Monday, May 07, 2018

Tony Fernandes votes

Tony Fernandes made a lot of enemies getting from down there to up there. But he's made a whole lot of more friends and a legion of fans the worlds over because of the way he is. He does not mince words. Says it as it is.


"... I used to say to the government and to the Prime Minister: Put people first and the decision becomes easier. 
And Air Asia has gone from 2 planes to 230 planes, from 200,000 passengers to 89 million passengers and I believe the Prime Minister put people first and allowed Air Asia to grow, despite opposition from all over the place. 
I'm an easy person to make an enemy when you try to fight, but I think the government and the Prime Minister put not Tony Fernandes first, not Air Asia first, not other GLCs but put the country first and put what would benefit Malaysians the most. 
And that has enabled us to create the international brand that we created today. 
So, you know, don't listen to all to all the (bad) press, there are a lot of fake news fake news, a lot of fake news about me most of the times as well. Don't go to the polls based with information that may not be accurate (or) based on hearsay. Go to the polls with facts, and Air Asia is a fact ..."

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  1. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Tony ... who got you there in the first place?? Kacang lupakan kulit ular ni.

  2. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Dia sepatutnya support Tun M,sbb air Asia Tun M yg bagi.

  3. Anonymous9:27 am

    because of money... u even can sell your parents too
    & with money you can talk whatever u want....

  4. Kenneth Choong Wei Meng1:06 pm

    Tony Fernandes have every right to support anyone he like. He is after all a malaysian like all of us.

    Kenneth Choong Wei Meng
    Associate Director
    Cimb Investment Bank Berhad

  5. Ha-ha, read tomorrow's paper on the same subject. Tony has revealed it was under pressure that he made such confession. Time for you to pack up, now that Najib has lost, and Sg. Buloh awaiting him..