Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Who does WHO think it is?

Does WHO think it can override the sovereignty of member countries? 

Puchong, 26 Oct: NOT all is well at the World Health Organisation, it would seem. 
The public health arm of the United Nations has seen incidents of reported fraud rose by 20 per cent last year. Allegations of rampant corruption, blatant cronyism and sheer extravagance are causing real concern. 
Sensationally, the world body has also "blacklisted" the Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organisation, from key meetings.
Some cynics are quick to blame internal rivalry for WHO's predicaments but that would be missing the point. A country like Malaysia, which is a member of WHO, stands to lose. One has just to look back at what happened to FIFA recently to be convinced that if nothing is done the same fate awaits WHO. 
In the case of the world football governing body, half of its 24 Executive Committee members were charged with serious improprieties stemming from bribes, illegal ticket sales, match-fixing, and World Cup hosting.  

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  1. Cash is king7:58 am


    Sack the attorney general.
    Transfer the head of special branch.
    Catch all macc who investigate it.
    Kidnap and killed the deputy attorney general.
    Put OSA on the audit report.
    Blame all your rival.

    And of course hired rocky bru and rpk as your bootlicker.

    WHO need to hired najib abdul razak as the advisor, just like 1mdb.
    And advisor to the emiritus advisor.
    Mr Jho Low