Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hurting them big cooking oil smugglers, at last!

Updated: Partners in Crime by Big Dog
Because civil servants turned a blind eye by A Voice

No increase in price for 1kg cooking oil!

In "What's Cooking, Doc?", seasoned crime-watcher Dave Avran wrote:
Currently 85,000 metric tonnes of controlled cooking oil is subsidized by the government whereas domestic national consumption is only 40,000 metric tonnes, the excess 45,000 metric tonnes are illegally smuggled out of the country. This means the excess subsidized cooking oil costs the government a whopping RM540 million annually which is not benefitting local consumers at all.
Because Avran is a seasoned crime-watcher [see MARAH, the closed FB group he started to fight crime only], I couldn't help wondering if the "Big Boys" in the cooking oil industry, who stand to lose the most from the Government's move to take away the subsidy for 5kg cooking oil, had any information on the "illegal smuggling". It's a huge crime (worth more than half a billion ringgit a year) ... surely some of these big players would be aware of the massive leakage! 

If I were a bit more suspicious, I'd be wondering if any of them had anything to do with the crime! But I'm not like that lah ...

p.s. As for the cooking oil price increase, I read that the price of 1kg packet of minyak masak remains unchanged because the move will only affect the 5kg or more packets, which are used by commercial outlets. That's good news. Not that it changes anything as my home hardly uses up 1kg of cooking oil every month, anyway. Some traders and food outlets will use it as an excuse to pass the additional cost to the consumers but then again they will use any excuse to do that. After the smugglers, these traders are the kind of unscrupulous people the relevant authorities should really go after and expose form today ...

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  1. That's the heart of the matter, they will use whatever excuse to hike up the price. And now, they have legible excuse. It was a gravely flawed mechanism to me.

  2. damansaraman8:35 am

    Good move by the government.

    But on the same note I would like to see really serious effort on curbing the smuggling issues. This has been going on for years, and some are done blatantly before our naked eyes.

  3. Wah!!! 540 million annually siphoned out and you people are upset? Thats good,shows concern- what are your feelings about yhe bilions MO1 dah sapu? Happy?