Saturday, May 05, 2018

Amy Search votes

Glad to see more and more Malaysians coming out to make a stand. Undi itu rahsia but your expectations, wishes, aspirations and desires as a citizen of this country shouldn't be. But try and be polite, diplomatic, peaceful about it, like Amy Search, my all-time favourite Malaysian rocker, in this clip.

Avoid slander, no need to run others down, don't be a dick.

"... we are picking the best out of the best," says Amy. "To produce a best album, you much choose the best rhythm, sound and lyrics ... "

Amy Search belanja satu lagu for my Dear Readers:


  1. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Amy Search has betrayed Tok Guru ... useless person...who cares abt him?

  2. Anonymous3:09 am

    only an uneducated asshole like you cant see the keywords Amy used.