Monday, May 14, 2018

Tony Fernandes' damning videos

14 May: I've never seen a more dejected Tony Fernandes. A mountain reduced to rubbles. But that's the way things have turned out to be, unfortunately. In a new dawn that promises greater liberties, freedom, tolerance, etc., Tony has gotten only abuses. His sin? A pre-election video of him h e r e publicly praising the previous government and prime minister. So ferocious were the attacks that Tony felt compelled to apologise. This second video, however, is as damning as the first. He's now being vilified by the "other side" for being flimsy, a flip-flop, turncoat. People shouldn't judge Tony Fernandes based on either video. The man has done way bigger things for Malaysia. 


  1. xnakdedak5:37 pm


    I actually am in wholehearted favour of flip-flopping.


    Funny thing...can you see the AirAsia connection in the photo?

    Kih kih kih...

    PS: From the arkib of shame of a certain matsal in Manchester:

    "The opposition is spinning the story that Najib is not confident of winning the next general election, which is why he announced yesterday that the next general election would be held in 2018.

    Ahirudin Attan a.k.a. Rocky’s Bru, a former journalist and now a Datuk cum Umno blogger, is upset that the media misquoted (or ‘lost in translation’ as he says HERE) what Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said in Germany yesterday.

    The press reported that Najib confirmed he is not going to dissolve Parliament and call for the next general election (PRU14) until 2018. That could mean the GE would be in the second half of 2018, almost two years from now."

    Alamak, Latuk, ko nih Nostradamus ke?

    Or maybe there was no misquote, kan : )

  2. hahahahahahaha....thats the best you can come up with this world, integrity is everything,something which unfortunately is alien to condolence bro.See if you can (how to put in a good way ah) 'jack' the current administration....thats your forte,so it should not be difficult.Hahahahahahahahahaha...

  3. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Rocky; Rakyat are angry with Najib and if you are in line of fire at the wrong time,of course you will get hit. Give some time until things get stabilised. I am sure Tun M will say something soon to help his old friend.

  4. Tony Fernandez is probably one of the most disingenuous individuals and an opportunist par excellence without a scintilla of credibility to himself.

    He painted two Air Asia aircraft with Dr. Mahathir's image on it when he believed Dr. Mahathir stood a better chance of winning. But when the jitters crept in he hedged his bets by doing the same thing for DS Najib.

    For someone in his position gradually shifting his base to Indonesia blackmailing the government forever, his claims of having a gun held to his head is the height of hyopcrisy and two faced conduct, running with the hares hunting with the hounds.

  5. You are on the other side now? Cari makan?

  6. Salam Dato Rocky.

    "The man has done way bigger things for Malaysia. "

    Like... not paying MAHB an arrears of RM132 million on airport taxes and charges, since 2011?

    You buddy, BigDog should know best.

  7. RoclyBru will become a Pakatan friendly blogger.... just negotiate for right cash Rocky