Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Probably the most hardworking but non-contesting man during the PRU14

It may or may not be business as usual for Malaysia tomorrow [PRU14 results to to be known before 10 tonight] but as millions of Malaysians were queuing up to cast their vote early this morning, Arul Kanda was still busy "campaigning" for 1MDB. This took the form of a face-to-face 9am interview with Haslinda Amin of Bloomberg. 
The 1MDB president and exec director has been on the road almost non-stop during the weeks leading up to the general election to take advantage of the election fever and "de-politicize" the 1MDB issue. 

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Anonymous said...

I beg to differ.
The price goes to Superman Hew

Anonymous said...

Woi manusia hipokrit bernama ahiruddin atan kaki tongang,

Sekarang kau dan barua2 kau another wall, gemok anjing tuhhh pergi jilat kaki MAHATHIR balik.......puiiiiii

May three of you ROT in HELL....

Anonymous said...

Hahaha - served u right ... dedakians

Anonymous said...

jail time

tikorama said...

Fuck you.. Fuck Arul

Bn kalah akhirnya

Anonymous said...

new reality bro....9 long years of serving the moron's time to do umrah again.
this time no one is sponsoring.kesianlu ...mana mau letak muka?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha - hello dedak - jom build msia responsibly.

Rahmat Syukur

KL-lite said...

All quiet now Rocky? Nothing to say? Kah kah kah

Anonymous said...

Que sera sera to you, you moron including all your so called elite bloggers. Take your teenie weenie dick and go hide in the desert somewhere in Mongolia and never come back you shit of a writer.

Budak Baik said...

PH has won decisively.

Why so quiet, Rocky?

Waiting for Commander-In-Chief Najib to speak first so you get some guidance on what to say kah?

Ha, ha, ha.

I've been waiting to say this to you for so long, since GE13. What an unbelievable wait.

Can't express how sweet the feeling is, Rocky. It was as sweet as what you felt when BN won the last time round.

But no hard feelings. You worked hard for your masters. I wish you good luck in all that you do from now on. We forgive. Take care, buddy. May Allah bring you back to the right path now. Hard for the ego to swallow, I know, but you can do it. You're a tough guy.

p.s. It'd be fun to see what Arul and Nazir Razak would be doing next!

Anonymous said...

hahaha Latuh dedak, now you will know your fate since GE14 is over, no more dedak supplier for you since they are all much poorer by now

AminNR said...

Hullo Rocky,
So sorry to know that you won't be getting anymore dedak from the Thief-in-Chief.
He may be relocating to Bamboo River in the not so distant future. Maybe you need to
morph into a frog?


a n rashid

Arul Where Are You Now Whenu We Need You The Most? said...

Dey Rocky Thambi,

Where is your "hardest working non-contesting man" hiding now? Tiba-tiba, hilang pulak.

Ask him to come out and continue his 1MDB explanations lah.

This is the PERFECT time for him to do it, actually. Better than before. The new government would LOVE to hear about all the juicy details from him. And to cooperate with him so he can reveal everything, including all the necessary documents. Don't put them in the shredder just yet, yah?

But how come it is precisely NOW that Arul has gone quiet?

Aaaaaaaarulllllllll... come out now, wherever you areeeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

Enough is enough. Cukuplah tu. Berpijak dibumi nyata. Bapak dedak is gone already. Listen to the voice of rakyat

Anonymous said...

If I am paid as much as him, I will work as hard too. And make sure my paymaster wins the election so that I can continue my lavish salary.
~ doddy

Anonymous said...

I would really like to hear from Arul Kanda now, and also the current AG, and the former IGP on 1MDB.

Anonymous said...

Nasi Kandar will have to answer for all his bullshit as will you under the Fake News laws of Najib now that TDM is PM. How does it feel? Not so sure now, eh?

Rajinder Singh said...

Dear Rocky, in a lot of ways, you contributed to this precious win for a united Malaysia. Thank you for your asinine blog.

Michael said...

Where is Arul Kanda? Why is he not continuing with the Roadshow?

Srikanth Siva said...

Where are you friend? Why missing?

xnakdedak said...


You OK, bro???

At least come out of retirement later to smack some sense into that idiot Rayer fella for his TV3 comments...but no hurry. Chill and take a long bike ride first...I suspect Malaysia's journey back is also going to be a long one.

Not to mention bumpy...but let's hope we get there in the end.

PS: You still have Tun's phone number I trust, wink wink : )

Anonymous said...


Kawan Baik said...


Where you go?

Before 9 May, wah, you so aktif memblogging sokong Najib dan BN.

After 9 May, apa jadi?

Why so quiet?

Heart attack oredi ke?

Come on, say something la. We want to see how you are going to defend your favourite politician, Najib, and BN.

It'd be so fun!

trifling-jester said...

rocky you been quiet. cat got your tongue? This election result is going to be tough to spin. Unless ofcourse, now that the boss is no longer paying, its not worth your time.

Srikanth Siva said...

we miss you Rocky

hahahaha said...

dah taknak menulis ke lalang?

come on give us more of that supposed insights that you have