballer and rugby player who opted to play badminton because he knew the game would take him places, figuratively and literally...

I think credit must be given to the Negeri Sembilan palace and the State Government, especially the MB Tok Mat Hasan

Being a former footballer, Tok Mat understands the sacrifices one has to make to make it to the top...

If you noticed, Negeri have been giving out Datukship to ex-athletes, namely Datuk Rahim Ahmad, the first Malaysian to win a medal at a multi-sports event, Datuk M. Rajamani the former track queen, former shuttler Datuk James Selvaraj...I'm sure Tok Mat had a hand in know lah when it comes to investitures, State Govt has a say..

As for Nicol, I thought her parents were more deserving of the title. She can wait for hers. Sudah ada bungalow, monetary rewards, financial support from the govt through NSC, itu datuk boleh tunggu, after all Boon Bee waited until he turned 70 baru dapat

The Penang govt were populist in their approach. Talak guna...

Sheikh Muszaphar...I've got no comments

Tok Mat, I look forward to more athletes getting their Datukship, be they from Paroi or Penang...

toadhall said...

the astronaut was a waste of money. he then got awarded for wasting tax-payer's money. doesn't that sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

By Rocky...If you ask me, I say one is given the award too early and the other too late. The third is predictable, but all deserving.

Agreed with you Rocky..All deserved it but the young one is too early.. she can wait.. once retire from sport..she can hav it even higher class.. As for now the father should be rewarded for producing world champion..
Maybe Penang Pakatan can't wait to reward due to... New gain popularity..
By Joe KL..

Anonymous said...

mus got datukship! my god, he wastes our money and yet NS gives his datukship. Now I am really shame to call UKM graduate!


Anonymous said...

talking about astronuat or space participant, the fellow is an orthopaedic surgeon. the country is short of medical expertise. yet after having been trained in the field, he is not asked to practise, but goes to space at the expense of millions in tax-payers contributions.
wjat stupidity.
so reflective of the bodohwi administration.


Anonymous said...

I hope the young Datuk Nicol David has her future all planned out. I have a few friends who was awarded Datukship bcos their bosses nominated them and they told me of their predicament when they left to seek employment elsewhere.
If she wants to go into employment after she retires, it will be tough for her superiors or boss to refer her with her title, worst of all, they may not hired her. Can you imagine a bank CEO ( with no datukship) has to address his junior staff who obtained datoship due to sports? With Olympic around, some of our young sportmen/women are in line for datukship too if they win a gold medal.
I have also heard remarks on the plane when a Dato'goes economy class.
And I hope she can find a husband that will not be intimidated by her title. I was also told that there is a code of ethics for datoship too, like no lepak at mamak store with slippers, shorts and singlet.
Perhaps a special award for sportmen would have been more appropriate. As for Ng, it is appropriate considering his age and contribution to badminton.


Kev said...

Well, I must say that our Rulers must exercise control in giving out state or national awards. It is a well known fact that anyone could buy a "Datuk" by paying a certain sum of money, and not everyone who has received an award truly deserved it.

One such person is our "astronaut", which he is not. My argument is that he has not started contributing anything yet other than putting Malaysia as one of the participants to space in the eyes of the world. It seems that almost anyone who returns from a difficult expedition gets a "Datuk". No, Dr. Sheikh should NOT be given any award at all as he has not reached a level where his research could bring significant benefit to the nation. Nichol David, yes but probably too young a recipient.

I still wonder why our national shuttler had to wait so long to be honoured while Nicol got it at a young age? Was it because no one bothered to recommend Ng Boon Bee for an award? Was it because he didn't get as much publicity as Nicol? Or was it because someone suddenly remembered that he was at one time a badminton hero?

Notice something? ...

Anyone who becomes a big time businessman will eventually be a Datuk; anyone who has gone through an adventure in the rough seas, in the mountains or in space will get a Datuk; anyone who is close to a politician will get a Datuk; heads of departments will also get a Datuk

On the contrary, those who were paralysed due to their bravery during the war get nothing until their plights are highlighted in the papers; those who made our country proud got their Datukship very much later despite bringing pride and joy to the nation.

So, what the f***. Stop wasting public funds by reducing the number of Datuk recipients annually, and start having a far more stringent checklist as to whom should be awarded.

ColorsMalaysian said...

That space tourist sure had it easy-went to space on a vacation
paid by rakyat's blood and sweat.
What he did up there?Heard he was playing congkat and having teh tarik.
To rub salt into the wound,now he was even given the datuk title.

This title is getting very very very cheap.No value anymore.
Throw it into the longkang better.


Anonymous said...

Airasia's slogan is "Now everyone can fly" Our government new slogan is " Now everyone can be a Datuk by being a passenger" . I bet all people now also want to be a passenger in that ship. It comes with the datukship. SIMPLE, JUST SIT UPRIGHT, BUCKLE UP THE SEATBELT AND ENJOY THE RIDE.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the proposal to award a Datukship to the first SPM student to score 25 1As?

And did you notice Syed Albar got yet another Datukship? For creating the mess?

Tuanku Mizan is right. No awards for Terengganu this year.

Too many Latuks. Enough alrrready!!

Donplaypuks® said...

Has there ever been a Malaysian sportsperson more deserving of this award in the history of our nation than Nicole David, World No.1?

She is the epitome of talent, sportsmanship, hard-work, perseverence and modesty.

No crutch, no subsidy, no special deals! No $50 million taxpayers' funding or handouts!

I take my hat off to her. Nicole has given her best to the nation and deserves more from us. She makes me feel proud I am a Malaysian.

Donplaypuks® said...


Previously I heard one can negotiate a latokship for 300k if you fly AA.

Now, I hear if you are a frequent filer of sodo mee cases, you can get one for 99 cents, limited period offer. Terms & Conditions apply! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, here you are at it again!

Trying to stay on neutral ground while trying so hard to say something!

All deserving!??

I disagree to this, but it doesnt matter.

But since you said all these 3 person deserve it, so why one is too later and one is too early? What's wrong with you?!

You are saying a person is being given something that he/she deserves, but too early? Given something too early, but he/she deserves it!??

Maybe it's because all these changes that brought Mahathir to leave his comment on your blog. If that give you strength, keep it up.

Once a Rocky's Bru Fan

Anonymous said...

What about those guys who climbed Everest? Have they gotten a Datukship yet? Maybe wrong skin tone..even Azhar Mansur who DID NOT circumnavigate the globe on his yacht got a Datukship..And this hitchiker to space gets a Datukship...Aisayman, I think if a Malay climbs up Bukit Gasing pun boleh dapat Datukship lah..Sad that a blogger like you has failed to see the injustice here..tsk, tsk, tsk.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

There is this young guy in Penang who also runs a developer company, a hand me down sort of company from his dad, incurred lot of debts due to his devil may care attitude, his company took a back door entry into Bursa, got himself into financial wrangle, sued and being sued, in his late 30s, pursued Datukship like crazy and finally bought one from one of the state in east coast. Question was, what did he contributed to his home state or the east coast state to deservingly get a Datukship? This guy is practically a pain in the ass for everyone, to his customer, vendors, friends and associates. Rumours has it that he spent about RM200K for that Datukship.

One more thing, the Datoship' for Sheikh was shoved at him, he did not request or bought it. The blame goes to the state who awarded it.

Let's not get too uptight over this petty issue. Like what our DPM said, be

WY said...

Nicol is definetely a deserving relative to all other datuks. Of course, in its truest sense, 3/4 of our tansris/datuks do not deserve their titles.

INTIP said...

I agree with you on this issue. Please read my posting in

flyer168 said...

Dear Rocky,

1st Documtary on the Historic National Geographic Hi Definition Channel Premiere "Becoming A King" done by a Malaysian Dir of Photography Adam Lokman.

It was done with a Focus to depict our DYMM Agong as the "People's King" done by a Malaysian professional, with "Committment, Dedication & Passion"....completed within 6 months & on a "Shoestring" budget....yet he achieved it....

To put Malaysia on the International records as the "1st Documtary on the Historic National Geographic Hi Definition Channel Premiere"

Further it would be shown in some 150+ countries & translated into some 40 languages !

It was highlighted in our papers as the Historic National Geographic Hi Definition Channel Premiere.

I understand that Nat Geo Documentaries are given about 2 years to complete & a generous budget of USD a couple of Millions to produce by the nation's relevant Ministry.

How does he compare with the ones you mentioned !!!
General July 18, 2008 20:56 PM
Is There A Spielberg Somewhere In Malaysia?

By Ahmad Zukiman Zain

KUALA LUMPUR, July 18 (Bernama) -- In 1964, Steven Spielberg, then a 16-year-old, directed his first full-length movie "Firelight".

With a budget of US$600, the science fiction film about aliens abducting earthlings, made a profit of US$100.

"Firelight" had been a point of no return for Spielberg, who is now among the most recognisable names in the global filmmaking industry.

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek believes there is a Spielberg somewhere in Malaysia, if only he or she could be unearthed early.....

Bernama Fotoweb

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 20 -- Photographer Mohamed Adam Sardon Mohamed Lokman, 33, or better known as Adam Lokman found working with National Geographic Channels ... - 19k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this



KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 20 -- Photographer Mohamed Adam Sardon Mohamed Lokman, 33, or better known as Adam Lokman found working with National Geographic Channels International is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Adam, director of Camworks Solutions, was hired by VHQ TV Sdn Bhd and Cosmo Vision Sdn Bhd as the director of photography for "Becoming a King".

Shot and produced in high-definition (HD), the documentary fulfills the hallmark standards of National Geographic Channel documentary film making i.e compelling story telling, breathtaking and engaging visuals, smart, innovative and cutting-edge topics.

This is the first time that NGCI, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry and Finas in association with Astro have come together to provide impetus for local documentaries.



Credit: fotoBERNAMA (DIGI)

City: Kuala Lumpur

Last Updated: Thursday, September 20, 2007

Filename: KL02_200907_NATIONAL_GEOGR.jpg

Image Information
File type JPEG Image
File size 1084.86 Kb
Uncompressed size 7445 Kb
Width (pixels) 1388
Height (pixels) 1831
Width 11.75 cm / 4.63 inches
Height 15.50 cm / 6.10 inches
Resolution 118.11 ppc / 300.00 ppi
Color Space RGB

Copyrights © BERNAMA 2008
All rights reserved

flyer168 said...

Dear Rocky,

And what about this one...!

flyer168 said...
Congratulation to Dr. Leonard Lee.

You are a TRUE BLUE Malaysian & you did Malaysia & Malaysian proud on your double Feat (English Channel & the Gibralta Straits) plus your Academic/Professional achievement at Oxford University.

Not many get to do their Housemanship at King's Hospital, London !

You are a True Blue Malaysian Role model with COMMITTMENT, DEDICATION & PASSION" - which is far ABOVE glory & fame which many Malaysians SEEK!

Cheers Leonard !

3:55 AM

Anonymous said...

After returning back to Earth and Malaysia, Sheikh Muzaffar has been travelling and visiting schools to share his knowledge about space travel, science and medicine. I attended one of these talks at a school in Subang Jaya. You guys should see the face of every children when the angkasawan entered the school hall.And the questions these kids asked are simply out of this world. The replies given by the angkaswan made them want to know more about space and science. He, by going to space, has instilled remarkable interest amongst these school kids on space science. You should here him talk. The kids were all glued to him. Yes he deserved a Datukship. The politicians planted hatred and corrupt ideas among our kids but Sheikh Muzaffar instilled interest in science and technology. Who is more deserving to be bestowed a Datukship?

Cikgu Sains

Anonymous said...

I am proud to call Sheikh Muzaffar a Datuk. Check his credentials? Is he a criminal, school drop out, drug addict ? His contribution to Malaysia is not only by going to space but via the vast knowledge he can impart to all Malaysians at large.


Anonymous said...

The space tourist is a Malay and Ng boon bee is a Chinese !

Anonymous said...

I agree that Nicol and Ng should be bestowed the Datukhip.

In the astronaut programme, the most deserving person for a honorable decoration is Prof. Datuk Dr. Mazlan Othman. She should be given the Tan Sri.

Today she is serving United Nation as Director of Outer Space Affairs and Malaysia is left in the dark trying to find its focal point in space.

Malaysia space travel, satellite program, the planetarium, the observatory were all made possible because of her.

Highly recognised and appreciated by the international world but nothing from Malaysia.

Feynman's Fan

CK said...

sms is totally not deserving. but hey, maybe he deserved it. not many can stand that humiliation of being laughed at you know?

doktor spin said...


you are totally ignorant of the fact that nicol gets funding from the NSC, that means taxpayers' money.

her training stint in amsterdam i was told is bankrolled by the government agency.

there are also a number of athletes who symbolise perseverance and talent but they do not play squash. they play other sports but you only notice nicol because of the publicity.

it is more difficult to win titles in other sports compared to squash, which is being played by the Brits, Aussies, Egyptians, Singapore...

study the ranking system and squash as a whole. it is not even an olympic sport.

it's like the formula future people claiming to be world champions when in fact the race was participated by maybe four or five countries...come on lah

i dont agree that nicol gets datukship so early. even if an olympian wins a medal, i dont think he or she should get the datukship while still pursuing a sporting career...award them when the time comes, after retirement

what happens if lee chong wei wins the olympic gold, RM1 million plus a datukship?

cikgu sains, i agree with you, sheikh muszaphar has stirred a massive interest in science and astronomy and aeronautics..

then again if it was faiz khaled who had been selected to go to space instead of sheikh muszaphar, he would be having the same impact...

whatever it is sheikh muszaphar is an ambassador for the country, just as nicol is...

kudos to the NS ruler and Negri Sembilan MB Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan for giving boon bee the datukship.

old athletes will appreciate their gesture.

Anonymous said...

I will also be a Datuk, 30 years later. Well, my father and father in law are also Datuk. So what's so great being a Datuk? It only shows you are getting older and nearer to death.


Bentoh said...

Hmmm... Too late... Agreed...

Too early... agreed to some extent... because I believe she has got more to achieve... pouring in too much awards may have affected her performance... Hafiz and the Badminton Juara Kampung for example... ;)

But then I've got faith to Nicol... :)

Astronaut? No idea... but then maybe it's better than those unknown weirdo business rich man... who basically bought their titles...~~

ColorsMalaysian said...

Very soon we will learn that even the liwat victim (Saiful Bukhary Azlan) and the flip flop PI (Bala)
will be conferred Datukship too!

Just wait and see!!

jojo51 said...

The Sultan of Johor has not been giving out Datukship for many-many years and now the Sultan of Terengganu has followed suit. Probably, other states should follow.

Donplaypuks® said...


NSC funded programs are not handouts nor does the money go into Nicole's pockets. The facilities are open to all who have the talent and will power to go for it. It is not tantamount to a crutch or subsidy.

What the nation gets out of it, national pride, is a thousand fold. Such moneys are well spent.

As for Olympic status, fencing, horse-jumping and beach volleyball are also accredited sports. Does that denigrate an Olympic Gold Medal or World ranking Status?

You try and become a World No. 1 for 3 years at something dead easy like say, tiddlywinks, then you can talk.

I think it is CIMB which sponsors Nicole David. Such personal rewards come only after wining international tournamnets and securing world rankings. Think of what Tiger Woods, Jordan, Federer and Nadal earn from such sponsorships. They deserve it and earn it becoz sponsors make 10 fold from these athletes' endorsements.

No, there is no age limit for datukships, and ceratinly not for Nicole who is an adult, not a child. And, after all Azhar Mahmud got one even though he did not succeed, while the M'sian Indians who reached the Everest peak - what title were they awarded?

So, for too long under this BN Govt, ther has ben discrimination where some have got rewards to early,others too late, some none at all even though they deserved it and it is rumoured that others bought it!

As for Lee Chong Wei, if he gets the Olympic Gold as well, why not the Datukship? Beckham has not won a World Cup Medal, but he's been KGSM'd or something.

But remember, Badminton too is restricted to a relatively few countries, unlike say, Football. Does that make a World No.1 ranking worthless?

How many lasting World No.1 have we ever produced to compare with Nicole david?
ps I don't know Nicole personally or ever met her!

nckeat88 said...

The datukship now is so cheap and had to be given away free as promotion. Many more deserve this but NOT a space tourist on rakyat's taxpayer money. I am really ashame to tell people I am from the same UKM univeristy

nckeat88 said...

We must aim for 'Tan Sri'ship, datukship now is cheap and no value because of our space tourist.

nckeat88 said...

Cikgu Sains,

I think you a a lousy teacher. You should quit your profession for not doing your job right.
Do't you think this is your resposibility to inspire your student to be interested in Science and Mathematics? If you can't even do this job right, you don't deserve to be a science teacher.

We don't need to spend 80 million to send a space tourist to do that. 80 millions can produce hell lots of science teacher and provide lots of science lab / centre to inspire our children.

Anonymous said...

The astro-nut is publicity crazy, money oriented poster boy.His manager asked for close to 10K for a talk invitation and in some cases, cancelled alreday slotted invites if better offers came through.

I'd like to see the new Dato visit more poor schools in the kampong without media coverage.


Anonymous said...

u know what? This Dr Leonard who swam the channel should write in to the UMNO govt and ask for a datoship la.

See what these dickheads say.

I mean u wanna flush out a racist, this is the way!

Ah Groo

Anonymous said...

10k per invite? Jom why dont we pool our $$ together and get this new dato to talk to us...and we can bambooo him with our Qs..

I'd like that very much!

Dato my foot la.

Ah Groo

GobloKing said...

Visit space FOC,
write book,
give motivational talks to kids, become folk hero,
get free datukship ???



As of now, 77 commented, 75 against Sheikh getting datukship - now we know how Msians really view the honorific of datuk

Here in Madland, a Shanghai lady asked me if I knew another Msian here whose "father" is a "DATUK you know?"

And my answer is "what's the point?

Naive foreigners think datukship is like lordship.

Oh well baby..Any dickhead can pay and get this title and it is totally worthless.

For me, SOME deserve the title but 90% do not

Our datukship = world class dickheads

Anonymous said...

Datuk space tourist is also a celebrity and writer now.

You, you and everyone else must tighten their belt further so that the 2nd space tourist can go too. He is drooling in him dreams to go up, of course with our hard earned income tax money-lah.

Anonymous said...

Why not just give datuk to all umno members so that they can distinguish the hypocrites and us?

Anonymous said...

Wow!! we have the 1st ever gay asstronaut, now, is he our 1st ever gay dato'>>>

Anonymous said...

wow! we have our 1st gay asstronaut, now, we have out very first gay dato'!!


Anonymous said...

Haha, we will all get "datukships" by the time we have our first grandchild, but the wives dont get any "Datinship". But they will be wives of Datuks. Can't wait for my eldest (who's only 5) to get married. Any way, I think the next one to be get the title should go to this particular newsreader on TV3. Watch her closely when she reads the news, batting of the eyelids, facial expressions, etc. She scowls when reading anything on the opposition! Someone should nominate her name soon. Very diva-like. Umeno people like this kind of bodek.


Anonymous said...

I think Datukship has been made cheap lately. Aren't we suppose to do great and be great BECAUSE we are Malaysians?

They worked hard, sacrifised some...but they already reaped the rewards in various ways, right?

And what is the Datukship for? You cant earn from it, your children do not really benefit, it does not keep you well in old age...recipients cant expect to be respected just because they carry the title. Respect is earned. I would highly respect Nicol even is she is not a Datuk. Just as I have no respect for some Datuks because they have not earned it in my eyes.


Anonymous said...

SMS shld not even be charging any fees for the sake of God.

He went on taxpayers money and he shld return the gesture by offering his svc to the country. Rm10k per talk? LEI NGMM HOOI CHEONG!

Very smart. we paid millinos for u to hv ur space flight n now we also indirectly paid for u to cari makan by gvng talks. i can also talk abt space la by watching enough discovery science. and i dont hv to fly to space to tell u what space is all abt.

Are u sure u know more than me abt space and planets?

Come la, DEBAT!!!!

AH Groo

Anonymous said...

Ah Groo -- dato sms knows more about asses and dicks than space and planets... wahahhaha...

chee bai

Anonymous said...

We should accord someone the title only when he deserves one.
Boon Bee - yes for his achievement in bringing the Thomas Cup back.
Nicol-yes even at a young age. She worked hard for it.She brings honour to our country.
The astronaut-? What does he brings back except to waste out taxpayer money?I always see his pictures in the paper taken with VIP nd etc.Too much publicity but too little work done!
I wonder some of the so called Datuks, what have they done to deserves one? For eg the actor, Jalaludin Hassan - he only act in TV. That's all but got a title. Is it because his bro, the IGP?

Anonymous said...

reading carefully, i think rocky meant:

too early - astronaut
too late - ng boon bee
predictable, all deserving - nicol

i write like this too.
or am i too presumptuous? :P

Anonymous said...

Datuk seri or tan seri i tak mau
tapi silly silly betul if 'tak nak' !! (heha)

rams609 said...







rams609 said...





rams609 said...

The Sultan of Johor has not been giving out Datukship for many-many years and now the Sultan of Terengganu has followed suit. Probably, other states should follow.