Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Post-CNY thoughts on Monkeys with Keyboards

Bukit Kiara, 10 Feb 
I must confess that at times I try to drift away from the cyber world. Blogging has always been toxic from the start but lately it has become really unhealthy! Bicycling provides a good means to help me escape and that's what I have been doing quite religiously with some friends these past couple of weeks, as some of you on my FB and Instagram would have noticed. 
But over the Chinese New Year, as I was riding the Kiara Hills among the monkeys, I bumped into cyber "friends and followers" who were also sweating it out in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, who also happened to not share some of my views on politics. One elderly chap said he could not stomach the fact that I was actually defending the Prime Minister on my blog! His idea of consistency and integrity (on my part) was for me to attack Najib Razak the same way I had attacked Pak Lah when he was PM! I tried explaining but of course he - like others like him - wouldn't listen. At least the young walking mom, even though she held different views and beliefs, thanked me for the couple of times I had taken the trouble to respond to her comments!  
Thankfully, in real life we tend to be more agreeable to disagree ... 
Because in real life, you have to be yourself and you deal with real people. In social media and the cyber world, anonymity is providing unscrupulous people a perfect cover to behave like the proverbial monkey. Some of us have long forbidden visitors to our blogs from commenting as Anonymous. A. Kadir Jasin, for example, requires his commenters to use a moniker. Of course, a nickname doesn't give away the real identity of the person who is leaving the comment but at least the blog handler doesn't have to deal with scores of Anons at the same time! 
Me, I've allowed people to comment on my blog as Anons because I understood that there were some people who just could not afford their real identities to be blown. These people would leave intelligent and useful information, too. But in this cybertrooper and RedBeanArmy era, we have too many monkeys with fancy keyboards making use of the cover provided by Anonymous to spam your space. 
So, what I will do is I will stop publishing comments by Anonymous. I don't need to. In the space of a week (my last posting was Feb 2) my comment box has been inundated by hundreds - yes, hundreds! - of "Anons". I don't think that's being fair to me so I'm doing a Kadir Jasin on you Anons and I will tell you: Leave a nickname, a moniker, a pen name ... or don't leave a comment! 
Better still, leave your own real name when leaving comments. 
What are you afraid of?


  1. damansaraman11:27 am

    Agree or disagree, I will still be here supporting your blog. I truly enjoy your work even though, off late, I also truly disagree with many of your opinions.

    On the ‘Whacking Najib’ syndrome, I put the blame squarely on him. His communication to his fellow Malaysian is horribly bad. The sacking of few key individual is too obvious to be considered as mere coincident. Najib must stop hiding behind the skirts of others. He must be a man and face the people.

  2. xnakdedak1:19 pm

    "One elderly chap said he could not stomach the fact that I was actually defending the Prime Minister on my blog!"

    Bu defending the PM is quite easy. You just have to bend the law.

    What's the law?

    Section 3 (S.3) MACC Act.

    S.3 of the MACC Act defines civil servants like Najib as “officers of a public body” by virtue of them being “members of the administration” or “members of State Legislative Assembly” or “officers of Government of Malaysia or Government of a State”.

    They are all prohibited from receiving any form of gratification.

    Gratification has a long definition to include not just money but also donation - yes, *****DONATION*****, gift, loan, fee, office, post, dignity, employment, contracts, service, forbearance, protection.

    Section 50 (S.50)

    S.50 of the MACC Act clearly states that anyone of these officers of public body who gives or receives gratification is presumed to have done so corruptly.

    Section 16 (S.16)

    S.16 of the MACC Act provides that any of them who gives or receives corrupt gratification commits an offence punishable by 20 years’ imprisonment.

    So there's nothing to talk about.

    The A-G talked initially of a gift given "without consideration".

    The Saudi Foreign Minister has just contradicted that, 100%. Any business deal or investment MUST involve consideration (and even that is not needed under the MACC Act.)

    The A-G can pretend to be buta, pekak, bisu but his only client is clearly chargeable under the MACC Act.

    Care to answer, Mr Bru?

  3. xnakdedak1:24 pm

    My observation of human character is this - that people with “Nothing2Hide” will tell the truth, without needing to lie.

    If a lie is told, then as it gets exposed, more and more lies need to be created in order to cover the first one.

    So, let us ask a very simple question:

    “Adakah betul Najib terima wang berbillion-billion ke dalam akaun peribadi?”

    How can this question have 40 answers?

    Jawapan 1 : (Diam)
Jawapan 2 : Akaun itu tidak wujud.
Jawapan 3 : Ejaan nama Najib Razak oleh WSJ adalah silap.
Jawapan 4 : SWIFT Code di dalam dokumen WSJ adalah tidak benar
Jawapan 5 : Saya tak guna duit itu untuk kegunaan peribadi.
Jawapan 6 : Penulisan Wall Street Journal adalah berunsur fitnah.
Jawapan 7 : Saya akan saman WSJ pada hari Selasa.
Jawapan 8 : Najib tidak jadi saman WSJ kerana dia tidak terkenal di Amerika Syarikat
Jawapan 9 : Adalah bodoh jika Najib Razak guna akaun peribadi sendiri untuk terima wang
Jawapan 10 : RM2.6 billion itu tidak wujud.
Jawapan 11 : RM2.6 billion itu adalah derma
Jawapan 12 : Akaun peribadi Najib sebenarnya adalah akaun amanah atas nama Umno
Jawapan 13 : Lebih baik Najib pegang wang dalam akaun peribadi dari dipegang oleh proksi
Jawapan 14 : Penderma RM2.6 billion itu adalah adalah dari Timur Tengah
Jawapan 15 : Sedekah RM2.6 billion datang dari penyokong-penyokong Umno
Jawapan 16 : Najib berhak untuk merahsiakan derma kerana ianya untuk akaun peribadi
Jawapan 17 : Duit derma lebih selamat di dalam akaun peribadi Perdana Menteri
Jawapan 18 : Ahli-ahli Umno memang dah lama setuju wang sumbangan boleh masuk ke dalam akaun peribadi Presiden
Jawapan 19 : Duit itu guna untuk pilihanraya dan kerja kebajikan
Jawapan 20 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan ISIS
Jawapan 21 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan DAP dan YAHUDI
Jawapan 22 : Duit itu guna untuk melawan Muslim Brotherhood
Jawapan 23 : Duit itu sebagai tanda terima kasih kerana Malaysia berfahaman Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah
Jawapan 24 : Duit itu bukan duit rakyat, jangan dengki dengan rezeki seseorang
Jawapan 25 : BERSIH dan pembangkang juga menerima duit derma dan perlu isytiharkan penderma mereka
Jawapan 26 : Jangan ganggu pentadbiran Najib, zaman Tun Mahathir sudah berlalu
Jawapan 27 : Dulu Tun Mahathir pun mesti dapat derma dalam akaun peribadi untuk pilihanraya
Jawapan 28 : Bank Negara sudah lama tahu, dan saya tidak melakukan apa apa kesalahan
Jawapan 29 : Ada ramai penderma, bukan seorang penderma
Jawapan 30 : Zahid Hamidi jumpa wakil-wakil penderma
Jawapan 31 : Saya telah membelanjakan kesemua RM 2.6 billion untuk kegunaan Umno
Jawapan 32 : Henti kan fitnah. Saya tidak pernah menyoal Pak Lah bagaimana dia cari duit untuk pilihanraya
Jawapan 33 : Menuduh Najib adalah sama seperti menyerang umat Islam Malaysia
Jawapan 34 : Walaupun saya telah memecat ramai orang, saya berjiwa besar
Jawapan 35 : Jangan persoal cara Najib Razak memerintah. Dia perintah mengikut sunnah Nabi
Jawapan 36 : SPRM jumpa penderma tunggal, bukan lebih dari seorang
Jawapan 37 : Raja Arab sebelum meninggal memberi sedekah RM2.6 billion kepada Najib
Jawapan 38 : RM 2.03 billion telah di pulangkan kembali kepada Raja Arab sebab tak habis digunakan
Jawapan 39 : Derma sedekah itu adalah hal peribadi antara Najib dan Raja Arab
Jawapan 40 : Tiada kesalahan jenayah di lakukan oleh PM. Minta SPRM mengugurkan kertas siasatan dan kes di tutup kerana tiada fakta jelas dan tiada bukti.

    And now the Saudis are denying it was a donation.

    So how many more lies will there be from Najib?

    Care to answer, Mr Bru?

  4. IT.Scheiss9:51 pm

    I'm trying to GTF away from the keyboard too Bro.

    Keep it up - I mean GTF-ing away from the keyboard, as that will be an inspiration to me and hopefully to others.

  5. Thank you Damansaraman, for you support and honesty. I hope we will have something to agree with one day.

  6. From one keyboard to another IT. Scheiss, we can always try and try ... Thank you mate

  7. Thank you Move IT!

  8. Xnakdedak,

    I have oinly one question for you: Why stop at 40?


    1. IQ zero10:57 am

      Pemakan dedak Najib will come out a new version of hikayat 1001 malam...

  9. xnakdedak6:05 pm

    @ Rocky 2.31

    Ha ha, you may be right, bro. Technically it's up to 41 lies now, as the Saudis have denied outright the claim that it's a donation.

    I agree with damansaraman that the harm is self-inflicted - whoever is advising the PM needs to be shot for sheer incompetence. Invent one story and stick to it, lah, without shifting the sands every week. Now, we wait for the horrible truth - and yes, it will be uncovered.

    The public have no confidence in the PM, and in all honesty it's not hard to see why: the reek of desperation from Putrajaya can be smelt from Kangar to JB.

    As the awful reality of Malaysia today sinks in, even good old Race and Religion cards are met with cynicism. He only has one card left to play - Repression.

    All of this could have been avoid so easily, if he had confined his stealing purely to public funds in Malaysia. Tak kan you cannot sapu more from the GLCs? (I have it on good authority that Azman Mokhtar once said “if that bastard comes near me to take money from Khazanah, I’ll say no.” But that was 2 years ago, so…

    International songlap is a delicate danger. The Swiss know more about the money trails of Swiss banks than we do; the Yanks know more about US$681 passing through Wells Fargo than we do - and so on, and so on. The Apandi weapon is really a jaguh kampung weapon. It loses all power once investigations cannot be sabotaged locally.

    It will not save Najib Razak from the centuries of disdain that future generations of Malaysians will hold him in. History will not be kind to him or his defenders.

    Yes, the Razak genes really skipped one generation completely.

  10. Bedbags7:01 pm

    Im a regular here too but my handle was "anonymous" but since that isn't allowed, im going to use bedbags from now on. You have been very inconsistent bro. Thats the issue. But i dont blame you because like the rest of us, you depend on the mainstream media as well *wink*
    It's hard to think that you have insider info since if you had it all along, you would've harped "private investment" from the onset.

    In a nutshell, i wish to apologize for thinking badly of you. All this while i really did think you were on the payroll. Now with recent turn of events, im convinced you know diddly squat.

  11. Notmyname3:49 am

    What's worst? A monkey with a keyboard; or an arse-kisser with a keyboard?

  12. xnakdedak10:55 am

    From our southern neighbours:

    "Jero Wacik, once one of Indonesia’s most powerful public officials and a close confidant of former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, was sentenced on Feb. 10 to four years in prison and fined RP5.7 billion for embezzlement and taking kickbacks during his terms as tourism and culture minister and energy minister.

    Jero was pronounced guilty of having contributed to Rp5.7 billion (US$418,502) in state losses during his term as tourism and culture minister and later as energy minister in Yudhoyono’s administration. He was also found guilty of taking Rp10 billion in kickbacks as energy minister, believed to be a fraction of what he stole. He was also ordered to pay a corresponding Rp5.7 billion in restitution. He has a month to pay or the government will seize his assets, according to local media.

    Prosecutors for the Corruption Eradication Commission, or KPK, had demanded nine years in prison plus RP18 billion in compensation for diverting operating funds for his personal use. But in defending his decision to go for the lesser sentence, the judge argued that Jero’s wife Trisna is gravely ill from cancer and that Jero must still pay for his daughters’ college tuition."

    So, should we laugh at the Indons?

    Their KPK got their man; our MACC didn't.

    No, I think the Indons are laughing at us.

    They cleared off a corrupt parasite. One less drain on their national resources.

    We haven't.

  13. I spend a lot of time reading political blogs thinking that by doing so i could be aware of situations in the country. I have gone to malaysia today malaysiakini minsider fmt. Just want to see what people comment. After sometime i cannot stomach anymore. I stopped reading some blogs because their mockery to the govt and the leadeship is way too much.

  14. xnakdedak2:31 pm

    Lie No.42:

    “If you don’t have a law, then where is the benchmark? RM2.6 billion to face one general election is not big!” the Ketereh MP reportedly commented when asked to justify Najib, as Umno president, having unilaterally received the donation without the knowledge of other party leaders, including Umno deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin."

    I think the moron missed the point that kononnya 2.03 billion was frozen by Singapore as part of its money laundering probe when the lanun tried to hide it offshore again, whoops - "re-exported" I mean.

    Wires crossed yet again.

    I think the only monkeys are the ones ruining, whoops, running the country.

  15. Salam Datuk,

    Though I disagree with a lot of your writing of late, I must concede that your blog URL is the first I will type whenever I am in the mood of reading. Thereafter, I will browse latest postings in your blogroll.

    Keep it up with the cycling though.

    Shahrizal Kamal

  16. Looking at Mr Shahrizal Kamal's comment up there, I actually did the same thing.