Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Namawee says the L word to the Old Ma [Namewee votes]

Malaysian rapper Namewee is one of the most controversial superstar we have today. Partly because of his anti-estblishment numbers. And his incessant questioning of our authorities. But deep inside he's a patriot. According to him, that is. Earlier this week, Namewee released a PRU14-related music video that takes to task, and makes fun of, both his Prime Minister and the ex-PM of 22 years who wants to be PM again.

Namewee raps in Chinese but we are Malaysians and we all know our basic Chinese. We know what "Lanpa" means. I'm sure Dr Mahahtir Mohamad knows, too, because Namewee is singing this part for the Tun.

Because Namewee is not buying the "Save Malaysia" tagline and Namewee so against cronyism ...

And who ways the young ones have forgotten? Namewee on the discrimination against Chinese schools and education in Malaysia in general when Mahathir was Prime Minister:

See the FULL video before they take it down!!!

Burn, Namewee, burn!! :-)

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