Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Who, actually, won the election?

15 May: What P. Gunasegaram writes, Dr Mahathir Mohamad usually reads. Or, at least that's what I've gather. The seasoned journalist once wrote about Proton, at a time when the national car was not supposed to be criticised. Dr M, or his office, wasn't too happy and that changed the course of Mr Gunasegaran's career. Fast forward two and a half decades or so, Guna writes about Dr M himself, at time when the PM is not supposed to be criticised:

Mahathir did not win this election by himself. In fact, if others need reminding – surely Mahathir doesn’t and is fully aware of that – his own party Bersatu won only 13 seats out of the 52 it contested – the largest number of seats in the peninsula contested by any party in the Harapan coalition. At 25%, that’s the worst win rate of all the parties in the coalition ... 

But who, actually, are "we"? Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, and the others in Pakatan Harapan (or earlier Pakatan Rakyat, Barisan Alternatif, etc) had done everything to win previous general elections and failed. This time they had Dr Mahathir and they won. Without Dr Mahathir, they would have failed again. The best result the Opposition had was in 2008 and even that was with a little help from the Old Man, who was waging war against his successor. So, Mahathir can easily turn around and tell Gunasegaran, "I won the election" and that would be that. If he wants to, he might even still alter the course of Guna's career again. 


  1. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Pi dahhh...accept the reality bro

  2. Anonymous9:34 am

    I think you are trying to incite hatred to Mahathir. Thats clear for all to see. Perhaps an invistigation order be open on you as well. Perhaps your source of imcome last few years comes from the rakyat money that najib took. Baru padan muka engjau, bodoh!!!!

  3. Anonymous10:26 am

    Rocky, kakakakaka

  4. Anonymous11:39 am

    Berani ini. You still kissing arse?

  5. trifling-jester12:37 pm

    hi rocky - see there are not many comments under your articles. is it because no one is commenting on your spinning or are you just banning them because generally they call your articles out for the spin that they take.

  6. Anonymous12:40 pm

    rocky konon nama samaran.....more like loonieeeeee...kah kah kah kah kah

    tu la makan dedak banyak banyak.......hahahahahahahah

    you, si zakhir anjing gemuk dan sorang lagi brick2 entah apa nama betul si bangang tu....now 3 of u pegi berambus minum todi lagi baik la......

  7. Anonymous1:10 pm

    hahaha Latuk still can accept that you and your Najib has been defeated ? and now you are using this drunken writer useless comment to try hard denying Tun great contribution in this GE14. Only this drunken Indian writer plus some of Najis's goons including you still in denying syndrome mode.

  8. Salam Dato Rocky.

    Ehmm... I'm amazed that seasoned writers like you and P. Gunasegaram seems to be ignorant to the fact that DAP & PKR contested in all of their safe seats, while Bersatu in UMNO-Najib's stronghold.

    The most amazing thing... you forgot about PAS. They contested a whooping 160 seats and managed to only win 18. That's 11% winning rate.
    Or... just just don't bother, since you already knew why PAS had to contest sooooooo many seats.

  9. Waalaikumsalam, RD

    Mr Gunasegaram was making a comparison of PH component parties. Bersatu won 1 out of 4 seats it contested. For a new party, that's an impressive win rate. But in the context of PH's other components, that was the smallest win rate. That's a fact. And that's the fact Guna uses in his article to put Tun and his party in their place.

    As for Bersatu contesting in Umno-Najib stronghold, that's only natural I think. Bersatu is the latest breakaway party from Umno, one can't expect it to be given PKR or DAP's safe seats to contest.

    PAS' win rate of 11% is dismal. But PAS is not part of PH and is not with BN, either.

    Thank you dan Selamat Berpuasa.

  10. Somebody at MACC told me that you also on their radar . I hope that's not another fake news . Can't wait for that to happen .