Monday, January 16, 2017

Probably the last man Dr M would want to mess with

"(Mahathir) has forgotten many things he has done." - Sultan of Johor

Puchong, 16 Jan:
At his height of political power, Dr Mahathir Mohamad almost beat the Raja2 Melayu to a pulp. Using a battery incident involving a member of the Johor Royaly as an excuse, he took on the entire Royal institution and, aided by two of his biggest allies in Utusan Malaysia and New Straits Times, brought the institution to its knees during the 1990s - and his own prowess to a dizzying peak. Tuanku Ibrahim Iskandar was in his 30s then, not even heir apparent to the Johor throne yet, but his dislike for Mahathir was well known to those close to him then as it is now. Over the weekend, he openly displayed his disgust with the former Prime Minister yet again, albeit ever so politely and regal:

“During his te­­n­­ure as prime minis­ter, he was asking Malaysians to Look East but now he is critici­sing when Chinese investors come here to invest.” - Sultan Ibrahim

Read the story in the Star h e r e.

Make no mistake: Dr M is not down or out; on the contrary, he's at the height of his post-premiership political power. He's set up a new political party and seems to have the opposing parties in the Opposition in his pockets. 

But up against a Sultan who has the whole Bangsa Johor behind him, Tuanku Ibrahim may be the last man Dr M would want to mess with right now. I do hope the Tun's advisors can tell him that it would be wise not to rile the Sultan further.

Might even be a good idea to do another U-turn ...

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  1. xnakdedak11:27 am

    Ah Latuk, Latuk.

    "Using a battery incident involving a member of the Johor Royaly as an excuse"


    I personally think people should not be immune if they whack people with hockey sticks.

    What do you think?

    You'll think anything as long as you get dedaked, no?

    Ah Latuk, Latuk.

    So sad.

  2. Poignant5:27 pm

    You mean a billionaire cum sultan who had sold half of his state capital to foreigners wants to bash tun m too? Sitting on a filthy high horse must be really cozy.

  3. Anonymous6:53 pm

    lama tak menulis, cerita seberang tambak tak berminat ke? dulu kata swift code salah!!!

  4. We just cant comment because he is a Sultan and the this country law did not allow us to so. There are plenty of things can be said yet you cant. People including you Mr Rocky (or more like Mr Woody) also taking Tun statement out on context. Kenyataan itu pahit untuk ditelan walaupun terserlah dengan kebenarannya.

  5. Fenjn8:10 pm

    Senang aje: sapa makan cili dia rasa pedas tal gitu din? Bnyk2 orang, yg terasa mereka down south. Apa cer?

  6. IT.Scheiss3:23 am

    Good that Tuanku tarok Mahathir kau kau.

  7. xnakdedak7:43 am

    Even the Yahudi PM cries about being "toppled"......

    "TEL AVIV, Jan 17 — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been questioned by police in a corruption probe, yesterday denounced an “unprecedented” media campaign to bring down his government.

    Police have questioned Netanyahu in a probe into whether he unlawfully received gifts from wealthy supporters.

    They are also looking into a recording of a conversation he had with the owner of top-selling Yedioth Aharonot newspaper about getting favourable coverage."

    Wow, what a bunch of sell-outs the Yahudi journos are!

    He should hire a top-notch investigative journalist like you, Latuk.

    Look how you've single-handedly saved the global rep of the pink Bugis jelly.

    A job well done.

  8. Anonymous1:22 pm

    hahahaha...still high on drugs?

  9. Anonymous3:42 pm read the star online today.hahahahaha..

  10. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Datuk, I will always pray for your happiness if if you are no longer gomen's blogger

  11. Anonymous8:30 am

    to look east but not to give malaysia to the east
    its 2 diff things

  12. The slew old man,will bring his wrath even six feet under despite the fact that the entire society are against him.This super ego old man,with acute prejudice syndrome not worth a penny be given even a sentence of coverage and every bit of his breath intoxicated the surround,deplete highly oxygenated Malaysian airspace.Extremely corrosive.

  13. Anonymous9:56 pm

    have a good read just in case you have forgotten after too much dedakss.

  14. mahiadin12:06 pm

    keling masuk umno terus jadi hero melayu