Friday, January 20, 2017

The Forest for the trees

1. Mahahtir responds to royal jab, he was merely aping a Bloomberg report of last Nov 22 - Malaysiakini, 17 Jan
2. Sultan of Johor to Mahathir: "I have said what needs to be said ... based on facts and figures, not a Western news report." - The Star, 18 Jan

3. Seeing the future from the Forest by Salahuddin Hisham, The Mole Jan 19
Puchong, Jan 20: So while the former Prime Minister is hoping to trade barbs with the Sultan of Johor, who in response says he is not interested ("I shall not lower myself"), The Mole columnist Salahuddin Hisham dives into the Malaysian FDI dilemma and resurfaces with the words of wisdom that "FDI cannot be on our terms only". 
Now that the concerns (including Dr M's) have been highlighted, Salahuddin says the necessary measures need to be put in place. But this, he stresses, should be kept professional and not politicised.
Instead of politicising the generous FDIs from China, Malaysia should be preparing itself and readying the nation to piggy back on this new wave of investments. 
 To claim that Chinese nationals, equivalent to the estimated number of people who benefitted from the Project IC in Sabah, will be flown in to live in Forest City and acquire citizenship is shocking – propaganda as old as Goebbels.

Salahuddin says the scaremongering that China's Chinese will invade and dominate southern Johor reflects ignorance of what the world is today. This alarmist misrepresentation of the past and present makes us lose sight of the future.

Peninsular Malaysia has a long history of labour shortage and dependence on foreign labour. Since the days of the Malacca Empire it has been attracting economic migrants. Colonial Malaya brought Indians and Chinese to attend to work in the plantation and tin mines. 
It is openness to migrants that allowed a Kerala descendent to be the longest serving prime minister till now.

The columnist is known to have disagreed with certain positions the Sultan of Johor took in the past. But where the verbal war between the Tuanku Ibrahim and Dr Mahathir is concerned, he says we should look at the bigger picture ...


  1. Datok, why now days most of your article got "dedak" smells ?

  2. Dear Dato Rocky.

    From CheDet.

    "16. Let all transactions be transparent. Publish all documents about the investments, the number of workers, their home countries, the buyers, the banks which finance and all expatriation of funds. Do this honestly. No hiding. Please don’t ask a certain Tunku Aziz to verify. He may have been the Malaysian Head of Transparency International, but he approves completely the stealing and the corruption of 1MDB."

    So... is the gomen under Najib going to publish those 'fact & figures'.

    I bought my home, leased for a hundred years in Selangor. Therefore... I would like to know whether the gomen sold land to Mainland Chinese... on lease or freehold.

  3. Anonymous6:19 pm


    i have to agree with you this time around.


  4. Kenasaman5jutaolehtoni8:24 pm

    Dah habis material ke sampai kena quote anotherbrickinthewall with his lopsided grammar?at least kali ni ada editor lol

  5. xnakdedak10:30 am

    Salah uddin Hisham.

    Wow, that's journalism!

    Yeah, when pigs fly.

    On AirAsia.

    Do thay?

  6. mahiadin12:05 pm

    kalau diikut hati kutty, di langkawi ada mahasiti bukannya maha city

  7. xnakdedak12:00 am

    Hey, wake up Latuk!

    Time to do a quick cut & paste on that good 'ol 1990s kes basi forex that proves Dr M is as BIG a crook as Mr 2.6 billion.

    It's just BRILLIANT!

    After that, you can go straight back into hibernation.

    Life is good!

  8. Anonymous1:11 pm

    When the Pinoy flooded Sabah with the Project IC, the Old Man kept quiet pulak...if it doesn't work to his benefit esp in Boboi's case I guess he will criticise it till he dies.

  9. xnakdedak1:45 am


    Cepat sikit lah Latuk.

    Spending your gains in Monte Carlo ke?

    (Don't be like Kak Lina ya : )

    Come on bro...cut and paste on petrol, at least?

    Article on Annuar Musa proving that Umno is squeaky clean despite being "led" by the biggest thief in human history?

    "Endless Possibilities", bro....

  10. Bringing in foreign labor and letting foreigners buy land are two very different things. If you enter a country as a foreign labor, your mindset is that as a worker you'll have to listen to your boss. This will force you to blend in and assimilate and hence be a part of your adopted country. This happened to the Kerala descendant; he assimilated, helped out and pen his thoughts on the rights of the people in his younger days (and even now, in his blog), even gave the country a purpose and vision (Malaysia Boleh!). This also happened to the foreign labor we have today; within a few months upon arriving the Bangladeshi workers speak better Bahasa Malaysia than the Bangsar Malaysians (r intended).

    When you buy something, you expect to be able to tell the seller to do things for you because a customer is always right; the buyer is the master. Put this into the "foreigner buys Malaysian land" equation and you will eventually ask; might the bigger picture really be neocolonialism riding on globalization?

    Imagine you have a foreign worker who helps you with your restaurant business. One day your restaurant is visited by a wealthy man who comes from the same country as your worker. You might even close one eye if the wealthy man smokes in your non-smoking restaurant, but imagine the hell you'll raise if your worker smokes in your smoking-allowed restaurant.


  11. thought this was like my fallen forest album on facebook.. LOL

  12. xnakdedak2:45 pm

    PRIMA, another failed MO1 scam......

    "The Penang government's policies had allowed 20,887 affordable housing units to be built since 2008 with another 65,796 units to be built over the next 10 to 15 years.

    State exco member in charge of housing Jagdeep Singh Deo said that in contrast, not a single affordable home under Putrajaya's PR1MA and PPA1M housing scheme has been built in the state."

    PS: Has your dedak supply been pulled or what?

    Or still in Monte Carlo?

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  14. The Johor state government should be transparent by releasing and declassifying all documents on the alleged involvement of the royalty in the Forest City issue.