Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dangerous aides

Ouch! First it was Anwar Ibrahim's aide, that Saiful guy who claimed to having been buggered by the PKR advisor.
Now PKR's YB Nik Nazmi's aide is alleged to have punched PKR's YB Loh Gwo-Burne.

Choosing the right aide has never been more crucial to a politician's well-being.


  1. Bro Rocky. PKR is in an urgent need of a sweeping internal party restructuring. Mohd Ezam may have been many things to PKR, most of it negative, but he was right-on when he said PKR would be better off if it focused on strengthening its internal party machinery first. But I think the hangover from March 8 has yet to wear off...

    ...PKR. Are ya lissenin' or what?

  2. apa sudah jadi ni?

  3. Anonymous4:16 pm

    PKR is fast becoming a cult.

    Looks like one, sounds like one.

    What to do, leadership by example:)

    Raja Petra has a detailed write up on the Cult of PKR here

  4. Another spy planted by UMNO to bring down PKR? Or PKR is Just-Another-UMNO? There had been so much hope for Pakatan Rakyat to bring government back to people. Show the people how PKR handle the situation!

  5. Anonymous4:16 pm

    This is why:-

    P.S. I received a SMS which says, already there is an incident where a peaceful ground breaking ceremony for a surau was marred ugly by protest from a Hindu group, where a politician was slapped when he intervened. All I can see is a Hindu group is now too bold enough to challenge a Muslim community, so where do you think this might lead us to, well I am not going to say it for you but you use you grey matter to figure this one out. A very dangerous time indeed for all of us.

    If you're a clown and being so insensitive, that's what you get. If I was there, he'll get a kick instead.

  6. Anonymous4:20 pm

    good....good....goodlah....eloklah mata u time u buatlah filem yang ok baru mata u tak lebam///heheheheheh

  7. Anonymous4:22 pm

    eloklah tu....u budak mentah belasahan.....jadi MP ikut nasib...entah siapalah yang bodoh pilih pembuat filem macam u jadi MP...eloklah tu lebam sikit...itu akan mematang u sikit lah budak hingusan.....

    Tinta Kinabalu

  8. Anonymous4:54 pm

    So, even Chedet has said Anwar did a better job than Shabery, quoting the latter less experienced than Anwar.

    So, are you going to retract your neutral ground on this topic? Or do you still believe there wasnt a winner between Anwar and Shabery in that debate?

    awang budiman

  9. Loh have forgiven him.
    Both are wrong.
    This young man needs to be more patient...asking questions.
    He should not think..he is so powerful as a parliamentarian.
    He maybe desperately trying to prove himself....worthy to be elected...but he needs to handle people.
    That punch may teach him something...already.
    Good for him.

  10. Anonymous5:24 pm

    yo broken link.

    lucifer, kl

  11. Hi Rocky, link error.

  12. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Never in Malaysia history a Member of Parliment was treated that way. If a police report is made then let the course of laws take place. Sad day for Malaysians lawmaker integrities. Never before in our history a MP was assaulted in public.
    Charged that fellow. PKR - what a party when your Selangor MB political secretary aide assaulted your own MP. Shame on you and shame on me for voting opposition during PRU12.
    Go to hell all of you. To YB Loh Gwo Burne this is what we call Karma

  13. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Namoomitaba said,

    YB Loh Gwo Burne this is your Karma. Shame to the person who assaulted him (an aide to Selangor MB political secretary) what a shame and shame on me for voting the opposition during PRU12.
    MP what Mp. An MP assaulted and punch in public by his own party aide to top leaders.
    if YB Loh said, that he accept their apology then he better step down as an MP. Unless he is really good for nothing.

  14. Anonymous5:53 pm

    your The Star link is broken..better check it out

  15. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Was Gwo a proxy for Anwar, you know, the "black eye" thing?

  16. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Nah! Rasakan penumbuk jantan panglima melayu PKR. Org melayu dlm PKR dah byk bersabar agaknya..


  17. "Dangerous aides"... must be planted Mr. UM no... who else..!!!!

    By Joe KL...

  18. Regardless of which party you belong to, there will be hooligans who don't know how to behave. It's up to the party leaderships to be more selective in their choice of aides or party leaders, or else the same incident will recur.

  19. Anonymous12:10 am

    Caption for the photo

    OMG I wanna be like Anwar. Can someone please give me a black eye?

  20. Anonymous12:12 am

    Pakatan Rakyat atau Barisan Nasional kedua-duanya dipimpin Melayu. Tiada perubahan cuma pengaruh kepimpinan sahaja yang berubah.

    Mungkin juga akan diperkenalkan apa yang dikatakan Agenda Ekonomi Baru yang berkemungkinan akan mengantikan Dasar Ekonomi Baru sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat berjaya PRU13.

    Mungkin juga Najib kekal PM ke-6 tetapi hanya untuk 1 atau 2 penggal. Mungkin juga pertarungan antara Nurul Izzah Anwar dan Khairy Jamaluddin bakal menyaksikan PM termuda bakal terhasil.

    Semuanya perihal mungkin hanya kita merancang tetapi Tuhan Maha Menentukan.

    Malaysia adalah Multiracial.

    Pakatan Rakyat [PKR,DAP,PAS]
    Barisan Nasional [UMNO,MCA,MIC]

    ^_~! parti apa BEST? Bagaimana dengan hak Sabah/Sarawak kelak?

  21. Anonymous1:12 am

    first .. i don't know why this chap was selected as PKR's candidate. Lingamgate of course is his credential but can he lead!

  22. when we have under-age sex, sodo mee, adultery, child rape, incest so common in our country, this is a non-event of miniscule importance.

    bro, let's concentrate on the essentials.

  23. Anonymous1:38 am

    this'quite aideof YB punched another YB..who happens to be in the same ship. So i'd say this YB being punched because either he does not speak fluent bahasa or he's "tak reti bahasa". Dont ever jumps in the middle of other people's occasion..don't ever assume that you YB knows everything..whether the project being approved or not..leave it to the PBT..after all it's only ground breaking ceremony..

    Pok Nik KL

  24. Anonymous3:17 am

    He he padan muka kau !!!!


  25. In response to this incident, the Senator Muhammad (Back Door Entry Minister) think that BN can control the people better! Huh? Hello!

    We are sick of you control...

    Muhammad view of Control People

    Shiok Guy

  26. Anonymous6:54 am


  27. Malulah, PKR.

    My feelings are stronger than this. DSAI needs a Chief Operating Officer or a Whip for the party. PKR is getting bigger on the outside but may be rotting inside.

  28. Sorry mates, the PR is not going to last very long, they haven't learned the art of governing yet.Look at Selangor under PKR's Khalid, it's still crawling on fours.

    The best of the five would be Penang and Kelantan, where DAP and PAS were in the majority.

    PKR, though have more MP seats is in danger of falling apart because of greed and infighting.Anwar is a leader for himself, just like many of those in UMNO, but at least in UMNO the Malays don't beat up their non-Malay MP in the coalition.

    The 3 strange bedfellows are still on a honeymoon, there is nothing common in their marriages, it will fall apart as soon as the honeymoon is over.

    Believe me.Jot it down in your diary.

  29. Suara dan perasaan org melayu di selangor semakin dipersetankan dan tidak bernilai.

  30. Kesian YB Kamera yang muka macam Budak Down Syndrome.

    Buat apa jadi YB, pergi balik bawa kamera dan video recorder.

    Sebenarnya bapak dia yg nak jadi YB, tapi businessman tak mahu tinggalkan duit untuk berkhidmat.

    Ceritanya YB Kamera muka Down Syndrome balik rumah meminta simpati dari ibunya Madam Loh tapi kena rotan lagi.

    Sila baca kisah ini dalam blog Husin Lempoyang

  31. Anonymous10:58 am

    THis is the manifestation of the anger of the young Malays with insensitivity of the non Malays in PKR and DAP towards the Malay.

    Khalid Ibrahim as per his attitude in Guthrie wo has no care for the lower people has taken a indifferent attitude towards teh Malays.

    Yahsya Saari removal begin to show disagreement with pro-Indian policies to appease them at the extent of Malays.

    The babi isu is insensitive towards the Sepang Malays and the general mulsim population.

    Heinekan CHelsea match.

    Then Ronnie Liew flexing his chinese agenda in teh councillors appointment to flex Chinese interest into rural Malay area.

    I believe a racial clash is brewing in PKR.

    You can hate me for claiming this. Things like this never happen when UMNO lead.

    As long as non Malays are living in the fantasyland to not acknowledge Malay as teh definitive race of this contry, there will be no peace and staibility.

    Better UMNO than anything else. They can adapt and change with the time and situation. I believe they can improve. Get read of their bloody feudel thinking.

    They will prove they can change if they rid of dolah bodoh early!!!!!!

    Lets not be denial that we are still mentally, economically, psychologically, socially, politically, educationally divided by race.

    BN acknowledge this and attempt to a balance to this to achieve a truly equitable and far distribution.

    How can the race that dominate the economy yet seek equality with from the economically impoverish Bumiputera!?

  32. Anonymous11:05 am

    With a face like that,I would also like to give one "present" to him.


  33. Anonymous11:10 am

    PKR solve problems by ...

    ... street demonstration
    ... non cooperation
    ... refuse mubahalah, dna,
    ... distracting issue with conspiracy theory, police report, lawsuits, statutory declaration, etc
    ... accuse the past
    ... making police report on each other
    ... punching each other
    ... sodomising aides
    ... suing victims of sodomy
    ... running to foreign embassy and embarass teh country, bring national rating down,
    ... claim racial integration but disregard for racial sensitivity
    ... making undeliverable promises
    ... making promises that is good to hear but not practicle
    ... others only known
    ....and many many more to come


  34. Anonymous11:13 am

    Muka dia memang mintak dipukul. Bukan kerana apa yang dia buat atau tidak buat.Anyway itu satu pengajaran bagi MP yang hobi nya menangkap gambar dan juga merakam video...kpo punya MP.Padan dia punya muka!

    MP KPO

  35. Anonymous11:18 am

    Surau yang sah diluluskan mereka tentang. Kuil yang haram mereka sokong. Mana satu undang-undang dan peraturan dalam dunia PKR. Inilah dunia anarkis PKR!!!!!

    Baguslah PKR, bawak banyak keling2 Hindraf. Tunggu masa, kamu boleh mulakan gerakan Tamil Elam dan angkat senjata.

    Cepat2lah sumbat si Anwat Al Juburi masuk penjara. Selagi dia bebas, selagi itu negara jadi huru hara dan kucar kacir, tidak aman dan stabil.

    Macam mana nak makmur dan sejahtera?

    Kalau anwar tidak liwat saiful, anwar masih tetap peliwat. Dia meliwat semua agama, semua bangsa dan negara demi ketamakkan dirinya untuk berkuasa dan untuk penjajah neo kolonialisma yang beliau wakili.

    ANwar dari dulu sekarang selamanya ... memang tak boleh dipercayai.

  36. Anonymous11:51 am

    Yang Bodoh Loh harus bercakap melalui kameranya, komunikasi melalui lisan membuatkan dia menerima 'kejutan' dan kemudian 'memaafkan' atas kebodohannya.

    Akan datang, PKR elok meletakkan calon "Beruk Jantan' dalam PRU13 untuk penduduk Kelana Jaya terutama mewakili kaum hitam pariah di sana - kluangman

  37. So, is this Fame & Fury, or simply Fury & Fame?

    Add to the number of civil suits or criminal cases in courts, and put all the blame to the Judiciary for backlogs!!! That's truly not fair.

    Politicians by their rules... watch parliament in session...

  38. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Ini semua penipuan msm.
    Guo Burn hanya kesat mata di katakan tumbuk!
    TEngoklah, gambar tu sebenarnya palsu!
    BUkan aide yang tumbuk tapi polis yng menyamar sebagai aide dengan memakai topeng muka aide!
    Saja nak mengapikan keadaan.
    Mana saksi-saksi dan polis report ini berlaku, saja UMNO nak memburukkan Anwar Ibrahim dan partinya.

    And all other PKR sandiwara nonsense.


  39. Anonymous8:42 pm

    YB Loh U Shit Ass.. Coming from no where suddenly became a YB coz u r the video recorder of infamous LingamGate.

    What on earth, PKR has no suitable candidates to lead. Tangkap Borong...

    So, for the Surau case at Kelana Jaya, Yang Bodoh Loh, u better study further on the consequences.

    And for the HINDRAF ass****. Kick your ass.. Behave yourself before your temple get doomed.

  40. Anonymous10:09 pm

    I think this aide must have been planted by UMNO. I think all the PKR man should agree to this statement, and not forgeting, the Selangor MB aide (BPR case) was also planted by UMNO! Blame everything on UMNO ! Ha ha circus politic....

  41. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Dlm keluarga,,adik beradik tumbok sesama sendiri,,,nothing new,,!!!

    Dia sendiri tumbok mata dia kot,,!!! kata Che Det..!!


  42. Anonymous10:46 pm

    Small matters lah. Compare to those OHNO, it is a dog eat dog world. They stab each other back quitely.

    Keep up the good job Keadilan, the Rakyat support you.

    March ON Keadilan.

  43. Inilah akibatnya apabila budak-budak hingusan dijadikan wakil rakyat.

  44. Anonymous2:13 am

    What would happen if MP Burn did not turn up for the demostrating indians?
    A conspiracy, the Indians were MIC supporters sent by UMNO.
    But Al-Mighty revealed the true nature of PKR with a most deserved punch in the eye. Does it sound familiar.

  45. Anonymous3:05 am

    he's now saying he's not angry though. yup sure, if someone punch me and then apologize saying it was a mistake yet never explains why he did it..i'd forgive him. nice show of unity from the PR.

  46. Anonymous4:56 am


    as a resident of desa mentari i was very upset with thiz Mp Yang Bodoh Loh.. during da last pru 12...we give him a full supported..

    but now we r very frustrated ..

    he dont know everything but suddenly come to be a hero..

    as a Mp he sholud be a healer not a poisoner..

    give me 10 years tym i'll show u how 2 be a good Mp

    from me

    anak muda Desa Mentari

  47. Anonymous9:07 am

    dah selesai, apa nak bising bising lagin? kau orang uxxo ker?

  48. Anonymous10:24 am

    PKR Itu Anarkis (11:18 am):

    Yang hang maki cakap keling lah apatah lah tu apahal?

    Orang macam engkaulah yang buat susah kat negara ni.

    Kalo dipertahankan mana-mana pihak yang ditindas tu apa salahnya?

    Kalo hang benar terdidik pasai Al-Quran kenapa hang tak paham keadilan itu dijamin Islam tidak kira bangsa dan kaum?


  49. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Kelam kabut PKR ni. Sebenarnya banyak masalah tapi tak mengaku, bila jadi benda2 macam ni adalah mulut2 cabul yang cakap planted laa ape laa. Ingat hang betoi sangat ka?

  50. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Abafahim .... sorry lah brother salah sendiri lu orang Melayu kalau suara diketepikan. Kamu sendiri juga yang undi PKR.

    Zainal.a.Kassim ... sorry lah brother salahkan YB muda hingusan. Kenapa tak kau salahkan orang Melayu Kelana Jaya yang pandai pilih.

    Ha ha kamu orang melayu sendiri juga yang dengan bangga undi mereka ini.

    Ha ha YB Nik Nazmi dengan bangga kata orang Melayu Kelana Jaya terbukti terpelajar dan pandai membuat pilihan.

    Kelana Jaya Mari

  51. Anonymous7:38 pm

    MP itu bertanya soalan yang sama sebanyak 10 kali, kalau aku pun, aku akan tumbuk jugak, bukan setakat tumbuk, terajang sekali. Pekak ke atau tak paham atau buat-buat tak paham?


  52. Ha! Another day in paradise. Just send in the clowns.

  53. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Please, have a heart for the children with Down Syndrome. Have compassion to parents with Down Syndrome kids.
    If you want to insult, be rhetoric or say negative things to anyone ,please by all means, go ahead. BUT Do not use the word Down Syndrome as your weapon to hit others.
    Do you really know what is Down Syndrome?Have you experienced or have family members with Down syndrome?Do you know the feelings of parents with Down Syndrome kids? I do.
    So have a heart PLEASE!
    bamboo river.

  54. Anonymous12:08 am

    Hey if you think Gwo burne deserve a punch. Why not I burn your house, and then punch you in the face for asking why? The people in the area is not happy in all races. They were angry why they were never consulted. As an elected MP he represents the people, if the people demands it the MP had to voice up for the people. YB loh simply wanted to know the situation by knowing who is responsible in the case. There is nothing wrong what our YB Loh did. If our MP cant demand for the answer hohoho they u guys with the bias comment deserve to be punched, if that is your resoning? beside who ask him to punch YB Loh infront of the hundreds of the public together with police and press? Did our YB poison the situation? Is he not the guy trying to protect Azam from beating by the public. I can see we have a very civilize MP. Unlike others who solve their way by fighting. Azam clearly reflects the people he is working with. Yes PKR need to do some cleaning, who knows how many saiful or other problems in the mist. Clearly YB Loh has proves to me that is a true working MP who will do the right thing. Hey guys stop your bias statement when it clearly shows who is in the wrong. Stop using racist excuses! stop saying melayu this melayu that, that is racist which i hate people seeing us like that. IT is shameful just like what Raja Retra said...

    Be a little grateful!