Sunday, January 31, 2016

Who else's getting Saudi money and why the MACC might have been ill-advised

KL, last day of January 2016:
If you're tired of tired of the anti-Najib bullshit that Jebat Must Die, Clare Rowcastle Brown and the blocked-for-a-day OutSyed The Box and Din Turtle and the rest of the Geng Loceng have been dishing out, and you ain't swallowing the crap you think the not anti-Najib bloggers like Lim Sian See, Big Dog, A Voice and RPK (and Rocky's Bru, of course) are shoving down your throat, there are always those in between:

Najib Razak in the clear - Where did it all begin?
By Gopal Raj Kumar

"...  Bersih, Sisters in Islam, the PKR, PAS, the Christian evangelical churches and yes the Vatican’s representatives in Malaysia through various organizations, donations and alliances are recipients of Saudi money in one form or the other. Several Sultans of Malaysia have also been recipients of the largess of the Saudi royal family over the years which they have not disclosed ..." 

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  1. For all I know, GRK had been supporting Dr.M since before 1MDB's stew hits the fan.

  2. yumna1:14 am


  3. Datuk

    The statement "no law have been broken" have been noted down in every posting that defended Najib.

    Jebat is one blog that we see made reference to the actual wording in the law that stated otherwise.

    Most of us laymen without the benefit of a law education also think it's wrong to accept donation while in public office be it from a benevolent Saudi King what more if it is from Mafia King.

    So either those defending Najib is blind or the majority of us with some common sense is blind.

    Maybe it's just a matter of perspective (and time)


  4. Geng Mamak9:08 am

    You want to know what this Gopal Raj was up to just last week ? Check with your darling pals and you will know.

  5. perhaps it is no longer a question of where the money came from. but rather, how the money was spent. the fact is once you have been "outed" the latter question becomes more important to answer. with the Swiss authorities hot on jibby's heels, can malaysia handle the truth. if jibby were to step down, will there be no more investigations? will the economy turnaround? who is supposed to takeover from jibby? tun m didn't say. were all the unpopular policies implemented by jibby unnecessary? with, the fall in oil prices, could malaysia held its own, without those policies being implemented? if a new prime minister were to take over, would he abolish these policies? what would the impact be on the malaysian economy then? are we being held ransom by jibby or is it the economy that is holding us to ransom?