Monday, August 15, 2016

Breakfast with Abang Din

TTDI, 15 Aug: I was at a restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail this morning, flipping through the various whatsapp group chats while trying to enjoy the authentic Johor lontong the restaurant is famous for. Trending this morning was talk that Muhyiddin Yassin, president of the new Pribumi Bersatu opposition party, might not be defending his Pagoh seat but will instead go to Muar, which has more Chinese than Javanese constituents, where the axed DPM should ensure his survival and, at the same time, send to oblivion the incumbent Razali Ibrahim, a deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Department. 
But not out of choice, according to one whatsapp theory. 
Talk is that Abang Din's support in Pagoh is waning fast, that he's virtually on his own, and if the general election is held next year he may lose! I've no way of confirming or challenging such talk, of course, but I've always thought he was hugely popular in Pagoh, just as popular as PM Najib Razak should be in Pekan, Pahang, perhaps. Would people close to him just walk away and distance themselves from him because he had decided to form a new party and ditch Umno?  Obviously they would. Especially if these people revere Umno as a "parti keramat". And people of Pagoh, the constituent that Muhyiddin has served since 1978, revere Umno. 

After a while, I realised that Muhyiddin was in the house, having breakfast (perhaps the same authentic lontong I had just finished) with his wife and a mutual friend (and wife). I walked up to the Tan Sri and gave my salams.  "Waalaikumsalam. Hey Rocky, sorry  ... didn't realise it was you in this outfit". I looked down at my lycra and told him that I was planning to ride my bicycle before work but had forgotten to bring the riding shoes. 
Some time ago, the reporter in me would have just asked him about the talk on Pagoh and Muar even though it would have been very rude to do so. Well, age has taught me to be more polite, especially with nice people. We exchanged khabar berita and I let him and his small party continue with their breakfast and chat. Apart from our mutual friend and wife, there was nobody else around Muhyiddin: no bodyguards, no officers, no uniformed patrol ... all those things and people I had associated with him as the DPM. 
Discreetly, I told the cashier I would like to pay for the Tan Sri's breakfast if I could. "Sudah dibayar Pak, ramai yang mahu bayarkan dia tadi ...". Well, I expected it. And that, at the very least, was nice to know. Abang Din doesn't have to limit his choice to Muar ...


  1. Panchor Pit1:33 pm

    Onn Jaafar ran in Kuala Terengganu. A far cry from wherever his seat was in Johor then.

    Many other former UMNO politicians change areas after leaving UMNO to secure seat.

    One example would be Ariff Sabri from Pekan to Raub.

    Will Mukhriz stay at Jerlun/Air Ittam or make the move to Kubang Pasu?

    Probably he should dump any ambition for ADUN seat. He was plain incompetent as MB. Hardly return to see Air Itam after getting sacked.

    Better place for him is Segambut seat. No need to regularly take Firefly or private jet.

  2. xnakdedak3:31 pm

    "Especially if these people revere Umno as a "parti keramat". And people of Pagoh, the constituent that Muhyiddin has served since 1978, revere Umno."

    HA HA HA HA!

    Yes, so "keramat" that they stole public money for buying private jets and making soft porn films.

    Good stuff.

    PS....when's the WSJ being sued?

  3. xnakdedak11:00 am

    Smart, Abang Din.

    Take Muar and take Pagoh too, via someone else.

    Yes, Johor is ready to bury the Parti Keramat that is now Parti Kleptocrat.

  4. mahiaddin11:18 am

    'matjenun berak berdarah' di sg buloh kurang senang hati sudah lama dipinggirkan.
    tak keluar berita weh

  5. To think that you composed such a lovely piece over something that happened over breakfast is endearing. Perhaps that talent is natural, perhaps its because of years of practice. Either ways, good article.

    Now, about the article. I don't think its about TSMY having a shot elsewhere outside Pagoh/Muar. Its about making a statement. Anwar could've easily won in PJ Utara or anywhere. But contesting in Permatang Pauh is a statement. It proves that the grassroots, the rural folk, the base, is still with him.

    If TSMY wants to prove a point, he has to contest there, in Pagoh (not even Muar). But I suppose we live in a realistic world, and I am -perhaps to my own disadvantage- an idealist.


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  7. Salam ROCKY

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  8. Sdr Noor Mohamaed,
    Waalakumsalam. Inshallah, will add. Good to know you and Co are trying to be neither BN nor Pakatan.
    But what's with the PAP name lay? :-) Singapura tak saman ke?

    Salam Aidil Adha

  9. Salam Rocky

    There is no problem with the acronym PAP as we are under Malaysian Registrar of Society therefor there is no jurisdiction over political party names from international parties. Just to let you know that we are all out to oust DAP from Penang and Selangor. Our CEC members are mostly ex Dap state and federal leaders. We are the best in skinning DAP to the teeth.

    Wish us good luck at PRU 14.....