Friday, January 10, 2020

(That's) Why a politician can't lead the MACC

CBTL BSC, 10 Jan 2020: All manner of big, brave guns with this government, from A. Kadir Jasin to Haniff Kathri, have shelled Latheefa Koya, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief, over her "shocking, sordid and very disturbing" public "hearing" of the Najib Razak tapes. Rais Yatim, a former Information Minister and now Bersatu's supreme council member, thinks the expose could be "prejudicial". "Of what purpose is this? We are not told," Rais says. Kadir, the comms advisor to the PM, believes the expose may cause MACC its credibility. Kathir, often described as the PM's lawyer, doesn't hold back, either.  Ms Koya, he says, has subverted the rule of law by revealing the contents of the nine recordings. 
None, however, has gone to the extent of calling for Ms Koya's resignation. Lawyer Jahaberdeen Yunoos just did:

But you know and I know, only one man can decide if Ms Koya stays or goes. The same man who put her there in the first place, despite a promise by the Pakatan Harapan government never to appoint politicians to government-linked agencies and companies if it was voted in.

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  1. Humpty Dumpty2:54 pm

    I think what she did is crass, unprofessional and hitting below the belt. Gomen enforcement agency governed by code of ethics and professionalism. They don’t let political belief and personal sentiment muddled their thought and vision in discharging their duty.

    They don’t display evidences they collected like playing out the audio, video recording, showing hard evidence, soft evidence or parading the witnesses in public like that. Let alone made a PC afterwards. It was a shameful act. Where is your professionalism? When you do that you’re being unnecessarily dramatic and driven by emotion.

    Putting salt to injury, she played out phone call between head of gomen of 2 countries. That is complete no no in international law and diplomacy and as it affects bilateral relation of both countries. As member of UN and signatories of various diplomatic and conventions charters, you can’t just simply do that. I mean what the hell this anak Mami thinking?? Did she ask for legal or professional advice before going ahead with shameful public stunt??

    We already messed with China, India, Saudi Arabia and now UAE?? We’re creating more and more enemy day after day...That’s why you can’t simply put a politician plus liberal activist as head of government enforcement agency. It’s a recipe for disaster!

  2. Tun has spoken.. nothing we can do. NOBODY said anything about last MACc comm behavoir and integrity. So we all shut up as we are all party to this

  3. Cridibility of macc is down the drain with last macc comm. So why worry now. Lawyer opinions is just an opinion. No countries in this world can govern with opinions. We all vote for the govt and so be it.

  4. cikminah8:20 am

    Korek,korek, korek.....have u forgotten this video-tape......????

  5. xnakdedak10:48 am

    Latuk O Latuk O Latuk,

    You of course have no problem with die-hard UMNO stooge Apa Pandi kabbering-arp the massive thefts of the previous regime, and blocking investigations.

    Nor with Bali Dzul leaking like a paip bocor to the suspect himself.

    Pendek kata, Latuk:

    Good thing we don't have LockyBlu-approved MACC and AG heads (I guess you rindu KBAB1 too kan : )

    A very good thing, indeed.

  6. and yet, she's heading the MACC