Wednesday, May 06, 2020

After two years of political prosecutions, the MACC is back!

A Singapore Straits Times report 

TTDI, May 6: A lot of people are jumping with joy over news that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating the award of projects worth RM30 million to supply the Health Ministry with equipment related to Covid-19. They say here is proof that this new government, which they called the "backdoor" government, is corruptible to the core.  
Former advisor to former Pakatan Harapan PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad went one up on everyone else: Why did this PN government, which is a Malay-Muslim government, award those contracts to some Chinese businessmen? 
Latheefa Koya
I am jumping with joy, too. But only because this is proof that our graft busters are alive and kicking (ass) again. For nearly two years during the Pakatan Harapan rule, the MACC was headed by Latheefah Koya, a lawyer but more importantly a senior Pakatan Harapan politician. And for those nearly two years, the MACC was really focusing only on cases that involved political rivals of Pakatan Harapan and the one issue that helped the coalition bring down Najib Razak's BN in 2018: 1MDB. 
We should be happy because the real graft busters are back!

 (That's) why a politician can't lead the MACC -  Rocky Bru, 10 Jan 2020
Ex-PM's advisor questions MOH's contract for 'non-Malay' company - FMT

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