Friday, July 18, 2008

Najib for President

Branch doesn't want to wait for two years. The largest Umno branch in the Pekan division in Pahang passed an emergency resolution today to nominate local boy Mohd Najib Abdul Razak as Umno President at the party elections in December.
Kampung Ubai's decision went dead against Umno President Abdullah Badawi's offer to hand over the job to Najib in June 2010.

Question is, will the other branches follow suit?

Read Utusan Malaysia's online report here.


Anonymous said...





doktor spin said...

Yes, why not? This is a clear signal for Pak Lah but I wonder if the rest will follow suit.

Hilmi Yahya from penang has made an attempt to defuse things.

When our leaders start echoing sentiments from down south without really knowing what's right for the country, then it's time for a change.

When Lee Kuan Yew started to attack the bloggers, Pak Lah began to sing the same tune.

Are we so weak that we cannot think on our own?

Is it the only way they can stay in power, through fear and intimidation of their citizens through the abuse of legal process and other shameful means?

Another thing I noticed whenever SIL suggests something in parliament the following week those same suggestions become a policy!

Petronas, IPP, what else...

teohjitkhiam said...

Bro Rocky. I know the DPM's name is kinda gold standard within UMNO. But in your opinion, do you think this move will enhance his standing or sink his political career for all time within UMNO? Seems to me he's carryin' a lot of political baggage that can be broken by the addition of a straw...

Just my 2 cents.


Good show from Umno more bodek.

Godwilling many more branches will follow suit.

Don't forget Mukhriz as Pemuda chief.

Anonymous said...

Seems the URL for Utusan's report is no longer valid. Bernama has a writeup about the same matter at:

Kampung Ubai Branch Nominates Najib For Umno Presidency

lanaibeach said...

UMNO can go to the rubbish bin
I don’t care a hoot
I love my country with her soul
Not with these leaders milking her dry
Letting her cries in vain when rainy season falls
When haze comes to block her eyes

Malaysia will again be a laughing stock
On the global stage of our leaders antics
IGP and AG should go on suspended leave
Until the allegations in the police report
Properly investigated truthfully documented
And arresting Anwar on sodomy charge again
The nightmares for the country begins
Into the world focus which we don’t need

As it is
The trust is gone from me
UMNO and its leaders…….
The kingdom isn’t for them
There is nobody to lead the nation
In UMNO or the coalition partners

UMNO branches can nominate
The leaders walking the stage
They aren’t the quality for Malaysia
The leaders have lost sight of the game
It is for the country and her people
It is not for personal gains and cronyism

The sleeping beauty thought he could buy time
Going out to enjoy his time……………
I read he went overseas to look at his yacht
Costing $8 million…………..

UMNO can roll the drums
People have got wise to its antics
Changing on the horizon
Time for change
On the way to the nation

kluangman said...

Kita ucapkan tahniah ke atas Ketua Cawangan Kampung Ubai walaupun 'kecil' tetapi 'besar' jiwa dan keberaniannya.

Saya percaya ramai lagi akan mengikut jejak yang sama, di Johor, Muhyiddin perlu dicalonkan untuk Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden sebagai persediaan ke atas segala kemungkinan.

Di Negri Sembilan, Rais Yatim juga harus dicalonkan dalam kedua dua jawatan tersebut, begitu juga untuk Ku Li di Kelantan.

Manakala di Kedah, Mukhriz wajar dicalonkan Naib Presiden dan Ketua Pemuda UMNO supaya senario 'fresh' dan muka baru wajar menerajui UMNo.

Anonymous said...

What a brave action... by Ubai UMNO branch (famous for buah tembikai...)...It's now or never for Najib...What about others..? in Pekan... Jangan tunggu lama2
nanti diambil orang !!!!!!

Joe KL..

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes Bro, 2nd will followed by Perak Umno Bahagian, then by Selangor Bahagian - Shah Alam, Wilayah [KL] and finally by Johore Umno.
Trust me Bro.

Anonymous said...

of course they want their local boy to be the next PM. if so, they can talk cock such as "you know my child, the PM is my childhood friend, we used to play c4 bombing in the evening" and sorts...

but the main question that what all other Malaysians want? if they want Najib to be the PM of Pekan..i wouldn't care much less !

Saya... said...

Bang! your link goes to piece about Bali Bomber...isn't Najib the ALLEGED Mongol Bomber?

Silap laaaa.....

Tehsin the Volunteer Bomber (not suicide..VOLUNTEER)

Anonymous said...


The link to Utusan is other news. Kena hijacked oleh Tingak 4 kut!

Anonymous said...

At last, we see a light at the end of tunnel.
The last hope of akar umbi.

Melaka Tengah grassroot member.

Anonymous said...

Rocky ,

Kami dah meluat tengok Anwar dgn publicity stunt-nya mencari populariry di TV n akhbar .

Adakan dia pernah berbuat sesuatu untuk kepentingan rakyat ?
All his actions hanya untuk mencari simpati rakyat untuk jadi PM

So fedup .... meluat meluat tengok muka dia ...

Anwar penyangak !


jojo51 said...

Its very ironic. Mid 2010 is considered too long. Yet too short for Pak Lah to institute his so called reform agendas. And too short for Najib to prepare and strengthen UMNO/BN for the next general election. Mid 2010 is a wrong choice as it does not benefit both Pak Lah and Najib. Apparently, the simple kampung guys in Kg. Ubai understand this perfectly compared to the brainless state UMNO leaders, MT yesmen and clueless UMNO cabinet ministers.

Congratulation to Kg Ubai UMNO branch for knowing what is good for the country.

Bung Karno said...


Cawangan Kg Ubai dalam bahagian Pekan di mana Najib adalah Ketua.

Ini memberi petanda kepada cawangan lain seluruh negara supaya membuat usul tanpa rasa terikat.

Tetapi Paklah akan memberi gula-gula pada Najib dalam bentuk sokongan menghadapi tekanan dpd Anwar.

Akhirnya Najib akan menarik diri.

Anonymous said...

The pact between PM and the DPM shows a presumptuous PM and a deluded DPM. None is fit for the 1st and the 2nd highest office of the Nation.


Anonymous said...

Link dah hilang la bro. I guess the phone companies are making a killing right now, at the expense of taxation money of course ...

Da Real Deal said...

The article in utusanonline has suddenly disappeared old chap!

Anonymous said...

Utusan has removed that news article. -Dreadnought

monsterball said...

Day by day..his life depends more and more..becoming No.1 in UMNO.
He played out Tunku support..Mahathir.
Never had is so need to work for filthy rich...being the blue eye boy of Mahathir.
Then he played out support Dollah.
Even Dollah do not trust him.
His copied Mahathir's double twisting way of talking. He even copy...dress in Mahathir. He is a womaniser...cunning...and totally unreliable to embrace as a good friend. It's all play acting and hypocracies...when UMNO guys are with him.
Two years from now....he maybe in jail.
So he needs to speed up things.
First ..put Anwar int trouble....with sodomy charges..then Dollah ordered Anwar's soon as possible.
Fear and provocations will keep coming...planned by Najib.
Dollah.. will keep counter reacting.
What's next?
God only knows.

ken said...

This is very bad news because Najib = Nazist

ken said...

This is really bad news, Najib = Nazist

Mr Belimbing said...


Rocky, either the url has been removed by Utusan, or you give us wrong address.

Bernama has the news;

Kampung Ubai Branch Nominates Najib For Umno Presidency

@ken said "Najib=Nazist",

Grow up! Labeling people is only practiced by retarded people like you, in order to stop other people from thinking.

Slandering and fake accusations are the work of irresponsible people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This shows that the NO 1 and No 2 in the country are playing wayang kulit.If there is a compromise between the 2,this thing would not happen,right?It seems the two are hoodwinking UMNO and only fools would believe that they are co-operating.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sdr Rocky yang saya hormati,

Let me express my sincere condolences to the family of late arwah Azhar Othman, popular journalist in the press and TV3 media. Azhar was one of the most decent and media friendly guys from PMO.AL-Fatihah.

Breaking news from Ubai UMNO branch under Pekan Division in supporting the resolution to propose Najib as the only candidate for UMNO presidency. Whatever happens we have to respect the general consensus of Najib's grass root supporters,not only in Ubai but also the other UMNO branch and divisions.

I believe that the current ongoing branch delegates meeting which had justed started last thursday, will set the indicator and trend in pushing their divisions to nominate their potential candidates in the coming December elections.

I also believe that it's a healthy trend and reflects UMNO's maturity ahead of the party elections for all state and national positions. This is the only way to reinvent and change the UMNO leadership through the democratic process based on the political principle endorsed in the UMNO constitution.

The party supreme council should veto the continuation of the quota system in the party elections, starting from the divisional elections in order to reflect the consensus and sentiments of the members of the UMNO power based without further delay.

This authority should not remain in the power of MKT or the Management Committee. I challenge all MKT members to speak their mind on this issue without fear or favour.

In other words, the authority vested at UMNO branch and divisional level,should not be ignored or taken lightly in paving the path for a new direction for UMNO and remain relevant as part of the Malay struggle in upholding our political system. Coveted positions in any political party changes hand, but the party should remain intact as leaders come and go.

Nobody should feel politically indispensable, in order to attract the best leaders to lead the ruling party, i.e. UMNO being the anchor party in Barisan Nasional.


Finally,let us not debate the pros and cons of the resolutions for party nominations passed by UMNO branch until after the divisional meetings begining in October. The propective candidates for the top leadership, particularly the president, deputy president, vice presidents, heads of Youth, Wanita and Puteri will have amble time to think of their future in UMNO.

These chosen leaders should serve the party and nation and not self center in their political thinking. Being a politician is just another career at the behest of the people and not appointed by the government as in the civil service and corporate entities.

As for most of us who are UMNO veterans of more than half a century, we would like to see a peaceful, fair and transparent political leadership transition of the highest order for the sake all Malaysians and this country.The posts of UMNO president and prime minister do not belong to the Malays only but all Malaysians, who are citizens of this country protected by the Federal Constitution.

flyer168 said...

Dear Rocky,

You have heard the general feelings....Loud & Clear.

What he has achieved for this great nation, its reputation, etc & it Downtrodden rayaat is Criminal…maybe equivalent to Treason!

With the Powers-that-be still in “Denial” & maintaining their “Auto-Pilot Self-Destruct” mode path there is nothing much more that our MPs, State Leaders, Aduns, Intellectuals, etc can do to change their “Paradigm”.

Their motto has been, is still & will always be “Heads I win, Tails you Lose” for their own Personal agendas at the nation’s & rayaat’s expense using their Lapdogs to do the dirty work.

Our “Defenders of Justice & Freedom” in their “Noble” pursuit, who have all suffered in one way or another will never give up their struggle for this great nation & for us citizens.

So let us all stand UNITED, stay COOL & not fall for their “Barbaric” intimidations right into their “TRAP”.

We just have to give them more rope to hang themselves at every turn !

“Divine Intervention” works “Wonders”!

Anonymous said...

Kalau Najib cuba mencabar, dia akan masuk ke longkang. Muhyiddin setakat ke jawatan Timbalan Presiden itupun dengan syarat KJ sebagai Ketua Pemuda atau Naib Presiden.

Puteri UMNO akan kekal di tangan kroni, Rafidah kena menyokong Dolah kalau tidak mahu fail lamanya dibuka kembali.

Ada siapa lagi yang berani..kluangman

Unknown said...

Wah Najib ah .. Chinese sure DIE lo!

Anonymous said...

Script 12.1:
Police to arrest Anwar, make sure cell is perfectly clear of hair. Let Anwar sleep on the floor overnight & next morning comb for his hair. Send the hair to the condo and place it on the bed sheet.

Script 12.2:
Send Anwar to HKL and strip him and examine him, get at least one pelvic hair and also the plastic spectula that touches Anwar's private parts, send to lab and mix with sample taken from Saifu's ass, do a report.

Unknown said...

Lebeh baik bagi isteri najit jadi presiden,otak ilek-kah ?

Anonymous said...

Do you know that there are 3 different types of Balaclava with the brandname Oxford? Read below:

Kev said...

Well, just because Pekan wants to nominate Najib to be PM soon instead of waiting for two years, it doesn't mean that Najib has the support from the masses. Nevertheless, it is a clear indication that our PM has lost the confidence of most Malaysians.

Whether he really becomes the PM or not is left to be seen by year end. Frankly speaking, I've seen more good in Abdullah than in Najib...

Anonymous said...

Bro, dengar cerita...UMNO Cawangan Taman Cahaya, Ampang , Selangor turut akan membawa usul agar Najib di calonkan No. 1 dan Muhyiddin No. 2. Ramai kecewa dengan Pak Lah ...PM untuk Kerajaan Barang Naik (BN). diharapkan agar ramai pemberita wartawan yang akan hadir di Mesyuarat Agung Cawangan yang akan diberitau kelak.

ahli UMNO Taman Cahaya

Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang,Kapal Singh or Sami Veloo should be the PM then Malaysia will prosper and there will be racial harmony.How about that?


Anonymous said...

Highly suceptible to anal intercourse guy to head for UMNO ?

No Way.

C4 terrorist for UMNO Head ?

No Way.

The guy who wanna soak people's blood in a sword as the Head of Malaysia ?

No Way.

The liar who said he doesn't know saiful ?

No Way.

The guy who get's commissioning on a talk of summarine using rakyat's money ?

No Way.

I don't see it anyway.
But then again this is the bolehland.

No Way

My Brothers'

frmubaiwithluv said...

unfortunately, all the media have killed the Kg Ubai story. Most likely they don't want others to follow. Kg ubai chief has also gone missing. another "bala" case?

yindanyan said...


Orang yang gila mengejar dunia akan sentiasa mendapati dunia lari darinya. Sebaliknya orang yang tak terikat dengan dunia akan dikejar dunia.

Orang yang beria-ia nak jadi ketua terpaksalah beria-ia sehingga ke umur tua.
Jika kedudukan ketua bukan sesuatu yang digilai maka akan dipermudahkan jalannya dengan pertolongan Ilahi. Segalanya akan mudah didapati.Segalanya disusun Ilahi.

Sementara yg tegila-gila kuasa terpaksalah cuba mendapatkan tahta tanpa pertolongan dari Nya. Jawablah sendiri segala masalah yang menimpa yang seringnya bertalu-talu bagai dunia dihentak ke kepala.

Jika zikir setiap hari hanya PM dan PM dan PM maka penzikirnya jawablah sendiri bala yang dia cari sendiri.

Segalanya dari Allah belaka.

Yin & Yan

Anonymous said...

guess what, all the media had killed the kg ubai story although it was in their on-line edition yesterday. obviously they don't want others to follow. Kg ubai chief has also gone missing. Another "bala" case in the making


conscience said...

Anyone who wishes to be a President of a party and eventually becomes a PM of Bolehland, must come clean. There must not be even a hint of doubt, either in corruption or crime. If these suspions hang over the minds of the rakyat, how can he be the top leader of the land!
I will let the rakyat judge, not just UM-NO please.

Anonymous said...


I think PM is trying to C4 DPM by going after RPK so speedily.

Thats why, the latter is coming out fighting for his political life.

Looks like the drum beats of war has begun!

Anonymous said...

Good. Now that Najib is seen as a real and present danger to Pak Lah, maybe we will see justice for Altantuya after all. What better way to get rid of this scumbag than by letting his dark secrets out in the open? May we see the nail in Najib's coffin once and for all. I don't want him for my PM. Give me Anwar any time.


Unknown said...

cool, this is becoming like the game of chess, checking the checkmate.

i wonder how this will turn out to be...let me guess...

1. najib ousted pak lah
2. the rakyat ousted najib in the 13th election (very bad number to westerners)

let them kill each other first, then we do the simple job at the elections.

Pasquale said...


No big deal there are 134 branches in Pekan division where Najib is the chief. It certainly did not give the impression Najib has anything to do with the emergency meeting nomination from Ubai Umno branch. Just like all the 191 divisions in the country (Sabah and Semenanjung)not all listen to Pak Lah.
BTW Najib is still on course for scheduled 2010 rendezvous as the next PM! Lets enjoy life man!

Anonymous said...

(heha): umno branches, be BRAVE
without 'fear or favour' learn fro mca otk who bravely said " I stand for election as the president in october !!"

Anonymous said...

Najib knows too well that Pakatan Rakyat shall be the ruling government after the next general election, or maybe earlier, because of the current pariah police state. He may as well burn the bridge because he have nothing to lose ... Wali Kota.

Anonymous said...


late last night my media james bond said the press were told to remove the story! Seems that Najib felt embarassed that a cawangan in his bahagian had done nominated him for number 1 port. Heck! Cawangan's nomination won't count but cawangan merely want to send a message to their colleagues that the ground don't want Sleepy Lah. And Najib, having gladly gave his soul to Sleepy Lah, issued the order to 'kill' the story. That's why u don't read it in the papers. And u'd think that we are living in a more 'keterbukaan' environment! Where got freedom man? These umno leaders are afraid of their own cawangan!


Anonymous said...

who dare to do this matter unless the branch got approval from the Pekan head division. By the way who is pekan umno head division??
ha ha ha

zamri bandar sunway semenyih

Teratak Cahaya said...

Dear Bro,

Not only UMNO Pekan Branch but UMNO Taman Cahaya Branch, Selangor will also table a motion to propose Najib as no. 1 and Muhyiddin as No. 2.

We lost confidence of DSAAB's leadership. Hope press will cover the said branch meeting that will announce later.

Anonymous said...

Come on Najib, don't be shy you can take on the OLD man anytime, we support you 101%, don't worry

umno member 101

solidleong said...

OMG What is happening now. Another battle looming in UMNO? Anyway this is BOLEHLAND.....

Unknown said...

How can the next Prime Minister be selected by just a select few? I was so disturbed by this "system". It's a "syok sendiri" system.

Anonymous said...


Memebers of UMNO Cawangan Seksyen 14 Petaling Jaya Selatan is also planning to nominate DS Najib for No 1 position with TS Muhyiddin for No 2 eventhough the Division is said to be going for Tnegku Razaleigh for No 1.

Taman Medan

Lu Fikirlah Sendiri....... said...

Wahai Ahli UMNO Yang BODOH dan BAHLOL! Dengarlah....!

Yang pasti, jika benar tiada apa-apa tindakan yang boleh membawa perubahan kepada pucuk pimpinan UMNO pada Disember 2008 nanti, maka penulis tidak teragak-agak akan memberi sokongan padu kepada mana-mana parti selain daripada UMNO dan BN dan memastikan UMNO akan berkubur pada PRU 13 nanti. Ini kerana dalam tempoh dua tahun ini akan membuatkan rakyat akan terus menderita. Banyak duit negara habis dirompak oleh Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan konco-konconya. Itu adalah pasti. Rakyat tidak mampu meredhai akan kebangsatan ini. Sudah habis maki hamun dihamburkan namun ahli UMNO lebih menjaga temolok diri sendiri daripada kepentingan rakyat kebanyakan.

Fine! Bersiap sedia lah wahai semua hali UMNO yang BODOH dan BAHLOL....parti anda akan berkubur sebaik sahaja keputusan PRU 13 diumumkan. Tiada maaf jika anda membiarkan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi terus memerintah negara selepas Disember 2008. A Lu Fikirlah Sendiri! Nokhtah!

lawati -

Anonymous said...

Orang kalau dah terlampau ikutkan sangat fahaman politik. Benda2 yang dicakap pun jadi lebih2. Bunyi macam teruk sangat. Aku hidup ok je hari2, takda laa azab sangat macam ada orang2 tu yang dok bising..

rams609 said...




Anonymous said...

GOODBYE lah jib cos aab has already OFFERED your present dpm to pasman lah ...SOON ! YOU BETTER LOOK FOA A NEW JOB LAH, SORRY ! (HEHA)

Anonymous said...

(heha) : " bang, sudah lah...
cari kerja lain atau give up lah... lagi pun dah cukup ....
ku pun fedup lah.. that buggxx now somemore got video proof ....
bang..bang..!!?? tidurke?..cepat ni ! bosanke cakapku.. dulu tak...aiyah..penat...sudah liwat... ( oops, damn!)... lewat...past 12 aledi..
..zz..zzz..zzz..zzzz !! "