Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Passport glitch: Just who is responsible?

Yesterday's tweet on today's woes

Puchong, 10 Aug 2016: Yesterday I wrote on Twitter about a friend's predicament trying to renew his daughter's passport. He had gone to the Immigration Department at Jalan Duta on Monday subuh-subuh lagi (the call for Subuh prayer is around 5.50am). The line was already 500-people long and by 9 am my friend and his daughter were told there were no more passport to issue. Daily quota. Shortage problem. Sabotage. Come back again tomorrow, have a nice day!

One fellow sufferer suggested that my friend get to Jalan Duta even earlier!

So my friend and his girl made sure they woke up before the muezzin did yesterday so that they would get in front of the Immigration door well before Subuh. There were beaten by hundreds of people! "It's crazy. People started queuing at 3am. Some have been queuing for 3-4 consecutive days!"

Today, Daphne Iking the celebrity joined the growing list of sufferers. 

For those who have witnessed the Immigration Department transform from one of the worst departments during the 1990s to one that was super efficient (until very recently), the new passport "glitch" is unreasonable, unacceptable.

Dear Home Minister, surely some more heads must roll!?

p.s. On the bright side, those of you lining up for your passports tomorrow may have a chance to bump into Daphne! All the best.


  1. How come I got my new passport in exactly 1hour at Putrajaya, i kid you not!

  2. Daphne Iking without make-up is like an auntie cooking Char Koay Teow

  3. Datuk,
    i think it is still very ok . If we were to compare our self with indonesia, we are much better. Don't compare our self with super good country like Korea or Singapore.For our standard now , we must tell the rakyat of Malaysia that we are at par or not better than philipine, vietnam, nepal, bangladesh and other poor and undeveloped country.we should be proud for the current state of affair in this country. corruption must be look on different perspective since by being corrupt, we could donate the corruption money to the poor fisherman, to sponsor poor kampong folks to perform haji and umrah and we could build mosque as well. Why bother about this passport problem, after all, only rich man need to travel.

  4. Zahid7:56 am

    I had told you before. When people got greed, they dont care. They change something that was so great to mediocre. Thats the passport tender for you.

  5. xnakdedak8:39 am

    Small world, huh?

    There's your chip problem and hence passport delay.

    Then, there's this:

    "The brother of an Umno MP and a businessman close to Putrajaya are behind Fuelsubs House Sdn Bhd (FHSB), the frontrunner bidding for a fuel subsidy management project that is causing disquiet among party supporters.

    Fuelsubs surfaced last month when smart-card maker Datasonic Group Bhd said it will pay RM10 million for a 30% stake in the company if it secured a letter of award from Putrajaya to implement the project, which has been presented to the Economic Council.

    The principal owners of Fuelsubs are businessman Habibul Rahman Kadir Shah and Datuk Razali Merican Naina Merican, who is the brother to Kepala Batas MP Datuk Reezal Merican Naina Merican.

    Habibul, who is close to Umno and the Prime Minister’s Office, sits on the board of several companies, including Group Lotus PLC, which is owned by Proton Bhd, Felda Global Venture Bhd’s Twin River Technologies Holdings Inc, and in March, was named to the board of the London-based Petronas Energy Trading Limited.

    The other owners of Fuelsub are HKS Primatrix Sdn Bhd, which is also owned by Habibul, and his brother Zaid Kadershah, a telecommunications senior executive.

    Their presence in the project is said to be causing disquiet among some quarters in Umno and pro-government bloggers, who called for transparency in the project to plug leaks in the subsidy programme."

    There they are again! Nasib baik the outcry reversed a "done deal".

    I guess the way that gomen tenders become part of the dedak process has a tendency to elevate political connections over quality.

    That's our national problem.

    More than just poor Daphne will suffer in the long run.

  6. All I want to know is when they expect the problems to be solved so that I can get my passport renewed w/out having to queue at ungodly hrs. It is not enough to just instruct the contractor to increase production w/out understanding what is the root cause of the contractor's problem and pls don't make promises unless the dept is 120% sure it can deliver those promises. Most importantly, pls make sure our new passport works!

  7. Salam Dato.

    Maybe someone is trying to send a 'message' to Najib.

    "You should have not transferred me from the MACC to Head Immigration".

    Me thinks; Now both these 2 Government agencies are in shambles and cannot be relied upon (tak boleh diharap) by the Rakyat.

  8. Salam Datuk,

    I think it would be good if the Jabatan Imigresen could revert to ONLINE application, as they used to do a couple of years back.

    Anyway, can I take this opportunity to also give an example of how ONLINE registration for Tun Mahathir's new party could be done :

    You have a nice day Datuk.



  9. Tourists money5:18 pm

    Why are malaysians applying for passports? To travel overseas? Imagine how much is lost as revenue flows out.