Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Najib not a suspect in Swiss, Najib not involved in Altantuya. So how now?

KL Feb 2
So nice of the Swiss Attorney-General to make himself understood more clearly. It would have been nice if he had the foresight and had come out with a less ambiguous press statement earlier. Obviously, he did not realize that there are quite many Malaysians with low IQ, despite their high education and cushy professions. That was why when the Swiss issued his original statement, these people were jumped with joy. They believed the Swiss authorities were zeroing in on Najib Razak, our Prime Minister.

Because that's what they wanted to believe in. Pity.

Read Switzerland says Najib not a suspect

And so good also of Sirul to come out and say that Najib Razak had nothing to do with the murder of Altantuya. Of course we already knew that. The Courts had established that a long time ago. Only some people, because they wanted so badly to bring down Najib, the same people who wanted you to believe that the Swiss AG was coming for Najib, they wanted people to think that Najib was behind the murder.


Najb Tidak Terlibat, sumpah Sirul


  1. Then why it's difficult to bring the culprits to face the laws..Najib can just snap his fingers to do that..Why Rocky why?

  2. Then why it's so difficult to bring the culprits to face the laws..Najib can just snap his fingers to do that..Why Rocky why?

  3. Haiya latuk,

    Pls don't insult our countrymen level of English proficiency. Right from earlier statement none of the suspects as mentioned by Swiss AG refer to PM Msia. What people most like to know is where the money trail ended. In simple Malay proverb, we call it " Siapa itu tuan punya toyol?"

  4. But serially lying PM Najib is the founder, Chairman of Advisors to 1MDB and Finance Minister into whose personal bank account went RM2.6 billion, $42 million and another $32 million. Much of this money came from USA and was routed through Switzerland and Singapore. These are facts, not mere conjecture!

    So, the reality is the Swiss have YET to include Jibby as a suspect. They would want to be doubly sure before they point a finger, especially where it involves the prime minister of a country.

    Also, really, is anyone expected to believe that a man convicted of murder and who has fled to Australia seeking asylum, is a credible character? A man who had confessed under oath to the police that he defecated in the bushses, then dragged Altantuya to the bushes and shot her and blew her body up with C4 explosives, and said he only knew Azilah and no one else in the murder, can now be a character witness to absolve Jibby of complicity in that killing? He never met or ever spoke to Najib, so how would he know with dead certainty that Najib played no part in the Altantuya murder?

    Let's not move from the sublime to the ridiculous. This is manipulation by BUMNO/SCUMNO to make a thief look like a saint!

    However if you do believe Sirul, then please note that he said he asked Jibby for $15 million to kow tim things and another $2 miliion for his "expenses"!!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  5. damansaraman6:05 pm

    Kita takan menyambut HariRaya awal tahun ini hanya kerana Najib Razak dikatakan tidak terlibat. Jika ada penyelewengan dalam 1MDB kita hanya mahu tahu siapa puncanya, apa tindakan yang akan diambil terhadap individu tersebut, dan bagaimana masalah tersebut dapat diselamatkan.

    Oleh yang demikian, tak payahlah bunyi berbangga sangat dengan status Najib tidak terlibat tu bro.

    Jangan lupa Najib adalah Penasihat 1MDB

  6. It's had been 13 years since Altantuya was C4ed. Of course Najib was not involved with her death. But Najib's decision as Defense Minister then, to engage 'middleman' Razak Baginda was the root-cause of the problem that seem no end in sight. Waste of public money too. Had Najib utilized Government officers in dealing with French Sub-builders, there would be no room for anybody to squeeze-in, sexually extorting part of the bounty from Razak Baginda.

    Same with 1MDM's Jho Low too. KPDNKK would not look like an idiot, clamoring "Jihad Memerangi Orang-Tengah"

  7. Mustapha Ong5:38 am

    A man should not be presume guilty unless he is found GUILTY. No man has the right to rule who is not better than the people over whom he rules. This government is ours, chosen and elected by the people whether it be local, State or Federal. It doesn't belong to anybody but to the people of Malaysia. Don't treat it as an impersonal thing; don't treat it as something to sneer at; treat it as something that belongs to you and me. Malaysia Boleh!

  8. Sounds like you only care about that two persons...that's it.

  9. Geng Mamak8:51 am

    There are also people with equally low IQ who probably read and did not understand the full statement from the Swiss AG. Najib is not a suspect at this stage of their investigation. Will he as the investigations get underway, or will he not ? Anyway, you must be wondering what MAS has up their tables eh ?

    P.S. I will dump this Sirul video up someone's behind. It's as good as that, despite him saying otherwise. A man who runs or hides, can never be trusted. Understood ? Nothing2Hide ?

  10. ada sesiapa kata Najib terlibat, tidak?

    Yang pelik kenapa dari awal awal lagi, blogger prepaid pemakan dedak dok "defend" dan "nafikan" sedangkan AG Swiss tak sebut nama pun.

    Takut kerana salah.
    Lain kali jangan kaberap awal sangat, nampak sangat paniknya...